Saturday, September 15, 2018

 i've always been amazed that those who tell us are authorized by god to represent him at the same time do such things as this article spells out. how is it that there are any remaining catholics, or for that matter, most of the other 'religious leaders' who do or allow such things;

I'm telling you, the Roman Catholic Church is about as corrupt as it gets.  From it's heresies to its conduct, the apostate RCC continues to put in positions of authority corrupt and sexually degenerate men and hold them up as "holy."  Now, it's being revealed the Pope Francis commissioned a report while he was archbishop of the Archdiocese in Buenos Aires attacking sex abuse victims while at the same time defending a priest that was convicted of sexually molesting a teenage boy.
Life Site News reports:
Perhaps the most egregious case of obstruction, stonewalling, and negligence regarding a clerical child sex abuser on the part of Jorge Bergoglio was that of Julio César Grassi, a priest famous throughout Argentina for his work with poor and orphan children, and who became the subject of numerous accusations by teen residents of his facilities, which led to his conviction for sex abuse of a minor in 2013 as well as other charges and a sentence of more than 15 years in prison.

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