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Thursday, December 12, 2019

epstein didn't kill himself, and isn't dead, though all you true believers won't accept that because the tv said he did. read the following and make your own decision if you're allowed to do so;

Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide in a bare cell with paper-like sheets, no light fixture and no bars has left experts and former inmates puzzled as to how he was able to use the prison into an 'instrument of death'. 
Prison procedure dictates that inmates goes through a screening process to determine if they are at risk of harming or killing themselves.  
If an inmate attempts suicide or harms themselves, as Epstein appears to have on July 24, they are placed under 24 hour supervision in a special cell with no access to material items.
Epstein had been placed on suicide watch after he was found a little over two weeks ago with bruising on his neck but he was taken off the watch at the end of July and therefore wasn't on it at the time of his death, a source has said. 
A corrections officers had also not checked on the pedophile for several hours before he hanged himself in his cell in the special housing unit at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.  
He had been left alone there despite guards being required to look in on him every 30 minutes, sources told The Washington Post.
And while the 66-year-old should have had a cellmate, the inmate scheduled to move in with him was mysteriously transferred on Friday just hours before he killed himself. ........
caitlin always seems to make sense, and the five minute video in the article is a good kickoff for the points made here about the 911 fictions;

For some reason 9/11 keeps coming up in my online interactions with people lately, both with establishment loyalists who call me a “9/11 truther” and with skeptics who say I don’t write enough about what really happened on that day 18 years ago. So I figured I’ll bang out a few quick paragraphs on the subject in the interest of transparency, and so I don’t have to keep having the same conversations over and over again.
My position on 9/11 itself is pretty simple: I don’t know exactly what happened on the eleventh of September 2001, and I think anyone who claims to know with absolute certainty exactly what happened is fulla shit. But it’s also extremely obvious that the world was lied to about what happened by the US government and its allies, as evidenced by the massive, glaring plot holes in the official 9/11 narrative.
The most concise and rock-solid compilation of these plot holes that I have ever seen was compiled by conspiracy analyst James Corbett in this five-minute video and its accompanying source notes. Corbett made this video eight years ago on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and to this day I believe it’s the strongest and most irrefutable case against the official narrative............
fred shows you the stereotypes and comparisons add up to things the true believers wish to avoid seeing;

I have just finished reading William Shirer’s Berlin Diary. (This may not fascinate you, but I am coming to something.) I first encountered it in high school. It is of course Shirer’s account as a correspondent in Germany of the rise of the Nazis. Most of it is well known to the educated. The Nazis, who had control over the domestic press, convinced the German population that the Poles were threatening Germany, as plausible as Guatemala threatening the United States. The Poles were said to be committing atrocities against Germans.
Then the Reich, with no justification whatever, having absolute air superiority, attacked Poland, bombing undefended cities and killing huge numbers of people. It was a German pattern several times repeated. Many reporters told of the smell of rotting bodies, of refugees dying of hunger and thirst. Today the Reich is endlessly remembered as a paragon of evil. It was.
How did Nazi Germany differ from the United States today? There is the same lying. Washington insisted that Iraq was about to get nuclear weapons, biological agents, that it had poisonous gas. None of this was true. The government, unimpeded by the media, persuaded over half of the American population that Iraq was responsible for Nine-Eleven. Now it says that Iran works to get nuclear weapons, and of course that the Russians are coming. The American press, informally but strictly controlled, carefully doesn’t challenge any of this..........
you know you're innocent, having done nothing illegal, but yet you wake up hard, as this woman did, so what do you expect would happen. i see these things just about every day;

Winter Park, FL — Bobbie Sapp, 49, is a registered nurse, who has no criminal past. Despite never having committed a crime, because of the backward justice system in America, coupled with violent police welfare checks, Sapp is now facing the possibility of life behind bars. 
On the night in question, Sapp had done nothing wrong, had committed no crime, and harmed no one—yet police broke into her home, raided her bedroom as she slept, and shot her. Then, they had the audacity to arrest her and charge her with multiple felonies.
Sapp’s nightmare began in September of 2017 as she slept comfortably in her own bed in her own home. Instead of waking up to her alarm that fateful morning, Sapp would wake up to multiple shadowy figures surrounding her in her bedroom, pulling off her covers, yelling at her, tasering her, and eventually, shooting her.
Sapp is so confident that she did nothing wrong that she went on camera recently with News 6 Orlando to tell her side of the story. It is nothing short of shocking. She says the entire incident began because her disgruntled ex-boyfriend used a police welfare check to deliberately harm her. It worked.
“He used this wellness check as a way to put me in harm’s way,” she said.
Indeed, instead of actually investigating the situation by knocking on the door, calling her, or any other number of non-violent means, cops helped this man — who did not live in the house and could have been anyone — break in to her home and then shoot this woman on his behalf.
“My girlfriend was threatening suicide last night, I just came to the house and trying to get in,” Sapp’s ex-boyfriend told the 911 operator.
Sapp says these were all lies. If she actually wanted to kill herself, she could’ve used one of the two guns which she regularly sleeps with. She did not.
“She is very well armed,” Sapp’s ex-boyfriend told the 911 operator when asked if Sapp had a gun.....

Wednesday, December 11, 2019