Monday, September 24, 2018

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A man with a concealed carry gun license stepped from his car on Thursday and shot the suspected shooter of a Cicero police officer.
Good for him.
Had the good Samaritan not joined the gun battle, the Cicero cop might not be alive today, and the accused shooter might have gotten away.
We remain unconvinced, all the same, that concealed carry is good for Chicago or Illinois. There is no convincing evidence — just the occasional anecdote — that permitting people to walk around with concealed guns deters crime. There is credible evidence, on the contrary, that concealed carry leads in the long run to more crime.
Hang your argument on a single anecdote, and you can defend almost anything.
Yea, I’m sure this was the only instance in the history of the world in which anyone was ever saved by someone else carrying a gun.  And I’m sure no one ever saved his or her own life by doing that.  In fact, I don’t even know why cops carry guns.
Good Lord.  Do they hire second graders to write these editorials?

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