Friday, September 28, 2018

pcr is writing here about hurricane trump's 'accomplishments' in a way nikki haley wouldn't necessarily approve of. my thinking is similar to what he writes herein, and perhaps even more so.
at any rate, trump isn't what he sold himself as and pcr makes that clear in this article;

Trump: An Assessment
Trump the Great?
Paul Craig Roberts
I supported Trump for president for three reasons:
Trump was the only candidate who recognized the need to normalize relations with Russia and bring a halt to the reckless orchestration of conflict with a major nuclear power.
Trump was the only candidate who recognized the need to restore high productivity, high value added jobs to the American workforce.
Trump was the only candidate who spoke to the American people instead of to the organized interest groups of the ruling elite.
My concern was that Trump did not know Washington and did not know who to appoint to help him achieve these goals.
Trump was unaware of the extent of the threat that his agenda posed to the military/security complex, US global corporations, and the ruling oligarchy. Normalizing relations with Russia would put in question the $1,000 billion annual budget, and the power that goes with it, of the military/security complex. Bringing home the offshored jobs would raise the labor cost of US global corporations and cut the “performance bonuses” of the executive class. Speaking directly to the American people raised the specter of a populist revolt against the ruling oligarchy. These are too many enemies for a president who did not know how to staff his administration, and Trump has paid the price.

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