Monday, October 31, 2022

 kunstler explores the parts of the latest pelosi adventure that are public and in attempting to add them up comes up short and clearly isn't surprised;

All the narratives spun by the Party of Chaos are falling apart now, but this final fiasco a mere week before the midterm election is a humdinger with a cherry-on-top.

It’s been several days since San Francisco police interrupted a hammer fight between Paul Pelosi — husband of House Speaker Nancy — and his “friend… David,” in the Pelosis’ Pacific Heights home, and apparently the cops have not asked David DePape why he was there in the first place. Odd, a little bit. Is it possible that a whole chain of authorities from the SFPD clear up into the top of the US government and its Democratic Party sidekicks don’t want you to know what actually happened?

So far, not much in this cockamamie story adds up. Quite a bit is known now about the attacker, David DePape. He was a colorful character on the scene in radical Berkeley across the bay, a “nudist activist” and BLM supporter. He’d lived there and had a child with one Oxane “Gypsy” Taub, a fellow nude activist and whack-job, who has spent time in prison for child abduction. That partnership ended seven years ago and DePape has been homeless on and off since then. Acquaintances and Berkeley neighbors describe him as not mentally healthy, saying he exhibits psychotic delusions and is sometimes incoherent.

So far, police have not disclosed how DePape journeyed from Berkeley to Pacific Heights at 2:00 o’clock in the morning, about fourteen miles. Did he walk from Berkeley across the Bay Bridge and then halfway across town? Mr. DePape is apparently also known to the police as a gay hustler, that is, a person who sells sex for money. Unless I’m mistaken, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) has a detective department — experienced men and women who go around the city seeking clues, evidence, and testimony in order to make sense of perplexing crimes — and then solve them! Shall we assume they are on-the-job?

Now, Paul Pelosi, 82, who made a $300-million fortune running a car service (also shrewd investments in real estate and the stock market), has been in quite a bit of trouble this year. On May 28, 2022, he was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Napa (near a vineyard estate he owns with Nancy) when his 2021 Porsche crashed into a 2014 Jeep driven by one “John Doe” (as the police identified him). KGO-TV, ABC’s affiliate in the San Francisco area, said that there was a second person in the Porsche with Pelosi at the time of the accident. He has never been identified..........more........

 why one might wonder at the death spike in the chart presented at which point i'd be asking what happened then, and the answer is, the 'jab';


 jeffery sachs speaks the realities of the ukraine game i doubt you'll ever hear from 'our free press' and it ain't in the empire's favor;


 the southern prepper is asking for feedback;


 gonzalo lira makes a series of excellent points about the ukraine game;


 colonel mac gregor speaks about the ukraine game from recent times and where it may go;


 neil oliver speaks about the powers that shouldn't be and how they're viewed;


 more confirmation that the empire was the culprit;

 the beest can't be satisfied it seems as she spread's her venom continually but elon has a comeback;

 mr peters speaks herein on the covid subject and the results of the 'jab';

This report concerns word just received from an old friend of mine about a friend of his (whom I also know) about his son, who – like an alarming number of other people’s sons (and daughters) has developed heart problems.

It is alarming because young people used to develop heart problems rarely, if ever. Until about two years ago, that is. Now, for some reason, it has become almost as common as acne among young people.

Yet almost no one wants to talk about why that is. What might be the cause of it. The one thing that has changed during the past two years that might account for it, since the two things are congruent.........more.......

 if this is a real untouched video its a great thing;


 its a curious movie to watch in which the empire attacks russians and expects them to grin and bare it;

It appears that the global food crisis that started in 2022 is going to go to an entirely new level in 2023.  As I have been documenting on my websites, worldwide supplies of food have been getting tighter and tighter for months.  Historic droughts have been crippling food production all over the northern hemisphere, much less fertilizer is being used in poorer countries because of how insanely expensive it has become, and the war in Ukraine has restricted the flow of agricultural exports out of one of the most important breadbaskets on the entire planet.  Thankfully, a deal that was signed in July had allowed hundreds of ships loaded with precious grain to travel through the war zone successfully.  But now that deal is completely dead and the Russians have resumed their blockade of Ukrainian ports

Russia resumed its blockade of Ukrainian ports on Sunday, cutting off urgently needed grain exports to hungry parts of the world in what President Biden called a “really outrageous” act.

Biden — speaking in Wilmington, Del. — warned that global hunger could increase because of Russia’s suspension of a U.N.-brokered deal to allow safe passage of ships carrying grain from Ukraine, one of the world’s breadbaskets.

“It’s really outrageous,” Biden said Saturday. “There’s no merit to what they’re doing. The U.N. negotiated that deal and that should be the end of it.”

So why did the Russians do this?.......more.........

 this is big, and good for the world with the indian government banning glyphosate;

The Indian government has restricted the use of glyphosate-based herbicides due to the risks to human and animal health. On Tuesday the Agricultural Ministry stated in a notification that “the use of glyphosate is prohibited and no person, except Pest Control Operators (PCOs), shall use glyphosate.”

The government statement added that all agrichemical companies have been asked to return the certificate of registration granted for glyphosate and its derivatives to the registration committee so that the warning in capital letters can be incorporated on labels and leaflets. Permission will only be given for glyphosate formulations through PCOs. The companies have been given three months to return the certificate, otherwise strict action will be taken as per the provisions of the Insecticides Act, 1968.

The final notification restricting the use of glyphosate across India comes two years after the Agricultural Ministry issued a draft notification on July 2, 2020. The draft was released following a decision by the Kerala government to ban the distribution, sale and use of the world’s most used weed killer.

Kerala, Punjab, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are among the major agriculturally important states that have banned the use of glyphosate citing its adverse impact on human health, according to Business Standard.

The main points of the Indian government notification are:

  • No person shall use Glyphosate except through Pest Control Operators.
  • All the holders of certificate of registration granted for Glyphosate and its derivatives shall return the certificate of registration to the Registration Committee for incorporation of the warning in bold letters “THE USE OF GLYPHOSATE FORMULATION TO BE ALLOWED THROUGH PEST CONTROL OPERATORS (PCOs)” on the label and leaflets.
  • If any person who holds the certificate of registration fails to return the certificate to the Registration Committee, referred to in clause (3), within a period of three months, action shall be taken under the provisions contained in the said Act.
  • Every State Government shall take all such steps under the provisions of the said Act and the rules framed thereunder, as it considers necessary for the execution of this Order in the State.

The move to restrict glyphosate is likely partly aimed at controlling the spread of illegal herbicide tolerant (HT) cotton, which more farmers in some regions of India have been caught planting in the past few years.

There are very few Pest Control Operators in rural areas of India, so the draft order is seen as an attempt by the Indian government to stop the use of glyphosate using a regulation that makes it almost impossible for farmers to spray glyphosate.........more........

Sunday, October 30, 2022

 tucker carlson has something to say about diesel;

It’s been two days since Tucker reported on this.  I freaked. I waited a couple days to settle down. I’m still freaked out. No shit, really.  Here’s the thing about all these End-Of-America scenarios — from the massive debt, to Weimer style inflation, to nuclear apocalypse, and all the rest — it could happen tomorrow, or in a year, or many years, or even not at all.

This situation is very very different. When the diesel is no longer available,  everything pretty much shuts down, and very quickly. Everything you consume, from food to thumbtacks come to you via trucks, ships, rail, and air, and it all runs on diesel. We have 25 days of diesel fuel left.  The fJB administration is “closely monitoring” the situation. Let me translate that for you;  we are seriously good and fucked come this Christmas! 

Q: Am I wrong?  Aren’t YOU freaked out by this???  If not, wtf are you smoking?

Where has all the Diesel gone, long time passing?
Where has all the Diesel gone, long time ago?
Where have all the Diesel gone?
Ol’ Joe sold it to China, every gallon.
Oh, when will we ever learn?
Oh, what will I eat this Christmas?

 here are some methods to resist digital dollars when the empire tries to force them on you;

There’s an excellent chance governments worldwide will soon force their citizens to use central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

CBDCs enable all sorts of horrible, totalitarian things.

They allow governments to track and control every penny you earn, save, and spend. They are a powerful tool for politicians to confiscate and redistribute wealth as they see fit.

CBDCs will make it possible for central banks to impose deeply negative interest rates, which are really just a euphemism for a tax on saving money.

Governments could program CBDCs to have an expiration date—like some airline frequent flyer miles—forcing people to spend them, for example, before the end of the month when they’d become worthless.

CBDCs will enable devious social engineering by allowing governments to punish and reward people in ways they previously couldn’t.

Suppose governments impose lockdowns again for flu season, so-called “climate change,” or whatever pretext they find convenient. CBDCs could be programmed to only work in a geographic area. For example, your payments could be denied if you travel more than a mile from your home during a lockdown...........more..........


 those who create problems may not be a wise choice for those recruited to fix them;

Neil Oliver : [from 7:30] They are trying to tell us that nobody said the vaccines don’t prevent transmission. Soon they will tell us they never forced you to take the

 seems like this identifies things clearly though it don't rule out others being included as well;

Why does the left call the right fascists? The left wants to force people to take an injection from known criminal pharma companies or be thrown in prison. The left wants anyone who questions elections thrown in prison. The left wants anyone who questions anything banned from speaking. Fascist


i-cant-blame-paul-pelosi-for-cheating-on-nancy is the title of this video and there are more questions than there are answers, but it could be there's something going on that ain't being reported, like a gay encounter;


 racism or realistic description. you get to choose how you see it;

This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s in a black majority Southern town. My parents were both Appalachian “hillbillies” who had gone away to college and become liberals. They moved to a large coastal town for work. Our new home was the site of a large “historically black college,” which had been recently absorbed into the state university system. Most of the local public school system’s teachers and administrators were graduates of this college, and they were well versed in the kind of militant black rage we have come to call critical race theory and African American Studies. I don’t know if it had a name back then. We called it “the extremely angry teacher is on another rampage.”

We made our move just as I began second grade. I was one of 33 students in my classroom, about 20 of whom were black. Our teacher was a very nice black lady — an elderly woman who had taught black kids for decades in segregated schools; now she taught white children too. She was very strict and easily controlled the big class. It didn’t take long to notice the black kids were low-functioning compared to the white minority. We spent the entire year learning to count to 100, recite the alphabet (in order, please!), and name the days of the week.

But the good times were not to last. The next year, I had a young white teacher fresh out of college, far less competent and extremely timid about correcting black kids. And did they ever need correcting. Whereas in the second grade we had two single-seat toilets in the back of the room, now we were expected to go to the huge bathroom all in a bunch at the same time. I was astonished to learn how differently black kids behave in the bathroom. I shall attempt not to get too graphic, but I must try to convey how utterly savage the environment was.

First, I learned why there was never any toilet paper. The black boys deliberately urinated on every roll of toilet paper, soaking it through. Paper towel dispensers were completely emptied, all the towels were flushed down the toilets, clogging them and rendering them useless. If any of them needed to “number two,” they would clog the toilet first, leaving their huge stinking bowel movements afloat atop the wad of paper towels. They did not wipe as you or I might — it was no inconvenience for them that the toilet paper was soaked with urine, they had no other use for the stuff. Having answered nature’s call, a black boy would wipe up with his hands, pull up his britches and casually give his hand a quick rinse (pronounced “rinch”) in the stink, leaving the water running.........more.........

 this essay and accompanying quotes from putin show clearly that your tv is lying one more time;

In an all-encompassing address to the plenary session of the 19th annual meeting of the Valdai Club, President Putin delivered no less than a devastating, multi-layered critique of unipolarity.

From Shakespeare to the assassination of Gen Soleimani; from musings on spirituality to the structure of the UN; from Eurasia as the cradle of human civilization to the interconnection of BRI, SCO and the INSTC; from nuclear dangers to that peripheral peninsula of Eurasia “blinded by the idea that Europeans are better than others”, the address painted a Brueghel-esque canvas of the “historical milestone” facing us, in the middle of “the most dangerous decade since the end of WWII.”

Putin even ventured that, in the words of the classics, “the situation is, to a certain extent, revolutionary” as “the upper classes cannot, and the lower classes do not want to live like this anymore”. So everything is in play, as “the future of the new world order is being shaped before our eyes.”

Way beyond a catchy slogan about the game the West is playing, “bloody, dangerous and dirty”, the address and Putin’s interventions at the subsequent Q&A should be analyzed as a coherent vision of past, present and future. Here we offer just a few of the highlights:

“The world is witnessing the degradation of world institutions, the erosion of the principle of collective security, the substitution of international law for ‘rules’”.

“Even at the height of the Cold War, nobody denied the existence of the culture and art of the Other. In the West, any alternative point of view is declared subversive.”

“The Nazis burned books. Now the Western fathers of ‘liberalism’ are banning Dostoevsky.”

“There are at least two ‘Wests’. The first is traditional, with a rich culture. The second is aggressive and colonial.”

“Russia has not and does not consider itself an enemy of the West.

Russia tried to build relations with the West and NATO – to live together in peace and harmony. Their response to all cooperation was simply ‘no’.”

“We do not need a nuclear strike on Ukraine, there is no point – neither political nor military.”........more.......

 questions get raised sometimes that get no answers;

Again, the guy was in his underwear. I think Nanci’s husband likes a little rough gay sex and it got out of control…As a cop for 11 yrs in St. Louis I never once worked a burglary where the broken glass and debris at the entry point was OUTSIDE the residence.........more.........

 everything you need comes by truck using diesel;

The Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions of the United States face an impending diesel collapse as supplies reach the lowest ever levels for this time of year.

There is only a 25-day supply of the industrial fuel in storage, we are told. And at least one fuel supply logistics company has had to initiate emergency protocols in anticipation of supplies potentially running dry.

“Because conditions are rapidly devolving and market economics are changing significantly each day, Mansfield is moving to Alert Level 4 to address market volatility,” announced Mansfield Energy in an update to customers on Tuesday.

“Mansfield is also moving the Southeast to Code Red, requesting 72-hour notice for deliveries when possible, to ensure fuel and freight can be secured at economical levels.”

Mansfield currently maintains a fleet of tankers that delivers refined fuel products to more than 8,000 customers across the country. The company remains a critical component of the fuel supply chain, without which truckers would not be able to obtain the fuel they need to keep the country’s economy moving.

In many areas along the East Coast, diesel prices are already “30-80 cents higher than the posted market average because supply is tight,” the company further announced.

“At times, carriers are having to visit multiple terminals to find supply, which delays deliveries and strains local trucking capacity.”

Is the United States on the verge of a total diesel COLLAPSE?

When they say 25-day supply, just to be clear, this means that at any given time, should diesel fuel production just stop entirely, it has the potential to completely run out in less than one month’s time..........more........

 the author titled this essay: the american war for righteousness is a war of evil, and i agree;

Here is Raskin stating why we must be in Ukraine:

“Moscow right now is a hub of corrupt tyranny, censorship, authoritarian repression, police violence, propaganda, government lies and disinformation, and planning for war crimes. It is a world center of antifeminist, antigay, anti-trans hatred, as well as the homeland of replacement theory for export. In supporting Ukraine, we are opposing these fascist views, and supporting the urgent principles of democratic pluralism.”

Sound familiar? It should, as it is the same litany of accusations we hear constantly and hysterically spouted by most of our legacy media domestically to attack, impugn and cancel those who question and challenge the latest conquests of our “liberal democracy.” The language is nearly identical, save for the location.

Those “ultra MAGA” types must be defeated, extinguished, whether in America or in Russia….

Raskin thus reveals the template, a universal template, which is employed both domestically here in the US and also globally by NATO and the EU to justify its actions in Ukraine…and elsewhere..........more........

Saturday, October 29, 2022

 its all failing at the same time;


 greg mannarino tells you how the real estate market is collapsing;


 tucker carlson covers the diesel shortage. it certainly appears from all corners that the sain't obama/'joe biden' administration is doing all of this intentionally to align themselves with the klaus schwab gang;







and it ain't foreign efforts to bend 'elections' but those of 'our fellow americans'; 


conspiracy theories are based upon reality and are more accurately called critical thinking; 

 sometime you just gotta speak the truth;

MUST WATCH: The brilliant Professor Sachs speaks the truth and offers his wisdom and advice for humanity. [video clip 1/6] "The real struggle of the world is to live together and overcome our common crises of environment and inequality."


 it looks like there are some who believe 'our' honest election process can be bent;

Just like the Republicans back in the Nineties (and beyond), the Democrats today CAN’T win elections honestly—because they’re pushing an agenda that repels most voters. What, then, must we do?

By way of preface to this post, here’s a video I did a few weeks prior to Election Day, 2016, in hopes of making clear that Donald Trump (whom I did not support—and never will, as he’s still pushing “vaccination”) was well within his rights to warn that that election might be stolen, and that he would not concede if, having “lost,” he had compelling evidence of

 this is easily the third time this foreign effort to create their own reality in iran has resulted in large street demonstrations. the question becomes who will succeed in this;

Iran’s top intelligence bodies have issued a joint statement, pointing to the major role of foreign intelligence agencies, especially the CIA, in orchestrating the violent riots in Iran in the past weeks.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) issued the statement on Friday, explaining different aspects of the recent riots in Iran in detail.

“Continuous and precise” intelligence monitoring in the past year as well as acquired documents during the recent unrest reveals “numerous examples and undeniable references of the all-out role of the American terrorist regime in designing, implementing, and maintaining” the unrest, they said.

The statement further elaborates on the issue by offering facts on three categories “before the unrest,” “during the unrest” and “after the unrest.”

The American regime launched a “pre-planned” project by exploiting the tragic death of Mahsa Amini before the announcement of official investigations, reads the statement.

It censured Washington’s exploitation of the tragedy for its political interests despite having a history of ignoring the heinous Saudi crime of killing journalist Jamal Khashoggi or the intentional killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akeleh by the Israeli regime.

“Intelligence evidence shows that the CIA had devised an extensive plan with the cooperation of allied spy services and reactionary proxies before the start of the unrest to initiate a nationwide chaos with the aim of committing crimes against the great Iranian nation and the country’s territorial integrity as well as paving the ground for increasing foreign pressures,” it added.........more.......

 this closing will be a very large item that will impede 'getting back to normal';

This is the biggest, most consequential news on Earth today, yet only a tiny handful of people see it.

Masako and I were at BASF in Ludwigshafen 2x this year warning about the collapse of the Verbund. Warning this was coming. “Verbund” is a word invented by BASF to describe their amazingly complex 10 square kilometer plant. The incredibly interwoven chemical/industrial fabric — you must see it to believe it.

According to BASF, they cannot just shut down the plant without killing it. Like shutting down a human body. After you reach a certain point, it’s just a mouldering.

I’ve said on at least a hundred interviews — watch BASF. When BASF dies, Europe dies.

The green energy bullshit. The global warming bullshit. Stolen elections. The incredibly stupid ‘Ukraine’ war. The death jabs. No borders.

Billions of people will starve/perish from this and related collapse. This is Gigacide. ............more..........

Friday, October 28, 2022

 kunstler speaks about upcoming possibilities and where it all can lead;

The death of the faithless state is as natural and lovely as a melting snowflake…All the broken things will start to be fixed. And all the crazy things will go away, immediately. —another one from Curtis Yarvin

Can our country begin to get its head screwed back on with the midterm election? The cynicism ‘out there’ is monumental. Even if the perfidious Party of Chaos gets thrashed unto near death at the polls, awful pitfalls and frightful quandaries await whatever regime coalesces into a legislative majority of the center and right.

And there remains in place the ghastly figure of “Joe Biden,” the waxwork “president” fronting the coterie of Jacobin crazies still aiming to drag Western Civ into the dumpster of history. One thing a congressional committee might probe posthaste: who exactly has been running the executive branch for two years? My guess would be Barack Obama by way of Susan Rice, Director of the Domestic Policy Council (office in the White House) whose activities are never, ever discussed in the news media. In fact, her mere presence is unacknowledged. I doubt that one-in-a-thousand people in Times Square could tell you who she is and what she does. How many times a day is Ms. Rice on-the-horn with the Gentleman of Kalorama? Are there logs of her calls? Does she use an endless supply of cheap untraceable burner phones? Or does she limo across town regularly to get orders in person?

Is there some penalty for running a shadow government, perhaps something in the sedition or treason folders of federal law? The degree of malign policy coordination throughout Western Civ also suggests that outside actors exert some heavy influence on our affairs. Is Mr. Obama running “Joe Biden” according to a WEF playbook, as appears to be the case with WEFfer implants Justin Trudeau of Canada and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand? It would help explain how so many measures and actions outside our national interest have played out lately — the Gestapo-ization of the FBI, the overt censorship, the wide-open border, draining the strategic petroleum reserve, the drag queen shindigs, the foolish effort to “weaken” Russia in Ukraine, the climate change hysteria, the fiscal idiocy, and everything about-and-around Covid-19.........more.........

 evidence of the empire's crimes in ukraine are presented here with current events being highlighted;


 just short of two minutes with a vaxxed individual saying he's sorry for his position on the 'jab';


 caitlin wonders why the 'government' and its vassals succeed at crying 'hitler' each time they face a new problem they've created;

Criticizing your government is propaganda.

Disagreeing with neocons is supporting fascism.

Opposing an empire is defending tyranny.

Seeking de-escalation causes escalation.

Nuclear brinkmanship is safety.

Diplomacy is appeasement.

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.

Criticism of US foreign policy looks like Russian propaganda to people who’ve spent their entire lives marinating in US propaganda.

They need so much propaganda, censorship and organized trolling because without those things the public would realize that pouring billions of dollars into an unwinnable conflict that risks nuclear war and makes everyone poorer actually sucks and doesn’t benefit normal people.........more..........


 oh, you think what you see on the tv is real;

 i present putin's yearly most watched speaking engagement. so far, i like what he's doing and why though if you want to know any of that info you won't find a bit of it in 'our free press' which these days, obviously isn't;

“Russia is not challenging the western elite. We are not trying to become the hegemon,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said early in an important speech before the Valdai Discussion Club meeting outside Moscow on Thursday. Each year the Valdai speech is a major one and closely watched by Western officials and media.

This year it was touted with the eye-catching title of “A Post-Hegemonic World: Justice and Security for Everyone.” And of course, this year’s Valdai meeting comes against the backdrop of the biggest war Europe has seen on its eastern doorstep since WWII.

Putin said in his remarks that Russia merely wants to “defend its right to exist” and “won’t let itself be destroyed and wiped off the geopolitical map.” This as nuclear rhetoric and threats of defending red lines between Moscow and the West have reached heights not seen since the Cold War...........more........

 jeffery sachs didn't kill himself and remember that when you're told that he shot himself in the head, twice;


 the reality of 'our' government is presented here with some suggestions involved;

Republican Congressman Ralph Norman declared Wednesday that everyone knows Joe Biden isn’t in charge of anything, and that in reality there is a secretive cabal of elitists that are running America.

Appearing on Real America’s Voice, Norman was asked about the possibility of impeaching Biden over wide open borders.

“[We’ll] subpoena as many people as we can,” the South Carolina Rep. said, adding “We’re gonna hopefully have consequences starting with [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas, [Christopher] Wray with the FBI. I mean, a whole host of things.”

Norman further urged, “look who is behind [Biden], Kamala Harris… she may speak a little bit better, but look at what you get with her… it could be even worse.”

“The whole administration is a rogue administration and I guess we all know Joe Biden is not running this country,” Norman continued.

He further asserted “there is a cabal of unelected elitists who are running this country,” adding “Probably Barack Obama is involved. Probably Eric Holder… but who knows? We know it’s not Biden.”.......more........

 dr coleman with information that adds britain to the list beginning with australia, new zealand, canada and holand. its the nations fully captured by the nwo;

Dr Vernon Coleman – The White Rose Oct 27, 2022

Back in July I wrote that if the appalling Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister we would be lost for ever. I wrote that I believed Britain would be sucked into the Great Reset at terrifying speed. And I said that Sunak was the deadliest and most dangerous of the motley crew contending for the leadership of the Tory Party and, therefore, the nation.

Now Sunak is Prime Minister – though he received the support of only half of Conservative MPs, he was not the favoured candidate of the Conservative Party members and he was not elected to the position by the British electorate. How the hell did that happen? Do you think I’m being paranoid to suspect that it was all fixed for the Goldman Sachs/WEF candidate to win?

Sunak’s track record is appalling. He said he wouldn’t put up taxes. And then he put up taxes. He wasted £11 billion of taxpayers’ money by paying too much interest on the UK’s debt. He said he hadn’t broken any lockdown laws. But he was fined by the police for breaking lockdown laws. The police said that those breaking lockdown laws were risking a criminal record. Does that mean our new Prime Minister is a criminal?

Politicians used to be lawyers because lawyers used to be the most ruthless liars in any society. Today, many politicians were bankers. Could that possibly be because bankers are more ruthless and bigger liars?

Sunak stuck by Johnson through months of chaos and appalling behaviour. He only jumped ship when it became inevitable that Johnson would have to go. He resigned to save his own skin. Within hours Sunak was being promoted with a flashy video.

Sunak, who was head boy at school, is a former employee of Goldman Sachs – ‘the vampire squid wrapped round the face of humanity’ and in my view the most corrupt, evil bank in world history. Check out its record. And then check out how many other public figures used to work there. Goldman Sachs alumni sometimes seem to control the world.

Sunak had a green card while living in Downing Street – and the green card declared him a permanent resident of the United States. Sunak’s wife minimised paying UK taxes.

The company to which Sunak is linked continued trading with Russia when other companies were forced to abandon their relationships.

And as I revealed last July, Sunak’s father-in-law’s company Infosys has close links to Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Infosys is described as a global leader in next generation digital services – ‘enabling clients in 46 countries to navigate their digital transformation’.

That’s social credit to you and me.

We might as well have Klaus Schwab of the WEF as Prime Minister. At least then we wouldn’t have to put up with that ever-present and unconvincing dental display. We’ve got a Prime Minister who has the inane manufactured grin of the runner up in a bad reality show.

Sunak will run Britain deep into the Great Reset – taking our hopes and our humanity with him.

Only God can help us now...........

in case you didn't know here is the direction we're going, how and why. its because a bunch of the wealthy have declared war on us years ago;

 Are you still trying to make sense of all the insanity in the world, or maybe trying to help a friend or family member make sense of it?

  • Drag queens in schools, libraries, even churches and other settings targeting children and families.
  • The seemingly unhinged attacks on everything that is good and necessary for a healthy society and the celebration of everything that is evil.
  • Food prices rising out of control, with whispers of famine on the horizon (See herehere and here).
  • The suicidal war on so-called “fossil fuels” like coal, oil and natural gas, when it’s becoming obvious (look at Europe) that no nation can survive without them.
  • The fact that the U.S.-led NATO and Russia-China are on a collision course toward World War III, with both sides threatening nuclear strikes.

For answers, consider reading and sharing my post from back on May 26, “Globalists have entered the kill phase of the Great Reset.”

A relatively small entourage of self-appointed globalist elites are using engineered famine, engineered pandemics, vaccines, and World War III to accomplish their long-stated goal of depopulation........more.........