Monday, September 17, 2018

i am increasingly of the opinion that most all of 'our' shootings have been false flag type events, where the evidence and trail of events presented aren't what really happened. read this and if you wish watch the videos, and make up your mind on this holmes boy;

Update on Aurora Shooter, James Holmes: Holmes has been alleged to be incarcerated in the high security “deep six” prison at Florence ADX, Colorado, starting in August 2015. But today, James Holmes is not listed in any facility in the U.S. See “Why the secrecy over the Aurora theater shooter’s location?” This after officials alleged he was attacked by another inmate. For the record, inmate attacks occur all the time in prisons. Moving an inmate to another prison because of this would be unusual, but withholding a prisoner’s location is unprecedented.
While in prison or jail, it is alleged that Holmes has not been permitted visits from his family. He has never been interviewed by media. He supposedly has totally isolated himself.
There is litigation pending by victims against Cinemark, the theater company. Comments from attorney Christina Habas, who represents several theater victims, is more than curious or weird: “We essentially don’t have a single photograph, a single piece of evidence that we can show to a jury.”
Par for the course, there was no CCTV footage out of the very modern theater. None for the emergency exit, none from inside the screening room, none from the lobby, none from the parking lot and none from a cell-phone camera. There was no footage from the mall either.
Elsewhere, on the issue of public transparency, there is a campaign entitled “No Notoriety” started by the parents of Alexander Teves, who allegedly died in the shooting. The campaign’s purpose is to encourage media outlets to limit the usage of the suspect’s name and photos when reporting about the Aurora shooting, as well as other mass shootings that receive national media coverage. Really?

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