Monday, September 17, 2018

here are more of my word doc ruminations and i've got a lot of them built up over the years but until now, no where to take them as the local fishwrap doesn't publish letters to the editor any more. too much uncontrolled thinking was going there. an electronic local fishwrap will publish me but only on two month intervals;

In America the Establishment consists of the private interest groups; the financial sector, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, extractive industries, and agribusiness. They write the laws that government enacts. Political party in-groups serve these interests in exchange for large campaign donations. The two political parties in the Empire compete to be the whore of the private interest groups. The majority party can do more favors and thus get more benefits.

Europeans are responsible for the American Empire. Europeans bought into the Cold War, and assigned their defense and foreign policy to America. Europeans haven’t had an independent foreign policy since WW II and are vassal states of the American Empire taking their orders from Washington. No European “leader” is independent of Washington’s control.

All evidence shows, Russia has threatened no country. Russia appeals endlessly to international law without effect. Washington’s position is that Washington, as the “exceptional country,” is above all law, both international and domestic.

Washington wants to overthrow Syria because its an independent country, opposes Israel and isn’t the Empire’s puppet. Ukraine historically is part of Russia. By overthrowing the Ukrainian elected government and installing Washington’s puppets, Washington brings troubles to Russia. Like China, Russia is a constraint on Washington’s hegemony, and the destabilization of these constraints is the driving force of Washington’s foreign policy. Washington’s captive European puppet states accommodate Washington’s drive to war with Russia and China. The war will be nuclear and will terminate life on earth.

Our ancestors violently stole this land from its original inhabitants. We’re the occupying descendants telling everyone how peace loving we are while we’ve been at continual war ever since Jamestown. “Consumers” trade the reality of freedom for the illusion of safety because our “schools” have trained them in organized ignorance. To maintain “our way of life” we lie to ourselves and each other. Those who burned “witches” thought they were doing good deeds.

Previous generations believed women and non-whites were intellectually inferior and went unchallenged in that. If you challenged that idea you were ostracized.

Torture is wrong, except when we do it. Transparency is important except when it reveals things we don’t want known. Human rights are important unless it the empire in action. International law must be enforced, except when it’s the empire acting.

Vote for nobody. Nobody will keep their promises. Nobody cares. Nobody tells the truth.

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