Tuesday, September 25, 2018

what follows is the content of an email sent this am by a friend, and i liked how he put these words together so here you can have the chance to like them as well, and they make sense to me as well;

We were All relieved that we weren't going to go under the brutal knife of the Hildebeast. Just looking at that bastard conjures up the worst kind of nightmares. On the other hand we had a lot of reasons to be tepid in our expectations from Trump. We have known for quite some time that the International banksters have always owned both horses in a 2 horse race. If Trump wasn't one of their boys how in hell did he get in the race to begin with? In fact, a better question that I have been asking since day one is; How in hell did he get past Soro's magic vote counting machines that always brings in the candidate most servile to their agenda? And, yes, why is the Hildebeast still sucking free air?
Then there's his apparent love affair with Israel. That in itself speaks volumes. More military spending and build-up. He's now using the phony unemployment and economic data machinations of his predecessors to make the public think we are headed for prosperity. What happened to the wall? Where's the great sucking sound of the swamp being drained? There's a shit load of unanswered questions surrounding Trump and a lot of promises that remain unfulfilled.

On the other hand we are pleased to see that he has taken some action. Our trade policies have only had a single agenda behind it and that has been to enrich the filthy scum running the show at our expense. As I have been lamenting for the past 2 years, if Trump is as much in the pockets of the bankster/Vatican cartel as it looks like [and he probably is] it is the slickest scam the banksters have ever pulled on us. We've gotten so used to seeing through all their previous scams and false flag attacks with considerable ease due to their shoddy tactics and piss poor cover ups. Mounting all these obvious counter- moves against Trump will make believers out of most who are fed up with this criminal system. 

All I can say is "Show me the beef!"

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