Thursday, September 27, 2018

been going thru my documents files and found this. don't remember how it came about or even if i'm the writer but i think the message is sufficiently solid to post here for your consideration;

For the Empire a neo-Nazi armed insurgency which seizes power in contradiction with an agreement it had signed less than 24 hours before is a "legitimate representative of the Ukrainian people".  The coup leaders are called democrats, while the people in the eastern Ukraine are either Jew-hating extremists or Russian agents.  When the folks in the western Ukraine engage in a campaign of terror, murder and looting, that is an expression of democracy, when the people in the east seize buildings its terrorism.  When Ukraine’s government faced protesters the Empire demanded that they not use any force. When the coup leader faces protesters, he’s said to be acting with restraint when he sends in tanks, artillery and aircraft. 

The referendum in Crimea is illegitimate because it was allegedly conducted at the point of a gun, while the proposed upcoming Presidential election will be legitimate even though they will be organized and conducted by bone fide neo-Nazis even though two candidates were assaulted and can’t campaign.  I could continue to multiply the example here ad nauseam, but you get the point: what the Empire is saying is that black is white, and the earth is flat.  They’re showing everyone that they believe in nothing and stand for nothing except their own power.

American’s don’t need much convincing. The level of disgust of most American’s with the Federal government is immeasurable.  Most people feel impotent and believe that there’s nothing they can do about it.  When they vote for peace, they get more war.  When they vote for fewer taxes, they get more.  When they vote for more civil rights, they get less.  There is an entire generation of Americans out there as disillusioned and as disgusted with their own rulers as the Soviets were with their rulers.

Interestingly, there is definitely a strong anti-regime movement of American patriots out there.  These are folks who have the wisdom to differentiate between, on one hand, their country, their people, the ideals upon which the American society was originally built, and, on the other hand, regime in DC and the 1% of the population whose interests this regime works for. What the Empire is openly defending in the Ukraine is the opposite of what they say they stand for.  Empires often crumble when their own people become disillusioned and disgusted with massive discrepancy between what the ruling elites say and what they do and as a result, it is not so much that the Empire is faced with formidable enemies as it is the fact that nobody is willing to stand up - never mind die to defend it. 

America has a bloated military budget, a huge and ineffective intelligence community, crumbling public infrastructure, our main exports are weapons and energy. Nobody trusts the propaganda any more and few watch the “news”. The subservient press-corps of prestitutes never dare to ask the real questions.

America leads the world in the per-capita ratio and total number of incarcerated people in our gulag.  The Empire is systematic in its use of violence against citizens. America’s tries to silence internal dissidents as we saw in the occupy Wall Street events. Dissent is equated with espionage and terrorism.

It appears everyone is being spied on by our Gestapo because of the paranoia about internal and external enemies.

 A financially catastrophic over-reach of the empire across the planet

 A young generation which believes in nothing at all
 An educational system in free-fall
 A disgust with politics by the general public
 A massive and prevailing amount corruption on all levels of power

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