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this exploration focuses on part of the situation speaking of those hated 'leftists' neglecting to notice that the horrid 'rightwingers' are equally involved in our deceptions but only from a different angle, but here you will have the chance to improve your vision;

As you’ve probably been noticing lately, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to access honest and truthful information online, as the tech overlords who want to control us all continue to impose all sorts of new censorship tactics aimed at stamping out facts and replacing them with lies and propaganda.
Their latest target appears to be information about vaccines, as Leftists are now actively pressuring social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest to restrict all content that in any way suggests that government-approved vaccines are unsafe and ineffective.
As revealed by Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), in a recent article, the “deep state” government has been actively colluding with powerful corporations and institutions for many years to steer the conversation away from vaccine skepticism, using “thought police” coercion if necessary.
“In the very near future you may not be able to find information about vaccine science, policy and law published on websites like and or be able to connect with us on social media platforms to have an open conversation about it,” warns Fisher.
“With the cancellation of net neutrality in the U.S. in 2017, the two decade forging of public-private business partnerships between governments and politically powerful corporations and institutions has cleared the way for factual information about health to be censored as ‘fake news’ and quietly removed from the Internet if it does not conform with public health policy and government recommendations for use of pharmaceutical and food products.”
For more news about Big Tech’s assault on free speech, be sure to check out

here's a major positive move i'd never imagine possible; citizens of toledo have recognized that some profit from poisoning the common good that is our life support system: the natural world, and are moving to change that;

Tired of receiving notices warning that their drinking water may have been compromised and having little recourse to fight corporate polluters, voters in Toledo, Ohio on Tuesday approved a measure granting Lake Erie some of the same legal rights as a human being.
Sixty-one percent of voters in Tuesday's special election voted in favor of Lake Erie's Bill of Rights, which allows residents to take legal action against entities that violate the lake's rights to "flourish and naturally evolve" without interference.
"People need to start relying on our democracy to hold polluters accountable...We're still going to try to get [regulators] to do what they're supposed to do. But there's no reason to be limited just to that if there are creative approaches out there such as the Lake Erie Bill of Rights." —Mike Ferner, Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie 
Toledoans for Safe Water led a years-long campaign to convince voters that their city's charter must be amended to ensure that the "environmental burden" carried by the lake, which provides drinking water to 12 million Americans and Canadians, must be reduced.
"Beginning today, with this historic vote, the people of Toledo and our allies are ushering in a new era of environmental rights by securing the rights of the Great Lake Erie," said Markie Miller of Toledoans for Safe Water in a statement.
Under the Bill of Rights, residents will now have legal standing in court to sue corporate polluters on behalf of Lake Erie and to seek damages which would be used to rid the lake of pollution.........

its all pasted here though the link from which it came is still at the bottom, and here you have the opportunity to think about the 'left/right' geometry we've been fed for a very long time;

In the good old days when the terms Left and Right meant something the distinction between the two was clear. The Left believed that the resources and wealth of the state ought to be shared equitably. The Right’s position was that since only a few people in society are capable of handling capital properly, transforming prosperity into more prosperity, those few should be given a free hand and be taxed lightly to enable them to make the state more prosperous.
Noticeably, both of these viewpoints were both patriotic and intended to benefit the nation state and its citizens.  The Left wanted equality for the good of all. The Right maintained that Laissez-faire policies actually benefited the working class as well as the rich. Metaphorically we can think of the state’s wealth as a cake. The Left believed that the cake should be sliced equally to provide each member of society an equal portion, while the Right contended that if those who know how to make money enjoy a relatively free ride, the cake would actually get bigger and that working people would be among the first to benefit as their portion expands.
The theories of both Left and Right were meaningful within the political context of a capitalist manufacturing society. Industrial society produced the wealth that made the debate between ‘equality’ and ‘Laissez-faire’ relevant.  But the West is hardly productive anymore. Manufacturing has travelled to find the cheapest workers, moving among the Far East, South America and Africa. The working class has been reduced into a global workless class. Arguments about the distribution of wealth mean little in a globalist universe where state wealth has been replaced by exponentially growing debt. In a society that has replaced production with consumption, the bond/conflict between the factory owner and the worker belongs to nostalgia.
With both Left and Right emptied of their ideological and political relevance, Left and Right have been reduced into mere forms of identification with zero political or ideological relevance.  The Left is diminished into a ‘LGBTQ call’ and the Right is driven by ‘White nationalism’; both are quintessentially tribal, anti universal and hardly attractive to most.
This may explain the worldwide rise of new populist political formations that don’t fit the standard political clichés. Traditional political institutions, both ‘Left’ and ‘Right,’ struggle to cope with  change let alone adapt. Maybe two decades ago Labour could manage to be elected to lead Britain by pretending to be Tories, but this strategy is not going to save Labour in the future, as the Tories are hardly an attractive option. The same applies to the Democratic Party. Being an avid  Neocon and and a war monger didn’t help Hillary Clinton. Instead it was Donald Trump, an anti politician with zero ideological standpoint, who made it to the White House.
The world we are part of desperately awaits a new ethos: a new ideology, religion, spirit, metaphysics, it may even be an anti ethos. Is this spirit going to refresh our yearning for the universal, poetic, and the ethical consistent with Western Athenian roots or is it going to be repressive, hateful and tribal in accordance with the Jerusalemite approach that has been threatening Athens for two millennia? I guess that it is down to us to determine as this world is ours as we are this world..............
herein lies much speculation and some evidence surrounding the venezuelan adventure now being promoted by 'our free press' and its owner, the federalies;

The much-hyped “aid weekend” involving a US Trojan Horse fell at the first hurdle. Venezuelan government forces averted the provocation intended by US aid convoys from Colombia and Brazil.
However, increasing frustration in Washington beckons more false flags.
Something shocking is “needed” in order to jolt world opinion into acquiescing to Washington’s criminal agenda of “all options.In the fiendish mind of American imperialism, it is also prudent to consider “all options” as meaning more than military aggression. The foulest moves.
The torching of trucks purportedly ferrying US food and medicines across the border from Colombia was patently a planned provocation. Credible video footage and witnesses attested to the arson being carried out by supporters of the US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido.
The vehicles never even made it to the crossing point where Venezuelan national guards were deployed.
Yet, at the Lima Group summit held – no coincidence – in the Colombian capital, Bogota on Monday, Guaido and US Vice President Mike Pence brazenly spouted lies that the “sadistic” Venezuelan military under President Nicolas Maduro had caused the destruction of vital aid supplies intended for “suffering people.”
It seems obvious the whole scenario of delivering US aid into Venezuela from neighboring countries was really intended as a pretext for military intervention by Washington. The government in Caracas had warned of such a contingency in advance, as had Russia, which is allied to President Maduro’s administration. Moscow’s experience in Syria has no doubt given a lot of valuable insights into the American playbook of using false flags for justifying military aggression.
The timing of the Lima Group summit – 12 Latin American states along with the US and Canada – was meant to capitalize on the false-flag incident over aid, as well as other deadly clashes at the weekend that resulted in dozens of casualties.
However, the provocation did not go to plan, despite Pence and Guaido’s grandstanding assertions.
The other downside for the US regime-change objective in Venezuela is that the Lima Group has for the moment broken ranks over the military option. Pence and Guaido stepped up the rhetoric calling for “all options” on the table – meaning military intervention.
But the Lima Group, including US allies Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, issued a statement after the summit Monday rejecting any military action. They are still functioning as lackeys by calling for a “peaceful transition to democracy” and are in favor of the dubious US-anointed opposition figure Guaido, recognizing him as the “interim president” of Venezuela, in accordance with Washington’s desires.
Nevertheless, repudiation of the military option by Washington’s regional allies will be seen as a damper to the momentum for using American force to overthrow the Maduro government........

wars and rumors of wars of which many are the creation of the empire and here the focus is on all of the upcoming ones to look for, including who might be behind them, and benefit from them;

The world slipped closer to nuclear war. Big false flags—actual, suspected, and anticipated—were a key factor. But hardly anybody noticed. Everyone was riveted by the story of actor Jussie Smollet, who supposedly paid a couple of Nigerian-American bodybuilders for a staged racist-homophobic near-lynching. The ostensible motive: Add a zero to Smollet’s pathetic little million-a-year salary.
The Jussie Smollet hoax was story number 29 of the 31 we covered on this week’s False Flag Weekly News.
In a world filled with false flags, this one just wasn’t all that important. Conspiracy theories that Obama was somehow involved are not supported by logic and evidence. If you really need a conspiracy theory (beyond Smollet conspiring with Nigerians) try this: The whole thing was staged to distract us, to get us talking about stupid celebrities and divisive, emotionally-galvanizing issues unrelated to the real dirty business conducted by our psychopathic rulers.
The week’s biggest suspected false flag was the bombing in Pulwama, Kashmir. This one may start a nuclear war. Over 40 Indian soldiers were killed in an attack attributed to an angry young Kashmiri suicide bomber supposedly backed by Pakistani intelligence. More likely it was an Indo-Zionist false flag designed to demonize Pakistan and rally Indians behind Pakistan-hating Modi, who is about to launch his re-election campaign.
The first clue is the timing: Pakistan has nothing to gain by heightening tensions now. Recently elected pro-9/11-truth Prime Minister Imran Khan is desperately seeking money to revitalize his country’s crumbling economy. The Pulwama attack is terrible PR for Pakistan as it proffers its global begging bowl. But it’s perfect PR for Modi’s campaign launch. And as Sabtain Ahmed Dar writes: “Modi’s framing of Pakistan as a terrorist state on the visit of Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman cunningly and subliminally (seeks) an advantage in its foreign policy with Iran by checkmating and framing both the Saudis and Pakistanis at the same time.”........

here you'll find lots of good questions concerning the empire and its targets with special focus upon the 'free press' and its 'coverage' of the situations the empire creates, this time in syria;

A recent BBC segment titled, “The Syrians returning home after years of fleeing war,” contradicted 8 years of the British state media’s narratives regarding the war in Syria.
A synopsis of the short BBC video segment would read:
After years of people fleeing Syria and its civil war, there are now long queues to enter the country each day. Jordan opened its Jaber border crossing last October after Syrian government troops defeated rebels who had controlled the other side. 

Now several thousand people pass through each day. They include small-scale merchants reviving cross-border trade and returning Syrian refugees who hope to rebuild their lives.
Huge numbers of Syrians have already returned to Syria – specifically to areas government forces have cleared of Western-armed and backed terrorists. This includes Aleppo, Homs, and Daraa.
The flood of returning refugees to government-held areas indicates Syrians were fleeing the US-backed proxy war against the Syrian government – not the Syrian government itself.
What the BBC Has Previously Claimed  
Viewers and readers who invested trust in the BBC’s narratives over the past 8 years will be shocked to hear thousands of Syrians crowding the Jordanian-Syrian border daily to return to the war-ravaged nation.
The BBC has insisted for 8 years, millions of refugees had fled Syria to escape the nation’s “brutal dictator” Syrian President Bashar Al Assad – accused of “gassing his own people,” raining down “barrel bombs” that were both crude and “indiscriminate” but also paradoxically capable of pinpointing elementary schools and children’s hospitals, and whose “Shabiha” death squads lurked around every corner.
In 2016, a BBC article titled, “Syria conflict: Aleppo bombing shuts largest hospital,” uncritically repeated claims made by US-funded fronts operating in Aleppo during security operations to clear it of terrorists.
hornberger makes many points in the following article you may wish to learn, like, for example, why is 'our' president signing deals concerning private industry, or how is it that we're doing business with the vietnamese which we were warned about sixty years ago as being dangerous commies?;

President Trump is currently having a second meeting with North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong-Un. Hoping to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, Trump is hoping to enter into an agreement with the Korean Reds to finally bring a formal end to the Cold War-era Korean War. The meeting is being held in Hanoi, Vietnam, the capital of the country that the U.S. government also waged war against during the Cold War.  
Prior to the meeting, people were treated to a publicized spectacle in which Trump and Vietnam’s communist rulers signed a trade agreement, one that included a multimillion-dollar purchase of jets by the communists from U.S corporation Boeing.
An obvious question arises: Why is the president of the United States negotiating trade agreements for U.S. businesses? Who elected him to be an agent for American business and industry?
The answer is that Trump, like other Republican and Democrat statists, believes that it is the job of government officials to manage trade, both domestic and foreign. The libertarian notion that trade is no business of the government just doesn’t enter into the minds of statists.
One irony is that the statist mindset is no different here in the United States than it is in socialist regimes like Vietnam. After all, notice that it was Vietnamese communist officials who were doing the signing at their end. The libertarian notion that trade is no legitimate business of government doesn’t enter into their minds either......
 the link to zymphora is where i found the copy and link below which makes a point i've been trying to show others for some time;

Regime  Change is Urgently Needed…in Washington" (Vltchek).  We're seeing the President now consistently do the exact opposite of what he campaigned on, which is to stop this nonsense for the simple reason it was seriously harming the country, and the 'extreme left' in American politics - AOC, Bernie, and every other prominent Democrat except for Gabbard - falling in line.  There's no hope from, of for, Assholia........

a full serving of the empire's hypocrisy here served for your entertainment  concerning venezuela and other such potential targets;

On February 22, the boss of the Council On Foreign Relations, Richard N. Haass, cited the so-called Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine in response to the situation in Venezuela.
R2P was engineered by the United Nations to prevent genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. Of course, this policy is selectively enforced.
For instance, while the UN has pointed to Israel as a serial violator of R2P, no action has been taken to curb its ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, certainly not sanctions or an invasion of Israel. 
“If ever there was a group in need of protection from war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing it is the Palestinians,” writes Stephen Gowans for Global Research. “And yet the Palestinians receive little outside help, relying on themselves, for the most part, for whatever little protection they can provide. Realpolitick prevents them from falling within the ambit of the responsibility to protect doctrine, the idea that ‘the international community,’ that is, Western governments led by the United States, should intervene in other countries to prevent genocide, mass killings and massive human rights abuses. Responsibility to protect (R2P) has given rise to campaigns for humanitarian intervention in Darfur, Myanmar and Zimbabwe, but not Gaza or the West Bank.”
Moreover, this highly selective double standard does not apply to the United States and its so-called war on terror against manufactured enemies. 
“The most extreme expressions of this cognitive dissonance occurred during the Obama administration, when the notion of U.S. exceptionalism was used to justify continuing the barbarism of the Bush administration’s so-called War on Terror,” explains Ajamu Baraka, the national organizer of the Black Alliance for Peace. “With this justification and the outrageous assertion that it was defending democracy, the U.S./EU/NATO axis of domination committed crimes against humanity and war crimes that resulted in the deaths of millions, while millions more were displaced and ancient cities, nations and peoples were destroyed.”..........

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perpetual war in eurasia who has always been our enemy as orwell said;

there's a thing called a 'false flag' which is usually some violent act precipitating a violent response by the 'victim' who really wanted to do so, hence the creation, by the 'victim' of the attack. here is some information about those things you may not know;

The whole truth about the Reichstag fire will probably never be known. Nearly all those who knew it are now dead, most of them slain by Hitler in the months that followed.

~ Historian William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

On this date, 86 years ago, the headquarters for the German parliament, known as the Reichstag building, was burned down due to arson. Immediately after the fires, the Nazis passed a piece of tyrannical legislation called the “decree for the protection of state and people,” which gave them total police state control over the population.
The fires were blamed on Hitler’s political rivals, which allowed the regime to be extremely aggressive against anyone they deemed to be their enemies. However, many historians believe that it was actually the Nazi party who started the fire, in a plot to control the masses through fear.
This strategy is actually common in history, and has been used by many governments and has come to be known as a “false flag attack.” Unfortunately, over the years this legitimate military term has been grossly overused to the point where people think that it is some throw-away conspiracy theory. False flag attacks do happen though, and there is even verified proof that the US government has been involved in such operations..........
in case you thought everything is fine between your information and your private life, here's some evidence you may wish to consider;

“We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about… Your digital identity will live forever… because there’s no delete button.”—Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt
Uncle Sam wants you.
Correction: Big Brother wants you.
To be technically accurate, Big Brother—aided and abetted by his corporate partners in crime—wants your data.
That’s what we have been reduced to in the eyes of the government and Corporate America: data bits and economic units to be bought, bartered and sold to the highest bidder.

Those highest bidders include America’s political class and the politicians aspiring to get elected or re-elected. As the Los Angeles Times reports, “If you have been to a political rally, a town hall, or just fit a demographic a campaign is after, chances are good your movements are being tracked with unnerving accuracy by data vendors on the payroll of campaigns.”...........
a small bit of history illustrated;

we have met the enemy and he is us, shown for its reality in the following article;

A recent article in the New York Times about Russia’s “intelligence state,” authored by John Sipher, a former chief of station for the CIA, provides a valuable mirror for the American people. The problem is that American statists cannot see it as a mirror. While Sipher’s article clearly demonstrates that American statists, especially conservative ones, can see the wrongdoing of foreign totalitarian or authoritarian regimes with great clarity, they have a moral blindness when it comes to recognizing wrongdoing by their own government. Even worse, they defend wrongdoing by their own regime (which they can’t see as wrongdoing) as a way to combat foreign wrongdoing. In fact, they come to view their own wrongdoing as something good when it is being used to oppose wrongdoing by a foreign regime.
Sipher labels Russia’s (and, before that, the Soviet) governmental system an “intelligence state.” He’s critical of it, and rightly so. It is a type of governmental system that engages in such things as secret surveillance of the citizenry, assassination, torture, and interference in the affairs of other nations.
Referring to Russia’s system under Vladimir Putin, who Sipher reminds us is a former KGB officer, Sipher writes:
“The history of the brutal Soviet security services lays bare the roots of Russia’s current use of political arrests, subversion, disinformation, assassination, espionage and the weaponization of lies. None of those tactics is new to the Kremlin...........
in case you suspected roundup was a fine thing, after reading this i don't think you'll have any doubts that it isn't something you would wish to be anywhere near;

Since the 1960s uproar over the dangers of widespread agriculture use of the weed killer, DDT, no other herbicide or agriculture chemical has stirred as much widespread opposition as glyphosate. Glyphosate is the main and only publicly disclosed ingredient in the world-leading herbicide, Roundup from Monsanto/Bayer. With fierce opposition from many EU member states, in 2018 owing to a sly maneuver by the former German Minister of Agriculture, the EU Commission ruled to continue allowing the controversial pesticide. Now recent tests have added to the body of evidence that glyphosate is carcinogenic and should be banned immediately .
On February 10, 2019 the scientific journal Mutation Research published the results of a major new study on the possible cancer-causing effects of glyphosate-based herbicides (GBH). The authors noted, “We investigated whether there was an association between high cumulative exposures to GBHs and increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in humans. We conducted a new meta-analysis that included the most recent update of the Agricultural Health Study (AHS) cohort published in 2018 along with five case-control studies. Using the highest exposure groups when available in each study, we report the overall meta-relative risk (meta-RR) of NHL in GBH-exposed individuals was increased by 41%…” The study authors concluded that there was a “compelling link between exposures to GBHs and increased risk for NHL.”
A 41% greater risk of lymphoma is significant.
Rachel Shaffer, a co-author of the study at the University of Washington, stated of the results, “This research provides the most up-to-date analysis of glyphosate and its link with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, incorporating a 2018 study of more than 54,000 people who work as licensed pesticide applicators.”
The University of Washington study supports the 2015 conclusion of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer, which classified glyphosate as a ‘probable human carcinogen.’ The GMO and related agrichemical industry has done everything imaginable to counter the impact of the independent IARC report.
Roundup today is the world’s most widely used herbicide. Since commercialization of GMO crops in the USA after 1996, the amount of Roundup-bearing glyphosate has dramatically increased worldwide. In the United States alone, usage increased nearly sixteen-fold between 1992 and 2009. What is not often understood, the patented GMO crops are modified to resist the toxic Roundup, nothing else...........

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twenty four minute video speaking about who hurricane trump really is and who he operates for. Know him by who he keeps close to him;
sent by a friend here is a list of who did 911;
sent by a friend and i use his intro below and include the link. the speaker makes many good points;

"Now, if only this young man and the Rhode Island House could be woke up all the way and educated about the actual facts--- then (1) he would know that he and his firearms are not subject to anything they say or do, so long as he maintains his birthright political status, and (2) they would know that they are a bunch of lying, traitorous, foreign hypocrites with no business in the Rhode Island State House. ..........
two items snatched from the woodpile report are presented below. i advise care in reading by those who believe the police do no wrong;

No knock, Eric Peters Autos - One of the reasons America has become a far-from-free place is because people can be violently assaulted by armed government thugs. This Goines person scribbled the necessary lies. Tacticooled, body-armored “heroes” descended on the home and the startled couple fought back. This resulted in two dead victims, Tuttle and Nicholas, plus five merely wounded murderous AGWs, including Goines. Goines is being criminally prosecuted for the “untruths or lies” he peddled to obtain the warrant. But he is not facing murder charges. As any mere “citizen” would, if they stormed an innocent person’s home and shot two people to death..........

 Herschel Smith at Captain's Journal - "(Chief) Art Acevedo conducts a wrong-home raid, get's his people shot, and then goes in front of the cameras to pimp gun control". Something Art Acevedo did not say is that the officers who entered the home were in plain clothes—not uniforms. What’s more, upon entering the house, they immediately began shooting as one officer killed the couple’s dog. That’s when Tuttle came out of the back room with his .357 handgun and opened fire... Nicholas-Tuttle was also a big time supporter of police ..."
i find all sorts of things at the link below and here's one;

Hate crimes are a public declaration of who's more equal than who............
to ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the innocent and law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless
five minutes of the america i grew up in;
israel seems to be the focus for most of 'our' politicians as they neglect to consider, let alone work for, the rest of us;

“Conservatives” will stand up for Jews but not white gentiles.
The Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on much, but both President Donald Trump and the Democratic leadership agree that Rep. Ilhan Omar needs to watch her mouth. In response to Rep. Omar’s suggestion that Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy supports Israel because of “the Benjamins” [money] and AIPAC [the pro-Israel lobbying group], the entire House Democratic leadership condemned Rep. Omar and declared, “we are and will always be strong supporters of Israel.” Senator Chuck Schumer said, “this kind of intolerance has no place in Congress—or in American society.” President Trump called on her to resign. Rep. Omar dutifully bent the knee and apologized, though not without retweeting complaints from her colleagues suggesting she faces unfair treatment because she’s a “woman of color.”
Rep. Ilhan Omar arguably crossed the line separating criticism of Israel from criticism of Jews generally. Yet the leadership of both parties demands support for Israel’s policies and AIPAC’s lobbying efforts. It may not be that way much longer. Recent polls suggest support for Israel among Democrats is collapsing, especially among non-whites and younger voters. In the future, Israel will be one of the most divisive issues within an unstable and ethnically diverse Democratic coalition........

in this article you will be presented with the deep state vs the rest of us, in some cases being represented by political figures;

While most of the US mainstream media was “shocked” by Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Elections, the same can’t be said about all media outlets. Although, to be fair, it was a difficult call because of the reluctance of Americans to admit to pollsters they’d vote for Trump, given the demonization of Trump and anyone who’d support him over Clinton by the media, as racists, sexists and xenophobes.
One reason for Trump’s victory was because many Americans who’d have voted for Bernie Sanders, voted for Trump, having seen leaked documents and e-mails published by WikiLeaks which showed that the Democratic nomination was stolen from Sanders and given to Clinton. Later, the former Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Donna Brazile, had to admit in her book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House, that WikiLeaks was right, and recalled in detail how the Democratic primary was rigged against Sanders; something that Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren also said on CNN on November 2, 2017.
This, however, was one of the very few times that the mainstream media admitted or reported on this. Neither did it report on how Sanders was attacked from within his own party, with Clinton’s campaign Chair John Podesta saying, “stick the knife in[to Sanders]”, and one Democratic PR strategist replying,
“Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp…Crush him as hard as you can.”
But, then again, reporting on it would have been an embarrassment for the media, given that the same batch of leaked e-mails also detailed how its own members were colluding with the Clinton campaign, including by “planting false stories” as Maggie Haberman of The New York Times is alleged to have done “many times” by Podesta himself............

it must be hell for the true believers when they discover they are practicing what they warn us may be in our future;

How ironic. President Trump wants to build his wall along the southern border of the United States to keep Latin Americans from illegally entering the United States. He already has constructed a tariff wall to keep foreigners from freely sending their goods into the United States.
This past Saturday, we witnessed the spectacle of Trump doing his best to overcome the trade and immigration wall that Nicolas Maduro, the dictator of Venezuela, has constructed around his nation to prevent Trump, the Pentagon, and the CIA from sending people carrying political aid into Venezuela. Wouldn’t you think that a man who favors a trade and immigration wall around the United States would have respect for a similar-type wall around a foreign country?
The real lesson here is that it is dictatorial regimes that build trade and immigration walls, not free societies based on a limited-government republic. Dictatorial regimes strictly control the movements and economic activities of their citizenry. In a genuinely free society, one based on a limited-government republic, people are free to travel wherever they want and trade with whomever they want.
Freedom of travel and freedom of trade is not a feature of life for people living in Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea. It’s also not the case with the American people. Oh sure, Americans are permitted to travel to more places and trade with more people than Venezuelans, Cubans, and North Koreans. But that’s just because U.S. officials are more lenient than the officials in those countries. What matters is that Americans need permission to travel and trade as much as Venezuelans, Cubans, and North Koreans.............

Monday, February 25, 2019

i have no interest in the left vs right fight. i suspect most of it is created by false flags like at charlottesville. i do see many things in the following article that caught my eye, and remaining brain cells which may be of interest to you;

The Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax was planned at the highest levels of the (Obama) deep state and was intended to foment a race war across America, say multiple sources across the independent media. The official explanation that Smollett “masterminded” (if you can call it that) the hate crime hoax because he wanted a pay raise for his work as an actor on Empire just doesn’t hold water. He is reportedly being paid $65K per episode, bringing in more than $1.1 million per year. Yet we are supposed to believe he would risk his entire career (and significant earnings) to try to push for an increase in his pay?
It doesn’t add up, and several independent media investigators are already starting to dig deeper into the Smollett fiasco. Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show, for example, writes that a Confidential Informant (CI) says a deep state federal agent was actively involved in plotting the hate crime hoax. Via Dave Hodges:......
ann speaks about hurricane trump and promises made but left by the wayside;

For decades, voters have been lied to by politicians promising to crack down on immigration. We vote and we vote and we vote, and nothing ever changes. Wage-lowering, culture-destroying policies manage to appear in every bill Congress passes.
We finally got sick of it and voted for Trump. He promised to build a wall, deport illegal aliens and end the anchor baby scam. No matter how much the establishment screamed at him, he never backed down.
To call Trump's promise to build a wall his "central campaign promise" routinizes it. That promise was indispensable to his election in a way that no other president's campaign promises ever were.
Trump had none of the qualities voters typically look for in a president. He hadn't been vice president, a U.S. senator or governor of California. There was little about his character to inspire a nation.
Trump's mandate on immigration was the loudest bell ever to be rung in American politics.........
abby martin uses thirty eight minutes on youtube speaking about the venezuelan foolishness, sent by a friend. the neocons now rule even more than ever before, enabled by hurricane trump;
five minutes of bill maher clearly displaying that there are two different americas at least, and you may not like the demonstration;
haven't even got to the article and the image caught my eye;

no comment required;

why doesn't maduro allow the empire to help it in their struggles?;

here is a curious expedition thru congressional focus and where it runs into trouble, in this case with aipac and a new congressional critter;

Neocons (Israel partisans who switched from the left to the right) have come and gone and then come again. Some are part of the “Trump resistance”… their new media incarnation “The Bulwark” advises Democrats how to get rid of the freshman Congressional rep who blew the whistle on AIPAC… 

By Philip Giraldi, reposted from American Herald Tribune
It has been observed that the neoconservatives are a lot like the legendary bird the Phoenix, which burns to death and then, miraculously, rises from the ashes in new plumage. [Read about neoconservatives here.]
The neocons first rose to prominence under President Ronald Reagan, when they took over key offices in the Pentagon. They were subsequently somewhat ostracized under George H.W. Bush who did not like them, but they got their revenge by joining in the chorus that brought the incumbent elder Bush down and replaced him with Bill Clinton, who, in fact, pursued an interventionist foreign policy much more to their taste.
Again dominant in the Pentagon and White House under George W. Bush, the neocons went into exile under President Barack Obama, though they were at the same time infiltrating the foreign policy establishment of the Democratic Party. This transformation produced Hillary the Hawk and the Democrats have now become the party of war just as enthusiastically as the Republicans, with both favoring what might be described as a neocon foreign policy.

Neocons opposed Trump.............

more evidence that 'our' police aren't;

JUNCTION, TX — The gunfight in Junction yesterday morning involved more than gunfire between law enforcement and the suspect running from an El Paso 7-Eleven murder during a robbery.
According to multiple sources, Kimble County Sheriff Hilario Cantu shot an innocent civilian during the gunfight. The civilian was not killed.
The Kimble County Sheriff’s Office referred us to the Texas DPS for information.
According to the Texas DPS, the shooting of the civilian bystander happened during a vehicle pursuit. DPS said an officer with the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office shot at a vehicle similar in appearance to the suspect’s vehicle.
Is that the way this works?  Shoot at all similar cars?
I have to confess that tactic had never occurred to me.  Shoot at all cars matching the description of a suspect.  They could end up with a lot of dead innocent folks, but hey, as long as they get their guy, they can call it a win, right?  As long as they get to go home safely at the end of their shift.  That’s what really matters..........

occasionally my isp causes this site to be unavailable which may well be due to their posting articles like this one which i'm sure 'our' government would find to be subversive;

On February 18th, Gallup bannered Record High Name Government as Most Important Problem and reported that, out of a list of 47 national “problems,” the top ten that were selected (and the percentage of respondents who selected each) were:
  • The government/Poor leadership        35
  • Immigration                           19
  • Healthcare                             6
  • Race relations/Racism                  5
  • Unifying the country                   4
  • Poverty/Hunger/Homelessness            4
  • Environment/Pollution                  3
  • Ethics/Moral/Religious/Family decline  3
  • Federal budget deficit/Federal debt    3
  • Economy in general                     3
More than a third of Americans think that “The government/Poor leadership” is the “Top Problem” in America.
That’s almost twice the percentage who listed the second-from-top option, “Immigration,” as being this..........

you can’t see what’s killing you if you’re mesmerized by whatever foolish star you've chosen to attach yourself to and how many stop to consider what has their attention so focused.

here is a reasonably concise discussion of the latest 'effort' of the empire's spreading 'democracy' and as usual causes me to wonder when the empire will give america democracy;

Are Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton and (farcically titled) Special Envoy for Restoring Democracy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams agents of influence for Russia and China? The idea has a lot more going for it than most of the ridiculous paranoia sweeping Washington over the past years.
If Russia and China really wanted to subvert the national security of the United States, they would seek to plunge Washington into a completely new, open-ended war with no practical resolution in sight on another continent far away from either of them where the United States itself had absolutely no major strategic interests at all, apart from fantasies of domination and greed.
Such a war would also serve the purpose of burning up an increasing share of the defense budget that otherwise could be spent on modernizing the US armed forces.
Repeated congressional testimony over the past two years by Service chiefs confirms that these forces remain woefully aging and out of date despite record size defense budgets. This is testimony to the incompetence, corruption and sheer wastefulness of the military-industrial-congressional-complex (MICC).
Most of all, such a war would weaken the US armed forces and distract them from what is now supposed to be their primary strategic goal, as set out by the Trump administration itself of focusing on great power competition, primarily with Russia and China........

this writer below explores some of the margins between those in charge and the rest of us as we deal with their failures;

It’s said that truth mirrors fiction. I’m finding this to be the case more and more these days.
Take the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day. Bill Murray wakes up each day to relieve the exact same daily circumstances and interpersonal interactions. He relives the same day, February 2, over and over again.
No matter what he does, the repetitive cycle won’t break.  He goes to sleep, wakes up to his alarm, and it’s the morning of Feb 2 again.
Likewise, in The Truman Show, Jim Carrey lives in a simulated environment where everybody’s an actor in a popular TV show except him.  For him, it’s his real life.  But although he doesn’t realise it, everything around him is completely scripted and fake.

If merge these two movies together, they perfectly describe the world in which we live today.  Welcome to Groundhog Day meets The Truman Show.   Let’s call this mash-up The Groundhog Show.........

this article could be seen as text to accompany the previous illustration about the great smollett hoax and how various groups respond;

Guest Post by The Zman
Because I am not insane, I assumed the Jusse Smollett caper was a hoax as soon as it made the news. It ticked all the boxes of a hoax. The alleged victim was a black Jewish homosexual, who makes a living as a drama queen. The alleged incident happened in Chicago, where the last racist redneck was last seen in the 19th century. The incident happened in a part of town that caters to deviants like Smollett, not MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters. Again, only a nut would accept the story at face value.

Similarly, once the hoax was made plain, I knew the believers on the Left, by which I mean everyone on the Left, would go through the usual phases that they always pass through when confronting disconfirmation. Initially they would lash out at doubters, calling them blasphemers. As the truth was slowly revealed, they would search for explanations to excuse Smollett. Finally, once it was confirmed to be a hoax, they would enter the phase where they admit it was a hoax, but claim these crimes are common............

an image that requires no additional words;

found this and more at the link below. seems hurricane trump forgot some of his 'sacred' promises;

"Red Cross denounces unsanctioned use of its emblems to smuggle US aid to Venezuela".  "Venezuela: Red Cross Denounces ZOG For Using Their Symbols On Terrorist Supply Trucks" (Cicero):

"Maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to remember voting for Donald Trump at least partially because he promised an end to these foreign wars that have killed hundreds of thousands at the very least, cost trillions of dollars, and do nothing except trigger migrant floods into both America and Europe.

I don’t exactly remember cheering at the thought of a mentally deranged White guy (Bolton) and a scheming Jew (Abrams) smuggling weapons to random South American rebels in trucks painted up to resemble a medical convoy."
"Mike Pompeo: US Will “Take Action” In Support of Venezuelan Democracy" (Wallace).  Collection of lying tweets by various Assholians.........

Sunday, February 24, 2019

eight minute video of pat condell speaking about what 'we' believe about god;
five minutes of noam chomsky on israel;
what war films never show you and here you can access that;

Newspapers on the other side of the world are calling it “the biggest U.S. cinema event of all time.”
Critical acclaim has poured in from all corners for the BBC production They Shall Not Grow Old, a technical and emotional masterpiece on the First World War — the war Woodrow Wilson said would “make the world safe for democracy.”
The way the film brings old footage, and therefore the soldiers, to life is almost magical and powerfully moving. But because of how director Peter Jackson defined his film, a critical element is virtually invisible: the wounded.
Jackson distilled the stories of 120 veterans who spoke on some 600 hours of BBC audio tape done in the 1960s and ‘70s. His goal was to have “120 men telling a single story…what it was like being a British soldier on the Western Front.” He artfully presents it, using no narration other than the archive of BBC interviews............

in case you weren't fully aware the following piece from an 'official' publication speaks about who 'our' government believes rules the world, as they pontificate about what other nations aught to do;

The White House warned Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro on Friday that any "egregious" human rights violations by troops under his government's command would not "go unpunished" as Maduro's forces seek to keep foreign aid out of the country.
The Trump administration issued the statement following media reports that two indigenous people died and others have been injured following clashes with Venezuela's military as the U.S. pushes to deliver aid to the country.
Around the same time Friday night, The Associated Press reported that Maduro's vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, had announced the closure of several border crossings with Colombia, citing a perceived threat to Venezuela's sovereignty.
The White House urged Maduro to allow aid to "peacefully" enter the country.
"Egregious violation of human rights by Maduro and those who are following his orders will not go unpunished. The United States strongly urges the Venezuelan military to uphold its constitutional duty to protect the citizens of Venezuela. The Venezuelan military must allow humanitarian aid to peacefully enter the country. The world is watching," press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in the statement.
Local officials told CNN that government troops opened fire on civilians protesting the border closures, though the news network could not independently verify the deaths.
"Instead of mediating, the military started shooting," the mayor of Gran Sabana, a town near the country's border with Brazil, told CNN.
Maduro's government has argued that trucks of aid contain supplies meant to support coup attempts against the Venezuelan government, which is facing a rival interim government declared by Juan Guaidó, leader of the National Assembly.
Guaidó is supported by the Trump administration and other NATO countries, while Maduro's government is supported by Turkey and Russia, among other nations.
President Trump spoke with Guaidó last month and offered the Venezuelan politician his support, while not announcing any military support for Guaidó's bid.......

i like tucker carlson and here he speaks about the chicago faggot's false flag;
we're fed potential burning issues daily with the hope that they'll stick and lead to more division, and guess who benefits from that division;

I’ve never been much of a drinker, but it’s times like these I think I need to change that.
Let me present to you three exhibits, and then we’ll go into what the hell is happening because while it looks confusing it’s really quite simple.
Exhibit 1
Maybe you’ve heard the story. Maybe not, so here’s the quick rundown. 
This guy, an actor whose acting skills hopefully are better than his language skills, clearly has a beef with the Donald.
Now, to be clear, I’d no idea who this guy even was, nor did I care. Apparently he’s some celebrity of some sort. 
His story goes that two men violently attacked him and shouted racial slurs at him, including, “this is MAGA country”.
Turns out the story was all “shulbit”, and so you ask yourself the question, why? 
That’s easy. Take a look around and tell me when was there a better time to be a victim. Seriously!
As I mentioned in my post about the white men of the world, being a victim has never been more powerful.
Pity, however, is the watchword of the victim. And being a victim has never been so powerful as it is today in Western society.
And so Jussie figured he’d use his “status” of being a victim. 

best not get caught speaking the truth about aipac because that will identify you as being anti-semitic, but when the insiders say the same thing it ain't, creating a conundrum, or would it be a mexican stand off;

A debate about the power in Washington of the pro-Israel lobby is underway, after Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., responded sharply to reports that Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was targeting both Omar and fellow Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan.
Omar quoted rap lyrics — “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” — to suggest McCarthy’s move was driven by the lobby’s prolific spending. Asked specifically who she was referring to, Omar responded, “AIPAC!”
The debate over the influence of pro-Israel groups could be informed by an investigation by Al Jazeera, in which an undercover reporter infiltrated the Israel Project, a Washington-based group, and secretly recorded conversations about political strategy and influence over a six-month period in 2016. That investigation, however, was never aired by the network — suppressed by pressure from the pro-Israel lobby.
In November, Electronic Intifada obtained and published the four-part series, but it did so during the week of the midterm elections, and the documentary did not get a lot of attention then.....

the title provided with the illustration tells you much;

this is short, and all pasted here with the usual link below as well, and speaks of a false flag attack on iran by the empire in the near future;

By Gordon Duff with Nahed al Husaini and multiple diplomatic sources
The date has been set, April, May and leaks are everywhere.  The timing is based on the Mueller report and what has leaked to Democratic leaders in the House, who “re-leaked” back to their Mossad handlers and Trump.
Trump has already decided he is attacking Iran, it was given as his only option.  Pence failed in lining up European allies but France and Britain are already onboard and only awaiting the casus belli, which has yet to be decided on.
The list includes a dirty bombing in the US or a massive explosion, to be blamed on a mine in the Straits of Hormuz, that cripples one of America’s defective aircraft carriers.
The US is already pre-positioning forces for an air assault, Qatar, Diego Garcia, massive supplies of munitions to Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Iran is aware of the timetable, though they won’t admit why.  We suspect they have spies in the Pentagon, like every other nation.
Sources in Pakistan say they are deeply concerned as their relations with India are rapidly deteriorating based on a recent false flag suicide attack in Kashmir.  Pakistan has become increasingly dependent on Saudi cash after Trump cut off all military aid to that nation.
The real concerns are Saudi Arabia’s nuclear arsenal and the recent delivery to Israel of tactical nuclear bombs, a gift from Donald Trump, fitted for Israel’s F35s.
These are confirmed, highest sources.
Representatives of Iran’s foreign ministry, currently in Damascus for talks, were questioned by VT about this but went off the record.  We can say they confirm our story and are “ready to deal with the attack and limit damage, even if nuclear weapons are used.”
This is a quote.
Sources here at home see the Democratic House of Representatives as using Mueller material to pull in a list of Trump confidants, each of which will perjure themselves, something Trump has been told will lead to impeachment.
We have been threatened not to print the names, but we have them.........

the zionist fictions about the holohoax continue to appear in spite of massive efforts to maintain the facade. germans caused the deaths of many joos but no where near six million and there's more but you'll have to read the whole story below;

1) The corpses of people who have died from cyanide (Zyklon gas) poisoning are bright pink/red.
Sorry to post this horrible image but this is a FACT; what any corpse killed by cyanide poisoning must look like to some degree or other. There is not one single “eyewitness”, prisoner nor guard, who reported seeing such corpses in Auschwitz in spite of the fact that there should have been one million+ of them in transit through the camp if we accept the narrative. Furthermore the very few eyewitnesses whose testimony has been published report seeing the “blue” bodies of the gas chamber victims. That alone proves that these “eyewitnesses” are liars.
2) The real gas chamber at Auschwitz (which still exists but ‘tourists’ are not shown) was small (10m^3) and used for killing the lice on clothes that spread typhoid amongst the inmates (typhus killed about 60,000 inmates during outbreaks in the late summers of ’42 and ’43).
So we are supposed to believe that there was one gas chamber for killing inmates and another for keeping them healthy.
3) The ferrocyanide level in the real (hygenic) gas chamber is 5000 parts per million. The walls of this chamber are turquoise to this very day. The chemical evidence persists. The walls of the alleged “human gas chamber” contains 2/3 ppm, the same as dormitories and kitchens. this has been measured by serious professional chemists. In fact young Jewish researcher, David Cole, forced the Auschwitz museum director to admit that the “human gas chamber” had been built between 1946 and 1948 by the Soviets. i.e. AFTER the war........

two short and accurate pieces from pcr on the empire's latest adventure, in the first and failure of the empire in the trust category in the second, both posted in their entirety;

Paul Craig Roberts
An accurate description of the US orchestrated event today at Venezuela’s border with Colombia was posted on The Saker’s website 3 days ago.
Most of the world sees this as “US gangsterism.”  But no one does anything about it.
John Wight asks:  “Does anybody really think that Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams care one bit about the welfare of the Venezuelan people? These are thugs in tailored suits whose views are far closer to Al Capone than to Thomas Jefferson.” 
President Maduro’s failure to arrest Juan Guaido, the puppet chosen by Washington to be the Empire’s front man in Venezuela, might spell the end of Venezuelan democracy.  The Venezuelan military will wonder why they are at risk when all Maduro has to do is to arrest Guaido, try the traitor, and execute him.  
Chavez’s lack of decisive action against the elite enemies of Venezuelan democracy is now being repeated by Maduro.  This sends the signal of a lack of confidence, and it is this lack of confidence that has given birth to the American coup. 
Maduro even made the mistake of allowing American and British media to be on the scene of the orchestrated “humanitarian aid” border crossing to make propaganda films against him.
Bolivia will be next.............

Paul Craig Roberts
Atlantic Bridge, a German front organization set up by Washington to propagandize Germans to serve Washington, has failed in the job.  The latest survey conducted by the front group shows that 85% of Germans are alienated from the US.  The front group’s chairman acknowledged “the great lost of trust in the United States.”  By a margin of two to one, Germans see China as a more reliable partner for Germany than the US. 
Americans have come to the same conclusion about the US government as have Germans.  The latest Gallup Poll reveals that Americans regard America’s top problem to be the US government.  Twice as many respondents regard the US government to be the top problem than regard immigration, and Americans see Washington to be six times the problem that health care is. 
As many have concluded, the United States is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy ruled by monied private interest groups. 
There has clearly been a revolution in America.  An aristocracy has overthrown the people. Democracy is dead.  We live in the Oligarchy United Against the People.......

Saturday, February 23, 2019

caitlin is as clear as can be about this venezuelan crap;

#VenezuelaAidLive is trending on Twitter in the USA as I write this, forced to the forefront of public consciousness and into everyone’s eyeballs by a concert staged by billionaire plutocrat Richard Branson. Branson’s Virgin Group controls hundreds of companies and brings in some $21 billion annually, with Branson himself valued at around five billion dollars.
The concert is pure narrative control operation, designed to advance the proven lie that the Venezuelan government is shutting out all humanitarian aid from its people, and the proven lie that it has blockaded a bridge to prevent the aid from getting through, both of which are also currently being promoted by American mainstream media despite being thoroughly disproven. In reality, the Venezuelan government has been taking in humanitarian aid from all around the world to help its people, just not from America’s regime change operation that is so blatant even NPR recognizes it, and the bridge Branson has been posing in front of for his “billionaire philanthropist” photo ops has never been open for travel.............

looks like a meeting of some folk you may know;

i know: you're surprised;

in the great game, the empire opposing russia, its my opinion that this time the empire will lose, as it has earned that destination with its greed and lies, and here demitry orlov tells you why he thinks so as well;

An article I published close to five years ago, “Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over”, turned out to be the most popular thing I’ve written so far, having garnered over 200,000 reads over the intervening years. In it I wrote about Putin’s speech at the 2014 Valdai Club conference. In that speech he defined the new rules by which Russia conducts its foreign policy: out in the open, in full public view, as a sovereign nation among other sovereign nations, asserting its national interests and demanding to be treated as an equal. Yet again, Western elites failed to listen to him.
Instead of mutually beneficial cooperation they continued to speak the language of empty accusations and counterproductive yet toothless sanctions. And so, in yesterday’s address to Russia’s National Assembly Putin sounded note of complete and utter disdain and contempt for his “Western partners,” as he has usually called them. This time he called them “swine.”..........

five stories you may have missed while focusing on the newest 'crime';

Last month, Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon on the Fox show Empire, said two people approached him at about 2 a.m. on a Tuesday as he was walking to get something to eat and got his attention by yelling racial and homophobic slurs—specifically “this is MAGA country.” He claimed these people then hit him, poured an unknown chemical substance on him and wrapped a rope around his neck before they fled.
The nation was outraged, and rightfully so, that such a terrible crime inspired by hatred would take place on the streets of America. Presidential hopeful for 2020, Kamala Harris weighed in and compared the attack to a modern day lynching.
Coincidentally, after the attack, an anti-lynching bill moved through the Senate, which, after failing multiple times before, passed unanimously this time.
But Smollett’s story was apparently all lies. On Thursday, according to reports, Chicago police laid out their case against Smollett Thursday morning, accusing the TV star of orchestrating an elaborate hoax via two “bogus” hate crimes — one employing an alleged attack, and one involving a threatening letter — all in order to secure a pay raise.
The arrest even prompted a response by the president himself........

seven minutes of brother nathanael  presenting ideas you may wish to consider;
here's some more meat for those of you who bought hurricane trump's campaign promises to focus on our home and forget about mucking about in the affairs of other countries;

A largely ignored story reported by the Lebanese magazine “Ash Shiraa” on November 3, 1986, soon blossomed into a major scandal involving the covert sale of US weapons to the government of Iran and the illegal supply of weapons to right-wing Nicaraguan rebels. The Lebanese magazine was the first to reveal that the Ronald Reagan administration was covertly selling arms to Iran in exchange for the release of seven American hostages by pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon.
On November 25, 1986, three weeks after the exposé by “Ash Shiraa,” US Attorney General Edwin Meese announced to a stunned nation that profits from the sale of American weapons to Iran were used to buy and ship weapons to the Contra rebels battling against the socialist government of President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. The covert Reagan administration operation violated at least two laws. The first was breaking a US arms embargo on Iran. The second was a violation of the 1982 congressional Boland Amendment, which prohibited US taxpayers’ funds being used to overthrow the government of Nicaragua. The scandal almost resulted in Congress’s impeachment of Reagan and his vice-president, George H. W. Bush, from office.
Today, in a period of déjà vu, the Donald Trump administration has embarked on a Reaganesque policy of covertly shipping arms to Venezuelan rebels, based in Colombia and Brazil, readying for an insurrection against the government of President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela. At the same time, US covert operators have been caught in the act of mounting operations directed at the governments of Haiti and Nicaragua, both members of the increasingly-shrinking Latin American camp of Maduro allies........
if you're one of those unicorns who believe that 'our' government has any legal requirement to protect you i suggest you consider the following;

I have received a number of questions asking how the judge in the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, ruled that the police had no duty to protect the children. The judge’s decision was legally correct. The sheriff’s office had no constitutional duty to protect the students there during the deadly February 2018 Valentine’s Day massacre. That decision nullified a lawsuit filed by 15 students who said they suffered trauma during the attack. A total of 17 students and staff members lost their lives and 17 others were injured.
The decision was legally correct, but it seems so strange that people are dumbfounded. The Constitution is actually NEGATIVE. It was never drafted with an intent to provide you with rights. That seems strange because people are held by judges all the time to waive their rights. It is those decisions that are unconstitutional. Why is it impossible to waive a right? Because the Constitution is NEGATIVE and that means it is a RESTRAINT upon government as opposed to being a list of positive rights you possess.
First Amendment
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Note the language. It does not bestow upon you the right to freedom of religion. Instead, it is a restraint upon the government that it “shall make no law” and in this manner, it is a deliberate NEGATIVE restraint upon government rather than being a POSITIVE right you possess.
Fifth Amendment
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
Once again, judges have allowed people to be tortured and stripped of all rights, claiming they waived their rights. If the Constitution is negative and imposes no duty upon the government to provide you with any social program (e.g. it does not state that the police MUST come to your aid), then it also cannot be waived to allow you to be denied any right, for it is not your personal right. Waiving your right means you are constructively rewriting the Constitution so it applies differently for you than others.
The judge was correct in that decision that the police had NO duty to protect those children. Their actual legal duty is just to raise money for the government by giving you tickets. Therefore, it is not that the decision was wrong. Judges suddenly discovered the NEGATIVE aspect that occurs when you try to sue the government for failing to act. Yet, they flip it to a positive right that you can waive when it interferes with the government’s pursuit of its citizens.
Now you understand why I did not want to become a lawyer. There is no rule of law. He who sits on the bench makes the law at that instant and it will vary from one person to the next............