Sunday, June 16, 2024

 to find out who owns you look to see who you aren't allowed to criticize to paraphrase voltare;

AIPAC-funded House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) on Friday demanded Congress "immediately" pass the Anti-Defamation League-backed "Countering Antisemitism Act" to silence criticism of Israel and police Americans' online speech.

"The dangerous explosion of antisemitic incidents in New York City and the nation requires decisive action at every level of government," Jeffries said on X, without referencing any specific incident. "We have to crush this cancer with the fierce urgency of now. Congress must pass the bipartisan Countering Antisemitism Act. Immediately."..........more.........

Saturday, June 15, 2024

 spent a third of my life there and would follow this song if circumstance permitted;

 the nato response to the putin's peace terms;

Do you know what this means?

Putin just said “Ill give you one more chance before I take my belt off”

NATO said ” we need this war anyway, bring it”.......more....

 the putin tells you and everyone else, the price;

Ukraine must remove its troops from Russia’s new regions before any meaningful peace talks can begin, President Vladimir Putin has said.

Moscow rejects Kiev’s claims of sovereignty over five formerly Ukrainian regions, four of which have joined Russia amid the ongoing hostilities. People in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions voted for the transition in late 2022, though hostilities continue in all of them.

Ukrainian troops must be removed from these territories, Putin said on Friday at a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and other senior Russian diplomats.

“I stress: the entire territory of those regions as defined by their administrative borders at the time they joined Ukraine [in August 1991],” Putin stated.

“Our side will order a ceasefire and start negotiations the minute Kiev declares that it is prepared to take this decision and starts actual withdrawal of troops from those regions, and also formally informs us that it no longer plans to join NATO,” the Russian leader pledged.

Putin outlined the conditions after condemning Kiev’s Western backers for allegedly preventing it from holding peace talks with Moscow while accusing Russia of rejecting negotiations.

“We are counting on Kiev to take such a decision on withdrawal, neutral status, and dialogue with Russia, on which the future existence of Ukraine depends, independently based on the current realities and guided by the true interests of the Ukrainian people and not at Western orders,” Putin stated.

At this point, Moscow will not accept a frozen conflict, which would allow the US and its allies to rearm and rebuild the Ukrainian military, Putin claimed. The full resolution of the issue will involve Kiev recognizing the four new regions as well as Crimea as part of Russia, he insisted. …......more.......

 and a large number of us know that as our only income which portends some increase in trouble coming soon, for us elderly, from this, but then again ukraine is being saved from being devoured by the putin. now what's more important you might ask but don't count on a real and good reason from the monkey who claims to represent you in 'our' government;

Millions of Americans could see their Social Security benefits cut in just nine years, and according to a recent report, most people have no idea.

A new Peter G. Peterson Foundation survey found that only 30% of Americans knew that Social Security benefits would be slashed by 21% in nine years if there were no reforms.

That cut would amount to nearly $17,000 per year for the average couple, the report said. Those figures are based on projected revenue shortfalls growing over the next decade, potentially triggering automatic reductions.

After learning about the looming cuts, 97% of respondents agreed it’s important for leaders elected this fall to strengthen the federal retirement program so it’s fully available.

“Voters understand that ‘not touching’ Social Security is not an option because automatic cuts are unacceptable and waiting only makes the problem more costly and difficult to solve,” Michael A. Peterson, CEO of the Peterson Foundation, said in a statement.

The latest survey reveals a disconnect between the Social Security funding crisis and Americans’ understanding of a problem that lawmakers have continued to kick down the road.

Due to the country’s aging population, Social Security spending is now outpacing revenues. In 2022, Social Security spent $147 billion more than it brought in — a gap expected to widen to $670 billion in 2033, according to the Peterson Foundation..........more........

 used to be a lot less different at least until the schwabbies arrived with their new world order plans. its the larger war going on with all of the sub wars like in ukie land. as sarah connor said, she knew a storm was coming;

 reminds me of the story of the optimist who when falling from the fifty story building is heard to say as he passed the half way mark: so far, so good. 

then there is the simpson's record for posting future events in their show such as 911 are now said to have done one with the orange man in a casket. its a great show as mencken would have said as he did about ww1;

or this;