If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for war. What if its 1984 and you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet.

Monday, March 18, 2019

well, isn't this an interesting turn of events?;

A suspect confronted the court, two other under investigation; reports about another suspect who left for Israel faces the silence of authorities.
The attack to two mosques in Christchurch, a city in eastern New Zealand, has led to the death of 49 people leaving dozens seriously injured. The terrorist, holding a camera on head live-streaming the attack on Facebook, rushed the Al-Noor mosque with a gun and then fled to streets continuing to shoot the passers-by. 
The live-stream stopped a few streets away while minutes later another mosque, Linwood mosques, was targeted by another attack. Most casualties, nevertheless, were reported in the first attack.
The local authorities announced that less than an hour after the attack, the main suspect, a 28-year-old Australian, was arrested while three others were also put under investigation. One suspect was released from custody after the end of primary investigations.
It remains unclear if the attackers of the two mosques were the same or there were five attackers involved. One of the terrorists managed to escape the country hours after Friday noon. The fifth attacker has defected to Israel with the help of unknown aides. No official reaction has been made by Tel Aviv or local authorities on the issue yet.
While the main suspect has confronted the court a day after the terrorist attack, the local authorities has made no remark about his partner(s) in the brutal act.
The distance between the two mosques seems to show that the terrorist would have no chance to get to the second mosque if he were alone. Besides, considering the fact that the attack was terroristic in nature, as the New Zealand Prime Minister asserted, the involvement of other individuals, or other countries, seems probable...........https://intellectualobserver.com/the-fifth-suspect-of-christchurch-shootings-has-defected-to-israel/
six minutes of bill hicks speaking about the murder of jfk;

a picture's worth a thousand words;

for those of you who still believe the empire to be a righteous organization i present the following display of looting;

According to the agency South Front, the United States has transported approximately 50 tons of gold from the regions occupied by ISIS in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate. The Kurdish news source reports that the gold was stolen from Syria, and subsequently stored in an American military base, located in Ayn al-Arab. In addition, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) stated that U.S. forces had been transporting large chests filled with ISIS gold from the al-Dashisha area in the southern part of the Al-Hasakah Governorate.
Furthermore, the United Kingdom-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that ISIS members in the Euphrates region were in possession of approximately 40 tons of gold, which the terrorists used to buy a safe passage out of the region, surrounded by forces supported by the United States. As a rule, American military personnel received payments for allowing terrorists to leave the area without a hassle, and they subsequently handed over this money at their base. SOHR also claimed that the coalition, headed by the United States, did not attack the territory occupied by ISIS “deliberately”, and as a result, then received money from outlaws and terrorists. After all according to the saying “Money does not stink,” hence, the U.S. band of looters and bribe takers became even richer.
If someone actually believes that Americans had only recently begun to accept gold from terrorists and transfer it to U.S. coffers, they are sadly mistaken. Irrespective of who the President of the United States is at any given time, these leaders have always believed that stealing money and gold ingots from others is a “noble pursuit”. And there are plenty of examples that support this claim.
For instance, we could remind our readers about the gold and the vast amount in dollars that belonged to the Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos. During the fight for the “happiness of his people,” Ferdinand Marcos and his family did not forget about their own needs. Their possessions included various thriving businesses involved in the manufacturing and service sectors, which were owned by their relatives and acquaintances. In 1985, The Mercury News, a local newspaper based in San Jose, published a series of sensational articles that attempted to describe the method used by this “first couple” to accumulate so much wealth, with particular emphasis on spheres connected with the United States. The publication was unable to identify all of the sources of Ferdinand Marcos’s wealth, but up until now the amount of money, belonging to him, is estimated to be somewhere below $10 billion.
Once Ferdinand Marcos was deposed as president, Swiss banks froze his family’s accounts, on request from Washington, and then refused to acknowledge the suit filed by the new Filipino government because it lacked legal grounds. Hence, these banks did not accept that the deposited funds belonged to the Philippines. By August 1987, the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) filed 35 suits against the former president, his wife and 300 individuals close to him, in order to seek compensation for the financial losses supposedly suffered by the government, totaling $90 billion, which, as uncovered later, was transferred to the United States...........https://journal-neo.org/2019/03/18/usa-behaving-as-true-looters/

Sunday, March 17, 2019

i read whatever i can find by this writer. the snip i pasted below is a departure from my usual practice of pasting the opening few lines from an article. i hadn't got part way thru on is newest piece when i encountered this below and haven't even finished the whole piece but believe it worthy of your attention. the second paragraph is a second departure from my usual course in that i here pasted another out of sequence bit i found profound, in some way;

It has become quite clear to me that the various Patriot factions not only lack principle, but broadly speaking they lack the will to act. In the Obama years, there was talk of armed conflict over spending, infringements on rights, gun control, and socialism. The same folks now openly embrace it as Trump takes it all to new levels and they even make excuses for it or worse, openly defend it.

 Culture is not going to be preserved at the point of a gun, with a border wall, and Roy Moore running the Supreme Court. (And the idiotic argument that “American culture” must be preserved, so the democratic party shrinks in influence, and the republicans can restore liberty, is probably the most insane, historically ignorant and void of reality argument I’ve ever heard in my entire life.  What happened to the last 20 years of the patriot moving telling everyone about the demopublicans and republicrats being 2 wings of the same predator?)

zionism and the holohoax continues to rule the empire, and this crap accelerates in florida with this attack on the first amendment;

A Florida ‘hate crime’ bill with an expanded, Israel-centric definition of anti-Semitism and no mention of other religions, is working its way through House committees. The bill would criminalize criticisms of Israel.
by Brendan Rivers, reposted from WJCT Public Media
Critics of a Florida House bill that aims to crack down on anti-Semitism say the legislation is too narrow because it fails to address other forms of xenophobia and hate crimes, and that it violates the First Amendment by criminalizing legitimate criticisms of the State of Israel.
[Editor’s note: This is the latest action in an international campaign to rewrite the definition of anti-Semitism and then use it to prevent criticism of Israel – see this.]
HB 741, which would specify that the term “religion” include anti-Semitism for purposes of the hate crime statute, among other things, passed unanimously in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee Tuesday morning.
The bill is sponsored by Representatives Randy Fine (R-Brevard County), who is Jewish, and Michael Caruso (R-Delray Beach). The cosponsors are Representatives Jason Fischer (R-Jacksonville), Chip LaMarca (R-Lighthouse Point) and Spencer Roach (R-North Fort Myers).
Rep. Fine told members of the Criminal Justice Subcommittee that he filed the bill in response to a recent uptick in anti-Semitism. “As we have seen in recent weeks, unfortunately, anti-Semitism is alive and well in this country,” he said. “You can see it in the mainstreaming of certain language that’s been used in Washington D.C.” [Editor’s note: no one in Washington DC has been more demonized recently for alleged anti-Semitism than Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for her statements about AIPAC; however the accusations against her are based not on what she said, but on some listeners’ inaccurate interpretations; Omar’s statements were factual.] 
“I’m not Jewish, but I stand here with Fine because it doesn’t take being Jewish to know what’s right and wrong,” Rep. Caruso added. “Anti-Semitism is a genocidal hatred that led to the death of over six million Jews, and it didn’t end with the Holocaust.”........https://israelpalestinenews.org/floridas-anti-semitism-bill-would-go-even-further-in-blocking-free-speech/
commentary on the yellow vest movement;

by now, any thinking human who supported hurricane trump aught to be able to see he's no different than any of his predecessors, as he violates his campaign promises as they all do, and in this case he's doing the same as the rest of them giving more credence to the idea that the deep state is in control. he promised no more foreign military adventures and now is presenting us with venezuela as the next focus of regime change;

President Trump has been bringing up the idea of an invasion of Venezuela since taking office in 2017, and his administration insists several times a week these days that it is among the “all options on the table” for Venezuela.

With the departure of US diplomats from Venezuela, ordered out by the Venezuelan government, the rhetoric is advancing, giving the impression that the US is increasing its planning and preparing for such a military operation.

Of course, officials are always keen to talk up attacking various nations, and that they are giving that impression now doesn’t mean an invasion is imminent. Rather, the US seems interested in giving that impression.

Still, concern about this is real, enough so that the House Foreign Affairs Committee is looking to prohibit the White House from attacking Venezuela without Congressional approval. The administration clearly hoped to force a regime change in Venezuela just through threats and rhetoric, but with that looking less and less likely to work, the talk of a war is only going to grow..........https://news.antiwar.com/2019/03/15/growing-signs-of-us-military-planning-in-venezuela/
during the empire's vietnam excursion in the sixties an officer famously said they had to destroy a village to save it, and he must have been pompeo's father because 'our' secretary of state has essentially just said the same thing about yemen;

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has rebuked senators for passing a resolution to end Washington’s support for the Saudi war on Yemen, saying they should back Riyadh if they "truly care about Yemeni lives."
In comments to the media in Washington on Friday, Pompeo claimed the vote showed that American senators do not care about the Yemeni people.
"If you truly care about Yemeni lives, you'd support the Saudi-led effort to prevent Yemen from turning into a puppet state of ... Iran," he said.
On Wednesday, the Republican-led Senate approved the resolution to halt US military assistance for the Saudi offensive against Yemen by a 54 to 46 tally...........https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2019/03/16/591165/Mike-Pompeo-Saudi-Arabia-Yemen
just about never read anything by paul craig roberts i found wanting, and here he writes about the truth vs the 'official' truth as presented by 'our free press';

In America Truth Is On The Ropes
Is a knockout on the way?
Paul Craig Roberts
Morris Dees, founder and director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an element of the Israel Lobby that smears and demeans truth-tellers, was fired. The article reporting Dees’ removal speculates that he was fired for sexual harassment.  More likely he was fired for having to pay out $60 million of the SPLC’s $500,000,000 endowment to settle defamation lawsuits.   https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/03/if_there_is_an_justice_the_firing_of_its_founder_should_to_launch_the_collapse_and_liquidation_of_the_southern_poverty_law_center.html
Ask yourself how is it that an organization committed to smearing people has an endowment of a half billion dollars and not the Institute for Political Economy that focuses on providing truthful information that is contrary to official explanations.  Clearly, there is far more money available for “hit man” organizations dedicated to destroying truth tellers than there is for the targets of such organizations.
If truth tellers criticize Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, the truth tellers are branded “anti-Semites.”  
If truth tellers question official government explanations such as 9/11, they are branded “conspiracy theorists.”
If truth tellers correct the official lies that portray Russia as a dire threat to the United States and Russia’s President Putin as the “New Hitler,” they are branded “Russian agents,” and “Putin dupes.”
$500,000,000 is a huge endowment for a reputation-smearing organization operating in Montgomery, Alabama.  Where did that money come from?............https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/03/16/in-america-truth-is-on-the-ropes/

Saturday, March 16, 2019

this is another serving in the thin blue line series and you can discover why its ok that four cops shot a six year old;

In December 2017, the Free Thought Project reported on the tragic death of 6-year-old Kameron Prescott whose life was stolen from him when police opened fire on an unarmed woman suspected of stealing a car. In June, the mother of the little boy who was gunned down by police found out that the cops who killed her son all went back to work. And this week, the family has found out that none of the officers responsible for the death of her son will face charges.
Last year, the Bexar County District Attorney provided the department with clearance letters, allowing the deputies to report to full duty after being on administrative leave during the investigation. After a six month paid vacation for killing a child, the cops went back to work.
Now, a Bexar County grand jury decided that all the officers involved in the boy’s death will face no charges.
“I respect and agree with the decision of the grand jury in this case,” Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales said in an emailed statement Wednesday.
“I’m livid,” said Rubi Prescott, Kameron’s mother.
In December, the incident received widespread coverage as the mainstream media reported that Kameron was hit with a “stray bullet.” However, this bullet was anything but “stray.” The shot that killed young Kameron was deliberately fired at an unarmed woman.
The officers’ guns did not accidentally go off. Deputies John Aguillon, George Herrera, Jesse Arias and Johnny Longoria all deliberately shot at an unarmed woman, and their fear, poor judgment, and carelessness led to the death of an innocent child.......https://thefreethoughtproject.com/no-charges-for-cops-who-killed-6yo-boy-while-trying-to-kill-an-unarmed-woman/
should you be one of those snowflakes that consider the empire to be a democracy you might want to read this as it will provide more information on that subject for your consideration;

It’s false because it is definitely untrue, and that’s not merely because America has a higher percentage of its residents in prison than does any other nation on this planet, but also because the only scientific studies that have been done of the matter show — they prove scientifically — that the U.S. is a dictatorship by its very wealthiest residents, against all the rest of the population. Traditionally, that’s called an “aristocracy,” not a democracy, but ever since Mussolini in the 1920s, it came to be called “fascism,” which is the successor to “feudalism” and thus is merely the modernized form of feudalism. What used to be called by such terms as “monarchy” or “aristocracy” is thus now called “fascism” but the leopard is the same regardless of what it is labeled, and what it really is is dictatorship. Mussolini sometimes instead called fascism “corporationism” and it certainly is today’s United States Government, even if some people choose to call it ‘democracy’. It’s what the U.S. Government has been scientifically proven to be: dictatorship, by the richest few (the controlling owners of the international corporations), against the entire public.
But even worse than being only false, calling the U.S. a ‘democracy’ is also itself extremely dangerous to the entire world, and here is why:
Every time that the U.S. perpetrates a coup (such as it’s trying now to do against Venezuela) or a military invasion (such as it did to Iraq 2003 and Libya 2011 and Syria 2012- and to Yemen 2015-, and many others) the U.S. regime and its propagandists call it an action ‘for humanitarian purposes’, and for regime-change ‘to bring democracy and human rights’ to that country, and it’s always lies, which wouldn’t even be believed by anyone who knows that the U.S. itself is actually a dictatorship, which it is. So, the lie of calling the U.S. a ‘democracy’ is actually okaying a lying dictatorship by using, for it, the term “democracy,” which this particular dictatorship chooses to refer to itself, for PR purposes.........https://washingtonsblog.com/2019/03/why-calling-u-s-a-democracy-is-both-false-dangerous-to-do.html
this will provide you with some small amount of evidence concerning the results of the empire 'liberating' a country;

Libya is coming apart again — though of course it was never put back together in the first place after NATO's regime change war to topple Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 in the first place. Since then it's been a jihadist wasteland of three, or at times up to four, competing governments vying for control of land and resources.
And now, as Bloomberg reports this week "Libya’s most powerful warlord has his sights on the capital" of Tripoli and "even his international backers are nervous." Who are Khalifa Haftar's international backers? He was for a couple decades believed to be on the CIA's payroll while living in suburban Virginia outside Washington, D.C. in exile during Gaddafi's rule. He's also financed by the UAE and quickly emerged as a main player collecting the spoils in the aftermath of the US-French-NATO bombing campaign in support of the rebels.
Libyan General Khalifa Haftar. Image source: Middle East Monitor
Based in Libya's oil-rich east, Haftar's militia has already captured much of the country's oil resources, especially after a successful blitz to take much of the south this year.........https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-15/libyas-gaddafi-20-eyes-military-takeover-tripoli-could-rattle-global-oil-markets
here you will find evidence that 'our' government knew in advance, before their invasion, of all that would result from the empire's invasion of iraq;

A newly declassified US intelligence memo has been unearthed this week and featured in a bombshell Wall Street Journal report. It proves that the year prior to the Bush administration’s 2003 invasion of Iraq the White House was expressly warned in great detail of all that could and would go wrong in the regime change war’s aftermath, including the Sunni-Shia sectarian chaos and proxy war with Iran that would define Iraq and the whole region for years following. And crucially, it reveals that seven months before the US invasion of Iraq, American intelligence officials understood that Osama bin Laden was likely “alive and well and hiding in northwest Pakistan”   important given that a key Bush admin claim to sell the war was that Saddam Hussein and bin Laden were “in league” against the United States.
The July 2002 memo was authored by William Burns, then serving as assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs, and though clearly dismissed by the Bush neocons making the case for war, proved prescient on many levels. “Following are some very quick and informal thoughts on how events before, during and after an effort to overthrow the regime in Baghdad could unravel if we’re not careful, intersecting to create a ‘perfect storm’ for American interests,” Burns wrote in the memo, classified ‘Secret’ and sent to Secretary of State Colin Powell.........https://www.theburningplatform.com/2019/03/15/kept-secret-for-17-years-intel-memo-warned-bushs-iraq-invasion-to-create-perfect-storm/
here's a portion of your daily thin blue line series and there is a video at the link should you wish for more fun;

A school police officer is under investigation this week after a video was published online, showing him grabbing a small teen girl, half his size, and slamming her into the ground. The video, which was taken on Friday, has since gone viral.
According to police, the video shows the aftermath of an incident that unfolded on Friday at Cedar Ridge High School. Police said the girl in the video was seen in a separate video fighting with another student on a bus.
In that separate video, the fight is broken up by the assistant principal without issue.
As the video below shows, however, there did not appear to be any fighting going on when the officer grabbed the girl around her neck and slammed her into the concrete. While the girl certainly deserved to be disciplined for what the video on the bus shows, the officer’s use of force appeared to be entirely over the top.
Deborah Fowler, the executive director at the Austin-based nonprofit Texas Appleseed, a group that promotes social and economic justice for all Texans, agrees.
“From the video, it’s very hard to see what the justification might have been for taking the student down to the ground the way that she was,” Fowler told WALB.
After the officer slammed the girl to the ground, she was then taken into custody for the incident which took place on the bus earlier.
After the video began to go viral, the school’s principal released a statement saying, “My administrative team, along with district leaders, is working with Round Rock police to fully review the situation, what led up to it and how it was handled.”
The Round Rock police department also responded to the video, noting that the officer’s use of force will face scrutiny...........https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/cop-grabs-small-school-girl-around-her-neck-slams-her-into-the-concrete/243313
for all of you who still anticipate hurricane trump doing what he promised, here ann coulter gives you a report card of his actions so far;

It is now clear that Trump isn’t waiting for a better moment. This was not an anomaly. It’s not an accident.
After he signed his third spending bill with no wall funding, which he claims to need, all sentient beings were forced to conclude that the president has no intention of ever doing anything we wanted on immigration.
In fact, Trump is steadily moving in the precise opposite direction of what he promised.
Illegal immigration is on track to hit the highest levels in more than a decade, and Trump has willfully decided to keep amnesty advocates Jared, Ivanka, Mick Mulvaney, Marc Short and Mercedes Schlapp in the White House. For all his talk about immigration, did he ever consider hiring people who share his MAGA vision?
A (diminishing) percentage of the base is annoyed when I point this out. They think that the moment something comes out of Trump’s mouth, IT HAS HAPPENED.............https://www.theburningplatform.com/2019/03/15/trump-by-the-numbers/#more-193285

Friday, March 15, 2019

there are times i don't bother posting kunstler's essays and other times i believe he's done an exceptional job of identifying what's before us, and the latter is the case in this piece. the empire is clearly on the road to collapse and its only a matter of time be it weeks or years, but its coming;

You had to wonder why it took Nancy Pelosi so long to figure out that maybe impeachment was not the big rock-candy mountain that, for “the resistance,” marked the gateway to a Trump-free nirvana. It became obvious this week, through the release of the Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page transcripts, that RussiaGate was birthed entirely by persons in the employ of Hillary Clintion, with then CIA Director John Brennan as midwife, and the DOJ / FBI avidly assisting — all of them fully aware that the predicate was false. What’s more, the evidence timeline makes it clear that Democratic Party leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, knew it was false. Hence, the pained smile she’s been wearing these many months.
In the event of an impeachment proceeding in the House, all that would be revealed, especially if it got as far as a trial in the US Senate, where the defense is allowed to mount a case under rules of evidence. Imagine the howls of embarrassment on late-night TV when even ex-comedian Stephen Colbert would have to admit that he was gulled into acting as a shill for a seditious con.
I suppose Ms. Pelosi also made the calculation that any impeachment ginned up by the likes of Jerrold Nadler and Maxine Waters would be superseded by a slew of actual indictments among the above-mentioned former law enforcement officialdom, including perhaps former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and persons in the Obama White House. You might even include the enigmatic Robert Mueller, who appears to be liable for the destruction of evidence in his own inquiry, as well as malicious prosecution.
All the actual evidence in the public arena indicates that any “collusion” to interfere with the 2016 election involved agents of the Clinton campaign and US government employees, not Russians. Of course, it will not be so easy for Mr. Nadler and Ms. Waters to call off the committee exercises they’ve been rehearsing, but it will be fun to watch them pissing into the wind as the indictments roll out..........http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/the-blind-leading-the-deaf-and-dumb/
sent by a friend i post this image with no comment required;

this will bring you to a two minute video containing evidence of the israeli point of view;

here a former congressional critter speaks in support of the comments made by the new congressional critter from somalia via minnesota  in a four minute video at the link below;

Democrat Ilhan Omar, a Somali refugee who has been in Congress only for a few months, criticized the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) of buying American politicians with large campaign donations. Former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, said the same thing when she was in office and, in 2008, lost her bid for re-election because of massive AIPAC funding for her opponent. In this video, McKinney explains how the lobby demands loyalty oaths and, thereby, directs US foreign policy to serve the interests of a foreign government. In response to the recent comment by Ilhan Omar, the leadership of the Democrat Party introduced a resolution that was approved by Congress 407-23 that, without mentioning Omar by name, stated, “white supremacists in the United States have exploited and continue to exploit bigotry and weaponize hate for political gain, targeting traditionally persecuted peoples, including African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and others with verbal attacks, incitement, and violence.”............https://needtoknow.news/2019/03/us-congress-disciplines-congresswoman-who-objects-to-policies-of-israeli-lobby-by-passing-resolution-condemning-white-supremacy-and-antisemitism/
five minute video of a german speaking about government involvement in genocide with some focus on the jews in germany with some things you may not have considered;

the pelosi monster lets the cat out of the bag in this piece below, and shows she doesn't honor her oath to protect and defend the constitution, or as the shrub said, just a scrap of paper;

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded Americans late last week for being against a Democrat measure that allows illegal aliens the right to vote.
During a press conference in Austin, Texas, Pelosi argued that America must not suppress the vote of newly arrived legal immigrants, including those who arrive in caravans at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Pelosi actually appeared to admit that the Democrats overall immigration goal is to ensure millions of new arrivals who come to the U.S. every year are eligible to vote in America’s elections.
“When we talk about newcomers, we have to recognize the constant reinvigoration of America that they are, that we all have been – our families,” Pelosi began.
“And that, unless you’re blessed to be Native American – which is a blessing in itself that we respect – but that constant reinvigoration of hope, determination, optimism, courage, to make the future better for the next generation, those are American traits,” she added.
She continued: “And these newcomers make America more American. And we want them, when they come here, to be fully part of our system. And that means not suppressing the vote of our newcomers to America.”
Did you catch that?
Pelosi argued that immigrants, not American citizens, make the nation “more American.”.......http://us24news.com/nancy-pelosi-scolds-americans-for-opposing-democrat-bill-letting-illegals-aliens-vote/
the author of this ends with what must be the best intro for this: just another week of international jewry;

We begin this week’s edition of ‘Jews, Crime and Corruption’ with the news that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pre-trial hearing for the corruption charges being leveled against him has been postponed till mid-July after the Israeli elections in April. (1) In addition to this Netanyahu’s close political ally David Bitan is to also be charged with bribery and corruption. (2)

This increasingly dire state of affairs for Netanyahu has been evident in the broad media coverage that practically everyone but Netanyahu and his closest allies see this as the end of the road for embattled Israeli Prime Minister. (3) This is despite a desperate scheme being hatched by MK Bezalel Smotrich of the ‘National Union’ party (4) and MK Moshe Gafni of the ‘United Torah Judaism’ party (5) to implement the so-called ‘French Law’ to shield Netanyahu from prosecution following what they expect to be his electoral victory in April.

I assume MKs Gafni and Smotrich believe that people will be taken in by Netanyahu (6) and his relatives raging about a ‘Nazi conspiracy’ in Israel against him (7) while overlooking the continuing crimes of his family – such as his son Yair not paying for a recent hotel stay in Brazil – (8) as well as the evidence of corruption (9) and demands that his diaspora jewish sugar daddies be allowed to pay for his ‘legal expenses’. (10) They also appear to believe that Benny Gantz isn’t extremely popular with the Israeli electorate sans the evidence (11) or that attempts to smear him have backfired spectacularly. (12)

Moving on to other corruption-related news; we’ve had former Israeli Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger released from prison after serving 22 months for corruption (13) and Israeli soccer star Haim Revivo has been shown to have bribed Arnon Giladi – Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv – in the 1990s. (14)

We’ve also had the death of Shabtay Kalman – a jewish businessman in Russia – be heavily investigated (15) and jewish terrorist in Israel arrested for threatening to murder a left-wing Israeli MK. (16)

Israeli police have also busted another huge drug distribution network in the country and arrested its leaders (17) and another Israeli jew has been arrested for trafficking organs in Kosovo. (18)

Just another week in the life of international jewry...........http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot.com/2019/03/jews-crime-and-corruption_14.html
caitlin makes several good points herein and doesn't spend much time doing it;

n order to appease the internet censors, today’s Caitlin Johnstone article has been replaced with a breaking report from the National News Conglomerate. NNC: Obey.
Washington, D.C. (NNC) — Following the publication of the results of a groundbreaking new study this week, experts are now reporting that every single person who questions western military interventionism is both an antisemitic bigot and a Russian national.
Research analyst Les Overton is a senior fellow at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Democracy (ASPCD), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank whose motives we can only assume are perfectly truthful and unbiased. He told NNC that the ASPCD’s research clearly shows that the rate of correlation between an individual opposing western foreign policy, harboring a virulent hatred of Jewish people, and being a citizen of the Russian Federation is “at least a hundred percent, if not more.”
“This is not to suggest that all Russians are antisemites or that all antisemites oppose American wars,” Overton reports. “Our research shows only that people who do oppose western military interventionism are both of these things.”
These findings track with revelations exposed by respected foreign policy analyst Max Boot in an article published yesterday in the Washington Post titled “It’s time to retire the ‘neocon’ label“. Boot explains that those who criticize the relentless warmongering of neoconservatism are actually facilitating antisemitism, writing that antiwar voices have been known to use that label “to suggest that Jews are running U.S. foreign policy.”
These findings also help explain the fact that British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and US Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard and Ilhan Omar have all been found to be arousing suspicion with their irrational affection for Vladimir Putin and irrational disdain for people of Jewish ancestry.
“Take Tulsi Gabbard, a longtime critic of US interventionism,” Overton said while explaining how ASPCD reached its conclusions. “Her affection for Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is well-documented, and Assad, being an ally of Putin, is effectively Russian. This makes Tulsi Gabbard a Russian by proxy, which probably explains why Putin loves her so much.”
“Interestingly, we have also found this same correlation between individuals who believe that poor people should be treated with kindness, and those who believe Palestinians are human beings,” added Overton. “We found a direct, causal and completely ubiquitous correlation between sympathy for impoverished and Palestinian people, a hatred of Jews, and an unwavering loyalty to Mother Russia.”
Overton advises westerners who find themselves questioning the wisdom and beneficence of the current liberal democratic world order that they can avoid the overpowering urge to betray their country to the Kremlin and begin loading Jews onto cargo trains by “watching lots of television and just kind of zoning out about everything.”........https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2019/03/15/breaking-everyone-who-opposes-war-is-a-russian-antisemite/
two in a row from the same source and as is usual in these cases, no comment required;


more of the illustration of stupidity in the empire;

as you read this keep reminding yourself about the large noise and such being made about the 'russian' election meddling because the empire doesn't like it when others mess about in the affairs of other countries;

US imperialists are so desperate in their regime-change predations over Venezuela, they seem to have a problem controlling their drooling mouths.
The latest orgy of American gloating was triggered by the massive power outages to have hit Venezuela. No sooner had the South American country been blacked out from its power grid collapsing, senior US officials were crowing with perverse relish.
Republican Senator Marco Rubio – who has become a point man for the Trump administration in its regime-change campaign in Venezuela – was a little too celebratory. Within minutes of the nationwide power outage last Thursday, Rubio was having verbal orgasms about the “long-term economic damage”… “in the blink of an eye”. But it was his disclosure concerning the precise damage in the power grid that has led the Venezuelan government to accuse the US of carrying out a sabotage.
Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez noted how Rubio, in his tweeted comments “three minutes” after the power outage, mentioned failure of “back-up generators” in Venezuela’s main hydroelectric plant, known as the Guri Dam, located in Bolivar State. The dam supplies some 80 per cent of the Venezuelan population of 31 million with its electricity consumption.
Rodriguez mockingly ascribed “mystic skills” to Rubio because the Florida Republican senator appeared to know the precise nature of the power failure even before the Venezuelan authorities had determined it..............https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/03/14/rubio-gloating-betrays-us-sabotage-venezuela-power-blitz.html
three minute video with the speaker, a former special forces member,  telling you what it means to join the military;

the last sentence of this discussion of the empire's actions, is: why aren't relevant questions being asked. the empire marches on with no effective resistance from any meaningful source though around the edges things are getting thin;

Trump has just asked Congress for $150bn for military operations in the Middle East at a time when the US is, supposedly, shutting down its efforts there and has very few troops stationed and nearly none at all in combat. This is more money than the US spent when it had up to 20,000 men in combat. Why?
With America officially talking peace in Syria, something quite different is going on. Reports are coming in out of Iraq and from Russian operatives inside Syria. You see, the Idlib peace process is being interfered with; al Qaeda is receiving massive funding and arms and has virtually wiped out any Turkish allied forces. America is trying to turn Idlib into its own bastion.
Idlib sits on major oil and gas discoveries, call this a curious coincidence, discovered only months before a fake civil war descended on Syria, one that targeted oil rich regions and Syria’s industrial heartland. Then there is this, confirmed by Damascus, America has restaffed their command center in Amman, Jordan, one shared with Israel and Saudi Arabia, a command center not just for “the allies” but, were one to be honest, for ISIS and al Qaeda as well.
About the MOC, from The National, a 2013 story:
A secret operations command centre in Jordan, staffed by western and Arab military officials, has given vital support to rebels fighting on Syria’s southern front, providing them with weapons and tactical advice on attacking regime targets.
Rebel fighters and opposition members say the command centre, based in an intelligence headquarters building in Amman, channels vehicles, sniper rifles, mortars, heavy machine guns, small arms and ammunition to Free Syrian Army units – although it has stopped short of giving them much coveted anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.
Officials in Amman denied the command centre exists. “We dismiss these allegations. Jordan is not a host or part of any cooperation against Syria. Jordan’s interest is to see a stable and secure Syria, one that is able to keep its problems inside its borders,” said Mohammad Al Momani, minister of media affairs.
We will not do anything that will feed violence in Syria,’ he said.
But Syrian opposition figures familiar with rebel operations in Deraa, about 75 kilometres north of Amman, said Jordan hosted the command centre and had tasked senior Jordanian intelligence officials to work with western and Arab states in helping rebels to plan missions and get munitions and fighters across the border.”
Backed by credible reports from Russia, Syrian, Kurdish and Iraqi sources, we know that the US is readying a force of up to 2500 ISIS cadres, including top commanders, that Iraqi sources say are being trained at three American bases without the knowledge of the Iraqi government.........https://journal-neo.org/2019/03/14/a-deadly-spring-for-syria-and-the-world/

Thursday, March 14, 2019

another example here giving evidence that the empire respects and honors the votes of citizens, and in this case its venezuelan citizens who have voted, in what jimmy carter says is the most honest election process he's seen;

With Venezuela’s government ordering the withdrawal of the last of US embassy personnel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to spin it as a positive for the continued efforts to impose regime change there.

Pompeo said that “time is drawing short” for Venezuela, while saying the presence of a US embassy had been a “constraint on US policy,” and one that no longer exists now that the staff is being recalled.

Exactly what this will mean from a policy standpoint is unclear, though clearly the administration wants to keep reminding everybody that military intervention is possible Elliot Abrams confirmed this in his own comments, saying that the option to attack Venezuela will always remain on the table.

Administration officials say that they remain hopeful to impose change within Venezuela in some way other than military intervention. Weeks of demanding change and threatening to attack clearly isn’t working, however, and officials seem bound and determined to Venezuela in general, and Venezuela’s oil-generating capacity in particular, in hands more friendly to US policy.......https://news.antiwar.com/2019/03/12/pompeo-all-constraint-on-action-in-venezuela-is-lifted/
this writer compares our current situation with that of ancient rome, and makes some interesting comparisons;

In ancient Rome, interregnum was the term given to the period between stable governments when anything untoward might occur, and sometimes did – civil unrest, warfare between warlords, power vacuums and, finally, succession wars.
But eventually the dust would settle and the victors, whoever they might be, would at some point restabilise the empire, often with a new map, showing the latest lines of geographic possession.
In 1929, the Italian Antonio Gramsci was in a fascist prison, writing about what he considered to be a new interregnum – a Europe that was tearing itself apart. He anticipated civil unrest, war between nations and repeated changes in the lines of geographic possession.
At that time, he was attributed as saying, “The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.”
And, of course, looking back from our vantage point in the twenty-first century, we have no difficulty in confirming that he was correct in his prognosis. The world war that followed brought forward the worst traits in mankind. The sociopaths of the world came centre-stage. By the time the dust had settled, tens of millions were dead.
What we do have difficulty with is recognizing that the same pattern is again with us. National leaders and their advisors are spoiling for war, building up weaponry, creating senseless proxy wars in other nations’ backyards and playing a dangerous game of “chicken” with other major powers.......http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/03.19/monsters.html
hurricane trump is spending a lot of time validating congressional critter omar's point as are the rest of 'our' representatives;

the magicians trick is to distract you with moves in one area while they perform their trick as you're looking elsewhere, and here its happening with the government moving to flood the country with immigrants who aren't coming thru legal means, using the courts;

Congress could never get away with creating constitutional rights for illegal aliens to remain here, yet a single lower court just did so on Thursday. And where Congress would face deep reprisal in the next election, faceless judges will never feel the heat.

Conservatives fear that extreme Democrats might actually abolish ICE and all immigration enforcement, but the lower courts are already systematically abolishing ICE’s authority, nullifying immigration enforcement statutes, violating separation of powers, and constantly increasing the wave of bogus asylum-seekers that they originally spawned with other radical rulings. The latest ruling from the Ninth Circuit demonstrates that unless Republicans and the president begin pushing back against these radical judges and delegitimizing their rulings, Democrats will get everything they want without ever facing electoral backlash or even the need to win elections.
It’s truly hard to overstate the outrageously harmful effects of Thursday’s Ninth Circuit ruling. For the first time in our history, the courts have fabricated a constitutional right for those denied asylum to appeal to federal courts for any reason.
Here’s the background.
Hundreds of thousands of migrants are flooding our border, claiming the formula of “credible fear” of persecution. They get to stay indefinitely while they ignore their court dates in immigration court. Because of an amalgamation of several prior activist court rulings, mainly by this very circuit, roughly 90 percent of credible fear claims are approved by asylum officers and the claimants shielded from deportation, even though asylum status is ultimately rejected almost every time by an immigration judge. Unfortunately, by that point it’s too late for the American people, who are stuck with the vast majority of these claimants remaining indefinitely in the country. Yet rather than ending this sham incentive, the Ninth Circuit drove a truck through immigration law by asserting that there is now a constitutional right for even the few who are denied initial credible fear status and are placed in deportation proceedings to appeal their denials, not just to an administrative immigration judge but to a federal Article III judge for any reason...........https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-13/while-everyone-sleeps-courts-are-abolishing-all-immigration-enforcement

more evidence including video with attached description of the assault of the innocent by 'our thin blue line' for dribbling a basketball;

Two metro officers are on blast this week after video showed them repeatedly hitting a man with their batons. According to the person who took the video, the man’s only ‘crime’ was dribbling a basketball as he waited for his train.
Nzo Hodges took the video last week as he waited for his train. He explained that the passenger holding the basketball hadn’t done anything to warrant officers approaching him, much less beating him the way they did.
Hodges explained that there was a brief verbal exchange between the man and the officers when all of the sudden, the officers threw the man into the concrete wall and then down to the ground.
“He wasn’t being aggressive – they were being aggressive with him,” Hodges explained.
As CTV News reports:
In the two-minute clip, the agents are briefly seen grappling with the man on the ground before he breaks away.
Dragged back down to the ground by the agents – lying on his back – the man puts his hands up and screams that he is in pain while a handful of onlookers watch.......https://thefreethoughtproject.com/watch-officers-beat-man-with-batons-for-dribbling-a-basketball-in-the-subway/
a grand jury is being presented evidence of explosives being used to bring down the towers on 911, and that is momentous when you consider who will probably be presented for your consideration when its all done, as perpetrators, assuming the cia/mossad allow it to continue;

As TFTP reported, a monumental step forward in the relentless pursuit of 9/11 truth took place in December when a United States Attorney agreed to comply with federal law requiring submission to a Special Grand Jury of evidence that explosives were used to bring down the World Trade Centers. Now, the group behind the submission, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, announced the filing of a “petition supplement” naming persons who may have information related to the use of said explosives.
According to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the 33-page document contains 15 different categories of persons who may have information material to the investigation, including contractors and security companies that had access to the WTC Towers before 9/11, persons and entities who benefited financially from the WTC demolitions, and persons arrested after being observed celebrating the WTC attacks.
names-redacted version of the petition supplement, which was filed with the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York on February 14, 2019, has been made available to the public. The un-redacted version filed with the U.S. Attorney today will remain undisclosed in the interest of maintaining the secrecy, security, and integrity of the grand jury proceeding.
As TFTP reported in December, for the first time since 9/11 the federal government is taking steps to prosecute the the use of explosives to destroy the world trade centers..........https://thefreethoughtproject.com/911-bombshell-explosives-names-names/
this exploration contains some of the somali congressional critter's experience with aipac but mostly gets into the history of zionist actions here in the empire, and then lists many in the last hundred years from 'our' government who have fallen when opposing jewish influence to include those like a former presidential candidate/senator;

Freshman US Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota and a Somali-American Muslim, is not the first nor will she be the last victim of Zion’s sting. Omar is merely the latest in a long line of US politicians who have faced the onslaught of Israel’s powerful lobbying vice grip in Washington. In fact, long before there was a state of Israel, American presidents and statesmen fell victim to the power of political Zionism to retaliate against those who failed to back the concept of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East.
On March 5, 1891, President Benjamin Harrison received a visitor to the White House bearing a petition signed by 421 influential American citizens urging the president to recognize Palestine as the “restored” homeland of the Jewish people. The bearer of the petition, evangelical Christian clergyman William E. Blackstone was one of the earliest “Christian Zionists” in proclaiming solidarity with certain Jewish Zionists in support of a Jewish state in the Holy Land. Blackstone was no different than many of today’s Zionists who ensure total fealty of US administrations to Israeli policy, no matter how reprehensible it may be, especially toward the Palestinian people. Blackstone’s petition had been signed by John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, US Supreme Court Chief Justice Melville Fuller, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Thomas Reed, inventor Cyrus McCormick, co-owner and managing editor of The Chicago Tribune Joseph Medill, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Robert Hitt, and US Representative and future president William McKinley.
Blackstone, then the chairman of the Conference of Christians and Jews, wrote in his petition that the Ottoman Empire, which had control over Palestine, could be enticed into handing the territory over to Jewish control through the “funding of a portion of the [Ottoman] National debt by rich Jewish bankers.” Such a clause, today, would result in the same howls of “anti-Semitism” that are being directed at Omar because of her statement that pro-Israel lobbying groups, like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), ensure congressional support for Israel by showering members of Congress and candidates with “benjamins,” a reference to US$100 bills........http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=185164
i know, posting this makes me an anti-semite, but i ask you what you would call something like this, especially your fundamental christian types;

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- The Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine condemned the decision of an Israeli court to acquit two Israeli settlers, for torching Jerusalem's Dormition Abbey in February 2016, on the basis of “insufficient evidence,” on Tuesday.
The committee said in a press release that the Israeli court’s decision is a “deviation from justice, even in the courts, when it comes to convicting Jews while arresting young Palestinians without charge or evidence or trials and for long periods of times that can reach dozens of years.”
The committee added that these racist and subversive actions by extremist Israelis under the protection of the courts and the Israeli government will lead to the creation of future Israeli generations molded with ideas and actions hostile toward the Palestinians.
One of the Israeli settlers, Yinon Reuveni, 23, was also accused of arson of the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes at Tabgha, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, in June 2015......https://maannews.com/Content.aspx?id=782849
its time to present your daily 'thin blue line' extravaganza and ask you how would you deal with this if it happened to you or your girlfriend;

A disturbing lawsuit was filed last year in federal court detailing a horrifying nightmare endured by an innocent woman at the hands of San Antonio police. The victim, Natalie D. Simms had her tampon pulled out by police who then conducted a vaginal cavity search—in public and on video—all to search for non-existent drugs. Now, according to her attorney, we are learning that the local government has been spending thousands of taxpayer dollars to protect the officers involved. 
The Law Offices of Dean Malone issued a press release on Monday explaining how the city has “spent countless hours litigating the case, defending depositions, taking depositions, and drafting motions.”
They also asked the court to grant summary judgement against Ms. Simms, which would mean a jury would never be able to hear her case.
Constitutional rights attorney Dean Malone, who represents Ms. Simms, said, “It is unfortunate that a San Antonio resident could be subjected to such a search, and then further be subjected to lengthy litigation with no attempt by the Defendants to resolve the case. The Defendants have spent untold thousands of dollars, and are now attempting to avoid a jury trial through their latest-filed motions. Natalie was humiliated and degraded by the search. If the court chooses to deny the Defendants’ motions, we look forward to presenting Natalie’s horrific ordeal to a jury in San Antonio.”
As we reported last year, in 2016, Natalie Simms had done nothing wrong, she had harmed no one, and had committed no crime when she was approached by San Antonio’s finest who had a hunch that she might have an illegal substance.
She had no such substance.
In spite of being completely innocent, Simms was approached by a male cop as she waited for her boyfriend who then demanded to search her car. Simms consented to the search and nothing was found. Continuing to rely on a hunch, the male cop called in a female officer to search Simms. Officer Mara Wilson responded and this normal police harassment then turned into a nightmare........https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/city-protecting-cops-who-publicly-raped-innocent-woman-on-video-in-sickening-roadside-search/243204
herein you'll be taken thru the mire presented by the zionists when anyone questions their position in the empire as presented by the somali congress woman in a clear and concise fashion;

What happened to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was troubling. On the one hand, because she dared to challenge the way supporters of Israel have worked to silence debate on US policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she became a victim of incitement, and the target of legislation meant to shame her. At the same time, however, the heavy-handed tactics employed against her by some pro-Israel members of Congress backfired, exposing new fault lines in the US-Israel relationship.
The weapon of choice utilized by Omar’s opponents was to demonize her as an anti-Semite. Her “sin,” it appears, was her continued umbrage over the double-standard that exists in American policy toward Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.
During Israel’s assault on Gaza, for example, she criticized the failure of the US media to pierce through Israeli propaganda and see what was actually happening to Palestinians in that impoverished strip of land. Once in Congress, she was deemed to have “sinned” again when she challenged the power of AIPAC to intimidate politicians and silence debate on Israel/Palestine.
New to Washington and the “acceptable language” one should use to discuss these issues, she admitted that her word choices had been unfortunate and apologized for the pain she may have caused.
Despite her apology, she remained a target. Because she is a hijab-wearing Muslim, who was critical of Israel, the GOP sought to exploit her in their continuing effort to drive a wedge between the Jewish community and Democrats. For their part, some Democrats reacted with hyperventilated outrage. Extreme language was used to denounce Omar. Her words were described as “bigoted,” “vile,” and, of course, “anti-Semitic slurs.”..........https://www.globalresearch.ca/shameful-attack-backfired/5671310
like any successful mafioso the empire is charging 'protection' fees from its vassals;

It’s not only the mafia that demands ransom money in exchange for its “protection”. “The rich countries that we protect” – warned President Donald Trump in a menacing speech at the Pentagon – Our allies “are all notified. They will have to pay for our protection”.
President Trump – reveals Bloomberg — is going to present the plan “Cost Plus 50” which includes the following criteria – the allied countries which shelter US forces on their territory will have to cover their total cost, and pay the USA a supplement of 50 % in exchange for the “privilege” of housing them and therefore enjoying their “protection”.
The plan also requires that the shelter countries pay the salaries of US military personnel and the costs of the management of the aircraft and warships that the United States keep in that country. Italy must therefore pay not only the salaries of approximately 12,000 US military employees based on their territory, but also the management costs for the F-16 fighters and other aircraft deployed by the USA at Aviano and Sigonella. To this must be added the costs of the Sixth Fleet based at Gaeta. According to this same requirement, we will also have to pay for the management of Camp Darby, the biggest US arsenal outside of the homeland, and for the upkeep of the US nuclear weapons stored at Aviano and Ghedi.
We do not know how much the United States intend to charge Italy and the other European countries which shelter their military forces, since we do not even know how much they are currently paying. These data are covered by Secret-Defense. According to a study by the Rand Corporation, the European members of NATO assume the average charge of 34 % of the cost of the US forces and bases present on their territories. But we do not know how much of the annual cost they currently pay to the USA. The only estimation – 2,5 billion dollars – was made 17 years ago..........https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-protection/5671315

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

here is the result for those who speak the truth about the 'most moral army' in the 'only democracy' in the mid east;

Israel journalist facing trial for calling soldiers who beat Palestinians ‘animals’

An Israeli journalist who called Israeli army soldiers “animals” for beating a Palestinian father and son in custody is to face trial.
Oshrat Kotler, a journalist with Israel’s Channel 13, is to face trial on charges of incitement, incrimination of suspects, failure to grant a right of reply and more after she called several soldiers accused of beating two Palestinians in custody “human animals”, the Jerusalem Post reported.
Speaking on the channel’s news programme in February, Kotler said:
When you send your children to the [Israeli] army, they are kids. You send them to the [occupied Palestinian] territories, and they come back as human animals. This is the result of the occupation.
Her comments allegedly prompted complaints from thousands of viewers, as well as complaints to Israel’s Press Council, an independent body established to safeguard press freedoms and outline journalism ethics. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also responded to Kotler’s comments, saying her words “deserve every condemnation” and that he is “proud of the [Israeli army] soldiers and loves them very much.”
She now faces trial and will appear at a court hearing, though it is unclear when she will be summoned.........https://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2019/03/12/israeli-journalists-must-write-or-say-what-they-are-told/
thirteen minute video highlighting with 'official' sources the joke that the empire is in this case about venezuela;

meme's say thousands of words and this one is no different in that respect;

there will never be a coup in washington because there isn't an american embassy there, but if you read all the way thru this article you'll discover more about why that's so;

As it’s been pointed out by a number of prominent statisticians, over the last hundred years Washington has interfered in the internal affairs of at least 50 countries for a total of 130 individual cases. As for the last three decades, there’s been more than 40 instances of such interference, including cases of elections meddling and fraud, coup d’etats and attempts to trigger armed conflicts. To be more specific, the American alternative media site AlterNet managed to establish 80 instances of Western interference over the period from 1953 to present day.
This basically means Washington won’t think twice when it sees an opportunity to bring a government down, imposing its will on other countries through all sorts of non-profit organizations and intelligence agencies with the latter acting with diplomatic immunity. These days, pretty much across the globe it’s a running joke that there will never be a coup d’etat in Washington as there’s no US embassy there.
However, there’s a lot of variables in one’s fomenting of public unrest that could eventually open the floodgates to a “color revolution.” It’s impossible confront dissent through the use of brute force, as history has shown us on multiple occasions. Therefore, as the United States carries on targeting one government after another in a desperate bid to preserve its so-called primacy upon the global political stage, the hidden springs from whence comes another political trap are increasingly visible for those who study history. Essentially, we’re speaking about a complex blend of social media capabilities and intelligence operations that result in governments that refuse to pledge their loyalty to Washington going down one after another.
Most analysts would describe such meddling as an exercise in “soft power”, but this term is highly misleading, as a coup d’etat staged by an outside player is nothing short of proxy warfare, and can inflict as much suffering and misery on ordinary people as any outright conflict could.
Through it is seemingly benign behavior Washington seems to use to trick individuals in committing acts they would never even contemplate otherwise, to exercise “soft power” in another state, Washington has to use a wide range of cultural, information, intelligence and psychological techniques up until the moment when public perception deviates from the actual state of affairs in a particular country, and thus fuels discontent..........https://journal-neo.org/2019/03/13/dissecting-washingtons-color-revolution-techniques/
whitehead lists much of what you may already know unless you're one of the true believers, like some of my neighbors, in which case there's nothing you can tell them and they will decide you're crazy so read this with care in case you become crazy as well;

War spending is bankrupting America.
Our nation is being preyed upon by a military industrial complex that is propped up by war profiteers, corrupt politicians and foreign governments.
America has so much to offer—creativity, ingenuity, vast natural resources, a rich heritage, a beautifully diverse populace, a freedom foundation unrivaled anywhere in the world, and opportunities galore—and yet our birthright is being sold out from under us so that power-hungry politicians, greedy military contractors, and bloodthirsty war hawks can make a hefty profit at our expense.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that your hard-earned tax dollars are being used for national security and urgent military needs.
It’s all a ruse.
You know what happens to tax dollars that are left over at the end of the government’s fiscal year? Government agencies—including the Department of Defense—go on a “use it or lose it” spending spree so they can justify asking for money in the next fiscal year.
We’re not talking chump change, either.
We’re talking $97 billion worth of wasteful spending.
According to an investigative report by Open the Government, among the items purchased during the last month of the fiscal year when government agencies go all out to get rid of these “use it or lose it” funds: Wexford Leather club chair ($9,241), china tableware ($53,004), alcohol ($308,994), golf carts ($673,471), musical equipment including pianos, tubas, and trombones ($1.7 million), lobster tail and crab ($4.6 million), iPhones and iPads ($7.7 million), and workout and recreation equipment ($9.8 million)..........https://www.lewrockwell.com/2019/03/john-w-whitehead/pity-the-nation-war-spending-is-bankrupting-america/
in this essay the author tells you how to deal with the anti-semitism pandemic we seem to be surrounded by lately;

Get the kids into the house! Lock your doors! Board up the windows! Break out the gas masks and hazmat suits! According to the corporate media, we are now officially deep in the throes of a deadly anti-Semitism pandemic! And just as the threat of mind-controlling Russian influencers was finally waning! It seems the fabric of Western democracy just can’t catch a break these days.
The origins of this pernicious, panic-inducing pestilence remain shrouded in mystery, but epidemiologists now believe that it began in the Spring of 2015, shortly after the resignation of Ed Milliband as UK Labour Party leader, and went global in the Summer of 2016, right around the time of the Brexit referendum and the nomination of Donald Trump. (Although the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming, to date, there exists no conclusive proof that Russian bio-weapons designers cooked up the virus in a hotel in Salisbury and sprayed it onto anyone’s doorknob.)
Virologists are working around the clock to map the genome of this scurrilous scourge, about which very little is known, other than that it has a sudden onset, and attacks the language center of the brain, causing the sufferer to express opinions about “Zionism,” “globalism,” “the Israel lobby,” “banks,” and other code words for “Jews.” Patients appear to be unaware that they are spouting these anti-Semitic code words until they are told they are by the corporate media, or their colleagues, or some random account on Twitter, at which point their symptoms alter dramatically, and they suffer a series of petit mal seizures, causing them to repeatedly apologize for unintentionally advocating the extermination of the entire Jewish people and the establishment of a worldwide Nazi Reich..........http://www.unz.com/chopkins/anti-semitism-pandemic/

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

just part way into this ten minute video explaining the yellow vest origins and how it can also be expected to grow in other places should those citizens ever discover the things the yellow vests have;

i found this exploration at the link just below where i find lots of good stuff daily. the first book spoken of is the power elite which i read in senior high school sociology back in the days when there was still a bit of education imagined in 'our' school system. the link takes you to a long and accurate depiction of the reality here in the empire where the tv insists the elections are real and the rest of the crap they provide each evening are equally supposed to be real. they aren't and trump will not build his wall because there are deeper voices at work that you'll never hear;


The 7 “Blind” men and the US Elephant
The famous Indian story of the Blind Men and the Elephant is a metaphor highlighting that while one’s subjective experience can be true, it can also be limited by its failure to account for other truths or a totality of truth. A similar metaphor can be used to try to explain the hidden forces guiding the US Government
From 1975 to 1976 the Church Committee in the Senate and the Pike Committee in the House attempted unsuccessfully to curtail the power of US intelligence agencies. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in particular, was investigated to see if it was a “rogue elephant” or under strict control of the President and the executive branch. However, besides some damning revelations outlined in the “whitewashed” report and some minor oversight changes, the “rogue elephant” was allowed to roam free.
Contemporary main-stream pundits now openly describe these hidden forces as a “shadow government,” a “corporatocracy” or a “deep state” controlling American politics. None however can do justice to what truly is an amorphous, complex and intricate web of overlapping entities. All who have tried to define who really governs America have essentially behaved as “blind” men.
The Sociologist
The first “blind” man was the Sociologist Professor C. Wright Mills. His book, The Power Elite, which was published in 1956, was the first full-scale study of the structure and distribution of power in the United States...........http://www.unz.com/article/political-sciences-theory-of-everything/