Saturday, August 31, 2019

have you been watching this;

in case you were unaware it ain't just mexicans and other central americans coming across the border and here is some evidence;

Migrants from Africa demanding the right to travel to the US and Canada clashed with Mexican military police after Mexico cracked down on free migration in response to US threats of economic retaliation.
Nationals of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Angola, Senegal, Cameroon, and several other African countries, stuck in southern Mexico after the government clamped down on northward migration in response to US pressure, are protesting for the right to continue their journey. They are demanding travel documents and government support, so that they can enter the US. On Tuesday, their demonstrations turned violent.
Video taken at Tapachula detention center near Mexico’s border with Guatemala shows migrants pelting Mexican military police with trash cans, bottles, even the tents they’ve purchased for what has turned out to be an extended stay in the border town. Police are seen pushing back with riot shields as protesters chant. At one point, a seemingly unconscious policeman is carried into an ambulance as the rioters cheer, and another demonstrator is seen lying on the ground after reportedly fainting.
The demonstrations at the government-run migration center began peacefully enough earlier this month, but have grown increasingly agitated as migrants realize getting to the US is no longer as easy as showing up and claiming asylum. Mexican authorities, which once handed out “humanitarian” visas allowing migrants to travel north freely, reportedly ended the practice five months ago. Mexico has deployed tens of thousands of troops to its borders, in response to US President Donald Trump’s threats to impose tariffs if the country is unable to get illegal crossings under control.
Mexican security forces were sent to clear out the protesters several days into the Tapachula demonstrations, reportedly arresting several men who were later released. Mexican immigration authorities report they are utterly overwhelmed by the enormous number of migrants flooding into the country. Authorities are detaining more African migrants than ever before, as many turned to crossing the Atlantic due to European nations curtailing their own open-door migration policy.......
i've been suspicious of the origins of the hong kong uprisings since the beginning and this writer provides more evidence of that for me;

If the iconography and tone of Hong Kong protests and the support from US diplomats weren’t enough, Washington’s words of concern sure seem to suggest that the months-long demonstrations amount to a ‘color revolution.’
On Monday, the Trump administration urged “all sides to refrain from violence.” While carefully paying lip service to Hong Kong being an internal Chinese matter, the unnamed White House official who spoke to the press said the US supported those “looking for democracy.” 
The president’s top legislative ally, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), was far more direct: “Any violent crackdown would be completely unacceptable… The world is watching.” ........
should you be one of those rubes who believe a swamp is being drained i suggest you read the following;

The American government is a complete criminal cabal. You and your family mean nothing to these people. If we continue to let them break laws without consequences, you and your family will soon be in the crossfire. When Comey was "pardoned" by Barr, and Trump did nothing, it was a clear message that nobody is safe and we are no longer a nation of laws. We are a criminal cabal. 
Not only did Comey violate national security laws and commit malfeasance of office in his role as FBI Director, he is a career criminal who was only appointed to his position as FBI Director because he covered up the Clinton Foundations money laundering schemes, which used innocent Americans social security numbers and stolen identification to facilitate this criminal enterprise on behalf of the cartels, the Hillary and HSBC Bank's part in this. I previously interviewed John Cruz, the former HSBC Bank Senior Vice-President several times on the CSS radio show. He identified Comey as a person who served on the Board of Directors for HSBC Bank and he ran cover for the Clinton's as they ran cover for this criminal enterprise. Some people with cognitive dissonance will say, "Oh Dave, that never happened...".  Here is the last interview I conducted with John Cruz. ..........

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two minute video in which cops stop a man for carrying a can of pepsi;

and there's more at the link wherein you'll discover making a 'finger gun' is something 'our legal system' will prosecute you for;

Would we kid about something like this? Not in 2019, we wouldn’t. A Pennsylvania court has found a Manor Township man guilty of disorderly conduct for making a “finger gun” gesture at his neighbor. No, really.
Stephen Kirchner, 64, of Manor Township, was charged last year with summary disorderly conduct for the gesture, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. The gesture prompted the neighbor to call 911.
Click here to see surveillance video of the incident in question.
“Kirchner argued on appeal that the gesture did not cause a hazardous or physically offensive condition, that he did not intend to cause public alarm, and that there essentially was no harm done to the victim or society,” a statement from the DA’s Office said.
However, the high court found the gesture of imitating the firing and recoiling of a gun “risked an altercation” and supported the charge. The neighbor also reported feeling insecure, which is why the call to 911 was placed.
“Feeling insecure.” Kirchner was fined $100 plus court costs...........
the title is sufficient though i suspect the number of miracles could be much larger;

The Seventeen Miracles of 9/11

  1. The Twin Towers and WTC 7 were the only steel-framed high-rise buildings ever to come down without explosives or incendiaries.
  2. The Twin Towers, each of which had 287 steel columns, were brought down solely by a combination of airplane strikes and jet-fuel fires.
  3. WTC 7 was not even hit by a plane, so it was the first steel-framed high-rise to be brought down solely by ordinary building fires.
  4. These World Trade Center buildings also came down in free fall – the Twin Towers in virtual free fall, WTC 7 in absolute free fall – for over two seconds.
  5. Although the collapses of the WTC buildings were not aided by explosives, the collapses imitated the kinds of implosions that can be induced only by demolition companies.
  6. In the case of WTC 7, the structure came down symmetrically (straight down, with an almost perfectly horizontal roofline), which meant that all 82 of the steel support columns had to fall simultaneously, although the building’s fires had a very asymmetrical pattern.
  7. The South Tower’s upper 30-floor block changed its angular momentum in midair.
  8. This 30 floor block then disintegrated in midair.
  9. With regard to the North Tower, some of its steel columns were ejected out horizontally for at least 500 feet.
  10. The fires in the debris from the WTC buildings could not be extinguished for many months.
  11. Although the WTC fires, based on ordinary building fires, could not have produced temperatures above 1,800℉, the fires inexplicably melted metals with much higher melting points, such as iron (2,800℉) and even molybdenum (4,753℉).
  12. Some of the steel in the debris had been sulfidized, resulting in Swiss-cheese-appearing steel, even though ordinary building fires could not have resulted in the sulfidation.
  13. As a passenger on AA Flight 77, Barbara Olson called her husband, telling him about hijackers on her plane, even though this plane had no onboard phones and its altitude was too high for a cell phone call to get through.
  14. Hijacker pilot Hani Hanjour could not possibly have flown the trajectory of AA 77 to strike Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, and yet he did.
  15. Besides going through an unbelievable personal transformation, ringleader Mohamed Atta also underwent an impossible physical transformation.
These are sourced from David Ray Griffin's book, Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World.
Additional miracles:
16. The claim that the passports of the alleged hijackers Ziad Jarrah and Saeed al Ghamdi- said to be on United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania- were found on the ground of the crash site, even though nothing else at the site suggested a giant airliner had crashed there. Nothing was visible because the plane, which descended at 580 miles per hour, buried itself deep into the ground. Nevertheless, both passports escaped at the last millisecond and fell to the ground.
17. The claim that the passport of the alleged hijacker Satam al-Sugami was found at the site of the WTC's North Tower, meaning that the passport escaped intact after the plane perished in a giant fireball.

Never forget the brazen deception that took place on this date, ladies and gentlemen.
the title of this piece by chuck baldwin, red flag laws are worse than you think, accurately describes the tide of fools coming our way;

As I said in this column last week, Republicans Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are joining forces with liberal Democrats to soon enact “red flag” gun confiscation laws. I also reported on the push for the enactment of other gun control measures such as universal background checks being promoted on Capitol Hill and by the White House here.
Yes, Donald Trump is calling for “red flag” gun confiscation laws and universal background checks. Trump said, “I have an appetite for background checks. We’re going to be doing background checks. We’re going to be filling in . . . the loopholes.”
I urge readers to watch my 8-minute video exposing Donald Trump’s betrayal of his promise to protect the 2nd Amendment and share it with as many of your friends as you can. If we don’t convince our U.S. senators to reject these egregious gun control measures, THEY WILL BE PASSED, AND TRUMP WILL SIGN THEM INTO LAW. We have about two or three weeks to convince our senators to reject these new gun control laws. That’s it.
Please watch the video and share it with everyone you can.............
in surprisingly few words pcr accurately describes 'our free press';

How Long Before Danielle Ryan Is Assassinated?
Paul Craig Roberts
Danielle Ryan is an Irish journalist. A real one, not a presstitute. She says things that journalists nowhere in the Western world are any longer permitted to say. For example, Western journalism no longer is connected to factual reporting. It is simply used to get whoever the oligarchs want got.
Danielle notes that it is impossible to be a journalist today if you have any respect for facts, truth, and objectivity. Those are what get you fired. She is very gentle about it:
“No one could reasonably expect journalism to be an entirely mistake-free profession, but the rate at which demonstrably false stories percolate through the media ecosystem is alarming — and the more mistakes, it seems, the higher the reward. Maddow has been held in almost heroic regard by her network, regardless of how many false and wacky stories she promotes.”
“From Iraq to Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, journalism has thrived on lies and misinformation. Many of the pundits and columnists who were the biggest cheerleaders for the Iraq war, for example, are still regularly called upon to offer their sage advice, insights, and predictions for new military adventures.”
I find the stupidity of Americans and Europeans to be extraordinary. How can any person endowed with an IQ above 80 sit in front of TV media such as MSNBC, CNN, BBC, or read newspapers, especially the New York Times and Washington Post or listen to NPR? Only people who are mentally and emotionally weak and seek refuge in the blue pill. Those who cannot face reality are the consumers of Western presstitute news.
Indeed, why do Americans and Europeans waste their time with media? The media is totally predictable. Here is the ironclad formula: “Trump is wrong and so is white America unless the insouciant white gentile fools are fighting for Israel in the Middle East and demonizing Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea in the financial interest of the military/security complex.”
In the Western presstitute media you will never find any different story.........

Thursday, August 29, 2019

in this link below you can see the flier that we now are told is anti-semitic for saying jews were involved in 911, including for speaking the truth about various things we know to be so;

Anti-Semitic fliers saying that Jews and Israel were behind the 9/11 attacks appeared in Northern California about 30 miles from San Francisco.
The fliers discovered last weekend in Novato, a city of about 52,000 in the North Bay area, were plastered on telephone poles, storefronts and a high school campus. They said Israelis were seen dancing on the site of the collapsed Twin Towers, that a Jewish-Israeli man made billions in insurance money and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the attacks. (Links added. Ed.)
At the bottom of the page it says, “Wake up USA!”
Police Chief Adam McGill urged citizens to “stand up to hate,” but told the Marin Independent Journal that the fliers are protected by the First Amendment and there would be no investigation. No group has claimed responsibility for them.
Mayor Eric Lucan joined McGill in condemning the fliers, saying “there is no room for this type of hate speech” in Novato.
They were reported seen on a downtown Novato Safeway and on the campus of San Marin High School, according to the Journal.
Nancy Appel, senior associate regional director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Central Pacific Region, said her office received multiple calls about the incident.
“These are hoary old stereotypes about 9/11. It’s of a piece in the rise of anti-Semitism we’re seeing generally,” she said.
On Tuesday, the mayor, police department, school district and the anti-hate group Not In Our Town published an open letter condemning the fliers..............
its surprising what the cops will arrest you for these days;

A 75-year-old man who has an artificial leg and says he is hard of hearing was cited for disorderly conduct after he yelled at a police officer to close the bathroom door after the officer used the restroom at a Belton restaurant.
Part of the Tuesday incident was captured on video by a bystander who was told by the officer to stop filming the incident. .........
should you be one of those rubes who spouts the standard: we're free here in america stuff, i suggest you read what mr whitehead has to say about that;

This is how freedom dies.
This is how you condition a populace to life as prisoners in a police state: by brainwashing them into believing they are free so that they will march in lockstep with the state and be incapable of recognizing the prison walls that surround them.
Face the facts: we are no longer free.
We in the American Police State may enjoy the illusion of freedom, but that is all it is: an elaborate deception, rooted in denial and delusion, that hides the grasping, greedy, power-hungry, megalomaniacal force that lurks beneath the surface.
Brick by brick, the prison walls being erected around us by the government and its corporate partners-in-crime grow more oppressive and more pervasive by the day.
Brick by brick, we are finding there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
Brick by brick, we are being walled in, locked down and locked up.
That’s the curious thing about walls: they not only keep those on the outside from getting in, they also keep those on the inside from getting out.............
hornberger speaks here about 'conspiracy theories', the cia, 'our free press' and epstein, with operation mockingbird featured prominently;

One of the fascinating, albeit not too surprising, aspects of the Jeffrey Epstein death has been the reaction of the mainstream media. From the very first moment that the news hit that Epstein had died in prison from an apparent suicide, the mainstream media concluded that that is precisely what happened. Immediately, there was a spate of commentaries, op-eds, and editorials mocking and ridiculing any speculation about whether Epstein had been murdered or possibly even been secretly whisked out of the jail in which he was incarcerated. And all this took place even before an autopsy had been conducted on Epstein’s body!
Okay, I’m not saying that Epstein was in fact murdered or that someone else’s body was secretly substituted for his. He very well may have committed suicide, something that the autopsy ultimately said he had done. What I’m saying is that there was absolutely no skepticism among the investigative reporters, editorial writers, and op-ed writers in the mainstream press, not even before the autopsy was conducted.
Why? Wouldn’t we ordinarily expect the press to have skepticism when it comes to governmental conduct? Isn’t that one of the ideas behind freedom of the press — so that journalists will be free to keep a sharp and critical eye on what government is doing? If all that the press does is automatically accept whatever the government says, then what happens to the famous “watchdog” role that we have all been taught comes with a free press?
What is also interesting about this phenomenon is not only that the mainstream media automatically and immediately accepted the suicide version but also the way it immediately went on the attack against people on the Internet who were expressing skepticism about the official story. In fact, one almost got the impression, from the harsh nature of the attacks, that the mainstream press was actually playing an active role in trying to suppress any version of Epstein’s death different from the official one...........
pcr speaks here about 'racism', where it can be found, and who benefits, but this won't be a msnbc version of the subject but one from the side being attacked;

In America Emotion Rules Reason
Paul Craig Roberts
For many years I have observed and commented from time to time on the rise in American narcissism and decline in cognitive ability. American narcissism has an emotional coloration. Utterly ignorant Americans have no problem believing that they know more than experts they belittle, demonstrating all the while that they have no understanding of what the expert has written.
Emotional responses are gradually crowding out fact and evidence based reason. Truth is losing its connection to objectivity and is becoming agenda based. If it serves the agenda, and agendas are increasingly emotion based, it is truth. Many can no longer comprehend the content of what they read. Words become like a bullfighter’s red cape. They set off emotions, not thought. Depending on how people have been programmed by their education, indoctrination, and value inculcation, they have emotive responses. One consequence is that discussion is replaced by denunciation.
Yet even I was stunned by the instantaneous universal demonization of Trump and the American people who elected him as “racist white supremacists” by the entirety of the US media, Democratic Party, and American liberal/progressive left. The catalyst for this launching of hate speech against the American white population was a mass shooting in El Paso. As the shooter had shot immigrants, Trump and those who elected him, were blamed because Trump’s attempt to control US borders in accordance with US law, which is his duty, alledgely inspired the shooter even though the shooter stated in his explanation that Trump had nothing to do with it.
I was struck by how primed were those who control explanations to lay the blame on Trump and the American electorate for a shooting incident. It reminded me of how primed Germans were in the 1930s by Jewish financial and economic control, real or alleged, to Nationalist Socialists’ attacks on Jews. A long period of demonization of Jews ended in massacres.
It made me wonder what the future of white Americans and Europeans would be in the long run if they are continually demonized as they shrink as a percentage of the population. If people are so powerless that they lose their countries, how do they retain their lives?............

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

here is a good example of freedom in the empire;

On Friday, Palestinian teenager Ismail Ajjawi arrived in Boston on his way to start his freshman year at Harvard. Eight hours later, he was kicked out of the country. The 17-year-old, who lives in Lebanon, says his visa was canceled and he was deported after an immigration officer disapproved of some of his friends' comments on social media. Ajjawi, who received a scholarship from a nonprofit group, tells the Harvard Crimson that during more than five hours of questioning, he was repeatedly asked about his religion. He says an officer asked him to unlock his phone and laptop and took them away for hours. He says she returned and started "screaming" at him about people on his friends list "posting political points of view that oppose the US.""I responded that I have no business with such posts and that I didn't like, [s]hare or comment on them and told her that I shouldn't be held responsible for what others post," Ajjawi writes to the Crimson. "I have no single post on my timeline discussing politics." Ajjawi says he was told he would be allowed to call his parents before he was deported. A US Customs and Border Protection agency official says Ajjawi was deemed "inadmissible" based on information discovered during the inspection. The teen says he has contacted a lawyer and hopes he will be allowed into the US in time to begin classes next week. "The university is working closely with the student’s family and appropriate authorities to resolve this matter so that he can join his classmates in the coming days," university spokesperson Jason Newton tells NBC. (Read more Harvard stories.).........
how they want us to act, as if we all now have a 'sensitivity gauge' installed, and an intent to use it because our thoughts no longer belong to us but to those who feel a need to be in control of everything;

when the police began to look like this andy and barney were no longer a part of the equation;

Post image
these sort of things can happen to any of us at any time, and there's video;

Sacramento, CA — If ever you think that all traffic laws are for your safety, one thing can change that view—window tint. In the land of the free, if police feel that your window tint is too dark, they will claim the right to extort money from you. If you resist this extortion, police will claim the right to kidnap or kill you. Unfortunately, in the land of the free, these instances happen so frequently that they are often caught on video too. As the following incident illustrates, fearful cops whose only tool is the escalation of violence, will not hesitate to resort to deadly force over a stop for window tint.
A video was submitted to the Free Thought Project this week showing multiple Sacramento cops pull over Rudy Ornelas because his window tint was too dark. Ornelas was respectful and told the officers that he was just pulled over for the same thing and was issued a “fix-it” ticket to remove the tint.
In California, police officers who target people for extortion over window tint have the option of issuing those folks a fix-it ticket. These tickets give the owner of the vehicle a certain time frame in which to correct the supposed violation. Typically, you pay a smaller fee and then prove that you “fixed” the problem, like remove the window tint or fix a broken taillight.
Ornelas’ fix-it time frame had not yet expired and he was still within the law. This did not matter to these officers though, who just knew they had nabbed themselves a criminal. Instead of pulling the records and realizing that Ornelas — who is a respected business owner with no criminal record — had been issued the tickets, the officers began making up other “infractions.”
Police then told Ornelas that he had a missing front license plate, which Ornelas already had a fix it ticket for as well. They then told him they saw him recklessly driving. However, once again, Ornelas had his entire drive recorded on the same dash camera that was recording cops, proving he did no such thing...........
looks like even pat buchanan has come to realize who owns and operates the empire;

President Donald Trump, who canceled a missile strike on Iran, after the shoot-down of a U.S. Predator drone, to avoid killing Iranians, may not want a U.S. war with Iran. But the same cannot be said of Bibi Netanyahu.
Saturday, Israel launched a night attack on a village south of Damascus to abort what Israel claims was a plot by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force to fly “killer drones” into Israel, an act of war.
Sunday, two Israeli drones crashed outside the media offices of Hezbollah in Beirut. Israel then attacked a base camp of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in north Lebanon.
Monday, Israel admitted to a strike on Iranian-backed militias of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq. And Israel does not deny responsibility for last month’s attacks on munitions dumps and bases of pro-Iran militias in Iraq.......
here is a comment made by a friend i thought a good stand alone post covering the empire and hurricane trump;

What is really needed is the complete dismembering of the Dept. of Just Us, FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security [The actual un-named new government of the U.S. since 2001], however, that will never occur. Trump's real job is to placate the thinking people on the right that have awakened to the NWO and our increasing state of slavery--and infuriate the commie left and its brain dead followers. The left is so pathetically imbecilic, it would be laughable if it didn't have so many emotional morons grasping at its slimy tentacles for some basis for their own delusions. Keeping the TV tuned to CNN will, no doubt, bring about more outlandish claims to support their unhinged positions. Giving Trump the thumbs up for his job is the other side of mendacity which Fox News provides.    
He will appear to try to get things done but most of his efforts will be thwarted by the minions on the hill who, like Trump and everyone else holding top Govco positions, is totally in the pocket of the Rothschild/Vatican mafia. I, like most who are not controlled by the media hacks, actually enjoy Trump's rough talk but that doesn't feed the bull dog. I'm sure you're aware of his constant pandering to the biggest terrorist outfit on the planet, Israel. They give the orders and we do the dirty work. That will not change. Not on trump's watch nor anyone elses. Just look around. He promised to drain the swamp, but has put in office a fine display of swamp characters--as he was ordered to do. Yep, it all sounds good to those who would like to see us advance back into the country founded over 200 years ago but it ain't going to happen.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

caitlin titles this: how to make sense of foreign uprisings, and its a clear description of what the 'news' tells you and why;

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, our government-funded media outlet, has published an article titled “Australian expat living in Hong Kong throws off business suit to join protest movement“. The entire story is in the headline: some random guy, who ABC keeps anonymous but for the name “Daniel”, has joined the protests in Hong Kong. That’s it. That’s the whole entire bombshell newsworthy news story.
“In Australia we have proper democracy but in Hong Kong, democracy is being slowly eroded away and I’ll try to do whatever I can to try and help the cause,” the anonymous guy told ABC.
This sort of enthusiastic empty non-story cheerleading is typical for western media coverage of the Hong Kong protests so far, while these same media outlets consistently ignore or downplay protests against the government of France, Israel, Honduras, India, Indonesia and any other region that happens to fall within the US-centralized power alliance. It’s an amazingly reliable pattern: the entire western political/media class finds protests and uprisings endlessly fascinating when they are in opposition to governments which haven’t yet been absorbed into the imperial blob like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, pre-collapse Libya, or then-Moscow-aligned Ukraine, but any protests or uprisings within that empire are ignored at best or demonized at worst.
If dissidents in the United States began donning yellow vests and holding aggressive demonstrations in the current media environment, you could safely bet your bottom dollar that they would be ignored for as long as possible and then smeared as fascists, antisemites and/or Russian pawns thereafter. This would happen with absolute certainty..............
how gun control works in one illustration;

a canadian politician is going to jail in canada for speaking this truth about the empire and israel;
an accurate quote from huxley;

Post image
tell us how this meme isn't true;

Post image
brazil's 'leader' surely was installed by the cia and here are some of the results in one pic;

Post image
current tactical approach to diplomacy in the empire in one pic;

the 'thin blue line' continually finds ways and reasons to kill the unarmed and non-confrontational during their raids, which are also unconstitutional;

Chino, CA — Li Xi Wang, 49, was shot and killed by Chino police officers last month as he stood in his home, unarmed, hiding behind a door. Video released this week shows how unnecessary his death was as the officer shot him immediately. Not a single weapon was found inside the home to justify such a level of force. And, the entire raid was carried out over growing weed in a state with legal weed. 
Despite marijuana being legal in the state of California, police are still raiding people for growing it. This is what happened on July 3, when police raided a home on the 6800 block of Rockrose street.
According to police, they were serving a search warrant over an alleged marijuana cultivation operation at the address. Wang and another woman were both in the home which had hundreds of pot plants inside. Although the raid happened last month, the footage was only quietly released over the weekend, nearly two months later.
As the footage shows, police announce themselves multiple times as a 53-year-old woman, later identified as Ai Yue Cai, walks out. When they ask the woman if anyone else is in the home, the woman shakes her head as if she doesn’t understand them.
As officers clear the home, going from room to room, they eventually come upon Wang, who is hiding behind the door. The cops says, “Let me see your hands dude,” and instantly fires off a round, shooting Wang in the head, killing him.
The officer’s shot was so fast that it appeared to even scare him. “Oh sh*t! F**k!” the still unnamed officer screams out after essentially murdering an unarmed man for hiding behind a door.
After killing Wang, police then finished the search of the home where they found 1,500 marijuana plants and $35,000 in cash. They also found that the pair had tapped into the electrical grid illegally............
if you be one of those rubes who still believe there is rule of law, following the constitution, here in the empire you should read the following speaking of a new 'law' that might be heading our way;

The text of the TAPS Act, “Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019,” gives unlimited and arbitrary authority to 24 bureaucrats. It is written in double-speak with loopholes for the pencil pushers. Bottom line — it’s a behavioral police force that self-empowers to deprive us of our constitutional rights if they don’t like our behavior. It’s bipartisan too!
The bill doesn’t mention guns. It is meant to control people, period. It’s very Orwellian. This gives you an idea of where our politicians want to take us, some with the best of intentions. 
It is reminiscent of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. That act was ostensibly meant to control threats in a so-called war with France, but it was actually a means to control political speech. The President could deport anyone he deemed dangerous without affording the person any rights and it made it illegal to “defame the government.” It was a joke and it was abused immediately.
The TAPS act violates our constitutional rights. It gives the Department of Homeland Security the right to appoint 23 unelected pencil pushers to “identify individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior” and to manage those Americans somehow, some way. They would become a policing body ruling the behavior of Americans as judge, jury, and executioner.
The “Joint Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Task Force” would consist of one government employee at a GS-15 level or higher and 23 selectees chosen by the politically-appointed Secretary. The people would not even get to elect any of these people.
Their job would be to select those individuals who show “concerning behaviors” and create an authoritative power on the federal and local level to watch over them and control them.
Who gets to define “concerning behavior?”.......
how government sees your ability to defend yourself;

former cia agent giraldi speaks here about who really interferes in the empire's 'elections': israel, and i'm sure you'll be surprised;

Does anyone remember what the Mueller investigation was all about? It was to determine whether the team surrounding candidate and then president-elect Donald Trump had colluded with a foreign power, presumed to be Russia. It did not discover any such collaboration to get Trump elected president, but it did discover a foreign nation that had directly intervened with key players surrounding president-elect Trump to get them to do it a favor. That country was Israel, but somehow the media never quite managed to pull it all together even if leading public intellectual Noam Chomsky was able to, saying “…if you’re interested in foreign interference in our elections, whatever the Russians may have done barely counts or weighs in the balance as compared with what another state does, openly, brazenly and with enormous support. Israeli intervention in US elections vastly overwhelms anything the Russians may have done, I mean, even to the point where the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, goes directly to Congress, without even informing the president, and speaks to Congress, with overwhelming applause, to try to undermine the president’s policies…”
This is how Jewish power works on behalf of the Jewish state. It is done right out in the open, at least if one knows where to look, and it operates by what the intelligence community would refer to as misdirection. That means that you never talk about Israel itself, except in a positive, laudatory fashion, you never mention Jewish power in America, and, finally, you have in reserve some fabricated threats that can be surfaced to dominate discussion and render Israel’s malign activity invisible............
this link, who are the real extremists, will take you to ron paul speaking about red flag laws and where it will lead using examples of previous foolishness by 'our' government;

The recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton have re-ignited efforts to pass “Red Flag” laws, which allow the government to take away a person’s guns without due process, and expanded background checks on those wishing to purchase a gun. Some supporters of these measures acknowledge they would not have prevented the Dayton and El Paso shootings, but they think the government must “do something,“ even if that something only makes it more difficult for average Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.
The fact that one of the shooters may have been motivated by anti-immigrant views has led to calls for government surveillance of “right-wing extremists.” There are talks of developing computer programs to search social media and identify those whose extreme views supposedly make them likely to commit violence. There are also calls for legislation giving the government new powers to prevent “domestic terrorism.”
Proposals targeting individuals based on their political beliefs — no matter how noxious they are — are a step toward criminalizing those beliefs. If the government gains new powers to treat those with abhorrent beliefs as potential criminals, it will not be long before those powers are used against anyone who challenges the welfare-warfare status quo.........
hornberger shows you how the mango mussolini became the empire's dictator;

Some people think that the United States is safe from dictatorship because the country is a democracy. It’s only in totalitarian countries, they hold, that people are subject to dictatorship.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Such people are confusing how a ruler gets elected with the powers that the ruler has after being elected. A democratically elected ruler can wield and exercise dictatorial powers.
Case in point: President Donald Trump. He is the democratically elected president of the United States. He also wields and exercises dictatorial power over the American people.
The system of government that the Framers established with the Constitution provided for three branches of government — executive, legislative, and judicial. The Constitution delegated certain powers to each branch. The legislative branch was charged with enacting laws, including laws that imposed taxes on people. The executive branch was charged with enforcing the laws. The judicial branch was charged with interpreting the laws and, if need be, declaring them unconstitutional.
In a dictatorship, the dictator doesn’t have to concern himself with legislation or judicial interpretation. What he says goes. When he issues a dictate, it automatically becomes set in stone as the law.
Trump’s conduct in his trade war with China confirms how far the United States has gone in the direction of a democratically elected dictatorship.
Notice that Trump initiated his trade war all on his own, by unilaterally raising tariffs on products that are imported from China. He didn’t go to Congress and seek a law that raised tariffs. He just issued the dictate that raised tariffs. ........
engdahl speaks in this article about the solar minimum we seem to be experiencing and where it could lead;

Our planet seems to be in a growing crisis in terms of agriculture and crop production related to unusual weather shifts. Many reports in recent months use the term “extreme weather” to describe record heat across Europe this summer, record flooding in US Midwest farm states, or record drought across India and major parts of Africa and China. Parts of the USA Midwest are undergoing the worst growing conditions since at least the 1980s. In the UK the weather has been ruinous to the grain harvest there. The crucial question to ask is whether we can assume, as many do, that this is all part of man-made global warming, today renamed climate change, or whether it can be caused by something quite different: The periodic cycles of solar activity that in the past months have entered what astro-scientists call a “solar minimum.” If it is due to the latter, we are spending huge sums on addressing a wrong problem, in fact trillions of dollars .
Until this July large parts of India were suffering record drought. Chennai reservoirs were down to 0.2% of capacity over the past two years as a severe heat wave saw 99% less water than a year ago. Acute water shortages have forced thousands to flee their villages. Though in early August above-average monsoon seasonal rains relieved the situation in some parts, so far the rainfall is far from adequate to restore empty reservoirs across India. In China severe drought has left about 800,000 hectares of crops affected in northern China’s Hebei Province with rainfall some 55% below normal. That comes as a devastation of China’s pig population from the deadly African Swine Fever spreads and crops across the country are being destroyed by a plague of Army Fallworm infestation that is resistant to most weed-killers.
At the same time record rains have devastated agriculture in key growing regions. In the UK excessive rainfall in August has brought the wheat harvest to a halt according to the National Farmers’ Union. Across the major US Midwest record snowfall in winter, coupled with record rains this spring, have severely delayed plantings for corn and soybeans. The twelve months through July have been the wettest on record in the Midwest grain belt resulting in millions of acres going unplanted.
In Africa, Zambia is experiencing the worst drought since 1981, and severe drought in other African countries is reported.
Solar Minimum…
The events have been dramatized by various advocacy groups and political parties as proof that man-made global warming– emissions of CO2 from industry, coal plants, cars and the like– are the cause. We are being inundated with proposals for new taxes in the hundreds of billions of dollars in especially the European Union, taxes that we are told are needed to solve this problem. What if we are focused on the wrong cause-effect relation?
Recent research suggests that we have been too limited in our science and are ignoring what is likely orders of magnitude a greater influence in world weather and its shifts than any manmade emissions. What is relevant to this discussion is the fact that no linear climate model used by the UN IPCC or any of the hundreds of climate think tanks around the world are able to model what is by far the greatest single factor affecting our weather, the “moody” sun.........
pcr asks, and answers some good questions surrounding trump ordering corporations doing business abroad to come home;

Can the American Economy Be Resurrected?
Paul Craig Roberts
“Lenin said that capitalists would sell the Communists the rope to hang them. But as matters turned out, capitalists let China sell them the labor that served to hang American capitalism.” — Michael Hudson
I was surprised to be given credit by readers for Trump ordering American corporations out of China and to bring the jobs back to the American workers that the corporations had abandoned. American economists, financial media, and Washington policymakers had never paid any attention to my analysis of US economic decline in terms of globalism and the offshoring of US jobs and technology, and I thought readers hadn’t either. Many readers tell me that economics is over their heads. My economic articles are the least read on my website.
I was again surprised when foreign media, including Press TV in far distant Iran, immediately contacted me requesting an interview about my influence on the White House. What does it all mean?
First, I will say that it is possible that someone showed Trump my latest column ( ), and that the light switched on. But it is also possible that Trump ordering the corporations home is just an escalation in his threats and reflects not his understanding but the impotence of tariffs to correct the lack of good jobs for Americans and the decline in their real incomes..........

Monday, August 26, 2019

sent by a friend and seems reasonably accurate to me;

And thus, began the practice of hiring morons to
work in influential positions of government.
This practice is "STATUS QUO"
& still unbroken to this day.

brother nathanael speaks about trump and freedom for six minutes;
found this image at this link;

sent by a friend for your consideration;


(1) Isn't it weird that in America our flag and our culture offend so
many people, but our benefits don't?

(2) How can the federal government ask U.S. citizens to pay back
student loans, when illegal aliens are receiving a free
(3) Only in America are legal citizens labeled "racists" and "Nazis,"
but illegal aliens are called "Dreamers."

Liberals say, "If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it's
worth it." Well then, if deporting all illegals saves just one
life, wouldn't that be worth it?

I can't quite figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of
another country but consider it punishment to be sent back
(6) The Constitution: It doesn't need to be rewritten; it needs to be

( 7) William F. Buckley said: "Liberals claim to want to give a
hearing to other points of view and are shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view."
(8) Joseph Sobran said: " 'Need' now means wanting someone else's money. 'Greed' means wanting to keep your own. 'Compassion' is when a politician arranges the transfer."