Thursday, August 31, 2023

 max igan is back and starts off with the maui fires and presents a boatload of evidence, much of which i hadn't seen, and questions;


 22 minutes with redacted on the maui scenario, like the still missing two thousand children and no one is answering the question as to where they are;


 twelve minutes of truth about libya and kadafee that might cause you to be envious of what was, before nato arrived;



 two minutes with tucker on trump;

Tucker Carlson has distinguished himself as one of the bravest media figures of our time. Perhaps in times past he was inhibited against speaking his mind by the attitudes and dictates of his employers at FOX news. No longer. The two-minute video below is an example of what he’s willing to say


three minute tictok on the 'jab';


i've been following fred reed for years. he's of my generation and from a location close to where i spent a third of my life. he's got a way with words as he proves one more time in this essay; 

I despise Trump. He is a mean-spirited son of a bitch. His licking the boots of those revolting pseudo-Cubans in Miami and increasing sanctions, utterly unjustified, on Havana, are grounds enough for putting him behind bars. Trying to starve thirty million Venezuelans into giving up control of their oil, trying to assassinate Maduro are grounds for rehabilitating the guillotine. Beginning a cold war against China and driving a growing crop of countries into alliance against America gives new meaning to “stupidity.” This is Trump. I wouldn’t use him for dog food. I like my dog.

But: He isn’t Biden. He has my vote.

Here we could go into comparisons between Biden and the Donald. Trump is intelligent, Biden is not. Trump is an engaging conversationalist, Biden teleprompter dependent. Trump has personality, whatever one thiks of it. Biden has the verve and zing of unflavored tapioca. You probably couldn’t do Trump in software. Biden would be easy. Most importantly, Biden is a compromised hack, a shill for all the forces that drive the country toward war, with Russia, with China, all for the benefit of the Empire. And over which the population has no influence.

But none of this is why I or half the country, will vote for Trump. Columnists talk about politics because they have to talk about something. The reason for the potential electoral explosion is much deeper, a nauseated, murderous, loathing for Washington and everything it is, does, and wants. a revulsion too deep to be expressed sometimes even among friends, a feeling that if someone blew up the Capitol with both houses in joint session, and exterminated the whole nest of bloodsuckers, we might get our country back. It would at least be worth trying.......more.....


 more than four minutes with democrats doing exactly what trump is being dragged thru courts for doing, especially the hildabeest;


we will not comply though i didn't mask the last time except when going to medical situations as there was no choice if you wanted to see a doctor and even then i didn't wear it over my nose; 

Trump echoes Alex Jones, saying that the “lunatic left” will reinstate Covid lockdowns and mandates to affect the 2024 election.

 william cooper before his assination provided much relevant info on the police state;

 now hawaiians aren't allowed to go to their home;

 rfk jr and vaccines plus a twitter;

Childhood Vaccines 1983 = 10 vaccines 2013 = 32 vaccines 2022 = 74 vaccines Autism Rates 1983 = 1 in 10,000 2013 = 1 in 88 2022 = 1 in 36 2025… estimates 1 in 2


thought crimes are now being attacked; 

YouTube has demonitized a channel over a video for the crime of making Democrats look like raging hypocrites.

A journalist named Matt Orfalea, who works with Matt Taibbi, created the video which intersperses clips of Trump questioning election results with Democrats doing the exact same thing.

Someone at YouTube clearly thought this was a problem and yanked the monetization for the entire channel.

 Matt Taibbi wrote about it at Substack:

YouTube Hits Orf Again, as Censorship Grows Silent But Deadly

When you know you’re being censored, you can protest. But what to do about silent editorial punishment, dished without announcement, by tech platforms that appear to be learning fast how to avoid public outcry?

A year ago, this site had to throw a public fit to resolve a preposterous controversy involving videographer Matt Orfalea and YouTube. The issue centered around the above video, “‘Rigged’ Election Claims, Trump 2020 vs. Clinton 2016,” which despite total factual accuracy was cited under its “Elections Misinformation” policy. YouTube in July of last year demonetized Orf’s entire channel over his content, saying “we think it violates our violent criminal organizations policy.”

As you will see if you click now, the above video, as I argued to Google, could not possibly be violative of any “misinformation” guideline, as it was comprised entirely of “real, un-altered clips of public figures making public comments.” After both Orf and I tantrumed in public — there’s not much else to do in these situations — YouTube sent Matt the “Great News!” that “after manually reviewing your video, we’ve determined that it is suitable for all advertisers”:

Here’s the video in question:......more.........

 officials call the cops because some attendees to a school board look 'trumpish' which is certainly revealing the state of the police state we now inhabit;

O’Keefe Media Group on Wednesday released 20 minutes of police bodycam footage showing New Jersey school board officials calling the police on citizens they don’t recognize who look “Trumpish.”

“The police colluded with school officials to scan license plates of school board meeting attendees who looked different,” James O’Keefe said.

OMG obtained the recordings through FOIA requests.

This is the first in a series of police body cam recordings, James O’Keefe said.

Here’s what the school board officials and police really think of ‘Trumpish’ people when they forget the cameras are rolling.

On August 8, Livingston school board officials called the police on citizens because they didn’t recognize them.

“They’re different looking. Um, they look Trumpish. They look a little scary,” Toni McLaughlin, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent told the police officer.

McLaughlin and the police officer compared journalists with O’Keefe Media Group to Antifa.

James O’Keefe confronted Toni McLaughlin in the parking lot after he reviewed the bodycam footage.

“You said that there’s “Trumpish” people. What did you mean by “Trumpish” at the school board meetings?” O’Keefe asked her.

McLaughlin briskly walked away and avoided answering all of James O’Keefe’s questions.......more.........

 i can't see how anyone would see that this pure evil is warranted. the question becomes why those who believe this stuff is reasonable manage to convince themselves of it. political 'justice' in the empire now matches the manner of how the empire manages 'defense' which isn't as currently practiced by the empire either;

J6 political prisoner Zachary Rehl is no longer able to afford a private attorney without assistance from the American people.

The government is seeking 30 years in federal prison for Rehl, the head of the Philadelphia chapter of the Proud Boys, for “his role in the Capitol riot.”

Rehl committed no violent crimes on January 6. He walked through the Capitol building on January 6 for merely a few minutes, took a selfie in the building then left the Capitol grounds.

Prosecutors argue the 37-year-old Marine Corps veteran and his allies, former Proud Boys chair Enrique Tarrio, 39, Joseph Biggs. 39, and Ethan Nordean, 33, aimed to foment a revolution on January 6 to keep former President Donald Trump in power in a “terror attack” that left a stain on American democracy.

The government argued that the role that Rehl and Tarrio, Nordean, and Biggs played in “organizing” the Jan. 6, 2021, “attack” on the U.S. Capitol “threatened the bedrock principles of our country’ and warranted the significant punishment,” government lawyers argued in a court filing late Thursday.

Of course, every word of that is a lie.  The DOJ knows this.  They just wanted to destroy these men and their families for being supporters of President Trump and for attending January 6 protests in order to provide protection from leftist groups like Antifa.........more.........

 this ain't the country i was born in and certainly not the one i grew up in where we once had free speech though the courts decision helps;

Waylon Bailey was arrested and charged with felony terrorism in March 2020 for posting a Covid joke to his Facebook page.

Bailey’s post was an obvious joke. He even referenced “World War Z,” a 2013 zombie apocalypse movie starring Brad Pitt.

“SHARE SHARE SHARE ! ! ! !” Bailey wrote in a Facebook post. “JUST IN: RAPIDES PARISH SHERIFFS OFFICE HAVE ISSUED THE ORDER, IF DEPUTIES COME INTO CONTACT WITH ‘THE INFECTED’ SHOOT ON SIGHT….Lord have mercy on us all. #Covid9teen #weneedyoubradpitt.” he wrote. (screenshot below)..........more........

i've posted several items on this situation in the last few days and here is a follow-up on the scene; 

video circulating on social media showing a 12-year-old boy being suspended from school for having a Gadsden flag patch on his backpack due to “its origins with slavery” gained national attention this week, fueling outrage and leading a Colorado Springs school to reverse their decision and allow the student to return to class. 

The video, which was first released by Libertas Institute President Connor Boyack, shows the Vanguard School student, Jaiden, and his mother on Monday confronting a school administrator who claims that the Gadsden flag patch on Jaiden’s backpack violates district policy. 

“The reason that we do not want the flag displayed is due to its origins with slavery and the slave trade,” says the administrator. 

Jaiden’s mother defended her son and explained that the Gadsden flag is not a pro-slavery image, but has its origins in the Revolutionary War as a symbol of resistance for the American Patriots fighting the British. She told the administrator that Jaiden has learned that our nation’s Founding Fathers fought against unjust laws. She said that the school’s policy that was being enforced is unjust, and asked to see it.  

The school administrator said she would put Jaiden’s mother in touch with Jeff Yocum, The Vanguard School’s director of operations. Boyack shared the email correspondence between Yocum and Jaiden’s mother later that same day on X. 

Yocum wrote in his email the district’s “rationale as to why the Gadsden Flag is considered an unacceptable symbol,” and Boyack posted this comment:  .........more.......

 not quite two minutes with tucker speaking about sain't obama as a gay according to testimony;


and here is more on the same subject;

Independent news anchor Tucker Carlson has broken the media’s code of silence and come clean about former President Barack Obama.

Carlson dropped a bombshell during an appearance on Adam Carolla’s show.

He revealed that the media has known for years that Obama had “been having sex with men” and covered it up.

According to Carlson, the former president’s relationships with other men as been an open secret in Washington D.C. and corporate media circles.

“In 2008 it became really clear that Barack Obama had been having sex with men and smoking crack and a guy came forward, Larry Sinclair, and said ‘I’ll sign an affidavit and I’ll take a lie detector’ and he did,” Carlson said.

“Nobody reported it because the Obama campaign said anyone who reports on this gets no access to the Obama campaign...........more.........

justice in the empire, as it now is presented; 

Reggie Wilson, owner of Wilson Gun Works & Design in Sapphire, North Carolina, makes benchrest-quality precision hunting and competition rifles, which are guaranteed to shoot half-inch groups at 100 yards. His motto is “We build one rifle at a time.” 

Wilson is a machinist by trade in nearby Fletcher. Building high-end rifles is his side business. Over the years, his bolt-guns have taken impressive trophies and game, and his customers rewarded him with accolades and devotion. 

According to court documents, during an inspection in March 2022, ATF Inspector Shawn Cook “cited Wilson Gun Works with multiple violations of the Gun Control Act (GCA).” 

The ATF alleged that Wilson transferred two handguns on December 30, 2021 to his stepdaughter, a Florida resident, without conducting a background check. The agency also claimed Wilson did not report he had sold “multiple pistols to an unlicensed person.” ......more..........

there are visions of the future that are spot on and the video at the link is one of these; 

A scene from the 1981 movie My Dinner with Andre laid it all out for us, our future human condition under a coming beast system, in terms that everyone could understand.

In that movie one of the characters provides a chilling perspective on the world from his vantage point in 1981 and where he saw it going. As it turns out, we can say with confidence, 42 years later, that whoever wrote this script was spot on. It’s so accurate, in fact, that one has to wonder if the CIA fed this part of the script to Hollywood.

Take a look at the below 3-minute clip from My Dinner with Andre:.......more...........

 in addition to more copy the one minute video is very revealing;

According to reputable military commentators like US Col. Douglas Macgregor, Ukrainian forces have sustained massive casualties. The decorated veteran and former White House adviser estimates that as many as 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the fighting so far.

Moreover in the recent failed Ukrainian counteroffensive, Macgregor estimates that as many as 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

This is without taking into account the number of Ukrainian wounded, which could total more than a million. Or the number of soldiers whose wounds required limbs be amputated.

Macgregor estimates as many as 50,000 to 60,000 for the latter.

To put that into perspective, the US lost 58,220 killed in Vietnam from July 1965 to January 1973.

So in little more than 18 months Ukraine has sustained MORE THAN SIX TIMES the number of dead the U.S. did in the nearly eight years it had troops fighting in the Vietnam War......more......

more maui evidence in which you can choose to be even more confused that heretofore; 

Booom! Rock Solid Proof the Winds in Lahaina Were An Act of War Caused by a Weather Machine

Video shot from a sailboat offshore proves there was no wind on the ocean from any hurricane and that the winds in lahaina were local only to lahaina. How could that happen? Weather mod.

I found the holy grail. But for people to understand this, I first have to post the Beaufort scale and remind people that the winds in lahina were at least 80 mph, and were strong enough to knock power poles over. I also need to point out that the hurricane that was given credit for the winds was 500+ miles away, and I have proof that hurricane contributed ZERO mph to the winds in lahina, which were in reality local, only covering Lahaina and nearby areas.

The Beaufort scale, wave height, and how it proves the weather machine and not a hurricane made the winds.

The Beaufort scale is a formula for wind speed and wave height. And there is a direct correlation that is always consistent. Here it is, read it and weep, this, along with the video from a sailboat a mile offshore proves 100 percent that the winds in Lahina were completely local and that the burning had to be an act of war.........more.........

 equity, diversity and inclusion, california, or woke style here in this item, except that caucasians aren't allowed;

A parent at a California elementary school has slammed officials for sanctioning a playdate for kids that essentially segregated them by race, and excluded white children.

A flyer for the event at Anthony Chabot Elementary School in Oakland, CA notes that it is “for black, brown and API families.”

“If your family identifies as Black, Brown, or API or are [sic] a parent/caregiver of a Black, Brown, or API student. Come hang out while we get a chance to know each other and build our community as we kick off this schoolyear [sic],” reads the invite to the event.

Ironically it was hosted by the school ‘equity & inclusion committee’........more.........

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

 teacher resigns in public at the school board meeting for a bit more than four minutes;


 colorized video from 1928 of first recording of appalachian music;


 not quite five minutes on current events in maui;


 the link goes to an article with the irish minister in charge speaking. variations of this are being installed around the empire, and perhaps further. try to post anything online that differs from the 'official' story and you might find its hidden at best, and forget about 'our free press' deviating from the official narrative;




 this photo series is referencing the post centered on this boy and his don't tread on me patch  being sent home for his refusal to remove it in school;




 we've degenerated a large amount since 1776. once there were laws that protected citizens from the state but now the state protects itself from imagined transgressions of the citizens without a reasonable legal process;

Police recruits join the force to help others and fight crime. Research confirms it. But priorities changed when sheriff’s deputies detained Eh Wah in Muskogee County, Oklahoma, and found more than $53,000 in his car.

Law enforcement training kicked in, and the purpose of the traffic stop switched from public safety to raising revenue. The deputies seized the cash and spent the next six hours interrogating Eh Wah, looking for any excuse to justify civil forfeiture, a process that allows the government to take and keep cash, cars and other assets without a criminal conviction.

Oklahoma agencies normally keep quiet about civil forfeiture, which is why the state ranks among the worst in the nation for civil forfeiture transparency. Oklahoma publishes no statewide reports, conducts no regular audits, and tracks only limited metrics.

The silence is strategic. The more people learn about civil forfeiture, the less they like it. But Oklahoma police and prosecutors have voiced opposition in recent weeks to H.R. 1525, the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act (FAIR), a bill that would reform federal civil forfeiture.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Deputy Director Brian Surber says the measure would take money from state and local agencies, making it harder to fight drug cartels and other criminal enterprises.

What happened to Eh Wah undercuts this narrative. He was not a drug lord or even a low-level dealer. He was a volunteer manager for a Christian rock band, raising money for Thai orphans and Burmese refugees. Some of the cash belonged to Eh Wah and the band members, following a monthslong tour across several states. The rest came from concert donations and belonged to the orphans and refugees.......more..........

 i find it to be a curious thing when situational ethics arrive at the scene. there are many things kids aren't allowed to do because of a thing called: maturity. if you can't drive, drink and several other items before you reach certain ages how could you be allowed, even encouraged, to adopt the 'woke' attitude towards your condition at birth. does this indicate that you can have your leg replaced with a wooden peg leg and an eye removed to be covered by a patch because at age six you decided you want to be a pirate. wokeness ignores the age of awareness;

California attorney general Bob Bonta has filed a lawsuit against a Southern California school district over a recently adopted policy that requires schools to notify parents if their children change their gender identification or pronouns.

"It tramples on students' rights," said Bonta, who's seeking a court order to immediately halt the Chino Valley Unified School district from what he called "forced outing" of transgender students that violates their civil rights, NBC Los Angeles reports........more.........

 there's more to the gun 'control' story than the wish of the crystal wavers to stop murder, and this sheriff is clear and accurate in his reaction. guns don't kill people. people kill people;

He must not have agreed with the wise words of the local sheriff who, in a press conference regarding the Jacksonville shooting, said: 

"The story [in the media] is always about guns. [But] people are bad — this guy's a bad guy. If I could take my gun off right now, and I lay it on this counter, nothing will happen.  

It'll sit there — but as soon as wicked person grabs ahold of that handgun and starts shooting people with it — there's the problem. The problem is the individual."

Sheriff Waters' nugget of wisdom reveals precisely what is wrong with Ryan Busse's push for gun control. .........more........

 its obvious that the schools have little real awareness of actual history or and ideas about the first amendment;

A 12yo was kicked out of class for wearing a Gadsden flag patch. The school claims that the patch is associated as "origins with slavery" and disruptive to the classroom environment. This is a case where American History is being demonized. Especially American Revolutionary History.

 for a bundred reasons i'd love to see this. saw the oliver stone interviews with putin but tucker has a way of making things much more simpler;

Neo-cons are afraid this will ruin their narrative of Putin being a deranged psychopath who must be stopped, not matter what it costs. If Tucker interviews Putin, the world will see a serious minded, intelligent, well spoken leader of a nuclear power, who had legitimate reasons for invading the Ukraine to protect the Russian speaking people of the Donbas. He will also reveal what the neo-cons and CIA did in 2014 to initiate this conflict.

I can’t wait to hear the screeching of Lindsay Graham, Nikki Haley, Victoria Nuland, Hillary, Slow Joe, Romney, and the slew of other bought off hacks when this interview is announced.........


 it seems that part of the empire is worried about brics;

French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed concern over the expansion of the BRICS group, stating that the addition of new members to the bloc could lead to “world fragmentation.”

The French President went on to warn that the expansion of the BRICS would add a new chapter to the ongoing confrontation between China and the US. Macron made the remarks during a meeting with ambassadors on Monday, 28.

During the recent BRICS summit in Johannesburg on August 22-24, several new countries joined the bloc, including Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, and Iran. With the addition of these new members, the group now represents nearly 40% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The expansion of the BRICS grouping poses a potential threat to the United States, primarily because of the support that Iran and other authoritarian countries are likely to receive as they integrate with Western nations in the group.........more......

 eight minutes on a reported upcoming biden recording/tape said to be damming;


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

 twenty two minutes with the hustle bitch who has provided much real information on the maui fires and its implications. well worth your time as have been the last few postings from this source presented here;


 an older neil oliver video essay still entirely relevant today for about ten minutes, speaking on the method of diversion used by 'our' leaders;


 maui residents speak for six minutes on the biden thing;


 and not a word is heard on the tv;

When massive fires began to ravage the island of Maui,  emergency management teams were nowhere to be found . As the fires raged, at least...

When massive fires began to ravage the island of Maui, emergency management teams were nowhere to be found. As the fires raged, at least 74 emergency management officials were attending an annual FEMA disaster meeting just a quick hour and half flight away, on the island of Oahu. Top officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Center for Homeland Defense and Security were preoccupied at the Pacific Partnership Meeting, as one of the most devastating wildfires in U.S. history burned its way into the town of Lahaina.

Why are federal and state officials not talking about the 2,400 missing children in Lahaina?

The firestorm, fueled by tropical storm force winds, was not taken seriously; no emergency alarms were sounded, evacuation routes were blocked. Local Maui residents said that a police blockade actually prevented the people from leaving Front Street in Lahaina, as the wildfire came in.

On that horrid day, vehicles burned in the streets, boats burned 50 yards out to sea, and people barely survived choking and burning in the Pacific Ocean’s treacherous waters. In the aftermath, one could see that droves of residents were backed up on roads that must have been blocked by billows of smoke and other barricades of fire and devastation. The fires took out more than 2,200 homes and displaced an estimated 4,500 people.........more........

not quite a minute of gender and racial insanity, or is that generational madness;



 sixteen minutes of survivor testimony on the maui fires including video from the day;


 i suspect some few will rejoice at this obvious case of government gone rogue;

The Fisher family farm, a source of healthy food for local consumers in Virginia, was raided by the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS).

Samuel B. Fisher, who runs Golden Valley Farms, lost his livestock and meat-processing facility as the state condemned and seized his property. The act has resulted in not just loss of income but also a crisis of trust in a community that prides itself on independence and sustainable farming.

Golden Valley Farms has been serving around 500 consumers through its farm’s membership program.

From their website:

We are a family farm located in Farmville, Virginia in Cumberland County. Although we hail from generations of dairy and cattle farmers, our program was established in 2019. Our young children help gather, wipe & pack the chicken and duck eggs for you.

We produce 100% Grassfed Raw Milk from Golden Guernsey Cows & Goats. Our dairy herd comprises 100% registered and A2 Beta-Casein Guernsey Cows and LaMancha & Nubian Goats.

Golden Valley Farms operates a herd-share program. A herd share is a contractual agreement between a farmer and an owner of livestock – the shareholder or member – through which the shareholder is able to obtain raw milk, meat, or other profits of the livestock proportionate to the shareholder’s interest in the herd.

All of our products are organic, non-GMO, and soy free. The farmer produces food following Weston Price principles, including rotational grazing, no antibiotics or growth hormones, and farming beyond organic standards. We belong to a limited number of milk producers that do not resort to feeding grain to our cows. We believe in providing them with fresh pasture to graze on and chemical-free hay during winter............more........

a two minute video on the return of the mask foolishness;


 two miles from the fire is the title of this video of forty minutes;


 russians ain't as fragile as 'merikans' and here is a bit of evidence and a conclusion;


The Soviets recovered 250,000 German and Romanian corpses in and around Stalingrad, and total Axis casualties (Germans, Romanians, Italians, and Hungarians) are believed to have been more than 800,000 dead, wounded, missing, or captured. Of the 91,000 men who surrendered, only some 5,000–6,000 ever returned to their homelands (the last of them a full decade after the end of the war in 1945); the rest died in Soviet prison and labour camps. On the Soviet side, official Russian military historians estimate that there were 1,100,000 Red Army dead, wounded, missing, or captured in the campaign to defend the city. An estimated 40,000 civilians died as well.


The Russian Federation will not surrender to NATO. Our illegal government has two choices:

  1. Negotiate for peace.
  2. Expand the war into a nuclear world war.

Accepting a fraudulent pResident has consequences. The consequences are many and the final outcomes will destroy this country.

If Tucker Carlson does interview Vladimir Putin, the truth about the war in Ukraine will become known as the War of NATO Aggression. History will not treat these traitors kindly.

 almost three minutes of diversity in britain;


 seventy five minutes showing citizens remarks at the emergency maui county council meeting with lots of bits of evidence that this will certainly not end well for the citizens;


Monday, August 28, 2023

 kunstler explores in this essay, the coming impeachment show;

“While [AG Merrick] Garland seems incapable of imagining any crime involving the president, he has made a conclusive — if unintended — case for an impeachment inquiry.” Jonathan Turley

Beach boy “Joe Biden” will be well-rested when the plan for his impeachment rolls out after Labor Day. Just because you’re not hearing any news about it now, with the county fairs on all over the USA, and the pols busy scarfing corn-dogs and kissing heifers, doesn’t mean that the key players aren’t confabbing among themselves. Hey, have you noticed, you’re hardly hearing about anything else these dwindling days of summer, either? Got any idea what’s up with that war in Ukraine? Of course you don’t.

    A preview for you then: Rep James Comer’s House Oversight Committee has already assembled a bundle of evidence tracking the exact ways and means of how the Biden family’s global bribery operation worked. That includes the bank records, the emails and deal memos, the chronology of meetings, the FBI documents, the phone recordings, the photos of “JB” schmoozing with Hunter’s “clients,” and the famous video of “Joe Biden” bragging onstage at the Council on Foreign Relations about how he strong-armed Ukraine President Poroshenko into firing General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

   Next, Speaker McCarthy has to form an actual impeachment inquiry committee. (If he tries to demur, there could be a new Speaker of the House in short order.) That committee will entertain witnesses, including figures in Justice Department who have been reluctant to discuss these matters previously. This might entail a Part B of the inquiry: the blatant obstructions of justice by DOJ officials in the long-running case on various charges against Hunter Biden, as supervised by federal attorney in Delaware, now Special Counsel, David Weiss. Mr. Weiss dawdled so strenuously for five years that he let the statute of limitations run out on the major tax evasion charges, while he ignored all the allegations of Hunter’s FARA violations in seeking money from officials of many foreign governments........more.......

 this certainly appears as though 'our' government is coordinating the assault on the orange man;

The White House counsel’s office held a meeting with a top aide to Special Counsel Jack Smith and an FBI agent around two months before Smith charged former President Donald Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents. 

Smith’s top aide, Jay Bratt, met with Caroline Seba, deputy chief of staff for the White House counsel’s office, on March 31, according to White House visitor logs, the New York Post reported. Danielle Ray, an FBI agent in the Washington, D.C., field office, also joined Bratt and Seba at the meeting. 

Trump was indicted on June 8 in the classified documents case that Smith was appointed to oversee as special counsel. The visitor logs don’t provide any information on what was discussed at the meeting between Smith’s aide, the White House counsel’s office, and the FBI, but former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said this looks like a coordinated prosecution of the former president, who is also Biden’s chief political rival. 

“There is no legitimate purpose for a line [DOJ] guy to be meeting with the White House except if it’s coordinated by the highest levels,” Giuliani said, according to the New York Post. 

“What’s happening is they have trashed every ethical rule that exists and they have created a state police. It is a Biden state prosecutor and a Biden state police,” the former New York City mayor added. 

Trump pleaded not guilty to 40 counts relating to his handling of classified documents that were seized during an FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Bratt reportedly visited the estate in June 2022, two months before the raid, and interacted with Trump. Bratt then pushed for a warrant for the unannounced raid on Trump’s property, according to The Washington Post. According to the report, Bratt’s temper flared during the meeting when he told FBI agents that they could no longer trust the former president or his lawyers. .........more.........