If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for their wars on everyone. as gore vidal said: i'm not a conspiracy theorist, i'm a conspiracy observer.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

fred never fails to entertain as he educates those who haven't been paying attention. the eu/europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the empire; 

European countries aren’t real countries, says Fred. They have American occupation troops and military bases everywhere, uncouth foreign soldiers drinking [their] beer, diddling [their] daughters—Italian ones are best; English girls are often mistaken for dead—and letting Massuh Washington blow up their energy sources

BY FRED REED* (posing with a European)

Well, I declare. I hear you Europeans bleating and hollering about how unfair life is and you don’t have gas to keep warm if it gets cold in winter, which generally it does, and everything costs too much. Fact is, you deserve it. To be honest, which we journalists sometimes do, I think it’s amusing. It’s like watching a man beating his thumb with a hammer and saying, oh ouch, oh ouch, it hurts, oh ouch, it hurts and can’t figure out why. It’s because Europeans are so easily led, managed, dominated by the fetid Yankee Rome in Washington, which regards you as trained seals. I’ve known fire plugs, even toaster ovens, more intelligent than you are.

You poor widdle fings! You aren’t even real countries. You can’t be a real country when you have American occupation troops and military bases everywhere and uncouth foreign soldiers drinking your beer and diddling your daughters. GIs tell me the Italian ones are best, with English girls often being mistaken for dead. I couldn’t stand the humiliation, but Europeans are a resilient people.

Really, it’s a cackle. Mornings, I fire up the computer to see what you  squirming servile dwarves have done now. You are better than Monty Python. Think. Ten years ago you were all peaceful and had plenty of cheap Russian gas and your factories were humming like contented cats and you were buying stuff from Russia and selling it I don’t know what all. Then Master Washington says you have to push the Ukraine toward NATO. You dim twits need Ukraine in NATO like you need a corn cob where the sun don’t shine but Europe is servile by nature, so you say, “Yass, Bwana! What you say, Boss! Which boot we lick first, Massuh?”

I see a bull market for flavored boot polish. Brussels would buy trainloads.

Anyway, Russia says over and over and over, If Washington tries to put NATO in Ukraine, dey gonna be wah. Even a European, or some anyway, could understand this. Or maybe, with help from a caring adult. But Massuh Washington wanted wah, and told you to keep pushing, “Yass, Bwana,” and you didn’t listen to Putin, because you are dumber than retarded possums and belong in diapers. What children you are. Nanny nanny booboo.........more........


looks like this individual is one of the few public figures who hasn't bowed and scrapped to the fearful; 

Performers censor themselves — fearing they might offend. Those who offend Hollywood lose work. Some lose friends.

Adam Carolla doesn’t care. That’s why he’s the subject of my video this week.

Carolla is one the most successful performers in America.

His books are bestsellers. His comedy shows sell out. He hosts one of America’s most-listened-to-podcasts.

Recently, Carolla dismissed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s intellect, cracking that “If AOC was fat and in her 60s, would anyone listen to another thing she ever said?”

That enraged leftists.

“Predatory!” said Majority Report’s Emma Vigeland.

“Projects his sexism onto others,” said Young Turks host Cenk Uygur........more.........


here's a 'surprise' for you. the empire is acting in ways in which it accuses others; 

Ships for civilian and food shipments have been arriving, loading, and leaving from the Ukrainian port of Odessa for weeks, after a deal reached with Russia to allow such non-military shipping.  Today, the United States was caught sending more HIMARS weapons systems, in the hold of a grain ship.

Above is the photo, taken today in the port of Odessa, Ukraine, showing HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, inside the cargo hold of a grain ship.

This is in complete and total violation of an agreement between Russia and Ukraine, that ships into and out of Odessa, would only haul food.  That agreement came after Russia was lambasted over Ukrainian grain shipments that were allegedly for “poor, third-world, countries.”

Russia agreed to allow the grain shipments for the poorest nations on earth, but got screwed-over immediately, when 87 out of 90 ships in the ports of Ukraine, took the grain to Europe instead of to “poor, third-world, countries.”

Now, we see Ukraine violating the agreement yet again, to bring in U.S. long range HIMARS systems in the cargo hold of a grain ship.

(HT REMARK: The government of Ukraine has no honor.  Neither does the government of the United States.)...........

we aren't in kansas anymore. there are things being advanced by the powers that shouldn't be, those supposedly elected and done so with the promise of working for you, but guess what? read the following and discover; 

Although demographic replacement is the most obvious seismic change in America, being so visibly obvious, with the breakneck increase in accepted sexual degeneracy keeping pace in a close second, there is another change in our nation that is mirrored across the formerly White Western world: the utter collapse of public, organized religion. More specifically Christianity. Pew Research recently released a very large study of religious trends and it is not good news for organized religion (although that doesn’t mean it is all bad news for Christianity). 

There was a time when almost everyone expressed some sort of affiliation with Christianity. In 1972, the year after I was born, a survey was started that asked about religious affiliation. As of that first survey better than 90% of Americans identified with Christianity. As everyone knows that affiliation has been slumping but most people don’t realize quite how much nor how precipitously it has diminished  since the 1990s. 

To make matters a little worse, that 63% likely still includes double digit percentages of people who claim a Christian affiliation but haven’t been to church in many years and don’t have any attachment to the faith apart from a family connection. From my experience after decades in the Christian church, I can say with an enormous level of confidence that most “Christians” in America know very little about their professed faith and what they do know is wrong. It is a cultural identifier, something to give them some sort of identity and deflect the proselytization of the zealous. They don’t read their Bible or attend services and only pray when something really bad is going on. 

The real percentage of people that actually believe and practice the Christian faith is probably closer to 25%, and that is being really generous. Christianity is supposed to be a whole-life transformative faith (“You must be born again”), not something you pull out of your back pocket when things are crappy and you need some comfort. That is true for very few people..........more..........

 this won't surprise most of you but here's what happens when you speak about the reality of life in  the criminal organization known as israel;

On Monday, September 26, I delivered a video monologue as part of my job as a rotating co-host for The Hill TV’s political commentary show, Rising. I’d been a weekly guest on the show for three years, and this was my first “Radar”—an op-ed delivered straight to the camera. It was also my last. On September 28, I was fired.
In my years as a contributor on the show, there were no complaints about my performance. I had recently begun guest-hosting and even shot a pilot for another show that I had pitched to The Hill TV (the video arm of the D.C.-based political website, The Hill).
Rising is—or is supposed to be—a show where hosts and guests from both the right and the left can say the things that are verboten on other corporate media outlets. On several occasions over my years at Rising, I had criticized Israeli government policy and the corporate media’s whitewashing of its mistreatment of Palestinians—both inside Israel and in the occupied territories. And so I assumed this would be a good, thought-provoking topic when I co-hosted last Monday...........more......