Friday, December 31, 2021

 kunstler does his year end review and upcoming attractions: dumpster fire is the short of it and while much longer than his usual i'd say there's lots to contemplate here;

If 2021 was the year of maximum corruption, political decadence, and mind-fuckery in US history, 2022 is looking like a convulsive snap-back to the harrowing rigors of reality, spiked with shocking losses, reckonings, and not a little retribution for the rogues and reprobates who drove our country into a ditch. Quandaries abound now in the wreckage of economy, culture, and polity. The years of anything-goes-and-nothing-matters have ended — though you might not know it yet, at this very advent of Twenty-Double-Deuce. Welcome to the banquet of consequences. Soup’s on!

The American people have been played backwards and forwards, inside and out, through and through, and up and down; driven to the very edge of national suicide by a combine of enemies within and without. If China’s CCP wanted to take maximum advantage of a weakened, confused USA, they couldn’t have found more zealous help-mates than the seditious Democratic Party, along with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s treasonous public health empire, the murderous pharmaceutical companies, the recklessly dishonest news media, and a demonic host of federal agencies, especially the three-stooge “Intel Community” — the CIA (Moe), DOJ (Larry), FBI (Curley) — plus the many secret horror chambers in the Pentagon. Throw in the Big Tech tyrants, the Marxist mandarins on campus, and the satanic narcissists of Hollywood. Oh, and let’s not forget the evil principality of grift and swindling that is Wall Street.

We still don’t know exactly what role the CCP and its Peoples’ Liberation Army played in the origins of Covid-19, and we don’t know because the US government doesn’t want us to know — because they had a role in it — and the news media won’t lift a finger to find out, either, because they are the propaganda arm of the regime in power. We do know an awful lot about the operations of Dr. Fauci and his colleagues in funding the development of the virus in Wuhan for the purpose of introducing a wildly profitable set of “vaccines” which, if anything, prolonged and exacerbated the pandemic, and harmed or killed millions all over the more.......

 the author of this covid list of revelations surely will be cancelled by whoever it is that does such crap. this essay shows clearly the lies so that even ray charles  could see it all clearly;

In a recent Op-Ed, I had outlined the causes and ramifications of a looming supply chain crisis. Shortfalls in fundamental goods and services, however, are just the surface symptoms of a silent, protracted war against human merit.

Throughout history, the most universal and indispensable asset has been human resource. Civilizations were built on human ingenuity. Yet, despite the 21st century hoopla over smart cities, smart workers and smart futures of every kind, it is ironic that talent shortages persist in nearly every critical sector. In the United States alone, labour productivity recently hit a 40-year low even as unemployment claims dropped. How does one explain this anomaly? Perhaps, the “no jabs no jobs” mandate has crushed worker morale?

The global labour crisis was brewing for decades and yet nothing was done to address this problem. According to a Korn Ferry study in 2018, global talent shortages were expected to cost $8.452 trillion in lost financial revenue by 2030. The Wuhan outbreak of 2019 will have added yet-unquantifiable exponentials to this figure.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) nonetheless remains optimistic. WEF founder Klaus Schwab sees an opportunity here to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.” He is of course referring to a totalitarian solution called the Great Reset. The roadmap to this reset has never been satisfactorily explained.  We are only given reductionist soundbytes and glossy visual clips which scrupulous avoid some troubling questions: How is the Great Reset going to be achieved? What are the phases, action plans and milestones leading up to 2030? Is the reset predicated on the erosion of national sovereignty? Can the post-reset world accommodate eight billion plus humans by 2030?

To deflect these niggling questions, the WEF and its ilk have been distracting the public with a daily barrage of alleged existential crises. Unsurprisingly, experts who understood these possible dangers, and who could have played a role in mitigating them, have been systematically locked out from relevant platforms – both at the national and international levels. In their stead, the globalist elite triumphantly promoted the dross of the earth in the name of “inclusivity”, “diversity”, “equality” and “open societies”.  The bovine marionettes in charge of our societies today do not possess the intelligence, spunk or moral fibre to question the slew of contradictions, human rights consequences and critical gaps evident in the Great Reset more.......

 "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies." -- Groucho Marx


 a good question your tv will not ask;

mr peters presents two videos with lots of evidence on the covid your tv will not allow on air; 

It’s important to be careful about assuming the worst – as opposed to those who purvey the worst. Like the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

But even if it’s not the worst, it’s already pretty bad. Have a look at this video; stay with it. The first 30 seconds or so – which assume the worst – isn’t the thing to focus on. Watch the rest, which is hard to avoiding drawing some pretty awful assumptions more........

 is this fifteen second video a warning or slip of the tongue;

 pcr provides some things to think about in the epstein/maxwell game we've been watching;

Jury finds Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on sex trafficking charges in a high-profile trial

Paul Craig Roberts

The purpose of Ghislaine’s show trial was to redirect attention from the Israeli blackmail operation Epstein and Ghislaine were running by defining, incorrectly, the case as one of underage sex trafficking.

Epstein’s murder in his prison cell before he could spill the beans was covered up, and now the politicians and celebrities who willingly but stupidly participated in sex with underage women have receded into the background with the show trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine is a wealthy British socialite whose father, Robert Maxwell, was a powerful media baron. She did not need to be involved in sordid under age sex solicitation for Epstein. This basic fact makes me doubt the direction that the authorities have taken the case.

The Maxwells are Jews as was Epstein. All the money Epstein had remains unexplained. No prosecutor and no presstitutes have expressed any interest in the possibility that Epstein and Ghislaine were running a blackmail operation for Israel. It is difficult to believe that Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine, was happy finding 16 and 17 year old girls for her own lover, or that he would prefer inexperienced girls to beautiful and exotic New York call girls or to Ghislaine. More likely they were partners in a blackmail operation, and certainly during the years they were operating everything went in Israel’s favor. What otherwise was the point of so many flights on Epstein’s plane of Bill Clinton and others to the locations where the underage sexual activity took place? Did they go there just to watch Epstein participate in forbidden sex? more........

 pcr presents some things to consider in the 'burning issues' we face;

In 2022 two issues will come to a head: One is whether Western peoples can fight off the effort to destroy their civil liberty behind a smokescreen of an orchestrated “Covid pandemic.” If not, they will become residents of police states.

The other is whether the West has the intelligence to accommodate Russia’s legitimate security concerns. If not, at the least American power will be broken and at worse life in the Western world will end in nuclear war.

As the Old Year Closes, War Awaits Us in the New Year  (machine translation)

Defense Minister Shoigu: American PMCs are preparing a provocation with chemical weapons in Donbass 
13:57 12.21.2021 (updated: 15:05 12.21.2021) 
Shoigu announced the preparation by the United States of a provocation with chemical weapons in the east of Ukraine.

MOSCOW, December 21 – RIA Novosti. private military companies (PMCs) US located in the Donetsk region are preparing a provocation with chemicals in eastern Ukraine , said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu . 
“To commit provocations in the cities of Avdiivka and Krasny, Liman Tanks with unidentified chemical components have been delivered,” Shoigu said at an expanded meeting of the Defense Ministry board with the participation of President Vladimir Putin . 

According to the ministry, about 120 representatives of American PMCs who train Ukrainian special forces arrived in the region. 

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu: Comrade Putin, Supreme Commander-in-Chief, more......

 know nothing about any of this beyond the image but its an interesting response to the student's question to say the least;

 thirty seconds of 'jab' reaction i'm sure you'll want to consider;

Thursday, December 30, 2021

 david icke provides his take on the covid game, provided by a friend;

 pcr presents some information here i suspect you will want to know;

CDC Admits that the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test

Quietly without media attention, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has withdrawn the PCR process as a valid test for detecting and identifying SARS-CoV-2.

“After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only.”

The CDC admits that the PCR test cannot differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.

I reported several months ago that the “health authorities” had reached this decision but were withholding its implementation until the end of 2021. They needed the fake test to keep the fear going in order to achieve as much vaccination, and therefore as much profit, as possible.

It is extraordinary that the CDC’s withdrawal of the test received no attention from the media or more.......


 caitlin is in her element when describing the tyrannies we're being presented with and showing how it really aught to be, as it once was, at least more so than things are now;

Twitter has banned the account of controversial virologist Dr Robert Malone, who reportedly had half a million followers at the time of his removal. Malone is credited even by mainstream critics as having played a significant role in the development of the mRNA technology being used for Covid-19 vaccines today, but has recently come under fire for comments about the safety of those vaccines’ use on children which the Authorized Fact Checkers have labeled “dangerously and flagrantly incorrect.

Everyone should oppose the removal of Malone and commentators who share his views, regardless of whether they agree with them or vehemently despise them. The reason for this is very simple: only a fool would support government-tied monopolistic billionaire corporations regulating public discourse about Covid responses which affect us all. This is true regardless of what you personally happen to believe about mRNA vaccines.

Arguments that Malone and his ilk are peddling “misinformation” have no bearing on the question of whether they should be removed from the platforms everyone uses to debate ideas and discuss information. It is entirely legitimate to make arguments that their claims are inaccurate, but it is not at all legitimate to claim that platforms which large sectors of humanity have come to rely on for public discourse should interfere with or obstruct those and watch more......

 It is only through resistance that the change we seek will come. As history shows us, one cannot comply their way out of tyranny;

Forgoing any legal democratic processes, multiple school districts in California began mandating the COVID-19 vaccination for children earlier this year. Set to go into effect in January, any child, 16 and older, who did not get the jab, was banned from campus in all San Diego public schools.This authoritarian move caused a mass of backlash and thousands of children and parents refused to comply.

The refusal to get vaccinated set the stage for a showdown that was to unfold on January 24 when the children would be kicked out of school for non-compliance.

There will be no showdown, however, as a San Diego judge struck down the mandate this week, accurately pointing out that a school district has no authority to mandate medical procedures for children.

CBS 7 reports that Superior Court Judge John S. Meyer granted a writ of mandate for a lawsuit filed by the group “Let Them Choose,” which sought to keep the school district‘s COVID-19 vaccine mandate from going into effect by arguing it did not comply with state law.

Meyer noted in the ruling that the school district‘s COVID-19 vaccine mandate cannot move forward because it conflicts with state law, which says any decision to mandate vaccines must be made at the state level and must also include a “personal belief exemption” if the mandate is not imposed by the state Legislature.

San Diego Unified’s policy did not contain this exemption.

“SDUSD’s Roadmap appears to be necessary and rational, and the district’s desire to protect its students from COVID-19 is commendable. Unfortunately, the field of school vaccine mandates has been fully occupied by the State, and the Roadmap directly conflicts with state law,” the judge wrote in a tentative ruling.

Naturally, the school district disagreed and claimed they have the right to dictate what children can and can’t be injected with. For now, however, their objection is meaningless and the children and parents who did not want to take the vaccination, will no longer be forced to do so.

“I am overjoyed. We knew that our legal argument was strong, and we brought this case on behalf of thousands of concerned parents and students and to hear the judge say no student should be coerced into getting this vaccine was just a wonderful thing to hear,” said Sharon McKeeman, founder of the group behind Let Them Choose.

 mr peters shows you how slavery works better when they don't tell you, that you're truly their slave;

Let’s begin with a question rarely asked – and almost never answered. Probably because of the answer:

Who owns you?

This is the fundamental moral – and political – question. Because everything that follows depends on how it is answered. Here is how libertarians – uncapitalized, to differentiate the more/political philosophy from the political party – answer it:

I own me, you own you. We each own ourselves. No more – and no less.No one else owns anyone else, as that would be an affirmation of slavery, to whatever degree.

Slavery is a moral outrage, to whatever degree.

Those who advocate for it are immoral – are criminals, if they practice it.

Some hold that there is a creator God who owns everything, being the author of all of it. This may be so. But if so, his ownership does not convey title over his creations to some of his creations – to lord it over them. If there is a creator God then our relationship to him is individual – entre nous –  and cannot be conveyed to other individuals.

Nonetheless, the claim to title is regularly asserted. Originally in the form of what was styled the “divine right of kings,” who claimed their sovereign right to lord it over over others, having been “anointed” by more.........



 a young woman on her way to work is shot five times because a cop was afraid. one more 'hero' shows us the reality of our police state;

Sedalia, MO — In June of 2020, family and friends of Hannah Fizer, 25, were shocked to learn that their beloved daughter and friend had been killed during a stop over an alleged speeding violation. Then, four months later, they learned there would be no justice and the officer who killed the unarmed woman as she sat in her vehicle — was back on the job.

Since then, Fizer’s father, John Fizer, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Pettis County seeking damages against Pettis County Deputy Jordan Schutte. The lawsuit argues the shooting was an unjustified, an excessive use of force and that Schutte did not follow several standard law enforcement protocols during the stop. When watching the video, it is entirely clear.

This week, PBS aired a minidocumentary (which you can watch below) detailing Fizer’s tragic shooting and it backs up what TFTP has been reporting since her death. As the documentary shows, the department remains unapologetic about killing Fizer.

In October 2020, the Pettis County prosecutor claimed that the officer shooting an unarmed woman during a traffic stop — dumping five rounds into her as she sat in her car — did not violate any policies. The officer “feared for his life.”

“Schutte had the ability and responsibility to prevent the use of deadly force against Ms. Fizer but failed to do so,” the lawsuit reads. “His actions contributed to Ms. Fizer’s avoidable death.”

As the documentary points out, on that fateful night on June 13, 2020, Fizer was on her way to work when she was targeted for extortion by the deputy. Just six minutes after the stop began, Fizer would have five bullet holes in her, still sitting in her car.

After killing Fizer, the deputy would claim the woman — who never made a violent threat in her life — had a gun and threatened to kill him. However, investigators found no such gun and it appears the only thing she was holding was her cellphone after letting the officer know that she was filming the and watch more.....

malaysian president speaks the truth about the 'new world order';

 twenty three seconds in which a woman confronts trudeau in a most excellent fashion;

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

 a must see video for everyone in which the ice age farmer shows you how you are about to be getting real hungry;

 some things, to my way of thinking, are beyond question, as to their veracity;

The US and its allies are pushing the world toward nuclear armageddon. The US and its allies armed Al Qaeda in Syria. The US and its allies are carrying out a literal genocide in Yemen. The US and its allies are deliberately starving children by the thousands. Shut up about Russia and China.

Desmond Tutu said “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” This is especially true of the unjust situation in which the largest power structure on earth oppresses and tyrannizes populations around the world to force their obedience. Refusing to take a clear stance against that power structure is siding with it.

William Van Wagenen has a new article out with The Libertarian Institute documenting the mountains of evidence that the US and its allies were supporting Al Qaeda-tied militias in Syria from the beginning of the war, in direct contradiction of the mainstream narrative that that started later.

This is what happened in Syria, it’s what happened in Libya, and it’s what was on track to happen in Xinjiang before Beijing said “nah” and launched its crackdown. The west isn’t mad at Beijing for committing a “genocide”, it’s mad at Beijing for preventing one.

Like so many other western propaganda operations these days, this one is predominantly about China’s Belt and Road Initiative which it plans to use to help rise above US hegemony and create a multipolar world. The actual interest in Xinjiang has been about the fact that it is a key geostrategic region that the western empire would greatly benefit from balkanizing away from China so it can’t fulfill the crucial role planned for it in the and watch more.....

 a short video showing how nypd is protecting you from dangerous criminals;

 when you listen to fauci speak about the jab i'd suspect it will raise many questions for you;

 truth or fiction there's really no way of knowing beyond the passage of time but this presentation certainly has some interesting facets. its certainly possible when you consider all that's been transpiring and extrapolate where it might be going, taking into consideration the 'great reset', georgia guidestones and other such items;

(The "Plan" is for the betrayed vaccinated to revolt and create a state of anarchy, such as seen in the Mad Max movies, left. The global government will ride in and restore order.)

If I were a betting man, this is the scenario I envisage today. (Hope I'm wrong!)
As the death toll mounts into the millions, and people realize the vaccines are the cause, and the lockdown is permanent, the public will be so outraged that they will overthrow their governments and assassinate all those who promoted the scamdemic. The Illuminati want to instigate domestic insurrection, overthrow national governments, lynch politicians, in other words, create chaos. Ordo ab Chao is their motto. (See "Creative Destruction and 6uild 6ack 6etter")  This "plan" will unfold over the next 2-4 years.

That's why they launched this diabolical scam which exposes and discredits all their flunkies without first securing gun control in the US. I urge members of their Masonic networks to break ranks now, rather than get thrown to the wolves later. (It's also the right thing to do.)

A billionaire in NZ supposedly leaked this "Plan" to a service provider he more.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

this post comes from someone who calls themselves 'nc renegade' and the contents speak for many who i suspect are out there waiting for the shoes to drop;

Well I hope all you Renegades had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Mine was nice even though my wife had to work both Christmas Eve and Day.

My mother would only do Christmas with my family if we stayed outside or wore mask. I told her that I refused to participate in that insanity and hoped she had a good Christmas, but I would not be coming. According to her and our “government”, I’ve never wore a mask, I’ve never social distanced, and I will never take this “vax”, it’s been 2 years, I’m supposed to be dead by now. Yet here we are, I haven’t even had so much as a cold in these 2 years of death. Anyway my wife took the kids to see her because I wouldn’t withhold that from my kids. She told my wife that she guessed she would just donate my Christmas presents. Makes me laugh. So be it. Despite all that, I still had a good Christmas. I’m about 6 pounds over the weight I like to be, so I’ll get to losing that soon. Way too much good food over the last month.

So what next? It seems that TPTB are going to continue down this path of demonizing and blaming the worlds problems on us unvaxxed folk. When do we push back? Do we push back? Do we wait until it’s too late? Will the economy tank after the New Year? Will we keep just slowly trudging along until facing certain death anyways? I’m terrible at forecast, and it seems nobody else has any ideas as to what they’ll throw our way next.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to quit watching/reading the news. Oh how nice it must be to be oblivious to the evil we are faced with. These evil powers that be, are dead set on getting their poison into everyone, one way or another. I don’t think they understand just what they are about to unleash. Do you really think the Supreme Court is going to save you? This is the long dark winter approaching that they have been talking about, certain death for us unvaxxed according to the “government”. Bad things are coming. Everyone who is awake knows it. Everyone who is awake can feel it in their gut.

So if you feel the way that I do, you know that nothing is going to stop it now except the elimination of either them or us. They have successfully divided us. They are going to get their war to end all wars, because they just won’t leave us alone to live our lives as we see fit. I am prepared to not only defend myself, I am prepared to be proactive. The warning siren is about to sound. Don’t hesitate when it does. You’ll know........

 i'd say this is one of caitlin's better essays in its content and intent and provided me with a good question to ask in any 'debate' i didn't have before;

Lately when people react with shock and indignation that I would dare to dispute a claim made by the western political/media class about an empire-targeted government, I’ve taken to simply asking them what reading they’ve done on the other side of the issue. What are some articles they’ve read arguing against the official western narrative about that government?

It’s a question that can be applied to any disputed western narrative about any government the US-centralized empire doesn’t like. Russia is engaging in aggressive provocations. Assad is using chemical weapons. There’s a genocide in Xinjiang. Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Maduro is deliberately starving his people. Whatever’s the Official Imperial Line of the Day about the Official Bad Guy of the Day.

What I’ve found interesting about this exercise is that while I would’ve correctly predicted that those questioned had done zero research into the opposing viewpoints of the issue they’re commenting on, I would probably not have predicted the brazenness with which they’ll admit it. Very often they’ll come right out and express incredulity at the very idea that any such counter-arguments could even exist, skipping right past any pretense that they may have read them or even made any effort to find them.

When they do this, even before I provide them with links to counter-arguments against whatever issue we’re discussing, they have already lost the argument. They have already admitted that they’ve done no real research into whether or not the western narrative they just swallowed is actually true; they just believed what they were told because someone told them to believe it. They swallowed an imperial narrative about an empire-targeted government with zero gag reflex, just as people did in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

At that point it’s been established that, at least as far as the subject under discussion goes, they are no better informed than any average consumer of TV news. Because they have made no effort to find and review arguments and evidence that go against the TV news narrative.

There are always counter-arguments against western criticisms of empire-targeted governments. They are not difficult to find once you’ve decided you want to find them, as long as you’re open to venturing outside your own self-reinforcing echo chamber. They’re not always great arguments. They don’t always leave the empire-targeted government in question looking perfectly innocent. And they generally won’t be found in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, or any other western outlet which consistently protects and promotes western imperialist narratives. But they are there, and unless you have reviewed their arguments and evidence and given them a good deal of consideration, you’re in no position to pretend you know anything about the subject under discussion.

This same principle applies to “conspiracy theories” as well, both for and against. If you haven’t reviewed the evidence for and against a given theory, then unless it’s something that’s self-evidently absurd at a casual glance it would be silly and asinine for you to take a confident position on it one way or the other. This also applies to arguments for and against measures that have been implemented and could potentially be implemented in response to Covid-19.

If you haven’t thoroughly researched the opposite position, you don’t understand your own. This is true whether you agree with the official narrative or disagree with it. Oftentimes people of a certain bent will be biased against the mainstream narrative and select for arguments against it which confirm that bias, even when the mainstream narrative is the better-evidenced one. It cuts both ways.

It’s very easy to select a position on an issue which conforms to your ideological preferences and your understanding of the world. It’s much harder to sincerely dedicate yourself to finding out whether or not something is true, or whether the truth of the matter is a lot less certain than the talking heads in the western news media are making it seem. But it’s the only way you can really have a legitimate position on such matters.

This should be a widespread and common sense understanding, and it is to everyone’s detriment everywhere that it isn’t.........

i see this sort of mindless crap all around all too often, like when elevators have braille instructions near the call buttons. what blind individual would know that there are such things there in the first place. its a part and parcel of boys saying that they are girls and all that goes along with that: bathrooms, competitions, rape, and the rest of the insanity i see all around, and do you want blind people running down the sidewalk towards you on a scooter; 

“This rentable electric scooter has Braille instructions.”

 the first image serves as an intro to the second;

 some of why i don't 'google' but use duckduckgo instead;

 the empire is bullying itself into irrelevance and may be creating war thru its intransigence and ignorance. here is a presentation that shows where it may end up, as in without gas for europe as one of the costs;

Military superpower Russia, having had enough of U.S./NATO bullying, is now dictating the terms of a new arrangement.Coming straight from President Putin, it did sound like a bolt from the sky:

“We need long-term legally binding guarantees even if we know they cannot be trusted, as the U.S. frequently withdraws from treaties that become uninteresting to them. But it’s something, not just verbal assurances.”

And that’s how Russia-U.S. relations come to the definitive crunch – after an interminable series of polite red alerts coming from Moscow.

Putin once again had to specify that Russia is looking for “indivisible, equitable security” – a principle established since Helsinki in 1975 – even though he no longer sees the U.S. as a dependable “partner”, that diplomatically nicety so debased by the Empire since the end of the USSR.

The “frequently withdrawing from treaties” passage can easily be referred to as Washington in 2002 under Bush Jr. pulling out of the ABM treaty signed between the U.S. and the USSR in 1972. Or it could be referred to as the U.S. under Trump destroying the JCPOA signed with Iran and guaranteed by the UN. Precedents abound.

Putin was once again exercising the Taoist patience so characteristic of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: explaining the obvious not only to a Russian but also a global audience. The Global South may easily understand this reference; “When international law and the UN Charter interfere, they [the U.S.] declare it all obsolete and unnecessary.”

Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko had been uncommonly assertive – leaving nothing for the imagination:

“We just make it clear that we are ready to talk about switching over from a military or a military-technical scenario to a political process that will strengthen the security of all countries in the area of the OCSE, Euro-Atlantic and Eurasia. If that doesn’t work out, we signaled to them [NATO] that we will also move over to creating counter threats, but it will then be too late to ask us why we made these decisions and why we deployed these systems.”

So in the end it comes down to Europeans facing “the prospect of turning the continent into a field of military confrontation.” That will be the inevitable consequence of a NATO “decision” actually decided in Washington.

Incidentally: any possible, future “counter threats” will be coordinated between Russia and more.....

 as you read thru this remember how the empire is always complaining about other countries meddling in the affairs of others, and featuring how wonderful, democratic and supportive of the intentions of the native populations. this article also clearly presents evidence of why i haven't paid any attention to the mumblings of 'our free press' for years as they are only mouthpieces for the empire and its machinations. victoria nuland is scum as is her husband. they are neocons who only exist to expand the empire at the expense of everyone else;

US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, who choreographed the 2014 coup that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically-elected government and set the current crisis in motion, was invited by PBS NewsHour on Dec. 7 to explain the standoff in Ukraine.

Typical of Western media, the story began with Russia’s involvement in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, which took place in March 2014. The crisis actually began a week earlier with the violent overthrow of democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych on Feb. 22, 2014. While accusations flew of Russian aggression, invasion and annexation, there was not a word about the US instigated coup or Nuland’s role in it.For the sin of declining a Western aid package loaded with austerity measures, and accepting instead an unencumbered Russian package, Yanukovych became a target for US regime change. Undersecretary Nuland’s role in the coup is essential to the story.

While Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy appeared on-stage in Kiev with far-right opposition leader Oleh Tyahnybok in support of the coup, Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt passed out cookies to anti-government protesters in Maidan Square. This would be like Russian parliamentarians and diplomats coming to Washington to encourage protesters to overthrow the US government.

Behind the scenes, in an intercepted phone call with Pyatt, Nuland can be heard plotting the make-up of a government to succeed that of Yanukovych. "Yats is the guy" she said, referring to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, America’s preferred leader for the Ukrainian people.

Her plan for the other two opposition leaders, Vitali Klitschko and Oleh Tyahnybok, was to keep them out, saying "I don’t think Klitsch should go into the government" and "What he [Yatsenyuk] needs is Klitsch and Tyahnybok on the outside." As for Europe’s competing interests in the outcome of the affair, she infamously said "Fuck the EU." Nuland had told the U.S.-Ukrainian Foundation on Dec. 13, 2013, that Washington had spent $5 billion over a decade to support Ukraine’s "European aspirations," in other words to pull it away from Russia.

The PBS NewsHour invited on just about the worst person in the US government to help Americans understand the crisis in and watch more.......


 this post by a russian living here in the empire makes clear that russia isn't bluffing and if the empire doesn't learn some manners long past due, there will be an increase in the difficulties they face. russian demands are long standing, quite reasonable, and have been ignored by the empire for too long;

The US did not provide Russia with any answer on Friday.  By itself, this is not very surprising, the levels of infighting in the US ruling elites have made it impossible to agree on a reply on such short notice, especially during the various end of year celebrations in the West.

As for the Russians, they are fine with that, since their own deadline was mid-January.  So as of right now, nothing significant has changed, what we observe is only a lot of statements by anybody and everybody, most of these statements make little or no sense and they typically all contradict each other.  We should not get too caught up in the “he said this, she said that” thingie, as this is, quite literally, just hot air.

In terms of actions, again we see contradictory developments: some sources report that NATO is preparing for a major war while other report that the US Americans and UK personnel are preparing an emergency evacuation.

There appears to be a meeting between Putin and Biden in the making, according to same sources after the Orthodox Nativity, so sometime around or soon after January 8th.  If so, I welcome that.

Also, Stoltenberg has said that there will be a meeting between NATO and Russia on the 12th.  But then, Stoltenberg is a powerless clown whose verbal emissions mean nothing.  He was the one who totally rejected any negotiations with Russia just a week ago, and now he is offering to negotiate…

I spent the last 3 days reading opinions on the Runet, listening to talk shows and watching various officials and personalities expressing their opinion and I want to share my conclusion with you: there is absolutely overwhelming evidence that the Russians are NOT bluffing, that they really mean every word they said.  There is even a growing chorus of voices saying that it would be better for Russia if the West would simply reject all the Russian demands out of hand.  Many clearly hope that the West will try that as this would completely untie Russia’s hands (or, if you prefer, her bear claws).

Most military officials seem to believe that a full-scale war against NATO will not happen, but that some kind of conflict with the Ukraine is now inevitable.  I tend agree with them.

Many observers also seem to be really fed up.  Fed up with the constant bloodletting in the LDNR, fed up with the constant presence of western military “advisors” in the Ukraine, fed up with the grandstanding and pompous declarations by EU/NATO officials whom the Russians don’t even take seriously.  This entire topic has become a huge abscess in the mind of many Russians and an increasing number of them now want this abscess to be cut open, disinfected and healed.  “More of the same” is just not something anybody is willing to more.......

 to discover who owns you look to see who you aren't allowed to criticize, and in this case who operates in violation of too many laws to count but does so with impunity and even state support;

Those Americans who dare to challenge the strangle-hold that Israel and its friends have over US foreign policy will likely find themselves targeted even more aggressively in the upcoming year. Two weeks ago the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), widely reckoned to be the largest and most powerful component of the Jewish state’s lobby, declared that it will now begin directly funding political candidates who are perceived as pro-Israel. Up until now, AIPAC has preferred to operate somewhat in the shadows, representing itself as a organization that is in part “educational” to justify its 501(c)3 tax exempt status which it uses to send all new congressmen on propaganda trips to Israel.

Of course, that has always been a bit of a fiction enabled by a Justice Department that is inclined to ignore all Israeli misbehavior. There are a number of reasons why AIPAC should be regarded for what it is, i.e. an organization that has as a priority the promotion of Israeli interests without any concern for the damage being done to the United States and its institutions. Under US law, specifically the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1937, AIPAC should be compelled to forfeit its special tax status and register, which would permit the government to have full access to its finances and also require a record of its frequent meetings with the Israeli Embassy in Washington as well as with senior Israeli officials in Israel. It would also have to report its significant and unparalleled lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. AIPAC would deny that it is actually directed or possibly funded in part by the Israeli government, but its website somewhat puts the lie to that conceit where it describes itself as “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby” before elaborating how “We are proud to be a diverse movement of passionate pro-Israel Americans.”

The other lie promoted by AIPAC is that, up until now, it has not funded the political campaigns of its many friends both in Congress and in state and local governments. The reality is that AIPAC and some of its associated groups have aggressively vetted candidates for office at all levels. During its annual summit in Washington, politicians in attendance have routinely held fundraisers at hotels and restaurants not at the AIPAC event but often at hotels within walking distance. It is known that AIPAC publishes for-internal-use-only a candidates’ “scoring card” prior to elections reflective of views on Israel. As AIPAC is itself funded by Jewish billionaires and is in regular contact with them, the exchange of information on who is a “friend” and deserving of campaign money would be easily accomplished without having to use AIPAC as a more.......

 pcr has been, since the beginning of the 'covid' a voice in the wilderness, and here is some evidence that he provides everyone aught to be aware of, but the true believers will refuse to see or consider;

NY Democrats Attempt to Bring Australia’s Covid Concentration Camps to NY State

Paul Craig Roberts

It is a proven, indisputable scientific fact that the “vaccine” does not prevent infection and spread of the Covid virus or variants. It is also an indisputable fact that we are experiencing a pandemic of the vaccinated. Vaccination causes injurious side-effects and deaths that hospitals mislabel “Covid deaths,” and the vaccine damages the human immune system, thus spreading the virus. The “vaccine” also cause variants that are used propagandistically to keep the fear hype going despite the fact that hardly any serious injuries or deaths are associated with the “Omicron variant.”

So why are public authorities using extreme tyrannical methods to force people to infect themselves with a dangerous “vaccine” when, even if the “vaccine” did protect, the mortality of Covid is extremely low and does not justify the dangerous side effects of the “vaccine.”

It is an established fact that there are very few “deaths from Covid.” The deaths are “with Covid” among untreated infected people denied HCQ and Ivermectin who had serious comorbidities. In other words, the entire panic is orchestrated and nonsensical.

Here again are the infection fatality ratios and survival rates by age group.

 the empire piles absurdities upon fictions and provides a plandemic, as pcr shows you in this where you discover the 'test' wasn't really a test;

CDC Admits that the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test

Paul Craig Roberts

Quietly without media attention, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has withdrawn the PCR process as a valid test for detecting and identifying SARS-CoV-2. 

“After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only.”

The CDC admits that the PCR test cannot differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.

I reported several months ago that the “health authorities” had reached this decision but were withholding its implementation until the end of 2021. They needed the fake test to keep the fear going in order to achieve as much vaccination, and therefore as much profit, as possible.

It is extraordinary that the CDC’s withdrawal of the test received no attention from the media or politicians.

Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and inventor of the PCR process said several years ago that “the PCR is a process. It does not tell you that you are sick.” It was never meant to be a Covid more.........