Tuesday, October 31, 2023

 seven minutes of a joo speaking the truth about palestine;



"If you want the victims of gun crime to be able to sue the gun makers for damages, then let us also allow the victims of drunk driving accidents to sue the car makers and distilleries as well. While we are at it, revoke the special protection granted to vaccine makers that was passed as part of the Homeland Security Act so that people who are actually harmed by poorly made vaccines can sue the pharmaceutical companies. And, given that at least 90% of these mass shootings were committed by people either on or withdrawing from prescription anti-depressants, the victims of those shootings should be allowed to sue the pharmaceutical companies as well. Let's sue the makers of kitchen cutlery for every stabbing death. Let's sue the makers of sporting equipment for every victim beaten to death with a baseball bat, and tool companies for making the hammers used on bludgeoning deaths as well. The family of everyone who dies by electrocution should be allowed to sue the electric company. The family of everyone who dies in a fall should be allowed to sue the makers of ladders and staircases. The family of everyone who commits suicide by hanging should be allowed to sue the rope companies. " -- Michael Rivero




sixty seconds on the subject of taxes;



by most measures san francisco is the worst of the soros influenced 'law enforcement', but it has the chance to reform as it were; 

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, San Francisco's largest employer and anchor tenant in the city's tallest skyscraper, urged progressive leaders in City Hall on Sunday night to reverse course on defunding the police. He advocates to "refund" the police force after defunding policies sparked a metro area-wide surge in violent crime. This call from Benioff, alongside others, suggests a growing separation from previously 'woke' policies. However, these calls to reverse disastrous progressive policies could be too late. 

On Sunday evening, Benioff posted on X, "San Francisco must REFUND the Police not continue to DEFUND the Police. Our SFPD and Sheriffs are the key to a safe and clean San Francisco every day. SFPD must be returned to >2000 officers within 18 months from <1400 where it has been allowed to fall, and the police force must be fully empowered to enforce ALL laws." 

He continued, "Compensate ALL city employees to recruit the best officers in the country. Reward and recognize them for hiring the absolute best now. San Francisco Police Academy must be expanded for hiring surge. All laws must be fully enforced. Police must be fully funded. The DA's office must prosecute to the fullest level of the law. Return Safety to retail business and residential properties NOW. DISTRICT BY DISTRICT - Police officers need to be enabled to protect assigned districts and rewarded & measured for their effectiveness. Metrics for effectiveness need to be clearly defined and transparent. Let's institute a Neighborhood Policing model in San Francisco, safety District by District. We can and must do more now with our police force.".......more...........

 caitlin shows that the ones you aren't allowed to criticize are the ones who owns you but by inference and not in a straight line;

They tell you Israel is defending itself when you can see it’s mostly killing women and children. They tell you they’re targeting Hamas when you can see them flattening whole city blocks. They tell you you’re an anti-semite when you know you’re not. All they’ve got is gaslighting.

The Atlantic has a new Israel apologia article out titled “The Decolonization Narrative Is Dangerous and False” — a noticeable change in tone from the outlet’s “Decolonize Russia” sentiments of last year. 

The entire article has been picked apart paragraph by paragraph by a commentator named Sana Saeed, but for my purposes here I’d just like to focus on one specific sentence in it about Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza:

“The Israeli goal in Gaza — for practical reasons, among others — is to minimize the number of Palestinian civilians killed.” 

If you didn’t know that The Atlantic’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg is a former IDF prison guard who in 2002 said that “the coming invasion of Iraq will be remembered as an act of profound morality”, it would astonish you that such a sentence ever went to print. .......more.......


 this creature loves to hate as here words and deeds have demonstrated over the years, which is just one part of why i believe her presence in government is an official crime;

“Conservatives” – whatever that means – are proving they hate freedom of speech as much as the Leftists they pretend they oppose.

“Nikki” Haley, for instance. In air fingers quotation marks to make a point of the fact her real name isn’t that. Nimarata Haley recently lectured Americans that while “there should be freedom of speech,” people have not got the “freedom to hate.”

Well, first of all, who gets to define what constitutes “hate”?

Why, the Left, of course!

It was the Left that first framed disagreeing with the Left as “hate” – in order both to smear such disagreement as morally repugnant and – next – to seek to outlaw any expression of disagreement with the Left.

So what is Nimarata trying to “conserve,” exactly? It’s certainly not the freedom to express disagreement with the Left.

Or the Right.........more.......

 as soon as i heard about this latest 'shooting' i suspected another false flag such as las vegas. until the clinton years such things were virtually unheard of but since have been increasing with the intention of disarming us as they have done in australia, new zealand and increasingly so, canada. a disarmed population is a slave population with no means to say a loud no, but must comply. anther such place is britian and its easy to see how that has made them into nancy boys who are now the focus of knives. if you want to kill, you'll find a way but it harder with government operatives without a gun, and in some form all of that will come to a head at some future time;

Editor’s Note: As usual, conspiracy realist Joachim Hagopian deftly exposes the recent false flag, gun control black operation and statewide psyop carried out in Lewiston, Maine.  The exposé that follows compellingly breaks down this naked op element by element so that even the most ignorant naysayers will understand the very stealthy nefarious plot.

The saddest part of these unrelenting Gladio-style, staged mass shootings across the USA is that they have conditioned the American people that this ‘new normal’ is just the way things are supposed to be.  In other words, each successive generation has been fastidiously socially engineered and mind-controlled to believe that these are all random attacks committed by unstable right-wing extremists or white supremacists or domestic terrorists or MAGA malcontents or radical doomsayers … when they are actually state-sponsored acts of terrorism executed by various agencies within the U.S. Intelligence Community working in concert with rogue elements in the U.S. Armed Forces (& NATO) while being fully supported by local law enforcement and the mainstream media.

Truly, this tragic misunderstanding has set up the American Republic to be constantly attacked by highly trained terrorists who are advancing the NWO agenda via their extremely effective Ordo ab Chao strategy which is now systematically employed in virtually all 50 states. See: NEW NORMAL! “As of September 30, 2023, at least 571 people have been killed and 1,947 other people have been injured in 487 shootings.”...........more.........

 transitions i can't understand the motivation for like this seem to be more common than i'd suspected;

 here be a new tucker video;

Tucker Carlson on Monday dropped episode 35 on X: Start another war, send millions more anti-Western refugees to the West. Starting to notice a pattern?

The left is now pressuring the United States to take anti-American Muslim refugees from Palestine amid the Israel-Gaza war.

The US has already taken in millions of Muslim ‘refugees’ from terror hotspots.

Tucker spoke with Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independence Party about the Israel-Gaza war and the potential for millions of ‘refugees’ that could be scattered throughout the West.

Tucker asked Nigel why Christian countries are being pressured to take in Muslim refugees while Saudi Arabia and Egypt refuse to take any of them in over fears they will destroy their societies.

“We have allowed the virus of Marxism to take hold in our countries, we’ve been told to be ashamed of our histories, we’ve been told that we are institutionally racists, we’ve been told that we suffer from our own form of bias. We indoctrinate our school kids with this stuff,” Nigel Farage said.

“And the reason this Neo-Marxist Agenda has taken such hold in Britain…and much of America, too is actually not because of the left, it’s because the conservatives in those countries have not had the courage to stand up to this stuff,” Farage added.

Farage continued, “Conservative cowardice through politics and media has led to so very much of this…”


 i love seeing soros district attorneys being caught by their own inaction, and this is at least the second one i've seen so treated;

How bad is the crime and theft problem in Oakland, California? So bad the Soros backed DA just got her laptop stolen from her car while she attended a community meeting.

She called the police to report the theft and no one showed up, so she was forced to file a report online.

Pamela Price is facing a recall election specifically over this issue.

ABC 7 News reports:

Multiple sources tell ABC7 News that Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price’s work laptop was stolen during a car burglary outside a family justice center in Oakland on Friday afternoon.

The incident reportedly happened near 27th Street and Telegraph Avenue around 3:30 p.m.

According to Google Maps, the Alameda County Family Justice facility is located at 470 27th Street.

Sources say the DA was told to go online and make a report if she didn’t want to wait for an officer to arrive.

On Saturday, OPD confirmed the burglary in the area saying in a statement to ABC7, officers learned that multiple individuals broke into a vehicle, took several items and then fled the area in a vehicle with the loss…

According to Noyes, an OPD source says Price waited an hour for police to arrive, gave up and made the report online.

That’s karma.........more.......

 general flynn has discovered some things that heretofore have only been rumors it seems;

In a recent no-holds-barred conversation with political commentator Joy Thayer, ex-Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), General Michael Flynn, unveiled a shocking narrative surrounding the moral integrity of certain members within the U.S. legislature.

He alleged that the hold of globalist agendas over these officials stems from compromising situations they find themselves in during official overseas trips.

He expressed his disdain for what he described as a “totally, completely broken” House of Representatives, which he alleges is under the thumbs of corporate lobbyists and globalists. According to Flynn, these external entities have managed to ensnare some legislators through compromising situations during Congressional Delegation (CODEL) trips overseas.

The former DIA chief’s narrative took an even darker turn as he alleged that some of these trips saw members of both the Senate and the House being compromised through sleeping with children.......more........

the daily update from mondoweiss on gaza;



Gaza: 8,306 Killed
Occupied West Bank: 119 Killed 

Key Developments

  • Israel began the second phase of its war on Gaza Monday afternoon, which includes a widening of the ground invasion.
  • Hamas released a video of three unidentified hostages, one of whom called on Netanyahu to release Palestinian political prisoners to secure their release; it is unclear whether or not she was coerced to make the statement. 
  • Hamas reports that Israeli tanks were forced to evacuate Gaza City.  
  • According to the International Criminal Court, impeding the delivery of humanitarian aid to the millions of people inside the Gaza Strip may be considered a crime. ....more........

 the empire is blundering its way into armageddon;

The Western public, especially the Americans, while focused intensely on the Israeli war with Hamas and the Palestinian people, is paying little attention to what China and Russia are doing in the region to support Iran. There is strong sentiment among the political class in the United States to take advantage of this moment and attack Iran.

What they are failing to take into account is that China, using a flotilla of its navy, sent a clear signal that it is no longer a passive observer in the war between Israel and Hamas. Six Chinese war ships sailed into the Persian Gulf, spending five days in Kuwait, and then sailed south to Oman. Following their visit to the port of Muscat, the Chinese ships raised anchors and sailed into the Arabian Sea, destination unknown.

This is not a sudden, spur of the moment initiative. China and Russia have conducted four joint military exercises since 2019. Why? China and Russia were warning the West that they would not allow the West to attack Iran or shutdown oil exports from Saudi Arabia and Iran destined for China. It is important for readers in the West to understand that planning for each of these exercises began at least 12 to 18 months before they were carried out. In other words, Chinese, Russian and Iranian military officials began working on the first joint naval exercise in mid to late 2017.........more......

 ethnic cleansing is against all laws i'm aware of and condemned by those who don't practice it while the practitioners don't care; 

The U.S. government under Joe Biden had developed plans to ethnically cleanse Gaza by moving all of its 2.3 million people into Egypt:

Harry Sisson @harryjsisson – 2:44 UTC · Oct 11, 2023

Amazing: President Biden is working on a plan with other countries that would allow civilians to safely leave Gaza and cross the border into Egypt. This is great news. President Biden is making sure that innocent people don’t die due to the actions of Hamas. That’s leadership.

The NSC spokesperson had confirmed that plan:

US ‘actively working’ to establish safe corridor for Gaza civilians: White House – Yeni Safak – Oct 12, 2023

The US is in active talks with Israel and Egypt to establish “safe passage” corridors for civilians in Gaza to flee ongoing Israeli airstrikes, the White House said Wednesday amid an expected ground offensive in the besieged enclave.

“We’re actively discussing this with our Israeli and our Egyptian counterparts, we support safe passions for civilians. Civilians are not to blame for what Hamas has done. They didn’t do anything wrong,” National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at the White House.

“We are actively working on this with Egyptian and our Israeli counterparts. Civilians are protected under the laws of armed conflict, and they should be given every opportunity to avoid the fighting,” he added.

This all was based on a plan originally developed by radical Zionist within the government of Israel:

Leaked: Israeli plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza – The Cradle – Oct 29, 2023

Cont. reading: Biden Forced To Call Off His Plans For Ethnic Cleansing Of Gaza....https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=275109

a mistake doesn't involve this much intentional activity i suspect; 

A Texas teenager admitted to randomly punching unsuspecting victims in public for social media attention, claiming he “just made a mistake” as police launched an investigation into the violent attacks.

Alford Lewis, 19, was captured on video walking on a trail at Wortham Park in Houston attacking at least two people as they enjoyed their day at the park, KHOU 11 reported.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office launched a probe soon after the disturbing video was posted on social media and shared on the neighborhood watch app Nextdoor to identify the suspect.

The video sparked rage and concern among the park’s frequent visitors who wanted action taken against the shameless suspect.

Lewis has since come clean about his wrongdoings.

“You know, I just made a mistake and everybody makes mistakes,” the teen admitted after being tracked down and confronted outside his home, not far from the park, by the outlet........more.......

the anti-gunners are more extreme than those they oppress; 

Remember Ronald Stolarczyk, the 64-year-old New York homeowner who shot a pair of home invaders and was then arrested because of the gun he used? Well, they’ve gone ahead and charged him with a felony because his firearm, a Rossi 38 revolver which he inherited from his late father, was never registered with the state in Ronald’s name, although it had been legally purchased by and registered to his father.

This in spite of a statement from Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara, who stated that it’s unusual to charge such a person with a felony:

McNamara said his office typically prosecutes unregistered guns where the homeowner is present as misdemeanors, and not felonies. The first priority is to get the gun registered, he said. It’s not unusual for a family member to die and the gun gets passed onto a relative who doesn’t register it right away.

As far as the home invasion goes, it turns out this was not the first time Ronald’s home had been burglarized. During the homicide investigation, which so far looks to be justified and will probably not result in additional charges, a lot of Ronald’s stuff that had been stolen previously was discovered at the home of one of the deceased.

This is the DA to whom they refer.  Imagine being such a horrible person that you use your powers to prosecute a man for employing his God-given right and duty to defend his life because his firearm wasn’t registered with the state.

Now, rehearse what he said again: “It’s not unusual for a family member to die and the gun gets passed onto a relative who doesn’t register it right away.”

So, registering the gun prevents unintended deaths in the family.

Imagine being so stupid that you would mislead others by saying something like that, knowing it to be both false and irrelevant.

And if you still live in NY, why?.........https://www.captainsjournal.com/2023/10/30/ny-homeowner-charged-with-felony-home-seized-after-killing-2-in-home-invasion/

 michael yon tells you a few things centered on 'you are at war';

You are at War.

Dateline Belize

Mind dump

Paradigms — if your working paradigm — your holistic view — of a situation is accurate, you should never be surprised and your working paradigm should be far more predictive than flipping a coin. Your predictive abilities should be far ahead of those of “expert analysts,” including most career intelligence and military people. If you are surprised by something, your paradigm must be tweaked or even discarded. If your paradigm is not predictive, it’s useless. Your paradigm must deliver mostly accurate results and be far ahead of most experts. 

In my current working paradigm — proving very predictive — the US government is a mostly captured evil-circus. USG has been rebooted to commit demicide, among other things.
Take the death jabs as example.

Death jabs clearly were a weapon. 

USA and most of the world is under severe attack by, in part, employment of industrial-scale information war designed to cause mass casualties and to create conditions to seize total control of the remnant. If my working paradigm is accurate, the US government will put the US military in such harm’s way that our military and civilians will suffer massive casualties. 

The Beasts in charge may go straight to nukes. If not nukes, war will create cause for military draft. Millions of Americans will just say NO to draft. When Americans oppose draft, USG will have created excuse to draft massive numbers of illegal aliens. Americans will at first be happy to see Haitians and others carrying M-16s to “earn their citizenship defending America”. Until those aliens become death squads going door-to-door. 

A war can create the casus belli needed to slaughter Iranians and others, and the draft to replace our military with uneducated people who never used a flush toilet and who will shoot Americans wholesale. 

If my working paradigm is accurate, some version of this is likely. 

You Are at War.......https://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/10.23/paradigms.html

 the zionists make clear that they are working towards doing to others what they claim has been done to them;

Dror Eydar, the former Israeli ambassador to Italy from 2019 to 2022, told Italian TV on Wednesday that "we in Israel" are not interested in "rational Palestinian talks" and only have "one objective: to destroy Gaza."

"We in Israel, at least the population, are not interested in the rational discussion ... for us there is only one objective: to destroy Gaza, to destroy this absolute evil," Eydar said.

He went on to cite the Holocaust as justification for Israel's war of destruction.

"There is no chance that after the Holocaust Jewish people will live a similar experience as they were 80 years ago," he said.

"After Oct 7, every person in the world who threatens a Jew, every person in the world who threatens a Jew, or kills a Jew has to die," Eydar said.........more.......

and this...........more............

 pcr shows evidence that not all joos are zionists, and liars;

NOT  IN  OUR  NAME  Declare Jewish Peace Organizations

Paul Craig Roberts

Organizations of the Zionist Lobby, such as ADL and AIPAC, and Netanyahu have created more anti-semitism than have all of those slandered by them as anti-semites.  The open and brutally insulting way in which AIPAC and Netanyahu flaunt  their domination over the US Government offends many Americans, and ADL’s defamation of people who criticize aspects of Israeli policy, such as President Jimmy Carter, have alienated many more.  Many wonder why a person can criticize US, Russian, Chinese, and every other country’s policies without being slandered as anti-American, anti-Russian, anti-Chinese, but can only genuflect  to Israel.  

Zionists are clever propagandists.  They have succeeded in convincing Americans that they speak for all Israelis and all Jews.  Such is far from the case. There is strong opposition to Zionism among Israeli Jews.  Many oppose the treatment of the Palestinians.  There are Israeli Jewish organizations that oppose the theft of Palestinian land in the West Bank and the demolition of Palestinian homes in order to construct apartment buildings for “settlers.”  Many Israeli Jews oppose the current bombing of Gaza. Netanyahu has minority support.  He is in office only because he was able to put together a coalition of hard rightwing parties.  It is the mistaken belief that Zionists speak for Israel and all Jews that causes Republicans such as Lindsay Graham, Mike Johnson, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis to be such strong supporters of the current Israeli indiscriminate bombing of Gaza.

Many American Jews are up in arms about the massacre of Palestinians currently underway.  A few days ago two Jewish peace organizations–Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow–marched on the US Capitol and staged a sit-in inside.  “Not in our name,” they proclaimed and demanded an immediate ceasefire and justice for the Palestinians.  https://www.cnn.com/2023/10/23/us/jewish-palestinian-protest-israel-gaza/index.html .........more.........

 pcr makes the case that western 'democracies' aren't, and clearly so;

It Is No Longer Correct To Refer To Any Western Government As Democratic.  Every Western Government Is A Budding Tyranny.

Paul Craig Roberts

It sounds ridiculous to say, but it is a fact:  the era of freedom in the West is over.  The false flag attack, 9/11, was used to launch the neoconseratives’ wars in Israel’s behalf in the Middle East.  More importantly, fear of “Muslim terrorists” was used to set aside constitutional protections such as habeas corpus and due process and to implement other inroads into  liberty such as the Patriot Act and the mass warrantless NSA spying on US citizens.  Today you can be arrested in Germany, France, and the UK for waving a Palestinian flag.  In the US the exercise of free speech gets you cancelled and fired.  Only approved opinions can be safely stated.  The facts simply do not matter.  Official narratives have triumphed over truth.

This destruction of liberty began a long time ago.  I published a book 23 years ago about the transformation of law from a shield of the people into a weapon in the hands of the government  which it clearly is as witnessed by the false charges against Trump and the imprisonment of 1,000 people who used their First Amendment right to protest the theft of the 2020 election from President Trump.  Hardly anyone believes the charges against Trump, not even the Democrat prosecutors, judges, Justice Department and members of Congress.  What is important to them is destroying their hate object.  The facts are of no concern.  The US is today experiencing Stalinist purge trials.  Stalin knew that the Bolsheviks were not capitalist spies and so did the Soviet court system, but Stalin nevertheless had the r Bolshevik leaders executed........more......

 pcr provides a very probable essay on the reasons and goals of the current israeli crimes;

The Israeli-Hamas Conflict Is A Continuation of the 9/11 Plot

Paul Craig Roberts

This is not a conspiracy theory.  It is the most likely explanation we have of the information at this time.

The Hamas October 7 attack on Israel was the opening gun of a plot devised by US neoconservatives and Netanyahu to renew the US attack on Hezbollah’s suppliers in behalf of Greater Israel.  Greater Israel is a Zionist belief that Israel comprises the territory from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq. The purpose of 9/11 was to launch under the guise of a “war on terror” the wars that the American neoconservatives had called for in their publications and that General Wesley Clark told us about against Israel’s enemies in the Middle East.  The purpose of Washington’s “war on terror” was to destroy Hezbollah’s suppliers–Iraq, Syria and Iran.  Israel and the neoconservatives want these three countries destroyed because they supply Hezbollah with money and weapons that permits Hezbollah to successfully repeal Israel’s attempts to occupy southern Lebanon.  Israel needs the water resources in southern Lebanon.  With the Iraq, Syrian, and Iranian regimes destroyed, avenues are opened to Greater Israel.

In other words, there was never a “war on terror.”  There was a war devised by US neocons against Israel’s opponents.  And that is precisely what the war on Hamas is about. 

It is impossible to breach the Israeli security barrier without setting off alarms.  The plot called for the barrier to be stood down.  What most likely happened is this:  Israeli agents who have infiltrated Hamas were instructed to sell Hamas on the attack by promising the ability to disable the barrier and surprise the Israelis.  Netanyahu and the neocons sacrificed Israeli lives for the outrage about Israeli deaths, rapes, and Israeli babies with cut off heads.  This would gain Israel support for destroying the remnants of Palestine and incorporating all of Palestine into Israel, thus ending any prospect of a two-stare solution and simultaneously settling Netanyahu’s legal and political problems by making him a hero who consolidated Palestine under Israel.......more........

 four minutes on war in the israel, syria area;


Monday, October 30, 2023

 its kunstler monday and i had mixed feelings about this one as he's a definite israel supporter as you might imagine a joo would be, and i'm closer to the ritter point of view, so lets see what you think about this mixed message essay;

“The post-mortem on the disastrous Biden years will be one of incredulity at how Joe Biden, of all people, was ever placed in charge.” —James White

The fog of war has never been so dense, what with the years-long sustained psy-ops of the US Intel “Community” against the American people . . . the lawfare operations of the Democratic Party against innocent patriots. . . the homicidal depredations of the pharma-government complex . . . the Cultural Marxists’ weaponization of language against common sense and common decency . . . the Neocon warhawks’ serial failed crusades to control faraway lands of dubious national interest . . .and the relentless mendacity of the sell-out Big Media. . .

     It’s a wonder that anybody might venture a coherent thought, or that such a thought might survive transmission from person to person intact, without a sadistic beat-down or a dishonest, tactical inversion of meaning along the way. A thought such as: the Jews have a right to exist in a place called Israel. This is now up for debate around the world, whereas it had been accepted as self-evident by many civilized states a few weeks ago.

     The military pundit Scott Ritter acted out a spectacular mental melt-down on video the other day. Among the statements he made were: “We need the Israeli army to be destroyed, to suffer defeat” . . . “Israel is the greatest threat to peace in the world” . . . “Political Zionism is a rabid dog and must be killed” . . . “I’m glad Hamas is winning” . . .

    It’s far from clear what Scott’s definition of Zionism is, but Dictionary.com says: “a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel and that now supports the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland.” That’s pretty standard across many dictionaries. So, is Scott Ritter calling for the cancellation of Israel? Sounds like it, a little bit. He’s not alone. That has been the dream of most of Islam in the region for seventy-five years. Now, a great multi-nation jihad rises to expel what the Iranians like to call “the Zionist Entity,” as if it were some scaley thing that slithered out of a UFO. Even the American Ivy League is rooting to drive Israel into the sea........more..........

 george galloway gives you a clear history lesson on palestine in 21 minutes and i can almost guarantee you'll hear something you didn't know. i've been following this stuff for years and i've learned some from this video;


 neil oliver has called this; whilst blood flows, legislation scuttles thru parliament as he addresses corruption in the empire for ten minutes. he calls it the final nail in our coffin;


 nine minute video israel doesn't want you to see;


 the truth about october 7 in six minutes;


 the pakistani ambassador speaks about israel's ongoing genocide for three minutes;


 a ninety second parliamentary bit on israel's genocide;


 the president of iran herein provides warning of greater war;

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that Israel had crossed ‘red lines’ that could force everyone to take action.

“Zionist regime’s crimes have crossed the red lines, which may force everyone to take action. Washington asks us to not do anything, but they keep giving widespread support to Israel. The US sent messages to the Axis of Resistance but received a clear response on the battlefield,” the president said in a statement on his account at the social media platform X.

‘Axis of Resistance’ is the term used in the Middle East to reference the united resistance against the Israeli occupation and US military interventions. It includes Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other groups.....more........

 ten minutes of truth about israel;


 eight minutes with morgan freeman giving don lemon some lessons on 'racism';


 arrested for social media posts, in less than a minute, and you may not believe it but its only a question of time before we have the same thing here;


 perhaps ninety seconds of a valid warning to all of the oncoming world war probabilities;


 we are in syria and iraq with military bases that those countries have said are illegal and must be removed but now we've imagined that several aircraft carriers will prevent the locals from being unhappy with our presence;

Attacks on US military outposts in Iraq and Syria have continued over the weekend. Al-Mayadeen news and other regional outlets have reported that there have been several attacks by Iran-backed militias on Saturday and Sunday. Russian media has also reported on the fresh attacks, calling recent Pentagon airstrikes on Syria an "unsuccessful bid to deter the militias."

A statement by a coalition of Shia paramilitary groups said, "The Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted the American occupation base in Al-Tanf, Syria, with two drones, which directly hit their targets." They carried out the attack from just across the Iraq border into Syria.

Reports say separately that the al-Shaddadi base in eastern Syria was also hit with two drones, and al-Omar base and oil field was struck. The latter was reportedly attacked a mere hours after the US airstrikes.

Al-Mayadeen had says ago cited a statement from the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades which said the group is willing to fight "a war of attrition against the enemy that will extend for years."

In the early hours of Friday, the US had sent fighter jets to attack multiple locations of Iran-linked paramilitaries in Syria. The Associated Press summarized the action based on US official statements as follows:

Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said Friday that the strikes near Boukamal by F-16 and F-15 fighter aircraft targeted a weapons storage facility and ammunition storage facility used by the IRGC and affiliated groups. “Both facilities were destroyed,” he said. “We currently assess there were no casualties in the strikes.”

"These precision self-defense strikes are a response to a series of ongoing and mostly unsuccessful attacks against US personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iranian-backed militia groups," US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in the aftermath. 

“Iran wants to hide its hand and deny its role in these attacks against our forces. We will not let them. If attacks by Iran’s proxies against US forces continue, we will not hesitate to take further necessary measures to protect our people,” he added. .......more.....

you're only allowed use of the first amendment when it suits the suits, even in political campaigns, it would appear; 

Below is my column in The Messenger on the renewed effort of Special Counsel Jack Smith to gag former President Donald Trump.

At the same time, Judge Arthur Engoron has repeatedly fined Trump for his public statements about the New York fraud case. Engoron declared this week “Anybody can run for president. I am going to protect my staff.”

There is widespread support for barring attacks on court staff and Trump did attack the Court’s clerk in a prior posting. However, most of his comments have been directed at Engoron and his alleged hostility toward Trump. Where to draw this line is the subject of this column. In my view, criticism of the case, the court, and the prosecutor should be treated as protected speech.......more.......

 since all of these top ten locations are cities, i'm willing to bet the ranch that all of them involved handguns and there were no scary black rifles involved but don't tell crazy joe that cause it will remove his reason for living, to control scary black rifles, so when the federalies show up at your door, you have no recourse, and notice that chicago doesn't even make the top ten. they'll have to try harder next year;

 this is what is on our way if we're unsuccessful in opposing it;

Listen closely and understand that they think they can actually do this.......more......


 when its black, get back is the refrain you hear sometimes but when its a black shooter you hear nothing like what you hear when its a white but since most of the 'mass shootings' presented on the tv are 'false flag' events brought to you by the deep state in their goal of total gun control, it begins to add up;

🚨⚡USA 🇺🇲 : At least 18 People were injured & 2 dead after a “Mass Shooting” during a #Halloween2023 🎃 Celebration 🎊 in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida this morning‼️😢

👉 This is a photo of the “Suspected Shooter” ( right side ) in this Mass Shooting‼️🧐 pic.twitter.com/Rb6O26YI3F

— Raja Barman. (@RajaBar16891293) October 29, 2023 .............watch........

 this joo has some things to say about the foundation of our current situation of the israeli's towards the palestinians, and he doesn't like what he sees;