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The dollar is collapsing as everyone knows. There is no debate, this is a fact. What are your options as the government is responsible for the implementation of the Cloward-Piven strategy?

As the above speaker said, property taxes continue to rise as government mismanages money at all levels. Medical insurance and care continue to rise as the medical community pushes drugs, tests and vaccines. The solution for the government is to kill our elderly population to reduce medical cost reimbursements and social security. It’s a shame that illegal aliens get better care at no cost to them but at a tremendous cost to Americans.

Let’s return to our options. Medical and taxes are mandatory and rising. Food costs are rising and the supply chain is breaking. There are costs that we can cut such as discretionary income: eating out, cable TV, clothing and putting off large scale purchases. But then what happens? People cannot afford food for three meals. Affordable housing is non-existent. The government has no solutions because it is the cause of every issue/problem we face.

People will not forget. Turn to God and pray for guidance.

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 guess who owns and operates the empire;

America Is a Gentile Nation.

So why do we allow a fifth-column faction of elite Jews to control us?

The author doesn’t mention we gave our national credit cards to people who want to destroy us. These devils sign our pay checks. We are their bitches.

As the plandemic showed, people will do anything for money, even betray their oaths and their community. Then there’s  Freemasonry where the goyim get to pretend they’re Jews.

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Non-Gentiles (i.e., Jews) are only 2% of our population. Yet this demographic owns, controls, and/or influences much of U.S. society.

The country’s most important sectors controlled by elite, influential Jews are:....more.......

 this is  the sort of thing you expected to see on the russian front in 1943 and not in gaza today;

The European-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has confirmed that Israeli tanks deliberately ran over dozens of Palestinians in separate incidents across the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Geneva-based organization on Sunday revealed disturbing incidents of Israeli tanks running over Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

It documented the Israeli army killing a Palestinian man who had been deliberately run over in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City on February 29.

The man is believed to have been in Israeli custody and his hands were tied with plastic handcuffs when he was run over.

Images of the body following the incident were shared online by the human rights group.

They show the victim’s body crushed, to the extent that he is no longer identifiable.

Another documented incident took place on January 23, when an Israeli tank ran over a family sleeping in a shelter caravan in the Taiba Towers area in Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

The attack led to the death of a man and his eldest daughter while his remaining three children and wife were injured.

Meanwhile, Euro-Med has also confirmed Israeli culpability in a recent massacre in Gaza City where Palestinian aid-seekers were targeted.......more.........

 the israeli's are destroying their own country as they do the same differently in gaza;

The Israeli army is experiencing a shock “in the wake of nearly 150 days of conflict” and suffers from a “severe manpower issue”, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Friday. “Following 147 days of combat, the army is experiencing intensifying personnel shortages,” the newspaper reported, highlighting how the Israeli military “is calling for another 7,500 officer and non-commissioned officer positions, while the treasury is currently only approving 2,500”.

“Approximately 582 soldiers have fallen in battle, and several more are physically and psychologically wounded, to the extent that they are unable to return to their roles,” the report added, noting that “a significant number of commanders, who led their troops as expected, also fell in the battles, necessitating training for their replacements.”

Leaked hospital reports and daily videos by the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza suggest that the number of Israeli soldiers killed and wounded in Gaza is much higher.

“These unprecedented figures underscore the shock experienced by the IDF in the wake of nearly 150 days of conflict, which began with substantial losses on October 7,” Yedioth Ahronoth added.

According to the paper, these numbers, “which will necessitate public sacrifice given that the required funding does not simply materialize out of thin air, also underscore the profound failure that has brought us to our current predicament.”........more...........

 canada under castro's illegitimate son is about to be getting much more dictatorial;

There is an uncomfortable debate about the point at which tyranny begets a right of rebellion. In these sensitive times, even broaching the question sounds like incitement. On the other hand, this country was founded on a rebellion to restore natural rights against a government that was a libertarian paradise compared to what we live under now.

I have always thought the critical line was free speech. If you can dissent and explain why policies must change, always use peaceful means. Though so-called “hate speech” laws in Europe are very worrying, there are still major nationalist movements.

But what can we make of this proposed law in Canada?..........more........

 hell yeah, they're our joos. if they can't do it nobody can, as the criminals in the district of corruption have their way with us and attempt to do so elsewhere;

Israel Boycotts Hostage Deal Talks in Cairo

Israeli sources criticized Netanyahu's demand for a list of the names of Israeli hostages that are still alive

A Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo on Sunday for hostage deal talks, but Israel has boycotted the negotiations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke off hostage deal talks because Hamas did not provide a list of all the living Israeli hostages. Sources in Israel’s security cabinet criticized Netanyahu’s demand in comments to Haaretz.

“As with the previous deal, one could assume there would eventually be proper lists of the hostages and of those no longer living. This didn’t need to be made into a deal-breaker for advancing the negotiations,” one source said.

The potential deal that’s on the table is for Hamas to release about 40 Israeli hostages in exchange for a six-week ceasefire and the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. Hamas has been seeking a permanent ceasefire and Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, but there were signs on Sunday that the Palestinian group may be more flexible on its demands.

A senior Hamas source told Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen that a deal could be reached soon despite “obstacles” being put in the way by Israel. “Despite these obstacles, the possibility of reaching an agreement is still viable, especially as the occupation is being dealt heavy blows in Khan Younis and al-Zaytoun neighborhood,” the Hamas source said.

Citing Arab media, Haaretz reported a Hamas source said the group could be flexible on the length of the ceasefire and the number of Palestinian prisoners that will be released. But both Hamas sources said they are standing firm on two conditions: Israel allowing displaced Palestinians to return to northern Gaza and the delivery of much more aid to the north.

While Hamas might be willing to accept a temporary ceasefire, a deal won’t happen if Israel isn’t participating in the indirect negotiations, which are being mediated by Egypt and Qatar. Netanyahu may be trying to sabotage a deal since it’s in his political interest to keep the conflict going, something even President Biden has reportedly acknowledged in private conversations.

So far, the US-backed Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza has killed over 30,000 people. About 70% of the casualties are women and children. Despite the massive civilian casualties and the starvation siege, the US continues to provide unconditional military aid........

 even ambassadors from the empire are crooked;

President Joe Biden’s ambassador to Singapore is “belittling and intimidating” embassy staff, spent thousands of dollars on unapproved items, and “missed some opportunities” to advance U.S. interests, according to a report from the State Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG).

“The Ambassador did not hold himself to the highest standards of conduct, performance, and ethics to model integrity,” reads the February report. “Department and embassy staff told OIG the Ambassador was dismissive of Department regulations and requirements and had a difficult time understanding the limits of working within the government.”

Biden appointed Jonathan Kaplan ambassador to Singapore in November 2021; Kaplan arrived at the embassy early the next month. Previously an entrepreneur and CEO of such companies as and Pure Digital Technologies, Kaplan was used to calling the shots.

At an embassy, however, even the head honcho must learn to subordinate his own desires to those of the president who appointed him, to get along with staffers who have been there for years and will most likely outlast him, and to navigate mountains of red tape, some of which is intended to protect taxpayers.

Unfortunately, Kaplan seems to have had difficulty with all of those.........more........