Sunday, September 16, 2018

more stuff below that i've had in notes with the idea of somehow making it public in some future venue, which i suppose is this blog;

The purpose of the constitution is to limit the power of government: not the people. America has no government. There are only the bureaucrats and enforcers of a world wide crime syndicate. A new “cold war” started by Bush, but multiplied many times by Obama, spying on everyone with the full aid and compliance of Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and the rest of Silicon Valley is some of what’s happening.

Obama, the NSA and CIA have destroyed relations with China and Russia, partly by “our” cyberspying and cyberwarfare. The rest of the world realizes what an evil country the USSA has become. It’s bad enough our freedom is being taken away by the surveillance police state, but the rest of the world is waking to the fascism we’re spreading, and they don’t like it.

If you’ve been swindled long enough, you reject any evidence of the hoax. You’re no longer interested in the truth. It’s painful to admit, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you rarely get it back. Sometimes the only way to win is not to play the game.

Our Founding Fathers sacrificed to ensure Freedom for those looking for a better life. There were provisions in the Constitution to prevent the new government from becoming what they were trying to escape. The Bill of Rights came later naming our basic human rights so that future generations wouldn’t grant government powers that weren’t theirs to begin with.

I read and see on TV what the government wants me to read/see. If the press isn’t in lockstep with the Empire they aren’t allowed in Obama’s press corp. If you file for something under the Freedom of Information Act, you see what the government allows: everything else is blacked out.

My weapons of self defense are government approved but they must stay at home except under certain circumstances. At the same time “our government” says the police have no obligation or duty to protect me or mine.

My food has to be approved by the government. I can’t drink raw milk because evidently I don’t know what’s good for me. In Michigan only approved farm animals are allowed.

Our children belong to the State. They learn what the government wants them to learn. The government has changed history to suit their agenda. You aren’t allowed to discipline your children with your own hand under threat of law. The government determines if your children are eating healthy lunches or not including what Mom has packed for them.

Every time you leave your house assume you’re on somebody’s camera; Traffic cams, security cams, dash cams, et al. Your emails are examined by the government. All mail is photographed and recorded. Every phone call we make, every text we send is monitored by the NSA. Boxes on the side of the roads log in Bluetooth information from passing cars to determine who’s in what car traveling down the road, where you got on the road and where you left it. Radar is monitoring our speed.

Our police have gone from being peace officers to law enforcement officers. They can now search you by saying they believe you’ve committed a crime, just because they want to. They burst into our homes, kill our dogs and search our personal belongings with only the simplest of causes. SWAT teams, a concept that was designed for hostage situations, conduct an average of 124 raids every day. They raid barber shops for unlicensed/untaxed barbers, they’re raiding dairies suspected of selling raw milk.

With the NDAA and “Patriot” Act, we no longer have a right to an attorney or a Right to a speedy trial with a jury of our peers; in fact we no longer have a Right to a trial at all. Indefinite detention is the Plan of the Day at the pleasure of the government.

The tax man takes a large cut of our paychecks. We support, from the sweat of our brow, cash and food for those that won’t work, medical and child care for those same deadbeats, organizations through federal and state grants that we don’t morally support or agree with, wars that we may not agree with, and anything else that the government feels is necessary.

Our Nation is being overrun with immigrants and our government who swore an oath to obey the Constitution is ignoring the law by not defending our borders.
Our politicians show they believe they’re above us, forgetting that they serve us. We have politicians that carry firearms and surround themselves with bodyguards, yet they deny us the basic human Right to defend ourselves by limiting our ability to own and carry firearms or other weapons. They openly break laws, yet imprison us for doing the same. They refuse to listen to the People’s desires and enact laws they want.

What started out as a normal Sunday morning for Jeffrey Williamson of Blanchester, Ohio, turned into a nightmare when police officers showed up to his front door and arrested him in front of his family: His crime; Child endangerment, as the authorities described it, because his son skipped church to go play with friends. He now faces up to six months in jail. As a result of local news coverage of the event, Williamson was fired from his job and remained unemployed for a period of time.

Georgia Deputy chases suspect, shoots at dog, misses, hits boy - The family who lives on the property said their 10-year-old son was shot in the back of the knee. Sheriff Wooten later confirmed that the boy had been shot by one of the deputies at the scene. A deputy was approaching the property when a dog ran up to him. The deputy fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting the child.

good to know they're protecting us, eh?

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