Wednesday, September 26, 2018

 pcr once again details the reasons putin's russia aught to oppose the empire in clear sight instead of 'pussy footing' because the empire doesn't have benign intentions;

Is Russia Being Betrayed By Its Own Intelligensia?

Is Russia Being Betrayed By Its Own Intelligensia?
Paul Craig Roberts
The Russian military refused to buy Putin’s excuse for Israel’s intentional murder of 15 Russian Air Force personnel. The Russian military knows precisely what happened and has not been hesitant to make completely clear Israel’s total betrayal of the Russian government’s naive and gullible trust in the criminal state of Israel.
One marvels at the foreign policy incompetence of Putin’s civilian advisers. Apparently there is no Russian awareness that the ONLY REASON for Washington’s fake “war on terror” is to clear out of the Middle East all governments with foreign policies independent of Washington, governments that are in the way of Israel’s expansion. Israel is especially interested to annex southern Lebanon and wants the Hezbollah militia, which Israel has been unable to defeat, out of the way by using Washington to put Syria and Iran into the same chaos as Washington put Iraq and Libya. Once Syria and Iran are in chaos, there is no one left to supply Hezbollah, and Israel can again march into Lebanon.
Does the Russian government not understand that the “terrorists” are Washington’s operatives? Washington pretends that some of these “terrorists” are “democratic rebels” opposing the alleged “Syrian dictatorship.” Washington pretends that others of its mercenaries are “terrorists,” whose presence is Washington’s justification for having US military forces in Syria illegally to “fight terrorism,” an excuse that has evaporated with Washington’s obvious and determined shielding of the remaining al Qaeda, al Nusra, and ISIS forces in Syria. The American neoconservatives, most of whom are Zionists tightly allied with Netanyahu, formulated a doctrine of US world hegemony. This ideological doctrine of “American exceptionalism” serves as a cloak to hide the fact that Washington is serving Israel’s interest in the Middle East.
These completely obvious, transparent facts are apparently over the head of Putin’s civilian advisors.

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