Friday, September 28, 2018

 anyone who knows me is fully aware that i trust and respect no president since jfk. hurricane trump only increases that distrust and here is some evidence for those thoughts;

Last year I wrote that Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly was perhaps the worst speech ever delivered from that podium, certainly by a Western leader. This year he surpassed himself.
Why is there no rule to say that someone who openly
  • violates the basic norms of the United Nations
  • continuously threatens other countries in contravention of the UN Charter’s Article 2.4
  • condemns internationalism and multilateralism
  • advocates a narrow nationalism/patriotism (to make America great again)
  • stops funding the UNESCO
  • condemns the International Criminal Court (ICC) and threatens its officials
  • withdraws from UNRWA
  • withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord
  • withdraws from the UN Human Rights Commission
  • withdraws from the UN Security Council-based nuclear deal with Iran (JCPOA) etc.
– can not automatically expect to remain a member of the UN world body that is in charge of those organisations and advocates those principles on behalf of the world’s peoples?
His two favourite countries that he singled out as examples for other countries to follow are Saudi Arabia and Israel (if you think I am joking please listen to the speech again, see below), while he attacks Germany, Sweden, China, Iran, Syria and many other countries.
People laughed at his initial remarks when he said that his administration had achieved more than perhaps any other US administration, but they should have left the hall when he started to attack the UN and its organisations in the way he did, and openly declared war against two sovereign states, Iran and Syria, and economic war against China, Russia and others.

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