Wednesday, September 26, 2018

in this article there are several youtubes concerning 911 and others like the one with the hildabeest that show who 'our' rulers really are. you may learn and be entertained herein;

There is an Irish author and lecturer by the name of Thomas Sheridan who has been important in my awakening about the dualism of evil and good in the world. Sheridan has written books on psychopathy, and I am particularly interested in this from an institutional framework. He states that psychopaths are in high positions of power in many if not most countries.
Sheridan describes a psychopathic pyramid that runs society. Of particular interest is his descriptive of the brain function of psychopaths. Psychopathy can also infect normal people, who can then become fellow travelers, or proto-psychopaths. He discusses the disinformation and ridicule campaign to co-opt and discredit the alternative media.

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