Thursday, September 30, 2021

 caitlin presents information on pompeo, and the cia that your tv will not;

This follows an earlier non-denial by Pompeo of the exact same nature in an interview with conservative pundit Glenn Beck. Pompeo points out that one of the article’s authors was a Russiagater and says of the former officials cited in the report that “those sources didn’t know what we were doing.” But he doesn’t actually deny it.

If Pompeo had not been involved in plots to kidnap, rendition and assassinate Julian Assange, he would have just said so. He wouldn’t have engaged in all kinds of verbal gymnastics to squirm his way out of a difficult question, and he certainly wouldn’t be calling for the criminal prosecution of his accusers for “speaking about classified activity inside the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Mike Pompeo is a literal psychopath. He chuckles about lying, cheating and stealing with the CIA. He defends murderous sanctions and openly admits to using them to foment civil war in empire-targeted nations. He defends assassination. He strongly implied the US would interfere in UK politics if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister. And yet somehow he escaped the Trump administration the mass media so despised with nary a scratch of media criticism on him.

This is because Mike Pompeo, as full of centipedes and demon spawn as his enormous head may be, is highly representative of the mainstream US power establishment. He is the embodiment of the empire’s values. He’s just one of its less-subtle and watch more......


 there are many of these people and when they get started many won't like it;

 and there are more but these are the salient ones as of now;

"When you cut out a man's tongue, you're not proving him a liar; 

you're telling the world that you fear what he might say."

 the truth is dead. long live the new truth;


mr whitehead presents the case you don't want to hear that we've met the enemy and he is us. covid camps are just a breath away and we can now begin to set up the board for betting on when they arrive;

 America no longer operates under a system of justice characterized by due process, an assumption of innocence, probable cause and clear prohibitions on government overreach and police abuse. Instead, our courts of justice have been transformed into courts of order, advocating for the government’s interests, rather than championing the rights of the citizenry, as enshrined in the Constitution.

We seem to be coming full circle on many more.......

 the cdc and npr make an appearance in this exploration of autism and i'm surprised that npr has in a small way, reverted to its once grand approach to reality. it seems that autism has been growing but no one seems to know why, though i'd venture an educated guess its due to the huge number of various 'vaccines' forced upon children by 'our' system;

If you haven’t read Michael Lewis’s new book The Premonition: A Pandemic Story, I’d say it’s probably been best described by National Public Radio (NPR) as a “sweeping indictment of the CDC”.

Lewis’s book starts off years before COVID-19, and it tells an extraordinary tale of the CDC’s inner culture: spineless, bureaucratic, and completely out of touch.

I came across a great example of this recently when I was doing some research on autism.

You may be aware that autism– a severe developmental disorder that affects children– has been rising at alarming rates.

The CDC is keenly aware of this; in fact they even set up a special division more than 20 years ago to track autism prevalence in the United States.

According to the agency’s data, for example, autism prevalence back in the year 2000 was about 1 in 150 children. By 2008, autism prevalence had increased to 1 in 88 children.

Then, by 2014, prevalence had increased to 1 in 59 more........

 i'd call this official information in support of the second amendment;

The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2020 indicates that armed private citizens killed more criminals during the commission of a felony last year than were killed by police, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says this data clearly underscores the continuing need for American gun ownership.

“We looked at Tables 14 and 15 in the FBI’s new report that apply to justifiable homicides by law enforcement and private citizens, respectively,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Last year, according to the data, armed citizens killed 343 criminals during the commission of a felony while police fatally shot 298 felons.

“If the FBI data published in their crime report for 2020 is accurate,” he continued, “it is ample evidence that the individual right to keep and bear arms for personal defense is as important today as it was when the Second Amendment was adopted as a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights.

“The use of deadly force is not something anybody wants,” Gottlieb observed, “but neither is being injured or killed by some thug during a violent criminal attack. Self-defense may be the oldest natural right, and every time we hear some politician, public official or gun control extremist call for citizen disarmament, we have to wonder which side they’re on. It certainly can’t be on the side of public safety. “Gun prohibitionists who enjoy their own private security while promoting restrictive laws that take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens are world-class hypocrites,” he said. “The same people who want to disarm honest citizens are typically those who support policies that are soft on criminals. They haven’t simply lost perspective; they’ve abandoned common sense.”

CCRKBA has long defended the individual right to keep and bear arms, and encourages gun owners to seek competent instruction on firearms safety and the use of firearms in self-defense. Gottlieb noted how studies show that over 99 percent of cases when a gun is used in self-defense, no shots are fired. The burglar, robber or rapist flees or is held at gunpoint until police arrive, he said.

“This data should send a message to criminals that their chances of recidivism are gradually shrinking,” said Gottlieb, who co-authored America Fights Back – Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age, and more recently, Good Guys with Guns. “The tide has clearly turned.” more.......

 this one minute colbert video displays just a bit of the insanity we're now being presented with;

 if you want to take the 'jab' to save you from death from covid, you're not gonna have much success and here are some bits of evidence and i'd say this could be considered 'official' info;

Fauci also said that the boosters don’t keep people alive, just from experiencing severe symptoms.



What does that even mean?  Can you perish without experiencing severe symptoms?

In other news that makes better sense when looked at in the aggregate, 14 fully vaccinated residents in a French nursing home develop Covid-19.

Here is news from Australia.

Pay close attention to what Victoria, Australia, Health Minister Martin Foley says at the 2:45 minute mark of his comments.

Health Minister Foley announced 867 new COVID cases recorded yesterday.  During the statistical outline Foley identifies 375 people as hospitalized, 81 people in intensive care and 61 people on a ventilator.   Then comes the statistic everyone in government and media ignore.  Amid the recorded cases “78% of the hospital cases are fully vaccinated, and 17% are partially vaccinated (1 dose)”….

That means 95% of the COVID patients in Victoria hospitals are vaccinated.

356 people out of 375 patients are vaccinated, yet 81 people are still in intensive care with 61 on a ventilator.

In America, with special sympathy for the elderly.

A whistleblower has provided government data documenting 48,465 deaths within 14 days of COVID-19 vaccination among Medicare patients alone, according to medical freedom rights attorney Thomas Renz.

The announcement Saturday was made by the Ohio-based attorney, who remains involved in several major cases brought against federal agencies relating to fraud and violations of medical freedom rights.

In his presentation, Renz expressed his appreciation for whistleblowers who were coming forward to provide the public with such important information from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS). He described the CMS database as the largest available in the U.S. for the study of COVID-19 trends because it contains the data of approximately 59.4 million Medicare beneficiaries.

One slide showed that the number of “persons who died within 14 days of a COVID-19 vaccine” equated to 19,400 for those younger than 81 years old, and 28,065 for those 81 and over, totaling 48,465 deaths.

“Do you want to know why 14 days is important?” he asked. “Because if you die with 14 days, you’re not considered vaccinated.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one is not considered as being “vaccinated” until 14 days after their completed injection regimen, raising the question of whether government authorities have been classifying these fatalities as something other than vaccination-related deaths.

I think we all know the answer to that.

So the title of the post is The Covid Vaccine Doesn’t Work.  This is a bit tongue in cheek.  It works if the intent was to destroy the immune system.  It works like a charm..........

 the official point of view on the covid presented by fauci and displayed here;

 the squeeze is coming from all sides. now it seems, and i know you're surprised, that youtube is gonna save you from having to experience unofficial views on the covid;

YouTube will ban all “harmful vaccine content” from its platform, including claims that vaccines are ineffective at reducing disease transmission. The ban comes after a year of escalating censorship by the Google-owned company.

“We’ve steadily seen false claims about the coronavirus vaccines spill over into misinformation about vaccines in general, and we’re now at a point where it’s more important than ever to expand the work we started with Covid-19 to other vaccines,” YouTube said in a blog post on Wednesday.

The new rules prohibit content alleging that vaccines “cause chronic side effects,” that they “do not reduce transmission or contraction of disease,” and that they contain unlisted ingredients like fetal cells. The rules apply to all currently approved and administered vaccines, and not just Covid-19 shots.

At first glance, the rules are open to interpretation. YouTube’s moderators will have to decide, for instance, whether content discussing side effects strays beyond the “rare side effects that are recognised by health authorities.” Likewise, multiple studies and real-world data have suggested that Covid-19 vaccines are less effective at preventing transmission and infection than previously thought, and some suggest that this efficacy wanes with time.

And, while YouTube explicitly bans claims that vaccines contain fetal tissue or fetal cell lines, shots for various diseases – including Hepatitis A, Rubella and Chickenpox – are actually manufactured using cell lines started in aborted fetal tissue, but individual doses do not contain any of this tissue.

Content violating these new rules will receive a series of “strikes” from YouTube, with three strikes resulting in the termination of the offending more.......

 mr engdahl shows you in this presentation how those in charge intend to force frankenfoods upon you;

Whenever we hear the word “sustainable” we would be well-advised to take a critical look behind the nice sounding words. In the case of the globalist Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable goals by 2030, the one for creating a “sustainable agriculture”, when looked at closely, will destroy a huge part of EU agriculture production and drive already rising global prices for food far higher. The EU Commission calls their Green Deal for food the cute title, “Farm to Fork.” It is being backed by Klaus Schwab’s omnipresent World Economic Forum and their Great Reset.

Keep in mind that sustainable as defined by the UN and Davos World Economic Forum means achieving Zero Carbon emissions by 2050. Yet there is no scientific study independently proving that CO2 is endangering our planet by creating global warming. Only myriads of dubious, well-funded computer models. The harmless gas is essential to all human, animal and all plant life. Now the European Union Commission is pushing a top-down radical agenda on the agriculture heart of the world’s second most important food producer as part of its ill-conceived EU Green Deal. If implemented as is likely, it will cause drastic reduction in crop outputs, a severe reduction in meat protein and, perhaps most dangerous, an overturning of current EU law regulating new gene-edited crops, or GMO.2. That will have global consequences.

Farm to Fork…

In May 2020 the EU Commission released its Farm to Fork Strategy. The official Brussels rhetoric makes it sound like a food nirvana is coming. They state, “The Farm to Fork Strategy is at the heart of the European Green Deal, aiming to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.” Wow, that sounds super.

They then get to the real agenda: “We need to redesign our food systems which today account for nearly one-third of global GHG (Green House Gas) emissions, consume large amounts of natural resources, result in biodiversity loss and negative health impacts…” This is a clever way of demonizing farmers and our food production as CO2 violators. The solution? “New technologies and scientific discoveries, combined with increasing public awareness and demand for sustainable food, will benefit all stakeholders.” What new technologies will be explained.

How do the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels plan to “redesign our food systems” to eliminate one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050? By forcing farmers to go bankrupt by demanding new costly inputs to production and radical new genetic manipulated patented plants with unproven safety. Above all they plan to lift the current de facto ban on gene-edited plant cultivation. For those who do not know, it is the same unproven risky technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA gene-edited vaccines using CRISPR.

EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, says of the Farm to Fork Green Agenda, “Farmers will need to radically transform their production methods and make the best use of technological, digital, and space-based solutions to usher in the new agricultural transition.” So they plan a radical transformation. Already this sounds ominous.

To raise the share of pesticide-free organic farming to 25% of the EU total at the same time reducing chemical pesticide use by 30% by 2030 sounds great to the uninformed. Like the claims of Monsanto and the GMO industry that their GMO crops reduce need for pesticides, it is a lie. The EU is using this as bait to introduce a radical change in strict current EU rules for allowing approval of gene-edited plants and animals into agriculture. In their May 2020 document on Farm to Fork Green Deal, the EU states that the Commission is “carrying out a study which will look at the potential of new genomic techniques to improve sustainability along the food supply chain.” This means gene-editing, CRISPR/Cas9 genetic more.........

 the efforts by those in charge and those who support them to force the 'jab' on everyone are beyond insane and becoming extreme. there are historical precedents for all of this crap and its a sign for those with brains that you must not join in their insane rush over the cliff;

It is virtually a religious belief in the dominant liberal culture that people who do not want the COVID vaccine are stupid, ignorant, immoral and dangerous. As large sectors of the population continue to question or disobey their COVID decrees, they have begun to make more explicit this condescending view.Liberals feel free to disparage them as "stupid” notwithstanding long-standing (though diminishing) racial disparities among this group. A CNN headline from last month told part of the story: “Black New Yorkers may have the lowest vaccination rates, but community groups refuse to give up.” Citing data from the city's health agency, the network reported that “citywide, just 28% of Black New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 44 are fully vaccinated. The Hispanic community is the second-least fully vaccinated population in that age group, with 49% being fully vaccinated.”

Two weeks ago, Bloomberg reported that while some of the unvaccinated are unable to get the vaccine (due to work pressures or health conditions), most of them are vaccine-hesitant by choice and continue to reflect racial disparities. Under the headline “U.S. Racial Vaccine Gaps Are Bigger Than We Thought: Covid-19 Tracker,” the news outlet reported: “the White vaccination rate is not as bad as it had seemed and Hispanic communities are lagging more than previously thought.”

Yet liberal elites continue to call anyone who is unvaccinated "stupid,” ignorant and immoral. On Sunday, New York's Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, when announcing her intent to use National Guard soldiers to replace health care workers fired for refusing the vaccine, told her audience: “yes, I know you're vaccinated, you're the smart ones.” She then said those who refuse to get the vaccine are not just stupid but have turned their back on God: “there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants.” Gov. Hochul added that the vaccine “is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God,” and said to her "smart” vaccinated supporters: “I need you to be my apostles.”

On September 16, CNN host Don Lemon maligned those who have chosen not to be vaccinated as "stupid,” "selfish,” filled with “ignorance,” and “not acting on logic, reason and science." He then issued this decree: “it’s time to start shaming them or leave them behind.” When controversy erupted over the lavish indoor gala former President Obama threw for himself, at which his guests were unmasked while the servants were masked, New York Times reporter Annie Karni explained on CNN that while some of Obama's neighbors on Martha's Vineyard objected, many believed that a maskless party was fine because “this is a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd." Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel suggested the unvaccinated should be deprioritized for health care in hospitals, while Howard Stern recently lambasted the unvaccinated as “imbeciles” and “nut jobs” and argued they should be denied health care and be left to and watch more.......

should you be one of those rubes who believe what the tv tells you about how 'our' government stands for law and order with the fbi being a salient force for that, i suggest you consider the following presentation; 

I tried to report a crime last week.  It was a serious crime, too.  Rather, it was a whole bunch of federal crimes.  It was impossible to find anybody interested.

Let me start at the beginning.  Over the past year, I have developed first-hand knowledge of what I believe is a major international fraud.  The principal is an American citizen who is defrauding investors in a financial technology bank scam based overseas, and the investors include people in the United States and in at least three foreign countries.

I have thousands of pages of evidence, including forged documents, surreptitious recordings of the principal admitting to his crime, and affidavits from his former employees and targets.

So, what do you do when you have evidence of a major federal crime?  You go to the FBI and report it.  That’s exactly what I did.  At least, that’s what I tried to do.

Last week my attorney and I walked over to the FBI’s Washington Field Office and told the officer on duty that we wanted to report a federal crime.  Sorry, the agent told us.  You can’t do it like that.  You have to go to the Washington, D.C., police department and report it to them.  Once they determine that it is indeed a federal crime, they’ll refer it to us.

That sounded awfully inefficient — but totally unsurprising — so we walked the two blocks to the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters.

When we got to MPD, we couldn’t get past the lobby.  The police officer on duty told us that we couldn’t enter without an appointment, and we couldn’t get an appointment without a referral.  We told him why we were there, and he said he would call the Detective Bureau’s Fraud Division.

Five minutes later, the officer returned to say that we had to call 311 in order to report the crime.  “Isn’t that the number you call to report a pothole that needs to be filled?” I asked.  Yes, he nodded reluctantly.  “I understand that you’re just the messenger,” I told him.  “But you realize how ridiculous this sounds, right?”  He nodded.  “Sorry,” he said.  “I wish I could help.” more.........

 the title pcr has given this article says a lot and its that 'our' government is lying, and i suspect that won't surprise you;

We Are Being Lied to Our Deaths

Paul Craig Roberts



There is zero hope for Americans. They are the most stupid people to ever exist. The utter dumbshits trust government because trusting government is their “patriotic duty.” Otherwise the Commies will get them.

Minnesota State Representative Erik Mortensen recently conducted a Town Hall meeting in his district due to the number of healthcare workers who were contacting him about COVID-19 vaccine mandates, where most of them were about to lose their jobs for refusing to receive a COVID-19 shot.

He also heard a lot of things from these nurses that were not being repeated in the corporate media, so the Town Hall meeting was recorded and published on AlphaNews more........

 i've been warning that the scenes from australia would soon be coming here, and this article presents the 'legal' authority the federalies claim to do so, so, how long do you think until the gestapo begin operating here;

There have also been scenes from Canada caught on video, most notably the case of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was arrested and dragged off by a SWAT team in the middle of a busy highway, that would make you swear you are looking at the East German Stasi in action, not the Canadian police.

Everything the Australian, Israeli and Canadian governments are doing in terms of using force to brutally put down all resistance to their draconian mandates and restrictions are things the current regime in Washington not only wants to do but claims it has the legal authority to do.

Biden’s people admit he has been in discussions about closing down interstate travel to the unvaxxed and barring them from air travel. In the new Amerika, these are “privileges,” they tell us, not rights.

If they believe they can get away with it, they will do it.

Australia, Canada and Israel are the models for the Great Reset, a system designed to tag, track and monitor the behavior of every human being as if they were a unit of livestock. This global reset demands your total obedience.

As Biden loves to remind us with his “build back better” mantra, he and his people are fully on board with the Great Reset, as laid out by the World Economic Forum and now being implemented in Australia, Israel, Germany, Canada and other formerly free countries.

So, Americans need to prepare now for the day when the regime in Washington goes full Nazi. In fact, some are already describing the scenes in Australia as a civil war. Too bad the Aussies gave up their rights to own firearms years ago, because I truly believe Biden would have already launched similar crackdowns if he didn’t have the Second Amendment to contend and watch more........

 this presentation shows you where we are and where we're going in your shopping future;

If CNN starts sounding like The Economic Collapse Blog, what does that mean?  Unfortunately, the truth about what is in our immediate future is becoming apparent to everyone.  Global supply chains are in a state of complete and utter chaos, and this is driving up prices and causing widespread shortages all over the country.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have written five articles with either “shortage” or “shortages” in the title, and some have accused me of being a little alarmist.  If that is the case, then CNN is being alarmist too, because one of their top stories today openly warned of a “global transport system collapse”

In an open letter Wednesday to heads of state attending the United Nations General Assembly, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and other industry groups warned of a “global transport system collapse” if governments do not restore freedom of movement to transport workers and give them priority to receive vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization.

For decades, we have all been able to take our extremely complex supply chains for granted.  Things have always been where they need to be when they needed to be there, and many of us just assumed that it would always be that way.

But now organizations that represent 65 million transport workers around the globe are openly warning that “global supply chains are beginning to buckle”

“Global supply chains are beginning to buckle as two years’ worth of strain on transport workers take their toll,” the groups wrote. The letter has also been signed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF). Together they represent 65 million transport workers more........

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

 zulu's say no to mandatory 'jab';

 "War: when your government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution: when you figure it out for yourself."

 like or dislike caitlin all you wish but you must admit she presents ideas and asks questions your tv won't;

Don’t side with the powerful against the less powerful. Just don’t. Don’t side with police against protesters. Don’t side with the US against the targets of western imperialism. Don’t side with Israel against Palestinians. Siding with the powerful means you’ve taken a wrong turn.

It sure is a strange coincidence how all the US government’s grave concerns about Julian Assange endangering national security all manifested in ways that just so happen to look exactly the same as the world’s most powerful government persecuting a journalist for telling the truth.

May all the journalists who helped manufacture consent for Assange’s persecution one day look in the mirror and see someone who helped the most powerful government in the world torture an autistic person for doing their job better than them.

Watching TV when you’re not used to it is like a nonstop machine gun punch-in-the-face reminder of how completely unsustainable capitalism is.

Q: What is capitalism?

A: Capitalism is a system of transferring blame for society’s problems from the people who cause those problems onto the people who are hurt by and watch more.......

 a bit more than a minute in which an nba player asks some questions;


what do you make of this;


 the fbi ain't as good as the tv says they are and aren't respected by many for good reasons;

From the early 1990s onward, I was exposing FBI crimes, lies, and cover-ups. FBI director Louis Freeh publicly denounced me after I wrote a Wall Street Journal piece on the FBI’s killing of an innocent mother holding her baby at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. I continued hammering FBI abuses in the JournalPlayboyAmerican Spectator, and other publications.

One of the FBI’s biggest blunders occurred when it falsely accused a hapless security guard of masterminding an explosion at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Richard Jewell heroically saved lives by detecting and removing a pipe bomb before it exploded. But the FBI decided that Jewell had actually planted the bomb and leaked that charge to the media, which proceeded to drag Jewell’s life through the dirt for eighty-eight days. The FBI did nothing to curb the media harassment long after it recognized Jewell was innocent. I flogged the FBI’s vilification of Jewell in my 2000 book, Feeling Your Pain: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years. more.........

 some would call this just another case of government stupidity but i suspect its intentional and focused;

A whistleblower came forward and alleged DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas is threatening to terminate border patrol agents who don’t get the Covid vaccine by November.

So border patrol agents must be vaccinated, but the illegal aliens flooding over the border are not subjected to any vaccine or testing mandates.

Jim Jordan, Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee, wrote a letter to Mayorkas on Tuesday demanding answers.

“While our border is facing this serious crisis, we have learned that you are threatening to terminate a significant portion of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) workforce,” Jim Jordan wrote. “On September 9, 2021, President Biden issued Executive Order 14043 requiring federal employees to fully vaccinate against Covid-19 or face termination of their employment.” more......

 coming soon to an empire near you so remember you were warned;

In the early summer of 1798, an Irish stone mason named Philip Cunningham reached his breaking point.

Cunningham was sick and tired of English rule in Ireland. And along with 50,000 of his fellow Irishmen, Cunningham picked up a weapon and started in uprising against Great Britain.

Their rebellion was a complete disaster; the rebels hoped that the British army was too weak to resist after their defeat in the American Revolution.

But within a few short months the British had regained tight control of Ireland.

Naturally their first order of business was to round up all the remaining rebels— and Cunningham was among them.

His punishment was being shipped off to a British penal colony in the south Pacific, in a place that was generally known at the time as “New Holland”.

Today we call it more.........

 a short precise and quite articulate presentation on masking children;


 i've been seeing snips about this but this is the first full presentation about a shutdown of www;

There is a school of thought which holds that very major bad things that happen, are somehow planned, and the evil planners must tell people what they’re going to do before they do it.  Not sure how many people actually believe that, but if it’s true, then this is big: Articles warning of Internet Shutdown – FOR MONTHS!

It started around September 7 with a small article on University of California, Irvine, web site titled “Enjoy the internet while it lasts, the climate crisis might destroy it” and was then augmented with another big story on titled “A Bad Solar Storm Could Cause an ‘Internet Apocalypse'” both of which warn the general public of a possible massive outage of the global Internet, lasting for months.

The warnings are stark.  Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, [assistant professor of computer science at] the University of California, Irvine presented her research into the subject at the recent SIGCOMM 2021 data communication conference, warning that the results of this extreme space weather could prove catastrophic to our current way of life. “What really got me thinking about this is that with the pandemic we saw how unprepared the world was, there was no protocol to deal with it effectively, and it’s the same with internet resilience. Our infrastructure is not prepared for a large-scale solar event.”

That is false on its more......

 this post may be presenting our near future but you'll have to decide that for yourself;

The so-called Dark Winter is actually a die-off plan to exterminate humanity, and the vectors of attack against human beings include mass vaccination genocide, engineered food supply collapse (leading to mass starvation), financial sector disruptions and an accelerating supply collapse of energy (gasoline, natural gas) needed to heat homes, make fertilizer and power transportation.

We are also watching in horror as this accelerating collapse bleeds into shipping and delivery companies (like Fedex) who are just about on the brink of suspending major services due to a lack of competent workers.

Meanwhile, 70+ container ships are stacked up outside the Los Angeles port, as criminal governors like Newsom deliberately worsen the supply line restrictions by enforcing senseless covid lockdowns that deprive the ports of desperately needed workers.

The traitors in charge are squeezing off all the chokepoints of infrastructure that keep human beings alive.

If they succeed, they will quickly plunge America (and other nations) into third world conditions of mass famine, destitution, homelessness, violence and despair. And have you noticed how quickly this is all materializing?

This is all by design, and it’s accelerating by the day

You are probably already noticing the grocery shortages that are rapidly spreading across North America. Grocers, school districts and food manufacturers that typically order large quantities of food supplies are seeing their orders cut by up to 50% in terms of actual delivery. At the commercial level, in other words, the food supply has already collapsed by nearly 50%. This is only now beginning to trickle into the retail sector of the food industry, where grocers are desperately trying to fill empty shelves with something — anything — just to avoid looking like they’re out of stock.

Under Biden and the covid tyrants, America is being rapidly transformed into Venezuela. This is not a coincidence. Yet many Americans are still stuck in denial, pretending things will all just “get back to normal” if enough people take deadly spike protein and watch more.....

 one minute sent by a friend that may explain some things;

 almost three minutes sent by a friend about possibilities of what's in the 'jab';

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

 forty second video that couldn't be more obvious;

 "Too many people are only willing to defend rights that are personally important to them. It's selfish ignorance, and it's exactly why totalitarian governments are able to get away with trampling on people. Freedom does not mean freedom just for the things I think I should be able to do. Freedom is for all of us. If people will not speak up for other people's rights, there will come a day when they will lose their own." -- Tony Lawrence ( 12/28/95

 caitlin presents the tip of an iceberg centered on the cia and presents lots of evidence with the question: why do they even still exist. i'm sure you can figure out the answer as the empire brooks no opposition. jfk found that out when he said he was gonna break the cia into a thousand pieces and soon found himself dead. of course jfk was also opposing the isreali crimes so perhaps both the cia and the zionisits did him, and there's lots of evidence supporting that;

Citing “conversations with more than 30 former U.S. officials,” a new report by Yahoo News has confirmed earlier allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency not only spied on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his associates, but also drew up plans for kidnapping, renditioning, and assassinating him.

These plans were reportedly made in coordination with the Trump White House as then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo and then-Deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel raged over WikiLeaks’ 2017 Vault 7 release which revealed that the CIA had lost control of an enormous digital arsenal of hacking tools. These included tools which enabled the surveillance of smartphones, smart TVs and web browsers, the hacking of computerized vehicle control systems, and the ability to frame foreign governments for cyber attacks by inserting the digital “fingerprints” of the hacking methods they employ for investigators to find. It was the single largest data leak in CIA history.

Normally we have to wait decades for confirmation that the CIA did something nefarious, and then people absurdly assume that such things no longer occur because it was so long ago, and because changing your worldview is uncomfortable. But here we are with an extensively sourced report that the agency plotted to kidnap, rendition and assassinate a journalist for publishing authentic documents in the public interest, just four years after the and watch more..........

 driving while deaf can be a dangerous thing, especially if cops become involved;

When police in Idaho Springs, Colo., saw a vehicle roll through a stop sign on a September evening in 2019, they followed it into a laundromat’s parking lot and turned on their flashing lights.

The driver, Brady Mistic, parked his car and stepped out of the vehicle.

He later said he did not understand what was happening, or even that he was being pulled over — Mistic is deaf and communicates primarily through American Sign Language.

In the confusion, the situation escalated. According to a new lawsuit filed by Mistic, the officers threw him to the ground, stunned him with a Taser and put him in handcuffs. Unable to fully communicate, he tried to use some of the few words he is able to speak: “No ears.” It seemed to make no difference.

After the encounter, Mistic was charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. He was jailed for four months, during which time he said he continued to struggle to communicate the misunderstanding. The charges were later dropped.

Two years after the incident, Mistic has filed the lawsuit against the city of Idaho Springs and the two officers involved, alleging excessive force, unlawful arrest, malicious prosecution and discrimination against a person with a disability. The suit also accuses Clear Creek County of failing to properly accommodate his disability in jail.

“This is a civil rights action seeking justice for the shocking use of unnecessary police force and wrongful incarceration of a deaf man whom the Defendant officers rashly attacked after failing to recognize his disability and misinterpreting his non-threatening attempts to see and comunicate as challenges to police authority,” the lawsuit states.

In a statement, the Idaho Springs Police Department said the two officers, Nicholas Hanning and Ellie Summers, did not know Mistic was deaf. The department said the police chief had reviewed the incident and found the officers acted appropriately in the situation.

Of course the chief found that they acted appropriately.  They’re geniuses, one and all.  Top IQ, cops are.  Top boys and girls.

All of their procedures are perfect, the cops are smart, and it’s customary to slam people around.

Some folks, like this chief, still tell fairy tales like little children are listening.  And others love to hear them, like for example, if you vote for Mitt Romney, or write at the National Review and consider yourself a “law and order” type...........

 i've been watching the edges of this for some time but it may have become official at this point as the arizona senate has been told that the 2020 election in their state seems a bit suspect to say the least and here are some of the things they were told; 

Arizona lawmakers were told on Friday during a hearing on an audit conducted in the state’s most populous county of inconsistencies uncovered during a forensic audit into the 2020 election.The Maricopa County audit was commissioned by Republicans in the Arizona Senate.

Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, issued a letter on the same day to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich recommending further investigation following the audit’s findings. In the letter, she raised concerns over signature verification on mail-in ballots, the accuracy of voter rolls, the securing of election systems, and the record-keeping of evidence related to the elections.

I am therefore forwarding the reports for your office’s consideration and, if you find it appropriate, further investigation as part of your ongoing oversight of these issues,” Fann told Brnovich in the letter.

Brnovich, a Republican running for the U.S. Senate, said in a statement, “I will take all necessary actions that are supported by the evidence and where I have legal authority. Arizonans deserve to have their votes accurately counted and protected.”

His office said that its Election Integrity Unit “will thoroughly review the Senate’s information and evidence.” Specific allegations cannot be commented on until the review is complete, the office added.

Fann said Friday at the hearing that the audit had faced unnecessary obstruction from Maricopa County officials, who went to court in a bid to try to block the audit and subpoenas from the state Senate. While the forensic audit did not uncover a significant difference in the total vote tallies—the difference was only hundreds in the final report— evidence was uncovered of numerous other anomalies, including statutes being broken and chain of custody not being followed, Fann added.

Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based company hired by the state Senate to conduct the audit, said its review involved over 1,500 people and a total of over 100,000 hours. While the company said it only found in the recount a vote discrepancy of 994 in the presidential race and 1,167 in a U.S. Senate race, the report highlighted potential issues with a combined total of 53,305 ballots.

Maricopa County on Friday issued a series of statements on its Twitter page in response to findings laid out in a purported draft audit report of Cyber Ninja’s forensic audit that had been released ahead of the Senate audit more.......

 this would be a good satire if it wasn't real. it seems that the australian pm is telling the world about their freedom and dignity as their cops assault their citizens. scenes out of china or jim crow america would be the equal in this upside down world;

A viral video has contrasted Prime Minister Scott Morrison telling the UN General Assembly that Australia believes in “freedom” and the “dignity of all people” with Australian cops beating citizens for not wearing masks.

In a virtual address to the UN General Assembly on Friday, Morrison talked up Australia’s belief in “a world order that favors freedom,” in “respecting the rights and freedoms of the individual” and “in the inherent dignity of all people… no matter the circumstances.” and watch more.......

 i read where most of these haitians have been released into the country with a few taken by plane home to haiti for marketing purposes;

 i hate having to post these sort of things as i was raised to be neutral but it seems that there's more of this than you would imagine and no reason is provided. if the 'colors' were reversed i imagine the verdicts would be as well;

When O.J. Simpson was acquitted for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald “Ron” Goldman, White Americans responded with stunned disbelief. According to an NBC poll taken in 2004, 87 percent believed Simpson was guilty of the crimes.

Was the outcome an anomaly? Was it a rare miscarriage of justice? Have there been other Black-on-White homicide cases in which the accused were granted near immunity because they are descendants of sub-Saharan Africans?

Perhaps we could ask Jenny Adkins, the mother of the late Christopher Jones.

  • Christopher Jones.

Parents awarded nearly $1.8 million in 2009 death of Crofton teen, by Andrea F. Siegel, The Baltimore Sun, March 18, 2012]..........Jones was beaten to death by a group of teens. The 14-year-old was found unresponsive next to his bicycle on a Crofton, Maryland sidewalk. Javel George was 16-years-old when he delivered the final blows that resulted in Jones’ death, reports say. George was tried as a juvenile and was subsequently released to his parents’ custody after being convicted of the murder. The crime occurred in May, and watch more........