If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for war. What if its 1984 and you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet. this blog was begun to save sending emails of potential interest and post it all in one place like a buffet.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

link sent by a friend takes you to the opportunity for purchasing dvd's presenting information you won't find on your tv;
there's a lot of reality in this essay by caitlin but it will piss off a bunch of true believers;

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw has a popular post going around on Twitter at the moment admonishing Senator Bernie Sanders for saying that the US government should not go to war if it can’t afford to take care of its veterans.
“Watching Bernie pander to different groups to get their vote has always disgusted me, but now it’s personal,” Crenshaw tweeted. “I didn’t go to war so that you would take care of me, Bernie. I went because I wanted to serve and our country needed it.”
This “look at me, I’m a veteran” song and dance is par for course with Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye to an improvised explosive device on his third deployment in America’s evil and unjustifiable Afghanistan occupation. When Crenshaw says “I went because I wanted to serve and our country needed it,” he is being delusional, and feeding into his delusion allows him to continue dominating public discourse with obnoxiously propagandistic takes like the notion that the US should continue its forever war without even so much as ensuring that it can take care of the people whose lives are chewed up and spat out by the imperial war machine..........
starting at about two minutes to about fourteen you will seen no shooting coming from the alleged shooters window. you will see evidence of shooting from copters;
this incident shows the benefits of always having your pistol on your person;

Yes, there are still some drive-in theaters around. One of those — the Showboat Drive-In Theater — is located in Hockley, Texas, northwest of Houston. That was where a theater manager found herself under attack early Monday morning by two men, one of whom was wielding a baseball bat.
According to . . .
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office told ABC13 two managers were finishing up their shift when they spotted some motion inside the concession stand.
Deputies say one of the managers decided to go check it out and was confronted by two men.
One of the suspects pulled out a bat and started beating the manager, while the other suspect ran.Fortunately, the manager was armed. She drew her gun and shot the man who’d attacked her with the bat. He won’t be beating any more women ever again.
Once again, this is why millions of Americans choose to carry a firearm. It’s because they’re scared, not because they’re “gun nuts,” not because they’re “ammosexuals” and not because of a deficiency in genital size. I doubt the female theater manager — someone who apparently works late hours around a fair amount of cash — was trying to compensate for a small penis.
The woman in question got to go home to her family because she was carrying a firearm and had the means to protect herself against an attacker with a deadly weapon. Not that that fact will sway anyone in the civilian disarmament community or their willing media stenographers.
Americans use firearms hundreds of thousands of times a year to defend themselves, most often without ever firing a shot. Those who would confiscate civilian-owned guns or make carrying or buying firearms more expensive or difficult are never asked about the crimes that guns prevent. They never address the fact that their proposals will inevitably mean fewer defensive gun uses, therefore more assaults, robberies, rapes and murders.
Next time someone tells you that we need to raise the bar for civilians to purchase and own firearms, ask them how many more of those kinds of crimes they’re willing to live with each year in order to achieve the “gun-free” utopia they envision...........
in this you will find lots of information about 911 you may not have known, and should if you didn't, and it seems the crime may be marching towards much more in the way of revelations;

Evidence linking these Israeli’s to 9/11 is classified!
I can not tell you about evidence that’s been gathered,
it’s classified information.”
— US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s report on the Israeli spy ring and it’s connections to 911.

by Patrick J. McShay

The 9/11 attacks are one of America’s historic events that are memorialized each year on the anniversary of the event and no matter how much evidence comes to light to debunk the official narrative, the media liars refuse to report it.
Take the murderers of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy. The evidence that’s surfaced since they were thought guilty by the masses, few should still believe the patsies offered by the government were behind the killings, yet we teach these ridiculous lies to our children. Learning history in America means accepting lies and don’t ask too many questions!

*Real history shocks people.

The mainstream media still won’t admit that explosives were planted throughout the buildings on 9/11 including the numerous basement levels, despite testimony from firemen, policemen, World Trade Center workers and people on the streets of New York who all reported hearing dozens of explosions. Why has the media not interviewed these people? Very telling!
New York fireman and first responder that day, Louis Cacchioli, said he told the 911 commission about the bombs going off everywhere in the buildings and said they treated him like a suspect!
He said it appeared investigators had already made up their minds about what happened and refused to entertain anything that deviated from that narrative. That included explosives! None of the witness testimony concerning explosives including Cacchioli’s was included in the 9/11 Commission Report............
in case you need more evidence of the hypocrisy of the empire, this comparison of kashmir and crimea is most illuminating;

In early August India deployed 38,000 troops in Indian-administered Kashmir to join the half-million already there. (There are two Kashmirs, administered respectively by India and Pakistan, following post-colonial dissent concerning accession of the territory.) There was then a massive clamp-down after a decree of 5 August annulled Article 370 of India’s Constitution which guaranteed the rights of Kashmiris to freedom under local laws. The region was subjected to military occupation, with central rule imposing unprecedented restrictions on movement and banning communication with the outside world. These have been enforced for over six weeks.
Associated Press managed to report some incidents, however, including one when “Indian soldiers descended on Bashir Ahmed Dar’s house in southern Kashmir on August 10… Over the next 48 hours, the 50-year-old plumber said he was subjected to two separate rounds of beatings by soldiers. They demanded that he find his younger brother, who had joined rebels opposing India’s presence in the Muslim-majority region… In a second beating at a military camp, Dar said he was struck with sticks by three soldiers until he was unconscious.” They released him but “on August 14, soldiers returned to his house… and destroyed his family’s supply of rice and other foodstuffs by mixing it with fertiliser and kerosene.”
Although there was a petition on 12 September to President Trump by four US Senators “to immediately facilitate an end to the current humanitarian crisis” in Indian-administered Kashmir, there has not been one syllable of condemnation by the administration in Washington. London remained silent also. These energetically vociferous supporters of human rights have voiced not the slightest criticism of India for its persecution and imprisonment of innocent Kashmiris.........
this writer reinforces my suspicion that israel did the saudi oil attack;

As any fan of detective books or shows knows well, when you observe a crime you must first ask yourself, “Who benefits.” The Latin is Cui Bono Literally to whom is it a benefit?
On Saturday September 14th someone fired missiles or sent armed drones against Saudi oil facilities reducing world oil production by 5% and Saudi production by 50%. The beleaguered Houthis group at war by Saudi Arabia in Yemen quickly claimed credit for the attack.
While the Houthis have used armed drones in attack mode previously against the Saudi’s, those flights were bee stings compared to the sophistication and breadth of success in the latest attack.
The BBC calls the latest events “a different order of magnitude altogether.” There were seventeen different points of impact on the Abqaiq facility. What ragtag poorly armed enemy could possibly conduct such as remarkably complex attack?
Since the recent long past sell-by date demise of John Bolton, Donald Trump’s current attack Chihuahua, Mike Pompeo, promptly insisted Iran was behind the attack.
But how does Iran benefit by starting World War III? Are they so fucking stupid that they would wave a red flag in front of the nuclear armed US, nuclear armed Israel and Saudi Arabia run by a snow flake who thinks cold blooded murder is just about right when his feelings are hurt.
Israel has been threatening Iran with destruction since at least 1982 with the publication of the Yinon Plan. The document is remarkable in its candor for the Zionist plan for the destruction of the Middle East. “Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation would prove to be advantageous to Israel at least in the short term,” Yinon suggested..........