If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for their wars on everyone. its 1984 but you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet. this blog was begun to save sending emails of potential interest and post it all in one place like a buffet.

Monday, August 10, 2020

caitlin usually gets it right and here's another example;

Governments have obscenely well-funded intelligence agencies that are literally dedicated to orchestrating secret conspiracies around the world, but if you say they might be conspiring in some part of the world people call you a mentally ill conspiracy theorist.
The fact that the Phoenix Program existed is by itself an unassailable argument for permanently dismantling the entire CIA.
A political establishment which thinks it’s crazy and extremist to reduce a $740 billion military budget by 10 percent is a political establishment that should not exist.
A political establishment which thinks it’s crazy and extremist to reduce a $740 billion military budget by 10 percent can never and will never lead to a sane world.
A political establishment which thinks it’s crazy and extremist to reduce a $740 billion military budget by 10 percent has no business calling its members “moderate” or “centrist”.
A political establishment which thinks it’s crazy and extremist to reduce a $740 billion military budget by 10 percent is a crazy and extremist political establishment.
A political establishment which thinks it’s crazy and extremist to reduce a $740 billion military budget by 10 percent is too crazy and extremist to be permitted to more..........
seems the russians have more effect even though we see no evidence, we're told;

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beruit: who profits by the explosion;

digging deeper, we find that negligence and corruption may have been fully exploited, via sabotage, to engineer it.
Lebanon is prime John Le Carré territory. A multinational den of spies of all shades – House of Saud agents, Zionist operatives, “moderate rebel” weaponizers, Hezbollah intellectuals, debauched Arab “royalty,” self-glorified smugglers – in a context of full spectrum economic disaster afflicting a member of the Axis of Resistance, a perennial target of Israel alongside Syria and Iran.
As if this were not volcanic enough, into the tragedy stepped President Trump to muddy the – already contaminated – Eastern Mediterranean waters. Briefed by “our great generals,” Trump on Tuesday said:
“According to them – they would know better than I would – but they seem to think it was an attack.”
Trump added, “it was a bomb of some kind.”
Was this incandescent remark letting the cat out of the bag by revealing classified information? Or was the President launching another non sequitur?
Trump eventually walked his comments back after the Pentagon declined to confirm his claim about what the “generals” had said and his defense secretary, Mark Esper, supported the accident explanation for the blast.
It’s yet another graphic illustration of the war engulfing the Beltway. Trump: attack. Pentagon: accident.
“I don’t think anybody can say right now,” Trump said on Wednesday. “I’ve heard it both ways.”
Still, it’s worth noting a report by Iran’s Mehr News Agency that four US Navy reconnaissance planes were spotted near Beirut at the time of the blasts.
Is US intel aware of what really happened all along the spectrum of possibilities? more..........
current events in a picture;

lots of cop foolishness/illegal actions, to report today;

Clinton County, IN — Filming the police is entirely legal, in every state. However, all too often, we will see police officers overstep their authority and arrest, attack, and assault innocent people for the constitutionally protected act of documenting their behavior in public. As the following case out of Clinton County, Indiana illustrates, cops will even pull their guns on people for exercising their First Amendment right to film in public.
In the land of the free, there are ostensible checks and balances which are in place to prevent corrupt and power drunk government officials from overstepping their authority and depriving people of their rights. The largest ostensible restraint on this power is the constitution. However, as TFTP has reported for years, despite the fact that police swear an oath to uphold this constitution, they are all too often the ones who ignore it.
In an exclusive interview with the Free Thought Project, activist and First Amendment auditor, Floyd Wallace tells us that this week, he went to Clinton County and was walking around filming in public. He had committed no crime but being black and filming apparently set off a resident who called police to report him — for filming.
Clinton County Sheriff’s deputy B. Knapp shows up to the call and is apparently afraid of his own shadow. Within a few seconds of arriving to Wallace’s location, he pulls his gun out and points it at the innocent man. His gun would not go back in its holster for nearly five minutes.
“I was just walking around filming in public when they pulled guns on me,” Wallace tells the Free Thought Project.
The cop demanded Wallace “drop his phone” and stop filming but this would have ended the documentation of this incident. The officer could have shot him and simply claimed he feared for his life and that, as they say, would’ve been more........
this post raises questions i suspect you'd want answers to;

This claim has become legendary in computing circles as software developers or salesmen try to convince the customer that an apparent bug is actually a carefully-developed feature. If nothing else this claim buys time. Could the same thinking be behind the selection by the Deep State/Ziocon/MIC complex (let’s refer to them in prosaic terms as TPTB) of certain candidates for powerful positions?
For a long time I was baffled by the anointing of Obama for the Presidency. After all he had a mountain of baggage just waiting to be exploited by would-be opponents and investigative journalists. (Are you too young to remember them?)  Was he even American, for Chrissake? Not being so would invalidate his candidature at a stroke and potentially any legislation that he would subsequently sign off on. Then there were his decidedly dodgy academic records and his reputation for haunting gay bathhouses in Chicago. Hence ‘Bathhouse Barry’. A car crash waiting to happen. Or so I thought.
Same with Demonic John McCain. My God, what a record for the media and his opponents to exploit. The man was unelectable. Finished close to the bottom of his class at Naval College, wreaked havoc in the Naval Air Force with multiple crashes causing dozens of deaths. Sang like a bird when he was imprisoned by the Vietnamese. On his return he dumped his loyal wife of many years for a billionaire’s daughter which still didn’t prevent him getting embroiled in the disgusting shenanigans associated with the Keating Five and Vietnam MIA scandals. And where do you leave the Clintons, for God’s sake? More skeletons (sometimes literally) in their cupboards than Al Capone. Or GHW Bush around whom credible claims of involvement with the JFK assassination and paedophilia swirled through his more............
i've already posted a chart like this for the empire but this expands the count;

The following information was extracted from, which claims to be a “Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviation”
There are online discussions about authorship of this site. One such comment is …
According to their own website, Deagel provides news and intelligence on international military aviation and advanced technologies. The majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc. You can see the most relevant data at every single country’s page. There is a tiny part of data coming from a variety of shadow sources such as Internet gurus, unsigned reports and others.
I do not know if’s predictive ‘information’ is based on seriously considered assessment re coming events we know little about or absolute rubbish. However, the numbers involved are worth noting. There are worlds of pain in these figures if they are even close to being correct. Of particularly interest are the countries that ‘’ predicts will be be”hardest hit”
In order of more..........