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doctor bill;

an interesting idea has been loosened on us by who?

any questions?

a good question you won't see on your tv;

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there are several really good questions about the latest police murder at the link below;

This post originally was found on FaceBook and someone then put it on Twitter. He thought the questions were important and needed to be asked and so do I.
When I first came across the video, I couldn’t make out what was happening at first, but then I realized there was a human under the officer’s knee, I thought to myself, “He’s trying to break that man’s neck.” When they took George Floyd from the ground into the “ambulance”, it did appear that his neck was overly “flexible”. I think his neck was broken. The autopsy results reported “not from strangulation or asphyxiation” but you can’t break a neck and live for long… all the signals that run the entire body go through the spine and if it is severed, the body dies.
This is a very sad situation. And it appears there is more to the story than a simple arrest. Tell me what you think after asking yourself these questions:
Staged Event?
These officers were involved with something, I’m not sure exactly what, but something is just not adding more.......
perhaps we aught to just junk the rule of law and just go with rule of dictators;

question for people constitutional rights arent under attack are you sure about that
science and politics;

all projections covid wrong still cant go outside because who were wrong said so
if you want to read the sort of stuff that facebook won't allow here it is in all of its hateful best, as i'm sure the fb censors would say. its fred doing what fred does, and quite well, in this case about the latest cop crap;

It was murder, plain and simple. There are no contradictory witnesses, no he-said-she-said. It is on the video, with no lapses. The man on the ground is clearly heard imploring mercy, begging to be allowed to breathe. Onlookers also implore. The officer knows the man is choking, yet keeps choking him. No police protocol calls for kneeling on the neck of an unresisting and handcuffed man. It was murder. It probably was sadism.
The police said he resisted arrest. They were lying. The surveillance video makes it plain. (Apparently they didn’t know that they were on camera.)
So why were they not arrested? An arrest by police requires “probable cause,” defined approximately as “ an articulable reason for believing that a specific person is committing a specific crime.” Would not having clearly identifiable perps committing the crime on video, plus audio, provide an articulable reason?
This was not like the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, in which the cop was telling the truth, or Freddie Gray in Baltimore, in which what happened remains murky, or Eric Garner in New York, in which a grand jury voted not to charge the cop.
This time there is no doubt at all. Murder. The Minneapolis police killed him, one doing it and the others looking on. These three made no effort to stop what they could see and hear perfectly. In Minnesota, does this make them accessories? I don’t know. They were not taken into custody, suggesting that the Minneapolis police saw nothing wrong with it until the video surfaced. How many other things have they regarded similarly? more........
don't know where this is but cops are shooting at people standing on their own porch;
four minutes showing you what you support if you support israel;

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can you imagine;

i have a few stories to go along with this image;

spent a lot of time in this scenario;

it seems that the cops have been caught once again acting as agitators;

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there's a better than even chance that this writer is showing where we're heading;

This week’s standard refrain was one of pessimism.  The quick return to economic health mantra that was popular not long ago has disappeared faster than you can say lickety-split.  But there was one notable outlier this week.  In fact, one leading economist stepped forward with assurances that renewed prosperity lays just ahead.
On Wednesday, Nobel prize economist Paul Krugman looked up from his liquidity trap graphs long enough to tell Noah Smith at Bloomberg that the 1979-82 economic slump “would suggest fast recovery once the virus is contained.  I don’t see the case for a multiyear depression.”
This sounds great and all.  A fast recovery would end a lot of financial pain and suffering.  Still, we seem to think the damage that’s been done by the government lockdown will have long-term consequences.
The glorious ascent of the concave parabola of government spending and debt won’t go away.  The budget deficit has grown by leaps and bounds – nearly $3 trillion – over the last four months.  The national debt – currently over $25.6 trillion – has overtaken the economy.
What’s more, the deficit spending’s being financed by Fed credit that’s created out of thin air.  Again, there will be lasting consequences for this type of depravity.
Presently, the economy and financial system is in grave trouble.  This is not a cyclical depression, despite what Krugman says.  This is a full societal breakdown.  And the authorities can’t stop it.
Not since Nero clipped coins in 64 A.D. and fiddled as Rome burned has there been such an intolerable collection of lowlifes in imperial office.  No plans are off limit: Mass surveillance.  Permanent wars.  Market intervention.  Trade wars.  Greater government control.  You name it.
Yet these tired solutions are the source of the problems…

Solutions and Fixes

caitlin is being picked up by other sites which may indicate more 'consumers' are beginning to see the virtue in her words;

If people truly understood the extent to which mental narrative dominates their experience of life, propaganda, advertising and all other forms of psychological manipulation would be regarded by our society similarly to physical assault or property theft.
It is very telling that Twitter only started censoring Trump for violating terms of service when he promoted violence against Americans. He’s been tweeting insanely hawkish threats against people in other nations for years, but they don’t count as real people.
FYI if you’re more upset by Twitter censoring one of the most powerful people in the world for inciting violence than by Twitter routinely censoring anti-imperialist accounts, it’s because you’re a mindless partisan hack.
Twitter going to war with Trump benefits ordinary people. If we’re lucky Twitter winds up being forced to scale back its censorship protocols. If we’re really lucky Trump stops advocating murdering people for looting. [However if firing shoots is what it takes to stop a looting of private property in action, then that’s defense, or violence that has been extorted by the aggressor.] more...........
i've seen over the years a distinct change in how things are done in this land, and not for the better, which eric will explore in this essay;

Almost twenty years ago, I did what many people have done and moved from a high-tax/high-tyranny area (Northern Virginia) to a low-tax/lower-tyranny area (rural SW Virginia).
The new place was still in the same state but in many meaningful ways, it was an entirely different place. One could, for example, obtain a concealed-carry permit just by filling out a form – a minor tyranny compared with the major tyranny of being effectively denied the right to carry up north because in Northern Virginia, one had to jump through so many constantly moving hoops it was almost impossible to “qualify” for the permission slip.
The people were less busybodyish, too. You leave me alone, I leave you alone – an ancient Southern thing – still applied, more or less. Or at least, a lot more than it did 240 miles up the road in Northern Virginia, where everything you did was somehow some busybody’s business.
Government was unavoidable up there. Here, it was generally avoidable. One could fill one’s lungs and breath in a way that was denied the people up north.
Now the south is a lot like the north and the question arises: Where to next? more..........
this is an interesting item i've not heard about before reading this but it may provide more interesting moments as time proceeds;

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND –-( Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Baltimore field office, in conjunction with the Baltimore Police Department, has issued an “Officer Safety Bulletin” warning police departments of the “Boogaloo movement.”According to the bulletin, the agency has noticed people posting on private social media groups about the “Boogaloo” by “individuals who identify with extreme second amendment rights.” The notice says the law enforcement agencies have seen threats against federal and local law enforcement officials in these posts. It warns that these social media posts expect a second American Civil War.
The Boogaloo is a meme about a second American Civil War/Revolutionary war. The meme takes its name from the 1984 movie, “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo #ad.” Social media users sometimes refer to it as the “Big Igloo.” The meme has become a sign of protest against what gun owners see as an ever-encroaching government. Gun rights advocates have shown up to rallies across the country wearing Hawaiian and watch more.......
fifty years ago the empire would have attempted to camouflage their crimes but these days they brag about them;

It is now clear, not only in the USA but also beyond its borders, that US efforts to quietly oust the Assad regime in Syria have failed.
Washington’s original mission of “protecting the civilian population” in Syria quickly turned into “fighting terrorism,” but this, of course, primarily meant engagement with the very same jihadists from Daesh (terrorist formation banned in the Russian Federation – ed.) who were armed and trained by the United States.  Subsequently, in August 2014, a 15-state coalition was formed to reinforce the intervention and included Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco, as well as the NATO allies. Then the Kurds were brought into the fray, used by Washington to seize control over all major oil and gas deposits in the east of the country.
After the defeat of terrorist group Daesh (banned in the Russian Federation – ed.) and its transformation into a run-of-the-mill underground armed Islamist movement akin to Al-Qaeda (also banned in the Russian Federation – ed.), another terrorist formation previously nurtured and used by Washington, the White House began a new escalation of tensions in Syria and neighboring Iraq. To this end, Washington’s new line became that of fighting “Iranian expansion” which it intended to use to justify the continued presence of its military contingent. This contingent, together with the US’s allies, was engaging in the flagrant plundering of Syria’s natural resources.
Recently, official US rhetoric has increasingly spoken of the “revelation” that the US’s main objective in Syria is “to defeat the Russians.” Admittedly, such “revelations” are not new. A year after Russia’s involvement in Syria began in 2015 (upon the invitation of President Assad), former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell admitted in a television interview that, in his opinion, the US should “covertly” participate in the business of “killing Russians and Iranians.” More recently, James Jeffrey, US special representative in the region, said of US troops in Syria that:  “My job is to make it a quagmire for the Russians.” more...........

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current events;

its a most interesting very short gif, i believe;

see it now.........
in this essay kunstler provides an idea of what's coming our way based on this week;

And so, with the unjust killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the quest for cosmic justice resumes — that is, the justice that settles all the scores of racial grievance for all time, which, of course, is unlikely to be satisfied by any means. Mr. Floyd was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin who knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck for eight minutes with the full force of his weight while three other officers stupidly stood by watching and failed to intervene until Mr. Floyd was dead.
This time, there was no ambiguity in the killing, unlike the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, that sparked a season of riots. Video from a bystander’s phone shows Officer Chauvin stupidly killing Mr. Floyd. The four policemen have reportedly been fired (NBC News), but no one has been charged yet. Two days of protests and nighttime riots have commenced in that city and are now spreading to cities around the country. With Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, you might say, as the old song goes, that summer’s here and the time is right for fighting in the streets.
It appears that the Progressive left is all for letting it rip. Their chief signaling device, The New York Times, ran this headline today: “National Guard Called as Minneapolis Erupts in Solidarity for George Floyd.” more........
looks like joe was right;

there's lots of strange stuff in the minneapolis situation centered on the cop killing of the 'suspect';

An alleged Memorial Day incident in Minneapolis, Minn., involving police and suspected counterfeit-money changer George Floyd is said to have resulted in Floyd’s death due to excessive restraint by police.
CCTV and bystander videos of the event released on social media immediately went viral. The images, along with race-baiting comments made by Minneapolis’ 39-year-old Democrat mayor and “community organizer” of Jewish-Ukrainian descent Jacob Frey, sparked protests nationally.

In the following presser he held at his office Wednesday morning, he said he hasn’t seen all the evidence but is calling for the arresting officer to be charged with murder — though it was not the arresting officer who applied knee maneuver to Floyd. Instead, he repeatedly emphasized the fact that the officer was white and Floyd was black.
“George Floyd deserves justice, his family deserves justice, the black community deserves justice, and our city deserves justice,” Frey and watch more............
time to consider what happens next;

i wear my face mask in my car, for five minutes;

Thursday, May 28, 2020

the empire has been accusing others of doing in secret what it has been doing openly for seventy years, or more, depending on how you categorize things;

TASS, May 26. The United States conducted 70 covert and overt operations aimed at regime change in various countries in the Cold War period, Russian Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov said Tuesday.
The envoy mentioned this data, citing western analysts, against a backdrop of incessant barrage of US accusations of Russia’s alleged election interference. "The US is almost obsessed with ‘the Russian electoral interference’," he said via Twitter. "Meanwhile, western analysts have counted that the US carried out 64 covert and 6 overt operations to change unfavorable regimes in the Cold War period alone."
US security services are accusing Russia of meddling with the American electoral process in 2016. Former US Special Counsel Robert Mueller was investigating these alleged attempts for almost two years. In particular, he was digging into the supposed collusion between Russian authorities and Donald Trump who later assumed the office of US president. In the end, Mueller acknowledged that there had been no collusion. Trump repeatedly rejected suspicions of any wrongful contacts with Russian officials during the election campaign. Moscow has also repeatedly denied allegations of election interference. ........
the coonman wants you to be afraid, and it ain't just him, but, i refuse;

Something wicked this way comes.
Only wicked can explain the announcement today by the Coonman – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam – that all Virginians over 10 will wear the Fear Mask pretty much everywhere after this Friday.
Or else.
Gesundheitsfuhrers – health police – will do the enforcing, handing out misdemeanor fines and presumably Hut! Hut! Huts! to the noncompliant.
Wicked because on the same day as the Coonman announced his decree, the CDC – the “science” we’re all supposed to “listen” to – told us that it had revised the mortality rate for WuFlu down to less than half of one more........

U.S.—The nation that once revolted over minor taxes on tea and stamps is now “pretty cool” with state and local governments locking everyone in their homes and robbing them of their livelihood indefinitely.
A new poll has confirmed that the country that threw crates of tea into a harbor because they’d have to pay a little more for their caffeinated beverages is fine with tyrannical states destroying everybody’s lives, as long as they have their Netflix and Amazon Prime.
“A lockdown with no end in sight that destroys the economy, robs us of our constitutional rights, and probably doesn’t stop the virus at all? Yeah, that’s tight,” said Bernard Humphrey of Portland, Maine. “Tight, tight, tight.”
Most people polled were fine with paying many months of their income to the government every month in exchange for their rights being trampled as well. “Yeah, 30% of my income goes to the government, once you calculate income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, property tax, and a few hundred others,” said Mike Bunson of Los Angeles. “Sounds fair.”
When asked what it would take to get them to revolt, most people agreed that if something really important were threatened like easy access to their favorite Starbucks beverages, they would be the first to start the revolution........

its on the way and you won't like it when the arrival is without a doubt, here;

Sometimes we need something to shake us in order to wake us from the fantasy that we have been living in.  Hopefully, this COVID-19 pandemic will serve as a wake up call for people all over the globe, because it has given us a very clear preview of what we can expect during the years ahead.  This pandemic has shown us that our economic and financial systems are not nearly as stable as most people thought, many of our politicians have been quite eager to embrace socialism and tyranny during this pandemic, and acute shortages of basic essentials started to happen very rapidly once fear of COVID-19 began to sweep across the nation.  If things degenerated this much during a relatively minor crisis like this COVID-19 pandemic, what in the world is our society going to look like once a major crisis hits us?
If you haven’t figured it out by now, this coronavirus is definitely not an “end of the world” scenario.  Yes, more than 300,000 people around the globe have died so far, and the final death toll will be even higher, but this isn’t like the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 to 1920 that took the lives of somewhere between 50 million and 100 million victims worldwide.
So that is good news, but the bad news is that the lockdowns instituted by our political leaders have burst all of our economic bubbles and have completely wrecked the global economy.
Here in the United States, more than 38 million Americans have lost their jobs so far, more than 100,000 businesses have been permanently lost, and it is being projected that U.S. GDP will fall by about 40 percent during the second quarter.
And all that it took to do that was fear of a more...........

if this article is accurate we might be facing a large reduction in population here in the empire and soon;

Many people are asking, what is the endgame of this contrived coronavirus epidemic?  What is government attempting to accomplish?  Complete control of individuals? Total destruction of private enterprise? Abolishment of Constitution protections? Foment racial discord?  Outlaw guns?  Demolish religion?  Sweep the President from office?  Cull the world’s human population?  Yes, all of those are likely objectives.  And to realize how fragile our freedoms are, this was all done in a period of one week.  And a fearful population fully cooperated, voluntarily at first, and eventually by mandate.  Now, can America ever get fearful workers to come out of hibernation and go back to work?
I don’t have access as an insider to any more information than others.  I’m piecing together information as you are, like parts of a puzzle.  We may be misled by fear mongers who want us all to come to the wrong conclusions that are emotional unsettling in order to spread fear amongst the human family.  This is what I have come to understand is going on.  Some is fact, some is guesswork based on more.........
the empire is fixated on invading any country that doesn't do as they're told, and here some of the price is revealed;

A sad article in the New York Times this week entitled “He Died at War. The Pandemic Gave Me Time to Grieve” by a young woman named Kelsey Baker is a testament to the success of the U.S. national-security establishment in indoctrinating soldiers and, well, lots of civilians as well.
The article details Baker’s deep grief over the loss of her boyfriend, 34-year-old Diego Pongo, a U.S. Marine gunnery sergeant from California who was recently killed in a firefight with ISIS insurgents in some isolated part of northern Iraq.
The couple met at a gym a couple of years ago and immediately hit it off. At the time, Baker herself was in the Marines and was preparing to deploy to Iraq. Soon after she returned, the military sent him to Iraq. Obviously wracked by grief, Baker writes:
“Before his final mission, Diego called me from his team site to tell me he loved me, just in case anything happened. We had been arguing more frequently, and he wanted to remind me that despite the friction he still loved me. I told him the same and teased that if anything happened, I would find a way to bring him back to earth because I wasn’t finished with him yet.” more.........

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

we're living in a live theater production begun by those in charge;

Are You Mask Wearers Feeling Stupid Yet? | image tagged in the mask,mind control,covidiots,sheeple,stupid sheep,false hope | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
a quote i stumbled across and liked;

"It is the very nature of power that it attracts the very sort of people who should not have it. The United States, as the world's last superpower, is a prize that attracts men and women willing to do anything to win that power, and hence are willing to do anything with it once they have it. It is racist to assume that tyrants appear only in other nations and that somehow America is immune simply because we're Americans. America has escaped the clutches of a dictatorship only through the efforts of those citizens who, unlike the Germans and Russians of the 1930s, have the moral courage to stand up and point out where the government is lying to the people." -- Michael Rivero
democracy american style;

optimism in a picture;

we're ruled by psychopathic criminals and in this article there are several short video clips provinding evidence of that;

There is an Irish author and lecturer by the name of Thomas Sheridan who has been important in my awakening about the dualism of evil and good in the world. Sheridan has written books on psychopathy, and I am particularly interested in this from an institutional framework. He states that psychopaths are in high positions of power in many if not most countries.
Sheridan describes a psychopathic pyramid that runs society. Of particular interest is his descriptive of the brain function of psychopaths. Psychopathy can also infect normal people, who can then become fellow travelers, or proto-psychopaths. He discusses the disinformation and ridicule campaign to co-opt and discredit the alternative media. They control through and watch more........
minor catastrophes are magnified by 'our free press', or not;

lots of reality in this essay in which you can learn much about what's going on and where its most likely heading;

The gargantuan global debt bubble is now imploding at an astounding and terrifying rate, with the virus acting as a catalyst to speed up the process thanks to the lockdowns and the massive economic disruption that they are causing. The global economy is coming to a dead stop, with the airline, catering and tourism industries the first victims and already largely destroyed in the space of just a couple of months. Several days ago on TV there was the extraordinary sight of hundreds of cars in various US locations snaking sometimes for miles in lines to collect food handouts – and these weren’t beat up old clunkers held together with wire and duct tape like in the days of the Beverly Hillbillies – many of them were flashy SUVs and Mercedes etc. What became clear from the reporters talking to some of the people stuck in these lines is that a few months ago, or even weeks ago, many of them were living comfortable middle class lifestyles, and then they suddenly found themselves with no work, no income and quickly broke. Sadly, what also became clear is that many in the line thought that this was just a temporary phenomenon, not realizing that in the future they will be lucky if they are able to afford to run their vehicles. What we are seeing here of course is the modern equivalent of the 30’s soup kitchen lines, which means that we are already in an economic depression.
The reason that this article is titled “Getting Positioned for the WORST DEPRESSION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD” is that debt and derivatives have never built up to such vast levels on a global scale before. It will take a correspondingly severe depression to eliminate this gargantuan mountain of and watch more.........
six minutes of louie andersons first appearance on johnny carson. quite funny;
the videorebel presents an interesting statistical group of numbers in this article about the beer virus and its effects;

We are in the midst of a Plandemic. The coronavirus was made in a lab. So says Dr Luc Montagnier who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Dr Francis Boyle who wrote America’s Bioweapons law agrees. The controlled press cannot admit this because it would undo Globalism if the voters figured out the boss was trying to kill them. The US government acting through Dr Fauci and NIH gave the Wuhan Level 4 Bioweapons lab a $3.7 million grant in 2014 to further develop this bioweapon to be used against us.
The News Media also refuses to tell you the difference between dying with Coronavirus and dying from it. In a Democrat state a man was shot to death but his death was listed as Covid-19 on the death certificate. The federal government local governments to list deaths as covid even though the cause was clearly something else. A study of 200 deaths in California found that 3% died from Coronavirus and 97% from other causes. They might have tested positive before dying of heart disease, cancer, renal failure, liver disease, COPD or even suicide or vehicular accident. So the actual risk for healthy people with no nutritional deficiencies of Vitamins D-3 and C is very low, especially for those who skipped the seasonal flu shot. That latter factor increases the risk of getting the disease by 36%.
The following are the results of this most recent bioweapon. I will begin with a list of the ten states in the US with the most Covid deaths up to 5/25/2020. All ten states have Democrat governors. State populations are listed in the second more........

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

once again caitlin nails it with this presentation about trump;

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter went on a surprisingly vitriolic anti-Trump rant the other day, calling the president a “complete blithering idiot”, an “actual retard”, and “the most disloyal human God ever created” for his treatment of Jeff Sessions and his failure to build the border wall per his campaign promise.
“Coulter is right,” comedian Tim Dillon tweeted in response. “Trump doesn’t really care about immigration or the wall, it was just the way to win. He likes winning. You don’t live your entire life being a Hollywood star who hangs with the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein and then decide you actually like people from Ohio.”
Which is true. Trump and his handlers understood that rising anti-immigration sentiment in America was a key to winning the presidency, but he never cared about immigration and never had any intention of going out of his way to do anything about it (which is why even his deportation numbers are still below Obama’s). Just one of the many ways where the popular narrative about Trump–the story everyone’s telling about him–differs wildly from the more..........
its a dry run, or as pompeo said, a test run;

interesting list and conclusions to which i challenge you to oppose;

So I am just sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee on Memorial Day. I give thanks to all the vets for their service and personal sacrifices. We were once a united country of self-reliant strong willed people but have devolved into a fractured, polarized group of gelatinous spined sloths for the most part. Definitely not my readers out there though. Sipping my coffee I began to think about how we have been weakened both physically and cognitively since the end of WWII. By chance? No way. A sickly, dumbed down population is easily controlled. The agenda is dark and multi-generational. Evil is nefarious and very patient. We have all been deceived. Some of these practices have stopped while others are in use today. So here is my list on how we all have been royally fucked over:

Aspartame and artificial sweeteners
BPA- thermal store receipts, food packaging
Fluoridated water
Mercury in amalgam dental fillings
Formaldehyde in envelope adhesive & stamps
Handing us liquid mercury as a toy in science class
Spraying us like bugs with DDT under the guise of mosquito control
Exposing soldiers to atomic tests and radiation.
Napalm exposure in Nam
Gulf War Syndrome - vax?
Free flu shots and vaccines
Sodium nitrite and nitrate, plus other chemicals in the food
Leaded gas fumes until the 80's blanketing our cities
Leaded paint
High fructose corn syrup
Micro-plastic ingestion
Removal of tonsils crucial to the immune system
Circumcision- reduced sexual sensitivity and early trauma
Big Pharma- nuff said
Generic drugs only needing to be 85% pure. What's in the other 15%?
Radiation & chemotherapy
Depletion of essential nutrients in the soil due to industrial farming
Removal of Iodine from bread in the 1970's
Zinc exposure from dental adhesive
Cigarettes laced with deadly chemicals vs pure tobacco
Heavy metals in cosmetics and lotions
WiFi and electromagnetic pollution

Just a few off the top of my head. I gave alcohol, my genius juice, a free pass hehe. Please feel free to add a few more that I may have missed. Does humanity have any gas left in the tank for a rebound? I sure hope so. Time will tell. Time for some genius juice.....

The Chief Nose Wetter..............
nice while it lasted eh;

they do this violence and still keep their job, telling how they're protecting us;

Albuquerque, NM — Because America has a “justice” system designed protect itself rather than dole out anything close to actual justice, the ranks of law enforcement are full of repeat offenders. Cops can literally murder unarmed and innocent individuals begging for their lives on their knees and not only remain out of jail, but also retire with their full pension. As the following video illustrates, cops are allowed to beat and even kill people, face no consequences, and leave a trail of suffering in their wake.
A man’s failure to use his turn signal to make a left turn last January put him in the cross hairs of Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy Jeffrey Bartram — a repeat offender. Bartram has a violent and deadly past as a cop and when this unnamed driver crossed paths with him, the driver would become part of that past.
The stop for failure to use a turn signal would quickly turn violent after Bartram accused the driver of being drunk. To be clear, the only “evidence” of intoxication thus far was the driver not turning on his blinker. Nevertheless, Bartram moved in to arrest the driver, escalating to entirely unnecessary and dangerous violence.
“It’s a DWI stop, whether it’s legitimate or not, turned into a use of force situation,” says Attorney Nick Sitterly.
As the video shows, the driver is entirely compliant. He has his hands on his head and is listening to everything he is being told. For some reason, as Bartram moves to place the driver in handcuffs, he body slams him into the concrete instead. Then, after he was already on the ground and being held down by Bartram’s fellow officer, Bartram starts punching him.
Every bit of the violence doled out by this raging officer was unnecessary and more........
mr whitehead tells it like it is in this essay and i suspect most 'consumers' are unconcerned because they're afraid;

You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business… And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”- Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor
You have no rights.
That’s the lesson the government wants us to learn from this COVID-19 business.
Well, the government is wrong.
For years now, the powers-that-be—those politicians and bureaucrats who think like tyrants and act like petty dictators regardless of what party they belong to—have attempted to brainwash us into believing that we have no right to think for ourselves, make decisions about our health, protect our homes and families and businesses, act in our best interests, demand accountability and transparency from government, or generally operate as if we are in control of our own lives.
We have every right, and you know why? Because we were born free.
As the Declaration of Independence states, we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights—to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness—that no government can take away from us.
Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the government from constantly trying to usurp our freedoms at every turn. Indeed, the nature of government is such that it invariably oversteps its limits, abuses its authority, and flexes its totalitarian muscles.
Take this COVID-19 crisis, for more..........
two minutes on where we're heading;
its a plandemic, with many goals;

“I hate this word, (“lockdown”) because it does not seem to me to be fitting to describe free people in a free country. But we are no longer such people, or such a country. We have become muzzled, mouthless, voiceless, humiliated, regimented prisoners, shuffling about at the command of others, stopping when told to stop, moving when told to move, shouted at by jacks-in-office against whom we have no appeal. We are learning, during this induction period, to do what we are told and to become obedient, servile citizens of a new authoritarian State. We are unlearning the old rules of freedom.” more.........

Monday, May 25, 2020

i have no love for trump, and i feel the same way about his opposition, but there is something called the rule of law which seems to have been abandoned sometime in the last twenty or thirty years;

What “the Resistance” really fears more than anything is General Michael Flynn’s mouth. He’s been under a judicial gag order since his case went before Judge Emmet Sullivan’s federal district court. Understandably, Gen. Flynn wasn’t eager to complicate his unjust plight with a contempt citation. Judge Sullivan’s recent shenanigans have one object: to keep that gag order in force as long as possible. The moment Judge Sullivan confirms the DOJ’s move to dismiss the charges, as he is duty-bound to do, General Flynn will be free to offer his views to the public. That might be inconvenient in an election season.
I’m sure he has a lot to say. Gen. Flynn was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency for two years (2012 – 2014) under Barack Obama, and he knows a ton about every crooked operation Mr. Obama presided over, including the Benghazi fiasco, the Ukraine regime change op, and especially Mr. Obama’s hijacking of the NSA supercomputer surveillance database known as “the Hammer,” which was set up originally to track terrorists and then used by DNI James Clapper and CIA chief John Brennan to spy on Americans, most particularly Mr. Obama’s political adversaries. It’s rumored that Mr. Obama took the database with him when he left the White House, and it is said to contain great gouts of usefully damning information about just about everyone in government, including senators, congressmen, and Supreme Court justices.
Gen. Flynn became an antagonist to Obama & Co. when he objected to the nuclear deal they were cooking up with Iran and when he spoke out against the CIA’s 2013 Timber Sycamore op to arm and give money to Isis terrorists opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Mr. Obama canned Gen. Flynn in 2014. What really sealed Gen. Flynn’s fate was when he started publicly complaining about the politicization of John Brennan’s CIA. The New York Times quoted him saying “They’ve lost sight of who they actually work for. They work for the American people. They don’t work for the president of the United States. Frankly, it’s become a very political organization.” more.........
three minutes on why war ain't what we're expected to believe it is;
a short video explaining where we are, and why, plus an idea of where life may go from here;
as kissinger will explain;

the list shows us where we're heading, almost on schedule as well;

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more of this stuff going on every day as the police state rises;

if this essay is correct you may be seeing a lot more of what we've been watching the last few months drag out into the future;
How does one define an economic “reopening”? I think most people would say that a reopening means that everything goes back to the way it was before the crisis; or at least as close as possible.  Most people would also say that a reopening is something that will last.  Simply declaring “America has reopened” while keeping many restrictions in place in certain parts of the country is a bit of a farce.  And, reopening with the intention of implementing lockdowns again in a matter of weeks without explaining the situation to the public is a scam of the highest order.
For example, states like New York, California, Illinois and New Jersey have extended their lockdowns; with LA’s extension remaining ambiguous after they initially declared restrictions for another 3 months. New York’s lockdown is extended to the end of May (so far). This is the case in many US states and cities, while rural areas are mostly open. This is being called a “partial reopening”, but is there a purpose behind the uneven approach?
As I predicted in my article ‘Pandemic And Economic Collapse: The Next 60 Days’, the restrictions will continue in major US population centers while rural areas have mostly opened with much fanfare. The end result of this will be a flood of city dwellers into rural towns looking for relief from more strict lockdown conditions. In about a month, we should expect new viral clusters in places where there was limited transmission. I suggest that before the 4th of July holiday, state governments and the Federal government will be talking about new lockdowns, using the predictable infection spike as an more.........