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the situation surrounding foreign folk coming to america is as wacky as it can get, i hope, cause if it gets worse than it is now, we best be buying more ammo;

Irish Savant – June 29, 2019

I can remember, and it wasn’t so long ago, when getting into the US represented a significant challenge. First you had to apply for a visa (which contained a raft of tricky questions along the lines of ‘are you a terrorist or do you intend to commit acts of terrorism while in the US?’) and if memory serves me correctly you even had to do an interview with some steely-eyed bureaucrat. My niece overstayed her visa and was summarily deported, never to return. A friend of my wife who lived in America, was married to an American and whose kids were born there was, together with her kids, refused permission to board the plane at Shannon due to some technical glitch in their documentation.
That was little more than twenty years ago. Now the detritus from every hell-hole on the globe can almost freely cross the southern ‘border’ and once across usually qualify for some form of residency. Sure, people are still stopped and others get deported, but literally millions have, over the last few decades, crossed illegally and now roost in the US. This says nothing of the legal immigrants (mainly from Asia) who have been flooding in by the millions over the same period. Despite the campaign promises Trump has utterly failed to make a difference. The staggering scale of the problem was graphically illustrated at the recent Democratic debate when close to a majority of the candidates, hands raised in the air, stood in favour of free medical care for people illegally residing in the country. Just think about that. Free medical care for people illegally residing in the country, when a few decades back they’d have immediately been punted back over the border – assuming they had somehow managed to get across in the first place.
Some time ago I wrote ‘Am I alone in thinking that this is another sign of a general quickening? Not just gun control but all elements of the anti-White project seem to have suddenly gone into overdrive. Third World immigration, the spread of “hate” (read anti-White) legislation, the blocking of pro-White websites, White displacement in the workplace, antifa aggression and provocations, depravity and degeneration in the public sphere, the rewriting of history. It’s like the way the flow of a river speeds up as it approaches a waterfall. It’s a good analogy because it seems we are headed towards some precipitous event, the nature and outcome of which, to me at least, are unknown.’
They still are.........

the value of 'our' money;

Saturday, June 29, 2019

we have open borders unless you choose to fly in which case you can be turned inside out, and you pay for it in many ways;

Groups of hundreds of Africans, Haitians and others from Central and South America continue to trudge across the U.S.- Mexico border in record numbers, despite promises from Mexico to help stop the massive migration.
Footage from the Del Rio Sector of the border in Texas shows scores are making their way in mini-caravans, with many arriving well-dressed in designer clothes, toting luggage and backpacks with their children in tow.  “#USBP Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended 2 large groups of over 100 in 2 days,” CBP South Texas wrote in a video post on Twitter. “Total of 3 large groups this fiscal year.”
Border Patrol agents came across the first of the two most recent groups on June 22, when 105 crossed the Rio Grande River and into the United States.
That group consisted of 82 Haitians, with the rest from South America and Africa.
On Monday, another group nearly twice as big – 205 – waded across, undoubtedly inspired by the success of the first group. The second wave included 122 Haitians, with dozens of others from Africa and South America, according to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
“Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents have apprehended people from over 45 countries around the world,” Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz said. “Our agents, along with the assistance of our DHS partners, continue to meet each new challenge as the ongoing humanitarian crisis evolved.”
And it’s escalating quickly............
here pasted in its totality is a collection of 'thoughts about thinking';

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein
Information that is consistent with our existing attitude is understood
and processed easily. Our mind needs consistency so information that is inconsistent with our existing mental picture gets overlooked, distorted, or rationalized to fit existing thinking. The investigator should try to disprove, rather than prove, each of the alternatives. One key to identifying the kinds of information that are potentially most valuable is to ask yourself what it is that could make you change your mind. This simple tactic would do much to avoid surprises.

"Don't confuse me with the facts. My mind is made up!"
Some choose their opinions based upon what they wish to believe rather than as a result of exploration. As in, my friend thinks like this or my father always thought that. What we think of as accurate evidence for our viewpoint often depends more upon prejudice than facts. We take in information and process it according to our personal biases. It becomes: I know this issue. I have studied it. I have a personal involvement with the issue therefore I know it well. It is worth no more than any other option, but the psychology of "owning" the issue makes us value it more. Information that is consistent with our existing thinking is perceived and processed easily.  If you decide to respect someone or believe something you can not doubt yourself even when contrary evidence appears.
Why do we do the things we do? How can two people, or even large groups, look at the same set of facts and come to such widely different
conclusions? Maybe even more important would be to ask why? Is there some bias involved? We have a tendency to believe what we want to believe. We seek information and draw conclusions consistent with what we want to be true. When people draw conclusions about political events, they're not just weighing the facts. Without knowing it, they're also weighing what they would feel if they came to one conclusion or another, and they often come to the conclusion that would make them feel better, no matter what the facts are.

When everyone is thinking the same no one is thinking. Groupthink is often characterized by: An inclination to study too few possibilities, lack of serious review of other's ideas, selective information gathering, no planning for possibilities and rationalization. The group has a fantasy of immunity and shared morality, true feelings and beliefs are suppressed, and censors may be chosen to protect the group from negative information. Some people repeat manufactured thoughts with no evidence of having reasoned them thru. Neither the right nor the left looks at problems without prejudice or searches for all the necessary details. I think a great deal of your viewpoint has to do with your environment. We tend to go on our emotions and most recent input. And those emotions can be influenced by the crowd we run in. That is why it is so important to read those who disagree with you. You may simply to wish to believe something is valid. We all too often find "facts" to fit our stories rather than letting our stories be dictated by the facts. It’s as if being able to disprove one of my assertions will cause the others to disappear.

Confirmation bias is the inclination of people to read material which reinforces their present views. They associate with people who agree with them and who think like them. So their biases are constantly confirmed. The antidote is to read material, and associate with people, who do not agree with your views. It is more important and profitable to learn why you are wrong than to hear why you are right. Knowing anything at all takes an investment of time and energy. People that spend their whole lives getting to know something rarely admit that the time was wasted. Once invested in an idea, a religion, a stock, or a career a man can't help but believe in it. He damns the man who questions his thinking. If he has the power to do so, he burns him at the stake.
Most want a cozy society with both security and meaning. They want a framework of known, satisfying, personal relationships where they would be surrounded by others equally satisfied and no challenge to the status quo. Then they insist that their myopic or narrow vision must be universalized.

Why is it that when someone feels insulted by you they automatically assume you intentionally chose to do so. They never, it seems, consider the possibility of misunderstandings. To be unpopular in school is to be actively persecuted. Popularity is only partially about individual attractiveness. It's more about alliances. To become more popular, you need to do things that bring you close to other popular people, and nothing brings people closer than a common enemy. Attacking an outsider makes them all insiders. If it's any consolation to the nerds, it's nothing personal because the group of kids who band together to pick on you are doing the same thing, and for the same reason, as a bunch of guys who get together and go hunting. They don't actually hate you. They just need something to chase.

Mother knew instinctively what the keepers of the castles have always known: the kind of trouble that might threaten the symmetry of a well ordered garden needs time to take root. Take away the time and you choke off the problem before it begins. Obedience reigns, the plow stays in the furrow and things proceed as they must. Which raises an uncomfortable question: Could the Church of Work which today has Americans aspir­ing to sleep deprivation the way they once aspired to a personal knowledge of God be an anti-democratic force? "There is no better ballast for keeping the mind steady on its keel, and sav­ing it from all risk of crankiness, than business." Do we escape by saving our bodies and letting our soul and minds leap for us? Do we become among those who, as Benjamin Franklin suggested, die at 25 but aren't buried until they are 70? One might take that leap of faith towards something that protects us from the unknown. Full humanness means full fear and trembling, at least some of the waking day. When you get a person to emerge into life, away from his dependencies, his automatic safety in the cloak of someone else's power, what joy can you promise him with the burden of his aloneness?
You don't have to be a psychiatrist to confront this irregularity. I have spent my journalistic life attempting to tell people things that will help them understand what is really happening around them. Yet the closer I have come to succeeding, the more resistance I have found. For some, even asking hard questions is a suspect activity. After all I am stealing their scarecrows.

Acceptance is more useful than anger and more realistic. Anger owns you without recourse.

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

the title of this is: lie spotting, and it provides several videos displaying bush the first and second in their various lies and also has saint obama in some of his less valiant speaking;

With the massive, out-of-control, large-scale deception and lies from the criminal network, or kakistocracy, that is in control, it’s useful to have some methods and skills available for spotting deceptions. One excellent method is described in a short TedTalks video (below) about spotting lies and is called “duping delight.” A self-explanatory term, usually this is manifested by a smirk, or less-than-genuine grin...........
the silly season is upon us and the latest 'debates' provide a great exposure of the foolishness we'll be exposed to for the next eighteen months, so here is a bit of it focused for your entertainment;

After getting curb stomped on the debate stage by Tulsi Gabbard, the campaign for Tim “Who the fuck is Tim Ryan?” Ryan posted a statement decrying the Hawaii congresswoman’s desire to end a pointless 18-year military occupation as “isolationism”.
“While making a point as to why America can’t cede its international leadership and retreat from around the world, Tim was interrupted by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard,” the statement reads. “When he tried to answer her, she contorted a factual point Tim was making— about the Taliban being complicit in the 9/11 attacks by providing training, bases and refuge for Al Qaeda and its leaders. The characterization that Tim Ryan doesn’t know who is responsible for the attacks on 9/11 is simply unfair reporting. Further, we continue to reject Gabbard’s isolationism and her misguided beliefs on foreign policy. We refuse to be lectured by someone who thinks it’s ok to dine with murderous dictators like Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad who used chemical weapons on his own people.”
Ryan’s campaign is lying. During an exchange that was explicitly about the Taliban in Afghanistan, Ryan plainly said “When we weren’t in there, they started flying planes into our buildings.” At best, Ryan can argue that when he said “they” he had suddenly shifted from talking about the Taliban to talking about Al Qaeda without bothering to say so, in which case he obviously can’t legitimately claim that Gabbard “contorted” anything he had said. At worst, he was simply unaware at the time of the very clear distinction between the Afghan military and political body called the Taliban and the multinational extremist organization called Al Qaeda.........
might be a bit prejudicial;

if you still use google you may wish to read the following exposure of their current practices;

Earlier this month, in one devastating algorithmic stroke, Google removed many of the top natural health and health freedom websites from their organic search results — some losing as much as 99% of their traffic. In fact, the term “organic” should no longer be used to describe Google’s referral traffic, as a jaw-dropping undercover investigation by Project Veritas reveals: Google surreptitiously manipulates its search results and auto-suggestions to conform to a very specific set of sociopolitical and economic agendas intended to manipulate elections and promote private interests.
We live in amazing times, albeit intense, filled with incredible darkness and light.

But thanks to the power of the internet, we have a level of freedom of information never enjoyed before by any previous generation on Earth — and that information is the very life’s blood of democratic ideals, and the necessary ingredient for informed consent and health freedom, our primary advocacies.
But what happens when the gate-keepers of the content that flows through this incredible invention, like Facebook and Pinterest, censor and shadow ban certain of its users or content, or their ability to send you messages via email service provider platforms like Mailchimp, as we’ve recently experienced on Where do we go for information then?
Why not skip the social media filtering and email platform censorship and go back to using Google, you might ask. Aren’t they the very archetype and modern-day oracle of fairness, having become synonymous with looking for and finding objective answers.
After all, wouldn’t you expect that if you typed in turmeric research, would come up on the first page, given we have the world’s largest, open access resource on the topic which curates over 2,700 peer-reviewed studies relevant to over 800 diseases, on the topic? Whereas a few years ago, our search traffic was growing, today it’s as if we don’t exist on the internet any longer (unless you specifically search for us by name)............
some guy named nick fuentes speaking about how racism doesn't focus clearly here in the empire, and is also unbalanced in its presentation;
here is a middle snip from chuck baldwin's opinion article about iran;

Tell me, folks, when did the terrible “terrorist” state of Iran shoot down a U.S. passenger jet and murder nearly 300 innocent civilian passengers? You can’t remember? Well, you can’t remember, because Iran did NOT shoot down an American passenger jet; it was America that shot down an Iranian passenger jet.
The date was July 3, 1988. The Iranian passenger jet was Iran Air Flight 655. The military vessel that shot down that Iranian passenger jet was the guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes, which fired two SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles—from inside Iranian territorial waters, no less. All 290 people on board were killed, including 66 children.
How’s THAT for an act of terrorism?
And just as Israel never apologized for attacking and trying to sink the USS LIBERTY on June 8, 1967 (killing 34 American sailors and Marines and wounding 174), the U.S. government never apologized for downing Iran Air Flight 655 (killing all 290 on board).
Folks, which country is sending spy drones and Raptor attack drones into another country’s airspace, Iran or America? Which country is sailing military ships into another country’s territorial waters, Iran or America? Which country is flying military attack aircraft into another country’s airspace, Iran or America? Which country has built dozens of military bases within a few miles of another nation’s borders, Iran or America? Which country is sending covert armies into another sovereign nation to disrupt communications and cyber security and blow up facilities and assassinate government officials and scientists? You know the answer: the United States (and Israel, of course)...
i've pasted here the second part of what the link below provided featured;

“Why is White Nationalism on the Rise?”
By Jared Taylor
On May 4, CNN published an article by David Neiwert called “Hate groups are recruiting our young people into a toxic belief system.” This belief system is “white nationalism,” which Mr. Neiwert warns is growing at an alarming rate: “[W]e’re talking in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of new young white nationalists being born online right now.”
Why is white nationalism, which Mr. Neiwert dismisses as “hateful” and “toxic,” so attractive? Because it is based on the conviction that whites—like every other racial group in America and the world—have legitimate group interests. The most obvious of these is not to be reduced to a minority where they have traditionally been the majority.
From its founding and until immigration policy changed in 1965, Americans took it for granted that whites would always be the majority. They were 85 percent of the population in 1960, but are now projected, largely through immigration, to become a minority by 2045.
Whites were never asked if this was what they wanted. White nationalists do not want to become a minority, and the burden is on people like Mr. Neiwert to explain why they are wrong.
Is it wrong for Japanese to want to remain a majority in Japan? Or Mexicans in Mexico? Or Turks in Turkey? Israel is an explicitly Jewish state, and virtually all Americans recognize its right to remain Jewish. White nationalists believe that whites—whether in the United States or Europe—have the same right.
It is not “hatred” for whites to want to live in a society shaped by the European values and texture of life handed down by their ancestors. Mass immigration changes a country—often radically—and whites have the absolute right to prefer societies that are faithful to their ancestral values. This is an entirely normal, healthy sentiment that Mr. Neiwert would surely not find “hateful” if expressed by non-whites.
Would Mr. Neiwert be happy if the whole world were changing as the United States or Europe is? Should populations migrate and mix everywhere, reducing every local majority to a minority? That would crush every distinct culture and civilization everywhere. Why is that acceptable only for white countries?
“White nationalists” recognize that hypnotic slogans do not make “diversity” a strength. It is a source of tension and conflict. At its worst, it means race riots and prison riots. Every day, it means discrimination lawsuits, resentment, accusations of insensitivity, and bitterness over whether the Oscars or Harvard or boardrooms or tech jobs or neighborhoods or the police force have the right racial mix.
Even if diversity were a strength, why should whites “celebrate” it when it always means a decline in their numbers and influence? No healthy people wants to give up its place in society and march into oblivion.
White nationalism is also the inevitable reaction to an increasingly harsh double standard: Whites must always be “sensitive” to others, even if others hold them in contempt.
In 2018, the New York Times appointed a 31-year-old immigrant from Korea, Sarah Jeong, to its editorial board. Miss Jeong had tweeted such things as “White men are bullshit,” “#CancelWhitePeople,” and “White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. That was my plan all along.” No white person who said anything remotely like this about non-whites could be a janitor at the Times.
In the 1960s, the national goal was to overcome racism and achieve color-blindness. Now, whites—but only whites—learn that, as Psychology Today explains, “Colorblind ideology is a form of racism.” When whites left transitioning neighborhoods, it was called “white flight” and was “racist.” When they go back to those neighborhoods, it is “gentrification,” which is also “racist.” It’s healthy for blacks or Asians or Hispanics to have a firm racial identity; for whites, it’s “Nazism.”
When blacks and Hispanics do not do as well as whites, it’s the fault of entrenched white supremacy. But if America is a white supremacist country, why do East Asians do so much better than whites?
All this—certainly not Donald Trump—explains the rise of white nationalism.
It is true that some people with nationalist ideas have committed horrific murderous acts. Why? Because when people have a voice, they speak. When they are hated, silenced, and their deeply felt values driven underground by self-righteous media censors, they may act in unspeakable ways.
There are democratic solutions to these problems. Censorship and demonization will make them worse...........
the truth about america as seen from elsewhere;

No one is talking about it openly, but, let us face it: those U.S.-made planes are crashing; the performance of Apple phones and computers is falling far behind those made by Huawei and other Chinese companies. Lenovo took over IBM and is doing extremely well. NASA is absolutely incapable of building decent rockets that would be able to deliver people or even satellites to space, cheaply and safely.
In the field of electric automobiles, China is far, far ahead. In fact, anyone who visits a major or secondary Chinese city, would be shocked to see that the implementation of ‘zero emission’ vehicles there is not something that is in the planning stage, it has for several years been a dream come true, reality: dozens of Chinese cities already have an excellent network of metro trains, of ecological electric buses, and of enormous public sidewalks that encourage people to stroll and remain healthy. Even police cars in China are electric.
Russia is doing extremely well, in several fields. In fact, it is at the vanguard, when it comes to such grounds as science and culture. Those days of ‘humiliation’ of the Gorbachev and Yeltsin era are far back, when Moscow naively believed Thatcherites and Reaganites! Russia is rolling: now producing and exporting excellent, often organic food. Its icebreakers are opening new paths for both people and goods. Russian space rockets are second to none, and its passenger airplanes are back in the skies. Nuclear and other power plants are helping to supply energy to many countries, all over the world.
You name it; China and Russia are producing it, developing it, helping to create it! Both nations are cooperating, scientifically, working for people, not just for business............
pcr raises good questions and provides equally good answers when pondering 'our' legal system;

Liberty Has Lost Its Protection
Paul Craig Roberts
July 4 should be a day of mourning.  The rights our ancestors fought for have been taken away.
Over the course of my lifetime there has been a fundamental shift in the attitude of the judiciary toward Constitutional rights.  I remember when guarding against any diminishing of constitutional rights was considered more important than convicting another criminal. There were cases in which the evidence needed in order to convict a person could not be collected, or used if collected, because it violated constitutional rights.  There are many instances of criminals walking free because police, prosecutors, and trials violated their rights.  Much of the unthinking public would be enraged, because judges let a criminal off.  The public were unable to understand that the judges were protecting their rights as well as the criminal’s.
This is an age old problem.  In Robert Bolt’s play, A Man for All Seasons, Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England, is criticized for refusing to bend the law in order to better pursue criminals. Sir Thomas asks his critic, if I cut down the law in order to pursue devils, what happens to the innocent when authority turns on them?  This question formerly had a powerful presence in the courtroom.
Over the course of my lifetime, the emphasis shifted from protecting constitutional rights to seeing them as obstacles to law enforcement. In order to convict a single individual or class of individuals, precedents were established that set aside constitutional rights that protected everyone.  The judiciary began stripping away constitutional protections of the entire population in order that one more guilty person could be more easily convicted.....

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one half of the 'national' party, and i forget if this is the stupid or crazy half, presented some of their 'candidates' this week, and here, kunstler highlights some of their antics;

My favorite moment in the Wednesday night “B” Team installment of the Democratic primary debates was Julian Castro’s “defense” of transgender abortion rights. Say what…? I almost dropped my bag of Dinamita Mojo Criollo Doritos. Did that really come out of Little Julian’s mouth? Apparently so. But how does it actually work?
Like, say, in theory, someone “transitioning” from female-to-male gets inadvertently knocked-up after a (perhaps mistaken) romantic encounter with an actual man and has to, you know, get rid of the little problem zhe has acquired? Could be… but is this a relatively common occurrence down San Antone way? And how might it apply in male-to-female trans cases of merely hysterical pregnancy? Sounds like something that the auteur Guillermo Del Toro might have fun with. Such are the thorny issues of “reproductive justice” that dot the arid terrain of Progressive Thought — like unto the poisonous fruit of the sacred datura bush in the Sonoran Desert.
More insidiously, Mr. Castro’s main immigration reform idea is to repeal Section 1325 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which is the federal law that makes casual “undocumented” entry to the USA a crime. In other words: an open border. Just pile on in y’all! Makes sense for a political party that has basic boundary problems with every other element of American life (see above). But something tells me it won’t poll so well in the places where misty notions of national sovereignty still linger and English is nostalgically preferred.
Mr. Castro was entertaining for sure, when he wasn’t over-speaking every other candidate on the rostrum, but the prize for pendejo del noche must go to that other Texan, long-tall Beto O’Rourke of the flapping arms and bobbing head, who virtually serenaded the audience in Español to represent his bona fides as the Party’s official El Zorro. Cory Booker gave the loving tongue a brief workout, too, later on, but he came off more like a broken piñata than Don Diego de la Vega........

the title says it all and provides some good examples;

5 signs you’re actually a Puritan psychopath

Hanging women thought to be witches in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and 1693 was probably the pinnacle of religious Puritanism.
That type of Puritanism used God and the Bible to force its own form of tyranny on anyone who challenged its authority.
But Puritanism doesn’t need to be based on God or the Bible. All it needs is fanatics convinced that their worldview is the only moral way and that others must be forced to adhere to it.
Puritans ignore logic and reason and stick to their dogma. That often leads to some form of a witch-hunt and “public hanging.”
Here are five signs that you’re not really a tolerant free thinking warrior for social justice, but actually a Puritan psychopath.
1. Sex is to be strictly regulated
This one is actually pretty similar to the religious Puritans.
They hated sex (outside of marriage) and regulated it strictly. Sodomy, masturbation, and pre-marital sex were strictly verboten.
Today’s Puritans have banned any talk of sex for fear that it will be classified as an unwanted sexual advance. People are terrified of sex because pursuing it in the wrong way could land them at the gallows. Even sex jokes are off-limits...........
similar thought process might be the rationalization;

pat buchanan speaks well of tulsi gabbard in this piece;

“For too long our leaders have failed us, taking us into one regime change war after the next, leading us into a new Cold War and arms race, costing us trillions of our hard-earned tax payer dollars and countless lives. This insanity must end.”
Donald Trump, circa 2016?
Nope. That denunciation of John Bolton interventionism came from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii during Wednesday night’s Democratic debate. At 38, she was the youngest candidate on stage.
Gabbard proceeded to rip both the “president and his chickenhawk cabinet (who) have led us to the brink of war with Iran.”
In a fiery exchange, Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio countered that America cannot disengage from Afghanistan: “When we weren’t in there they started flying planes into our buildings.”
“The Taliban didn’t attack us on 9/11,” Gabbard replied, “Al-Qaida attacked us on 9/11. That’s why I and so many other people joined the military, to go after al-Qaida, not the Taliban.”
When Ryan insisted we must stay engaged, Gabbard shot back:............

more confirmation that 'our free press' isn't and this from pcr;

The Propaganda Ministry Known as “the Free Press”
Paul Craig Roberts
As I have reported on many occasions, the presstitutes constitute not a free press but a Ministry of Propaganda for the government and ruling oligarchic interests.  Ben Norton explains that the New York Times gets permission from Washington before it prints a story:
The New York Times has publicly acknowledged that it sends some of its stories to the US government for approval from “national security officials” before publication.
He explains that CIA control and manipulation of the media has a long tradition, a tradition exposed by journalists who know:
Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein, a former Washington Post reporter who helped uncover the Watergate scandal, published a major cover story for Rolling Stone in 1977 titled “The CIA and the Media: How America’s Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up.”
Bernstein obtained CIA documents that revealed that more than 400 American journalists in the previous 25 years had “secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency.”
Bernstein wrote:..........

Thursday, June 27, 2019

the shape of 'our civil war' which is now unfolding has several layers and eric zuesse covers one part of that here;

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker blog
America is controlled only by its wealthiest, and they are solidly in control of both political Parties. However, now that they are in control, they are fighting bitterly amongst one-another. They are on two sides. Concerning foreign policies, and domestic policies, Republican Party billionaires hate especially Iran, and especially all progressivism. By contrast, concerning foreign policies, and domestic policies, Democratic Party billionaires hate especially Russia, and accept some progressivism. (They need to do the latter so that they can be considered to be liberals and thus tolerated or even admired by Democratic Party voters. That’s necessary for them because, for example, Democratic Party voters would be just as turned off toward a politician who is financed by and fronts for the conservative Koch brothers, as Republican Party voters would be turned off toward a politician who is financed by and fronts for the liberal George Soros — and everybody knows that billionaires fund the major politicians; it’s not a totally hidden fact. Soros and other liberal billionaires can claim to be ‘public spirited’, which is necessary for them in order to be able to appeal to liberals; but the Koch brothers and other avowedly conservative billionaires have no need to make that pretense in order to appeal to conservatives.)
Actually, all  billionaires are conservatives, because they need to be that, in order to call a country like America “democratic” instead of “dictatorial,” and they need that myth of American ‘democracy’ in order to prevent a revolution, which would strip them of their power. (No American billionaire calls America a “dictatorship,” even though it is and each of them knows it, since they collectively are the dictators here, and since they don’t become involved in politics, at all, unless they want to remain in control over it. The richer a person is, the more conservative the person tends to be, and billionaires are the richest people of all, so all of them are actually conservatives. Even billionaire liberals are conservative, because otherwise the individual would be fomenting revolution, and none of them is doing any such thing — what would they be revolting against, if not themselves? They can pretend to be progressive, but only pretend. Furthermore, every study shows that the richer a person is, the more involved in politics the person tends to be. Poor people are the least involved in politics, and this is one of the reasons why the U.S. is a dictatorship. It’s a dictatorship by the richest, and throughout thousands of years that has been called an “aristocracy,” as opposed to a “democracy.”.......
rape a child and go free but possess weed and go to jail is what this shows;

Tuscon, AZ — If ever you feel that the state has your interests in mind when they provide their mandatory “protection” through this system of law enforcement, consider the following scenario which completely negates that idea. When a system lets a child rapist go free while locking someone in a cage for selling a plant—that system does not have your interests in mind. Earlier this month, 29-year-old Carlos Correa of Hereford, Ariz. was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being busted during a traffic stop in 2015 carrying marijuana. Correa pleaded guilty to a federal drug conspiracy charge stemming from a marijuana smuggling ring.
He got twenty-five years in a cage for selling a plant. If this plant was dangerous and had killed millions of Americans, one could potentially make the case for advocating against it. However, that is not the case at all. Marijuana has never killed anyone, yet police officers and prosecutors still viciously go after those who attempt to sell and possess it. A travesty indeed............

eight minute video of pat conroy speaking about how those who claim to represent us don't;

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

short video of comedian explaining brexit;
tucker carlson speaks for five minutes about the koch brothers;
there's a video but the comments are great when the subject of a new war by the empire is broached;

An interesting straw poll of how attitudes are changing in America.
It is a mystery why Shapiro has any audience at all, considering his highly irritating way of speaking, jabbering away like angry chipmunk, but some powerful people REALLY want these views out there, so they push him hard, ... but we digress.
Shapiro's audience are boomers, Jews, and other assorted not too bright conservatives who have a high tolerance for nails scratching on a chalk board.
And even they aren't buying his warmongering.
Here is his call for holy war for Israel:............
in georgia cotton candy will send you to jail for months;

Monroe County, GA — An innocent grandma, Dasha Fincher, was kidnapped by police and thrown in a cage for months—not because she did anything wrong—but because police couldn’t tell the difference between cotton candy and meth. Now, this innocent new grandma is going after the police who did this to her as well as the company who manufacturers the dangerously inaccurate tests cops used to take her freedom. This gross negligence and kidnapping is all due to a flaw in the system stemming from prosecutors and police being unconcerned with actually testing evidence. A new report from CBS uncovered this problem in dozens of states in which innocent people are rotting in jail because police departments don’t send the evidence — that could potentially free them — into the lab to get tested.
According to the report, the average lab turn around time is around 100 days. This happens to be roughly the same amount of time Fincher spent in a cage for cotton candy.
This horror movie for Fincher started back on New Year’s Eve of 2016, a day this innocent grandmother says she’ll never forget...........
surprisingly buchanan sees the reality of what the empire has, and is, creating in the mid east;

Visualizing 150 Iranian dead from a missile strike that he had ordered, President Donald Trump recoiled and canceled the strike, a brave decision and defining moment for his presidency.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Vice President Mike Pence had signed off on the strike on Iran as the right response to Tehran’s shootdown of a U.S. Global Hawk spy plane over the Gulf of Oman.
The U.S. claims the drone was over international waters. Tehran says it was in Iranian territory. But while the loss of a $100 million drone is no small matter, no American pilot was lost, and retaliating by killing 150 Iranians would appear to be a disproportionate response.
Good for Trump. Yet, all weekend, he was berated for chickening out and imitating President Barack Obama. U.S. credibility, it was said, has taken a big hit and must be restored with military action.
By canceling the strike, the president also sent a message to Iran: We’re ready to negotiate.Yet, given the irreconcilable character of our clashing demands, it is hard to see how the U.S. and Iran get off this road we are on, at the end of which a military collision seems almost certain.
Consider the respective demands.
Monday, the president tweeted: “The U.S. request for Iran is very simple — No Nuclear Weapons and No Further Sponsoring of Terror!”.........
mr whitehead will show you herein that things ain't as groovy as your tv tells you they are;

Guest Post by John W. Whitehead
“She was asked what she had learned from the Holocaust, and she said that 10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and that 10 percent is merciful, no matter what, and that the remaining 80 percent could be moved in either direction.”—Kurt Vonnegut
Please spare me the media hysterics and the outrage and the hypocritical double standards of those whose moral conscience appears to be largely dictated by their political loyalties.
Anyone who believes that the injustices, cruelties and vicious callousness of the U.S. government are unique to the Trump Administration has not been paying attention.

No matter what the team colors might be at any given moment, the playbook remains the same. The leopard has not changed its spots. Scrape off the surface layers and you will find that the American police state that is continuing to wreak havoc on the rights of the people under the Trump Administration is the same police state that wreaked havoc on the rights of the people under every previous administration................
the economy isn't doing near as well as your tv tells you and pcr, a former member of reagans treasury tells you about it here;

The Diminishing American Economy
Paul Craig Roberts
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Since June 2009 Americans have lived in the false reality of a recovered economy.  Various fake news and manipulated statistics have been used to create this false impression.  However, indicators that really count have not supported the false picture and were ignored.
For example, it is normal in a recovering or expanding economy for the labor force participation rate to rise as people enter the work force to take advantage of the job opportunities.  During the decade of the long recovery, from June 2009 through May 2019, the labor force participation rate consistently fell from 65.7 to 62.8 percent. 
Another characteristic of a long expansion is high and rising business investment. However, American corporations have used their profits not for expansion, but to reduce their market capitalization by buying back their stock.  Moreover, many have gone further and borrowed money in order to repurchase their shares, thus indebting their companies as they reduced their capitalization!  That boards, executives, and shareholders chose to loot their own companies indicates that the executives and owners do not perceive an economy that warrants new investment. 
How is the alleged 10-year boom reconciled with an economy in which corporations see no investment opportunities?..........

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

the lowest common denominator is where we're heading;

The social media that were originally going to set opinion free and give voice to everyone will end by stifling expression and creating fear. Denunciation combines the delights of self-righteousness with those of revenge, sadism, and the contemplation of the discomfort or worse of other people. It requires no courage and is within the capacity of all. The day cannot be far off, one imagines, when people will viscerally understand the danger to themselves of saying certain things on social media and will censor themselves automatically. If this continues long enough, certain things will not only become unsayable but unthinkable, for habit eventually is transformed into character. This is the whole point of political correctness........

comment found on www;

Constitutional rights stand through time holding fast through the ebb and flow of current controversy. Bad political ideas cannot be stopped by criminalizing bad political speech. Crime waves cannot be broken with warrantless searches and unreasonable seizures. Neither can the government response to a few mad men with guns and ammunition be a law that turns millions of responsible, law-abiding people trying to protect themselves into criminals.
clear enough;

twelve minute video with tucker carlson doing a fine job of dismantling the arguments of the zionists;
the thin blue line gets more absurd every day;

Freeport, IL — Shaquille Dukes, 24, was admitted to the hospital earlier this month with double pneumonia and trying to make a recovery when his hospital visit took a turn for the worse thanks to police. While listening to the doctor’s orders and taking a walk outside — like people do in hospitals every day across the county — Dukes was accused of attempting to steal the IV equipment that was still attached to his arm, and he was arrested...........
whatever you do, don't mention israel;

Yesterday Nancy Pelosi asked a very pointed question on CNN, Why is Trump threatening a war with Iran?
[W]hat is his motivation? What is their motivation to be provocative with the Iranians? Why did the president turn his back on the Iranian nuclear agreement? What’s the logic except some other issue — that it was negotiated by President Obama? We had so many national security experts, whether they were ambassadors, generals, admirals and all the rest supporting the agreement as well, so it had official, diplomatic, national security, technical, nuclear, et cetera support along the way. So why?
So, then he comes in and does — undoes that and inflames the U.S.-Iran issue. Why? What is the purpose?… I think he probably knows there’s no appetite for war among the American people.
There seems to me a very obvious answer to this question. Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Adelson called on the last president, Barack Obama, to nuke Iran in 2013 rather than negotiate with Iran, and Obama ignored the advice. But Trump can’t ignore Adelson. Adelson and his wife Miriam gave $177 million to Donald Trump’s campaign and Republican causes in 2016-2018, making them his biggest donors by far; and Trump surely regards Adelson as his best hope for securing a second term, and for keeping him out of jail, too…
The president is famously transactional; and I believe that $177 million explains Trump giving the Adelsons, who love Israel, one gift after another, from moving the Embassy, to defunding UNRWA, to recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, to destroying the Iran deal. If only Russia had such influence! No wonder Trump is said to be considering a “tactical” assault on Iran. A lot like the “tactical” nuke Adelson pushed in 2013..........
seems about right from what i've seen;

giraldi, a former cia employee, speaks here about trump, his record and his focus on iran;

I confess to being mystified by those Americans who lean conservative, like myself, who continue to think that President Donald J. Trump is somehow doing a good job. To be sure, the economy continues to add mostly low paying jobs but claims that the new tax law benefits the middle class are a bit hard to swallow as the elimination of a whole category of deductions for state and local taxes means that I and many other middle-income types will be paying more. And there are whole policy-categories where the Trump record is appalling, to include the federal deficit, trade disputes that are alienating friends and allies, and sheer obstinate idiocy regarding the environment and climate change. Meanwhile, the president’s unrelenting moronic tweets and ridicule of critics have demeaned the office that he holds and made him look like a buffoon.
But Trump was not elected necessarily to create jobs or provide clean water, to make international trade more fair, or to pay attention to the weather. He was elected on two issues. The first was immigration, which energized folks in working class communities who were watching the America they grew up and the jobs that sustained it disappear in a confrontation with an unassimilable wave of mostly Latin American illegal immigrants. Trump promised to put a stop to the flow of immigrants across the border by building a wall if necessary while also catching and deporting illegals currently in the country.
The second issue was foreign policy, and more specifically the termination of the never-ending war legacy that Trump inherited from George W. Bush and Barack Obama, which motivated people like myself to vote for him. He exploited legitimate concerns over “Hillary the Hawk” and promised to disengage from existing conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria while more-or-less pledging not to get involved in further democracy promotion or regime change..........
caitlin speaks to those who don't fall to the matrix here in this article;

If you are reading this, it’s most likely the result of a series of events in your life which have drawn your interest and attention to the fact that our world is quite a bit different from what we’ve been told by our school teachers, by the news media, by Hollywood, and by politicians.
At some point, for whatever reason, you’ve come to realize that the consensus narratives in our society about what’s going on are false. The tools that people are taught to use to inform themselves about their government, their nation and their world are not just full of inaccuracies, but deliberate distortions, ranging from the reasons we’re given for why wars are started, to the way our political systems work, to where real power and authority actually lies, to the way nations and governments actually behave in the world.
This awareness has come with a degree of alienation. Not buying into the same consensus narratives about the world as your friends, loved ones and peers comes with an inability to relate to them on some levels, which can cause you to feel a lack of intimacy in those areas. You may have also found yourself the odd one out in conversations about politics or other controversial issues, maybe even lost old friends over it.
But you kept going anyway. For some of us, it’s more important to be true to the truth than it is to fit in. You’re one of those people........

pcr speaks herein of the nature of americans, that you won't necessarily like;

Be Wary of Undue Optimism
Paul Craig Roberts
Caitlin Johnstone, one of my favorite commentators whose columns I often repost, apparently has felt some pressure from some readers for a bit of optimism.  She found it in the “underlying goodness” of Americans who must be deceived into war.  If Americans were really bad, she says, they would not have to be deceived and manipulated into going to war.  She concludes that the fact that they are deceived and manipulated means that it is not their fault.  As Caitlin puts it, “We must be vigilant in directing our anger at the manipulators and not the manipulated. It’s always the conman’s fault, never the victim.”  Thus does she absolve Americans for any responsibility for the massive crimes their country has committed against other peoples. 
This will go down well with most Americans as long as it only applies to the US.  But what if she made this same case in behalf of the Germans during the Third Reich?  She would be thoroughly denounced and demonized.  
The column is not one of Caitlin’s best.  It is always more comfortable to blame others than ourselves.  Before writing this column, Caitlin might have benefitted from recalling the old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”
What Caitlin overlooks is that there is something desperately wrong with Americans that they can be consistently fooled again, and again, and again, and yet again, and never catch on.  Their gullibility is especially difficult to comprehend in face of the 21st century’s concentrated dose of deceptions—9/11, Afghanistan, Saddan Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russian invasions, MH-17, the long list of lies about Gaddafi, the bombings of Pakistan, Maduro starving his own people–one deception rapidldy following the other and never does a doubt arise in the good Americans’ minds.  
Before accusing me of being a male chauvinist for “attacking a woman,” rest assured that Caitlin can take care of herself.  .......