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Monday, September 24, 2018

 all pasted here with the link at the bottom as usual and we see how we're being protected even during a hurricane. must be so reassuring;

She runs an animal rescue called “Crazy’s Claws ‘n Paws,” but had not yet finished building her shelter.
She said she took the animals in anyways so they’d have a dry place to stay.
“Their owners were just going to leave them in a flood zone on chains. We don’t want that,” she said.
Animal services has since taken the pets and are now trying to find their owners.
Tammie has also been charged with practicing medicine without a veterinary license.
Better to have let them perish than risk the officers’ lives effecting the arrest.  If I was them, I would have sent in the SWAT team, shot all the dogs, and beaten the hell out of her for good measure.
I’m just glad the cops all went home safely at the end of their shift.  That’s what really matters here.


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