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this is something you aught to consider as your tv won't lead you to the question;


 seems logical i'm sure you'll hear;

 a question for those true believers;

 her comment mirrors my own experience;


By June 1, 2021, more than 99% of the population of Gibraltar was fully vaccinated. Since then, the number of new COVID cases per day has increased by more than 2,500%

r/conspiracy - By June 1, 2021, more than 99% of the population of Gibraltar was fully vaccinated. Since then, the number of new COVID cases per day has increased by more than 2,500%

 here's a good question you may choose to ask;

 something you may wish to consider and remember for when they come for you;

 twelve minutes in which you can accuse me of being racist for posting it but keep in mind i was, in part, raised by a black man from virginia;

Friday, July 30, 2021

 a minute video in which you discover that congressional members are locked out to prevent them from reviewing the condition of the prisoners being accused of 'insurrection';

 kunstler swings and hits it again though i don't always agree with all he presents, his record for predicting the future based on the present we don't always all see, is so far, pretty accurate;

Besides trying to just live their lives in these days of socioeconomic meltdown, which, Gawd knows, is hard enough, the people can barely sort out the seemingly malevolent intentions of the folks in-charge of the monster that government has become. And so, the question arises: are they actually trying to kill us all, or are they so corrupt and stupid that everything they touch falls apart?  In other words, is it mastermindery or clusterfuckery?

On the former side, you have that gallery of international villains out of the James Bond playbook: Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and George Soros — megalomaniacs armed with mega-money, a sho’nuff recipe for trouble — representing the emergence of a world-saving regime, in concert with lackey national leaderships. Their narrative goes like this: humans have over-replicated, like maggots in a trash can, they’re wrecking the planet and gobbling (our) resources, and we must find a way to get rid of them that looks like a natural catastrophe so the hidden powers-that-be-don’t get blamed for pulling a global Auschwitz. Hence Covid-19 and the sketchy vaccinations. (“The Great Reset.” You will be dead and you will like it!)

I must say, I don’t go for that story, even if that trio have played their parts in some wicked doings du jour. Rather, I subscribe to the latter scenario: the likelihood that we’re in a pile-up of quandaries that we can only pretend to manage, and that all our pretenses of control and management only make things worse, while making a mockery of human ingenuity. This does not rule out an element of personal greed and attempted power-mongering, but look, for instance, at where all that has left the hapless Dr. Tony Fauci.

Not only did he finance the development of the Covid-19 virus so he could heroically bring forth a super-vax to the awe of mankind, and gain a niche in the pantheon of Great Men in History (plus make a buck on his share of the vax patents), but he screwed up the public health messaging so badly that Science itself now looks like a mere evil racket instead of the great achievement it used to be. His reputation is shot and he could end his days in an orange jump suit doing Chinese fire drills up and down the exercise court at Lewisburg Federal more.........

 a short video about our current realities, especially on border concerns;

 "Our job is not to give people what they want, but what we decide they ought to have." -- Richard Salant, former president of CBS News.

just like the bad cop links i could post a lot of this sort of situation many times a day. israel is a criminal organization;

On Wednesday, Mohammad, the 11th Palestinian child victim of Israel in the West Bank in 2021, was killed when Israeli forces opened fire on the car he was riding in with family members (Mohammad’s age is reported at between 11 and 13.)

A few days before, Israeli forces had killed a 17-year-old, shooting him in the back.

Today, Shawkat, age 20, participated in Mohammad’s funeral march, where he too was shot to death by Israeli forces.

Also today, Israeli soldiers broke into and ransacked the local Defense for Children International office.

And on Tuesday, Israeli forces killed a 41-year-old Palestinian man. 

These incidents occurred under the shadow of an International Criminal Court investigation and a United Nations call for an investigation into possible Israeli war and watch more.....

this could be labeled 'a good start' like five hundred lawyers at the bottom of the ocean would be as well;

 Bayer have announced that they will no longer sell glyphosate-based herbicides to U.S. gardeners as of 2023, following the costly litigation battle over their cancer causing weedkiller Roundup. Bayer Monsanto stated Thursday that “the company and its partners will replace its glyphosate-based products in the U.S. residential Lawn & Garden market with new formulations that rely on alternative active ingredients beginning in 2023, subject to a timely review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state counterparts…..”

“As the vast majority of claims in the litigation come from Lawn & Garden market users, this action largely eliminates the primary source of future claims beyond an assumed latency period. There will be no change in the availability of the company’s glyphosate formulations in the U.S. professional and agricultural markets,” Bayer continued.

Sustainable Pulse and Detox Project Director, Henry Rowlands, commented on Bayer’s announcement; “It is a great victory in a small battle for the removal of glyphosate from the Lawn & Garden market, however this is just part of a much larger War. We must all remember that this will not stop glyphosate being sprayed in parks, schools and on our food crops in ever greater amounts across the U.S. and the world. It is time to phase the chemical out globally and to replace it with safe alternatives.” more........



a picture to show you how stupid this all is and we're told that the secretary of 'defense' is also fully 'jabbed' as well as all of the other items he's wearing;


 what would happen to you if you did this might be your question as you read about this cop;

San Marcos, TX — In June of 2020, Sgt. Ryan Hartman was drinking and driving when we stopped “paying attention” and crashed into a car occupied by Jennifer Miller and her life partner, Pam Watts. The crash would put Watts in the hospital and her partner in the ground. It has been over a year since Hartman killed Miller and not only have police refused to arrest him, but he’s back on duty.

This is not some case with no evidence or disputed facts. According to body camera footage that was released this week, Hartman admitted that his lack of attention caused Miller’s death and police found an open Dos Equis beer in his truck.

“I caused the death of somebody buy me not paying attention,” Hartman says according to the newly released video. According to a search warrant carried out on Hartman’s phone after the crash, he was using his phone whilst drinking a beer.

Despite finding a beer can in his truck and admitting that he caused Miller’s death, Hartman was not arrested that day — or any day after. Instead, he was put on paid vacation for five months while his office “investigated” the crash. Hartman received blue privilege from the start.

After the crash, Hartman refused a breathalyzer and police waited over eight hours to get a warrant for a blood draw. Since so much time had passed after the crash, Hartman still had alcohol in his system but his levels had fallen below the legal limit.

Highlighting the nature of Hartman’s blue privilege was the fact that the neighboring department who responded to the crash, the Lockhart Police Department, recommended charges of negligent homicide. However, the investigation was turned over to Hartman’s department, the San Marcos Police and watch more....

 some boy named chris sky presenting the case i made in a letter to our local electronic fishwrap some time ago.. this covid crap will be continuing and their goals are not in your favor;

 tucker carlson presents the current broken border situation and the video begins with lots of africans walking thru a hole in the wall. its apparently part of the ptb's plan to destroy the country;

 two in a row from pcr and his title just below shows why you may wish to read on;

Why Is a Toxic Vaccine Being Mandated?

Paul Craig Roberts

Two medical scientists acquired the animal studies that Pfizer provided Japanese health authorities in its application for emergency use authorization of its Covid vaccine in Japan. The scientists saw that the animal studies had a number of red flags that were ignored in the rush to market a vaccine.  The scientists discuss the vaccine, how it works, and the ignored red flags:  They conclude that it was gross negligence for regulatory authorities to grant emergency use of the vaccine.  They say that the use of the vaccine constitutes crimes against humanity.

Here are the scientists’ conclusions:

“Pfizer’s animal data clearly presaged the following risks and dangers:

blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks, stroke,  and venous                thrombosis

grave harm to female fertility

grave harm to breastfed infants

cumulative toxicity after multiple more.......

 i'm still reading this but feel it has to be posted. pcr is presenting boatloads of info showing that hte covid scam is breaking apart;

The Covid Scam Is Unraveling 

Paul Craig Roberts

The Covid Scam is collapsing across the entire front much like the Wehrmacht after Stalingrad. Mask mandates and lockdowns are on the comeback because health authorities now admit that the Covid vaccines do not offer effective protection, especially against what are called “new variants.”  What is the point of a Covid passport when the vaccine does not protect and the vaccinated have to wear masks? 

Presstitute scum in the US falsely report that the “new outbreak” of Covid is among the unvaccinated young, and the push is on to vaccinate all the youth.  But the facts tell a different story. In the UK, for example, new Covid cases are exploding among the fully vaccinated, rising 40 percent in one week while new covid cases among the unvaccinated are declining by 22%.

Israel is another example where the rise in Covid cases is among the vaccinated.

It is hilarious to watch vaccine defenders argue that the rise in new Covid cases among the vaccinated is proof that the vaccines work!  No, I am not making this up.  Here is Katelyn Jetelina:  “The more vaccinated a population, the more we’ll hear of the vaccinated getting infected.”

Arieh Kovler explains: “Countries with high vaccination will see mostly vaccinated people getting ill from Covid.” 

What they mean is that as populations become vaccinated, there is no one to catch Covid but the more.........

Thursday, July 29, 2021

 "If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards. To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have Freedom. You tell them they need Law and Order to protect them against bad slaves. Then you tell them to elect a Government. Give them Freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are Free persons. Then give them money to earn, count and spend and they will be too busy to notice the slavery they are in." -- Alexander Warbucks

 a way of reasoning that some don't quite understand;

 thirty minutes on the success, so far, of the 2020 propaganda masterpiece, and conspiracy theory. i tried to separate out the video address for download but whatever the platform it wouldn't allow it. there seems to be much here but i'm only part way in;

 almost ten minutes in which you discover that australians, like many europeans have a backbone that americans lost some time ago;

 this needs to happen here but americans have no backbone like the french;

 in this 'poor misunderstood thin blue line' episode a huge cop kicks a handcuffed, prostrate woman in the face;

Atlanta, GA — An utterly infuriating video was posted to the Facebook page of ATLUncensored this week, showing an Atlanta cop kick a woman in her face as she lies handcuffed on the ground. The video was apparently so over the top, that the officer who kicked the woman was immediately suspended.

According to witnesses, police were arresting a woman, identified only as Ashley. She was handcuffed and on the ground and was acting strangely, apparently off of her medication.

“Ashley does have some mental health problems we thought she was off her meds because she’s been acting kind of off,” said Nell Gibson, Ashley’s aunt.

Regardless of her mental problems, however, the officer’s reaction was entirely unwarranted. As Ashley attempted to pick her head up off the ground, the unnamed officer decided to deliver a boot to her face. The kick was so hard that she immediately fell back down to the ground.

“It was a woman down on the ground in handcuffs. Oh man I am totally horrified. I’m speechless. Not only that, it’s a police officer,” said Gibson.

The female officer who witnessed the entire incident unfold did absolutely nothing as she watched a massive cop kick the restrained woman in her face.

What’s more, according to the neighbor, who took the video, it wasn’t the only time Ashley was kicked.

“They actually kicked her down the hill and she went rolling,” the neighbor told CBS 46. 

After witnessing the cop kick a helpless woman in the face, the woman filming confronted the cop, who immediately denied doing and watch more......

 tucker carlson speaks and as usual, makes much sense;

 “Well, here’s the deal. Everything you’re being told about COVID, is a lie, okay? Mathematically it would be impossible for the United States to have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s cases. If you test positive for COVID, and you go to the hospital for any reason, the government picks up the tab. So literally everybody that goes to a hospital that doesn’t have insurance, the government’s picking up the tab. Now the government knows the hospital’s lying, the hospital knows they’re lying, but they’re taking 22-week preemies and saying they’re dying of COVID. They can’t die of COVID, they’re going to die anyway. They’re taking people who were shot and saying they’re dying of COVID. They didn’t die of COVID, they were shot. There were people that were in car accidents, and people who were in motorcycle accidents, people who had heart attacks, people who had strokes. And everybody who dies who doesn’t have insurance all of the sudden has gotten a stamp on their left hand saying COVID. Well it’s bullshit. It’s not true.”. – Bob Moriarty

 mr hornberger presents here, a long 'short' list of evidence on the state of the 'decent' american government;

In a Los Angeles Times editorial predictably hyping up the extreme danger to “national security” arising from the January 6 Capitol protests, the Times quotes Capitol police officer Harry Dunn as saying, “We represent the good side of America, the people who believe in decency.”


So tell us, Officer Dunn, what is decent about the following actions of the U.S. government:

  1. The torture center and prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

2. The indefinite detention of people at Guantanamo Bay without charges or trial.
3. The denial of trial by jury in terrorism trials at Guantanamo Bay.
4. The use of evidence acquired by torture at Guantanamo Bay.
5. The use of confessions acquired by torture at Guantanamo Bay.
6. The use of hearsay to secure convictions in terrorism “trials” at Guantanamo Bay.
7. The secret monitoring of communications between attorney and detainees at Guantanamo Bay.
8. The torture of people at the hands of U.S. officials in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other parts of the more..........

 pcr presents a bit of info on the state of 'our' legal system;

In Washington D.C. the Black Police Chief Is Frustrated With the City’s Coddling of Violent Criminals

Paul Craig Roberts

The police chief says it is pointless for police to catch criminals that the courts turn loose. “The justice system that we have right now is not functioning the way that it should.”

Neither is the justice system functioning in New York, Chicago, Minnesota, Salem, San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Michigan.  The justice system never functions well in blue areas.  It didn’t in Wyatt Earp’s time either: 

 There is no doubt that there are too many violent black criminals.  But it is nevertheless true that many conservatives blame blacks for the crimes of white liberal-progressive-left hate-mongers.  Critical Race Theory, Systemic Racism, the declaration of infinite genders, the movement of white straight males to the back of the bus for university admissions, employment and promotion even in the US military and to the front of the line for “racial sensitivity training,”  and the prosecution of Trump supporters as “insurrectionists” is the work of white American liberals, progressives, and leftists, not the doings of blacks and illegal immigrants. Certainly, the anti-American white liberals have created many black spokespersons for their agenda, but the blacks in this game are the liberals’ “Uncle Toms.” more.......

 covid injections provide you with magnetism in your arm and here is one study on that;

For the past few months, hundreds of amateur videos have been popping up all over social media featuring people who have visibly become electromagnetic following vaccination.

After many questions were raised by a number of our members about this “supposed” electromagnetic effect in vaccinated subjects, our association decided to take a concrete interest in this intriguing subject.

This survey, of a purely statistical and sociological nature, on this supposed electromagnetic effect, which is the subject of this report, raises at least three important questions:

  1. Is it true that people show an electromagnetic effect after vaccination?
  2. If so, is it true that only vaccinated individuals show this effect?
  3. What is actually injected into individuals under the qualification of vaccine that causes this effect?

To try to answer these questions, the survey was entrusted to Mr. Amar GOUDJIL, treasurer of the association and member in charge of demographic and sociological issues.

Presentation of the survey parameters:

For the purpose of a fast-tracked completion, it was decided:

  • That a panel of 200 individuals living or working in Luxembourg would be interviewed.
  • That this panel would be divided into 2 groups. The first would be composed of 100 individuals vaccinated in Luxembourg and the second of 100 unvaccinated individuals for comparison purposes.
  • That each of these groups should have 50 women and 50 men.
  • That only active individuals would be selected to participate in the study due to the fact that they are much more constrained to vaccination than inactive individuals.
  • That the location of the study would be the Belle-Étoile shopping centre and the route d’Arlon in Strassen.
  • That the variables retained would therefore be sex, age, occupation, number of injections, the pharmaceutical origin of the injections, the date of the injections, the magnetic attraction, the emission-reception of an electric field and the town of residence of the respondent.
  • It should also be noted that for practical reasons, only people wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless clothing would be interviewed.

Presentation of the method of approach and more.......

 where this covid crap is going, in part;

"This Hoax is Just Getting Started: Totally Vaxxed Iceland Now Discussing 15-Year Coronavirus Restrictions Plan" (Anglin):
"Let me just go ahead and make some magical guesses:
  • The entire Western world is going to implement the vaccine passport agenda
  • The vaccine passport will turn into a larger medical database, which keeps track of everyone’s vaccination status
  • A continual series of “new variant” hoaxes will be rolled out, and everyone will be expected to get continual “boosters” to protect from the “new variants”
  • The “new variants” will be blamed on the unvaxxed
  • Unvaxxed will be progressively restricted from not only working, but from buying and selling, and from engaging in society on any level
  • They will introduce an implantable microchip to replace the QR code scanning tracking app
  • A digital credit UBI system will be linked to your app/implant, as most work will be gone
  • Progressively, the virus agenda will be welded onto the global warming agenda, and you will be told that you can’t have your freedoms because read are changing the weather by living your life
  • There will be a “carbon credit” system integrated into your app or microchip implant, which will be something like a social credit score, where you will be rewarded or punished based on how the government and tech corporations determine that your behavior is affecting the weather

Those are all things that I can tell you as easily as I can tell you the sky is blue............

 no difference when you work for the empire;

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

 caitlin will educate you in this essay about the reality of what 'our' government calls whistleblower protection, and therefor your ability to know the truth of what they really do;

Whistleblower Daniel Hale has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison after pleading guilty to leaking secret government information about America’s psychopathic civilian-slaughtering drone assassination program.

The sentence was much harsher than Hale’s defense requested but not nearly as harsh as US prosecutors pushed for, arguing that longer prison sentences are necessary for deterring whistleblowing in the US intelligence cartel.

The Dissenter’s Kevin Gosztola reports: more.......

 in case you need reminding or even a first warning;

 a summation for the busy;

 a short compilation of things you may not have put in one place;

 a simple question for your consideration;

 the ptb have been perfecting this for some time;

 two short videos are at this post presenting information on nano tech said to be in the 'jab';

 just saying;

 watch joe and his boy in juxtaposition on crack cocaine for a bit more than a minute;

 every day we see evidence of the corruption of those in charge especially those pushing the covid crap. pcr regularly presents the case that it may well be beyond our control and its time to get serious;

The Fauci Protection Team

Paul Craig Roberts

Someone, almost certainly Dr. Fauci’s business partner, Big Pharma, has organized an active Internet support system to shield Dr. Fauci from accountability. 

Fauci is in difficulty for a variety of reasons, including his conflicts of interest with Big Pharma.  He has a financial relationship with companies whose products he approves.  But his big trouble at the moment is that he lied to Congress when he denied funding research working to develop the Covid virus. NIH records show that he financed research on how to make Covid virus more transmissible at UNC and at the Wuhan lab.  

When Fauci denies funding the research at Wuhan, he is trying to hide behind having used a third party, EcoHealth Alliance, to route the money to Wuhan.  Fauci claims he financed EcoHealth Alliance, but the grant documents indicate that Fauci and the NIH knew where the money was going and what it was going to be used for.  NPR and the rest of the scum presstitutes have done their best to cover up for Fauci, but the grant documents are clear.

US Senator Rand Paul has said that he is sending a criminal referral on Fauci to the US Department of Justice as lying in testimony to Congress is a crime.  If memory serves, it was something like this that got General Flynn investigated, indicted and convicted. more........

 the video rebel has yet to show me any errors in his blogging, and this one is quite accurate from what my degree, close to a nutritional degree, provides. i don't eat any of the items he mentions whenever i'm aware of their presence, so i choose, for example, olive oil and peanut oil which not the best, aren't the worst;

Mexicans have a low opinion of their politicians but it seems the President of Mexico cares more for the health of his citizens than does Joe Biden or a majority of the Democrats  and Republicans in the House and Senate. Mexican President  Andrés Manuel López Obrador, recently called for Mexican farmers to stop using the herbicide glyphosate by 2024. He also made a surprising final decree at the end of 2020 to phase out Genetically Engineered corn.

Glyphosate is not just an herbicide used to kill weeds. It is sprayed on wheat to kill it so the entire crop can be harvested on the same day. This is sort of inconvenient for those of us who get cancer. But it is good news for Big Pharma because cancer is a cornerstone their business.

As for genetically engineered corn, mice won’t eat it if they have a choice between GMO and an heirloom variety. If mice aren’t stupid enough to eat it, maybe our politicians should do more to protect our health by learning from Mexico and banning it.

I warned my readers of GMO and glyphosate years ago: 10% of all teenagers already have a rare liver disease. How many will have that disease in another 10 years? in 20 years? This is according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The disease is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD; It can lead to diabetes, hepatitis, cancer, and cirrhosis. A diseased liver affects the body’s ability to digest food, metabolize hormones, regulate blood sugar, It is most likely cause by GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). It delivers a high dose of sugar in one dose unlike fruit which takes awhile to metabolize and is therefore delivered more slowly. It also is delivering the pesticide associated with  the GMO corn more......

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 its reassuring to know we have the best man available in charge, as this video will show you;

 "Save the trees. We need them to hang the politicians." -- Michael Rivero

 short video showing one of the fed's undercover instigators being outed on 1/6, and he ain't been seen since;

 a fantastic solution to the mindless psychopaths we encounter with this covid crap;

 mr peters calls this essay: america goes jonestown, and proceeds to show you how its so. i'm about as tired of this covid hoax as you must be, as i'm sure that the true believers would never, after one visit, return to this blog. at the same time we must be as aware as we can of those who are attacking us;

When cults feel threatened by lack of faith – by disbelief –  the tendency is for them to get suicidally and homicidally violent.

This is the stage we’re entering now as regards the Cult of Sickness Eternal. Its leaders and membership are fulminating over the lack of faith being expressed by an alarmingly large (to them) portion of the population that does not believe they will die – or even get sick –  if they don’t receive the Holy Anointing.

And worries (with reason) that they may get sick – or even die – if they do. And absolutely refuses to accept being told they must – or else – by people like Pope Fauci I and Joe Biden, et al.

Cardinal of Sickness Kay Ivey of Alabama bared her yellowed fangs at unbelievers the other day, characterizing these “folks” as “choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain,” for electing not to pretend they’re sick when they are healthy nor risk becoming very sick – via an Anointing – because other people have become pathologically afraid of becoming and watch more......

 you are here;

 max igan presenting evidence and thoughts on the oncoming 'new world order' coming from the covid crap;

 pat buchanan presents his thoughts on the 'insurrection' crap we've being deluged about from 'our free press';

To understand what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s select committee investigation of the Capitol Hill events of Jan. 6 is all about, a good place to begin is with the sentencing hearing last week of Paul Hodgkins.

A crane operator from Tampa, Florida, Hodgkins, 38, pleaded guilty to a single count of obstructing a joint session of Congress called to confirm Joe Biden as the next president.

Hodgkins entered the Senate chamber carrying a Trump 2020 flag. He committed no assault, no act of destruction, no act of violence. Yet, he was sentenced to eight months in prison by U.S. Judge Randolph Moss.

Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Mona Sedky argued for a sentence of twice that length, a year and a half, because, as she told the judge, “Jan. 6 was genuinely an act of terrorism.”

But is that true? Was Jan. 6 “an act of terrorism” — of the character if not the magnitude, say, of the Oklahoma City bombing?

Hodgkins’ attorney vigorously rejected that depiction. To call Jan. 6 “domestic terrorism,” said Patrick Leduc, is “offensive and gaslighting the country … It was a protest that became a riot, period, full stop.”

Leduc is correct: Jan. 6th was a riot. Had it truly been “domestic terrorism,” as the U.S. attorney claimed, why would she have accepted a guilty plea for a single nonviolent offense?

Why did she not throw the book at the terrorist?

Looking back, what was Jan. 6 in reality? more.......

 mr hornberger speaks his mind about 'our' public 'education' system;

Jeremy Adams teaches civic classes at Bakersfield High School in California. In a July 24 commentary in the Los Angeles Times entitled “The Rise of the Zoombies: Lifeless, Detached Students Have Returned to My Classroom,” Adams laments the fact that after the Covid-19 layoff, his students have returned to the classroom as lifeless, detached zoombies. He writes:

They now embody the detached, lifeless malaise of a hipster zombie incapable of showing the slightest patina of zest or zeal…. They are perpetually chilled out, difficult to intellectually prod or verbally poke. They resist verbal engagement with me — or with each other.

Adams blames this phenomenon on the long pandemic layoff, which including “watching Zoom classes, learning through omnipresent pixilated screens that demanded little from them and, in too many instances, taught them even less.”

I hate to rain on Adams’s parade but he’s got it all wrong. Public (i.e., government) schooling was creating zoombies long before Covid. In fact, that’s long been one of the essential features of public (i.e., government) schooling.

Every child is born with a natural thirst for learning. From birth to six years of age, children have a wide-eyed awe of the universe. They absorb every bit of knowledge available to them. They love to learn. more......

 pcr presents a long list of covid related items here that anyone with any curiosity aught to read;

How the Covid Scam Is Perpetrated

Paul Craig Roberts

I have provided numerous documented detailed accounts demonstrating the lack of evidence supporting the official Covid narrative.  The next time you hear Big Pharma’s propagandists say “believe the science,” ask them what science.

When believers in the official narrative and Covid vaccine are confronted with facts, they retreat to a second line of defense.  If the Covid threat is exaggerated and the vaccine unsafe, why did all the doctors and nurses get vaccinated? If the vaccines are unsafe, why haven’t the predicted deaths and injuries showed up?

The answer is that all the doctors and nurses are not vaccinated, do not believe in the extent of the “pandemic” or the hyped threat of Covid—indeed, many regard the hype and vaccine as greater threats than Covid—and the adverse effects of the vaccines are showing up.  The believers in the narrative just do not know it because the presstitute scum suppress the information and do not report it unless to ridicule and denounce it as “disinformation.”

All doctors and nurses are not vaccinated.  For example, here is a report of an entire hospital—200 doctors and 1,500 nurses—on strike in protest of the Macron nazi’s attempt to force them to be vaccinated: 

As for the alleged belief in the Covid narrative by doctors and medical personnel, here are 1,500 health professionals who say Covid is the “biggest health scam of the 21st century:” more...........