If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for war. What if its 1984 and you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

an interesting flow of thinking about where the empire is heading that ties together well, i believe;

When guerrillas fight you to a standstill; you lose.
Americans, whose founding history is deeply rooted in that reality, should understand. But neither the citizenry nor the Command grasps that debilitating piece of reality.
Perhaps it’s because, as Chalmers Johnson said in his “Nemesis” trilogy, “Americans know so little history, they cannot connect cause and effect.” 
So far, on the 15th October anniversary of the Afghan war, the Taliban controls about one-third of the country while the puppet Afghan military ranks disintegrate.
In Libya (“we came, we saw, we killed him”), Iraq (“They’ll welcome us as liberators; we were right to invade”), Syria, and even Saudi Arabia, what has morphed out of US mass imprisonment, torture, and murder into ISIS, the black flagged Hydra, is undeterred, now operating in an estimated 32 countries. ISIS is a state, a guerrilla movement, and a cancerous ideology.
US leadership in the decaying empire, bloated with stagnated finance and industry, flails about, unable to settle conclusively friend and enemy–funding jihadists here, a dictator there, the Muslim Brotherhood–oops—not the Muslim Bros!–good mujahadeen, Saudi Wahhabi pals–the US is encircling Russia and China, whose militaries are motivated and rested, while spying on everyone, but able to sort out so little.
The counterfeit election, where Americans choose who will oppress them best out of the executive committee and armed weapon of the rich, is a nauseating spectacle of sleaze on all sides. The derangement descends through the sparkling capitalist media lens into the citizenry, leading the unhinged muckle of hysterics desperately witnessing the countdown to–what?
More war: guaranteed.

 the article speaks for itself, clearly and gives some things for the thoughtful to consider;

A Parisian Mayor was threatened and warned that he will be "blown up" after he named a street in honour of Palestinians who were forced out of their homes by the creation of the state of Israel. The Mayor, Dominique Lesparre and his colleagues at Bezons town hall said that they had received "a multitude of threatening calls." Lesparre was called a "Nazi Communist" and was warned "we will kill you", and "we will blow up the mayor".
After the illegal UN sanctioned partition of Palestine in 1948, Israeli terrorist organisations like the Haganah, Irgun and Stern gang expelled nearly 800,000 Palestinians from their homes and their land. The street in Bezons, in the north west of Paris, is now called Nakba Alley.
It commemorates the "Catastrophe" (Nakba in Arabic) as it is called by the Palestinians, which as we know, they mark every year. The recent commemoration saw scores of men women and children murdered and injured by Israeli Defence Force snipers. Speaking to French media the Mayor said: "I have an emotional thought for the Palestinians who are forced to fight for the recognition of their state within the 1948 borders."
 there can be many ways to address this subject but the author here gets to the heart of it;

The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used to Stop Critical Thinking

August 16, 2018
Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times
It’s a strange world of newspeak we live in. What was once a society devoted to logic and progress is now being herded in echo chambers of thought control and anti-critical thinking. Without the ability to examine an issue impartially and completely there is little hope of maintaining liberty and freedom, as history repeatedly demonstrated.
Today, we find that thinking is a diminishing art, and in its place, sound bites and stop-thought terms are used to put the brakes on the mind. These terms are widely used as signals to prevent minds from looking too deeply at a topic or issue.
Thinking critically means making reasoned judgments that are logical and well thought out. It is a way of thinking in which one doesn’t simply accept all arguments and conclusions to which one is exposed without questioning the arguments and conclusions. It requires curiosity, skepticism and humility. People who use critical thinking are the ones who say things such as, “How do you know that?” “Is this conclusion based on evidence or gut feelings?” and “Are there alternative possibilities when given new pieces of information?””  [Source]
The three terms most widely used today to this avail are detailed below.
 the writer herein shows us many box canyons in which we've been lost;

Trump clearly recognizes something few of his supporters do, that special interest groups, working with “stink tanks” and psych war experts, fabricate conspiracy theories and re-engineer existing ones, typically for profit or political gain.
He just doesn’t know which is what.  He is continually duped.
Our sources tell us that President Donald Trump has long been a follower of Professor Kevin MacDonald and his group.  MacDonald, more or less claims that the holocaust, as told by the MSM and Hollywood is fake and that there were hundreds of thousands of deaths in work camps, none by gas.
No one doubts Nazi’s executed Jews, Russians and others.  Their policies were barbaric and insane but MacDonald, and we are told Trump himself, believe that Israel and those behind Israel, and now behind Trump himself, perhaps blackmailing Trump using Jeffrey Epstein, simply made it all up, that the holocaust is fake.
It’s MacDonald, and his researchers, who have faced smears and prison, men like historian David Irving and Ernst Zundel, who have made what they say is a “slam dunk” case that the two Jewish holocausts, one they claim happened during World War I, killing 6 million Jews, and a second during World War II, also killing 6 million Jews, in fact never happened.
The math used, which we believe brought Donald onboard, is simple.  There were 4.5 million Jews in Europe in 1940, all of Europe including Russia.  As a German, I am obligated by threat of imprisonment to state that 6 million were gassed and, thus, I state with absolute moral certainty that 6 million of the 4.5 million were gassed.
the writer herein shows how the empire is on its way to defeat;

After 17 bloody years, the longest war in US history continues without relent or purpose in Afghanistan.
There, a valiant, fiercely-independent people, the Pashtun (Pathan) mountain tribes, have battled the full might of the US Empire to a stalemate that has so far cost American taxpayers $4 trillion, and 2,371 dead and 20,320 wounded soldiers.  No one knows how many Afghans have died. The number is kept secret.
Pashtun tribesmen in the Taliban alliance and their allies are fighting to oust all foreign troops from Afghanistan and evict the western-imposed and backed puppet regime in Kabul that pretends to be the nation’s legitimate government.  Withdraw foreign troops and the Kabul regime would last for only days.
The whole thing smells of the Vietnam War.  Lessons so painfully learned by America in that conflict have been completely forgotten and the same mistakes repeated.  The lies and happy talk from politicians, generals and media continue apace.
This week, Taliban forces occupied the important strategic city of Ghazni on the road from Peshawar to Kabul.  It took three days and massive air attacks by US B-1 heavy bombers, Apache helicopter gun ships, A-10 ground attack aircraft, and massed warplanes from US bases in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar and the 5th US Fleet to finally drive back the Taliban assault.  Taliban also overran key military targets in Kabul and the countryside, killing hundreds of government troops in a sort of Afghan Tet offensive.
 pcr says, in this article, what many of us have been saying for years, and now its getting to the point where worldwide discovery is accelerating and the results are in our face. we haven't much time left in this battle;

Ecological economists, such as Herman E. Daly, stress that as the external costs of pollution and resource exhaustion are not included in Gross Domestic Product, we do not know whether an increase in GDP is a gain or a loss.
External costs are huge and growing larger. Historically, manufacturing and industrial corporations, corporate farming, city sewer systems, and other culprits have passed the costs of their activities onto the environment and third parties. Recently, there has been a spate of reports with many centering on Monsanto’s Roundup, whose principle ingredient, glyphosate, is believed to be a carcinogen.
A public health organization, the Environmental Working Group, recently reported that its tests found glyphosate in all but 2 of 45 children’s breakfast foods including granola, oats and snack bars made by Quaker, Kellogg and General Mills.
In Brazil tests have discovered that 83% of mothers’ breast milk contains glyphosate.
The Munich Environmental Institute reported that 14 of the most widely selling German beers contain glyphosate.

Friday, August 17, 2018

be sure to open the link as the full article is spot on, and i couldn't think of a way to say it better;

The faction that used to be the Democratic party can be described with some precision these days as a three-headed monster driving the nation toward danger, darkness, and incoherence. Anyone interested in defending what remains of the sane center of American politics take heed:
The first head is the one infected with the toxic shock of losing the 2016 election. The illness took hold during the campaign that year when the bureaucracy under President Obama sent its lymphocytes and microphages in the “intel community” — especially the leadership of the FBI — to attack the perceived disease that the election of Donald Trump represented. The “doctors” of this Deep State diagnosed the condition as “Russian collusion.” An overdue second opinion by doctors outside the Deep State adduced later that the malady was actually an auto-immune disease.
The agents actually threatening the health of the state came from the intel community itself: Mr. Brennan, Mr. Clapper, Mr. Comey, Mr. Strzok, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Ohr, Ms. Yates. Ms. Page, et. al. who colluded with pathogens in the DNC, the Hillary campaign, and the British intel service to chew up and spit out Mr. Trump as expeditiously as possible. With the disease now revealed by hard evidence, the chief surgeon called into the case, Robert Mueller, is left looking ridiculous — and perhaps subject to malpractice charges — for trying to remove an appendix-like organ called the Manifort from the body politic instead of attending to the cancerous mess all around him. Meanwhile, the Deep State can’t stop running its mouth — The New York Times, CNN, WashPo, et al — in an evermore hysterical reaction to the truth of the matter: the Deep State itself colluded with Russia (and perhaps hates itself for it, a sure recipe for mental illness).