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 as you may have noticed i post every max igan video i find and with the same reason in mind as i have yet to find anything about what he presents that isn't relevant. he seems to know what's going on before it happens sometimes;


jordan peterson speaks about germany, farms and 'our' politicians insanity;


 i've posted a bit about this woman and her speech but here comes caitlin with a lot more to say about her ideas, and well done i believe;

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern continued her crusade for the expansion of internet censorship during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, this time using the war in Ukraine.

“Whether it’s climate, trade, health crises or seeking peaceful solutions to war and conflict, New Zealand has always been a believer in multilateral tools,” Ardern told the assembly, adding that “without reform, we risk irrelevancy.”

“There is perhaps no greater example of this than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Ardern said. “Let us all be clear: Russia’s war is illegal. It is immoral. It is a direct attack on the UN charter, and the international rules-based system and everything that this community should stand for. Putin’s suggestion that it could at any point deploy further weapons that it has at their disposal reveals the false narrative that they have based their invasion on. What country who claims to be a liberator, threatens to annihilate the very civilians they claim to liberate? This war is based on a lie.”

Later in her speech, Ardern returns to the theme that Russia’s war is “based on a lie” to argue for the censorship of online speech which supports the idea that Russia is fighting for legitimate reasons in Ukraine......more........



 we see a lot of these black assaulting white videos and know full well that if the races were reversed there'd be lots of loud cries of 'racism' with corresponding arrests;


 tucker carlson presents the state of politics and the public as exhibited these days;


 modern policing in britain;


 move along. nothing to see here. we didn't do it. the russians did it;

Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin has confirmed that the U.S. was not responsible for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosion, because the Pentagon told her so.

Yes, really.

Despite accusations flying that the United States could have been involved in the blasts that have reportedly could scupper the pipelines permanently, and without any investigation having taken place, Griffin’s crack journalism has solved the case.

“There is no evidence or indication the US was involved in any way with the Nordstream 2 pipeline explosions,” Griffin tweeted.

“My question at the Pentagon briefing today: Can you rule out that the U.S. was involved? Senior Military Official: ‘Yeah, we were absolutely not involved.’ ”.......more.........

 "I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a "thing-oriented" society to a "person-oriented" society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered." -- Martin Luther King 


 tucker carlson presents the case that the feds are beyond control and are a political police for 'joe biden';


 i'd say the answer is justin castro made it happen as he is on record publicly saying how much he admired china's approach to governing;

Via: The Globe and Mail:

…The Fuzhou Public Security Bureau has established more than 50 “overseas police service centres” in cities around the world – including three publicly documented ones in Toronto, home to Canada’s largest Chinese diaspora.

This is an outrage. Chinese police setting up offices in Canada, then “persuading” alleged criminals to return to the motherland to face “justice” – while our own government and security services apparently choose to look the other way – represents a gross violation of Canada’s national sovereignty, international law and the norms of diplomacy. China is extending the grip of its Orwellian police state into this country, with seemingly no worry about being confronted by our own national security agencies......

 posted this nazi ardern speaking about this recently and here is some reaction from others;

Via: Fox:

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was blasted for comparing free speech online to “weapons of war” in a recent speech to the U.N. that critics called “authoritarian.”

Independent journalist and The Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald called out Ardern on Twitter.

“This is the face of authoritarianism – even though it looks different than you were taught to expect. And it’s the mindset of tyrants everywhere,” Greenwald wrote. “This is someone so inebriated by her sense of righteousness and superiority that she views dissent as an evil too dangerous to allow.”

Diesel Jack Media CEO and author Nick Palmisciano appeared to sarcastically skewer Ardern’s ideas.

“Yes, please bring on the government disinformation service. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like we ever see government officials abuse their power to their own ends,” he wrote.

RedState deputy managing editor Brandon Morse warned, “This is the authoritarians admitting that your free speech is a threat to their rule.”

American Greatness CEO Ned Ryun made a similar comment, “She’s an absolute authoritarian. In fact, evil.”...........

 brother nathanael speaks about the nord stream situation;


Thursday, September 29, 2022

 a greybeard speaks about the unexpected left hooks that are coming our way and few will anticipate them being in the mix;


 gonzalo lira tells you why it was the empire that blew up the empire and he tells you what their goals must have been;




 when you listen to the pm from new zealand speak it will underline caitlin's points clearly;

Someone who believes the US or its proxies sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines can tell you exactly what they’d stand to gain from it and how little it would cost them. Someone who believes it was Russia has to perform weird mental contortions about Moscow sending some kind of message to the world and Putin being insane, or entertain the absurd notion that Russia could only stop Europe from obtaining Russian natural gas by destroying Russian pipelines. This says a lot about whose arguments are stronger.

The west has blamed Russia for bad presidents, for western racism, for western political divisions, for inflation, for pretty much every bad thing western power structures are responsible for, but blaming Russia for attacks on Russian pipelines is probably going to take the cake.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine, penned after the fall of the USSR, describes the US policy of ensuring that no other power develops which could challenge US supremacy. It’s important to understand that this wouldn’t just apply to nations like Russia and China, but to the EU as well........more.........

i'd like to get a reasonable explanation from the israel firsters about these things and how they sleep at night understanding what they do;

In Jenin on Wednesday, Israeli soldiers targeted not just resistance fighters, but also reporters, ambulances, and medics. Nearby schools – including a kindergarten – were under threat, and Palestinians protesting this brutality were assaulted.

This is not an isolated Israeli attack, nor is it a mere retaliation for the killing of an Israeli soldier. This is a military superpower prohibiting legal resistance and protest against its illegal occupation. Some in Israeli media have surmised that israel is purposely provoking another intifada (uprising). The Palestinian death toll this month alone is now up to 18 (1 Israeli is also dead.).....more.........

 cops are always right as you know and when you watch the canadian twitter you'll certainly understand how that has to be;

Policing has come a long way since the days of good ole boy Barney Fife.

Once upon a time, cops were tasked primarily with things like catching murderers and rapists and protecting property.

They were always used, of course, whenever necessary, to protect state interests – but, then again, the state’s interests weren’t always so obviously nefarious and illegitimate as they are today.

Law enforcement’s purview expansion is explained in large part by securitization theory.

As a result of the this process, peculiar new breeds of law enforcement – Public Health© officers and green police – have sprung up throughout the West.......more.........

 tucker speaks with tulsi gabbard about the pipeline and increasing war moves;


 it appears that justin castro may finally be getting some meaningful opposition;

Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro said his province will not participate in any attempts to seize firearms the federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently prohibited, including so-called “assault rifles.”

Justice Minister Shandro explained that he did not want to see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Alberta go around confiscating firearms after claiming to have received a letter from the federal minister of public safety Marc Mendicino asking for resources to aid in confiscation efforts set to begin in the Autumn.

“Alberta taxpayers pay over $750 million per year for the RCMP and we will not tolerate taking officers off the streets in order to confiscate the property of law-abiding firearms owners,” Shandro said, the CBC reports.

The expected seizures of firearms originate from May of 2020 when the Trudeau government prohibited 1,500 different kinds of firearms from being either sold or used in Canada, all of which were supposed “assault-style firearms.”

However, closer examination of the firearms on the ban list revealed that many of the guns on the list were not even self-loading semi-automatic guns but bolt-action rifles that have been used by hunters and sportsmen for over a century, while others were variants of the AR-15 platform.

The 2020 ban came in the wake of a deadly mass shooting and arson rampage in Nova Scotia by Gabriel Wortman, who put on the uniform of a police officer and drove a fake RCMP cruiser while going on a killing spree before he was shot dead by police. Investigations later revealed that Wortman’s firearms had been illegally acquired, however, and smuggled across the US border............more.......

and it ain't just this one province; ............more.............

 more info on the tic tok posted earlier this am about the bank of england having problems;

LONDON — If anyone thought Britain was due a period of calm after Boris Johnson’s tumultuous premiership, no one told his successor.

The country was already facing an ugly menu of challenges. But the proposed solution by new Prime Minister Liz Truss has quickly sent the economy spiraling into chaos, threatening consequences both immediate and long-lasting for many Britons.

Her Conservative government's 45 billion pound ($48 billion) plan to slash taxes — particularly for the country’s highest earners — has sent shock waves through financial markets, causing the pound to plummet and leaving Truss' own political future in sudden doubt just three weeks after taking office.....more.......

 I’m sure you’re shocked to learn this.

Via: Reclaim the Net:

Despite privacy being one of the main concerns citizens have about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the heads of the United States (US) Federal Reserve and European Central Bank (ECB) have confirmed that their respective CBDCs will not be anonymous.

During an appearance at a Banque de France (Bank of France) event, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, said if the US were to pursue a central bank digital currency (CBDC), it would be “identity verified” and “not anonymous.”

“We would be looking to balance privacy protection with identity verification, which…has to be done, of course, in today’s traditional banking system as well,” Powell added..........

 tucker carlson speaks about the pipeline sabotage;


 'joe biden' tells you that the empire did the pipeline sabotage, almost in exactly those words;


 it appears as though the bank of england has failed or do you hear this differently;


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max igan presents, as he does several times a week, things you may want to know; 



 caitlin shows you more of the foolishness 'our' government presents and operates within;

The New York Times, which consistently supports every American war, has published an op-ed by a neoconservative think tanker titled “Biden’s Cautious Foreign Policy Imperils Us“.

This would be Joseph Biden, the president of the United States who has been consistently vowing to go to war with the People’s Republic of China if it attacks Taiwan, and whose administration has been pouring billions of dollars into a world-threatening proxy war in Ukraine which it knowingly provoked and from which it has no exit strategy. With this administration’s acceleration toward global conflict on two different fronts, one could easily argue that Biden actually has the least cautious foreign policy of any president in history.

“In the aftermath of Vladimir Putin’s recent nuclear threat and call-up of reservists, it was reassuring for the leader of the free world to be unflinching,” writes the article’s author Kori Schake, who then adds, “Rhetoric aside, the administration has signaled in numerous other ways that Putin’s threats have constrained support for Ukraine.”

As though the possibility of nuclear war should not constrain US proxy warfare in that country. As though the crazy thing is not the US government’s insane nuclear brinkmanship with Russia, but its reluctance to go further........more..........

 there are times and places in which the hypocrisies of the empire are so blatant its hard to imagine they speak with a straight face, and this is certainly a good example;

In a rare plea before the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Syria's top diplomat demanded compensation for oil and gas stolen by the United States, as well as its monumental energy losses over the course of the 11-year long war.

"The war against Syria, ultimately, was an attempt by the West to maintain control over the world," Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told the assembly on Monday, demanding further that the continuing US military occupation in the oil and gas rich northeast "should end immediately, without conditions."

He informed UN leaders that "direct and indirect" oil and gas sector losses over the course of the conflict have reached $107 billion, stressing further that Damascus is demanding compensation.

"Fighting terrorism does not happen through an illegitimate international coalition that violates Syria’s sovereignty and destroys towns and villages," Mekdad asserted. He said that any 'counterterror' campaign or foreign presence on sovereign Syrian soil must be done in direct coordination with President Bashar al-Assad. 

While during the Trump administration years the hundreds of American troops stationed in eastern parts of Syria were there to "secure the oil" - as Trump had often repeated, the Biden administration has chosen to stress a continued counter-terrorism mission. And yet, US forces and their Kurdish SDF proxies continue to occupy the largest and most important oil and gas fields in the region

Russia too has long called for the immediate exit of American forces, and has of late appeared to step up its air campaign against anti-government jihadist elements in Idlib, which has put Turkey on edge. Pro-Iranian militias have reportedly launched sporadic attacks on US bases, meanwhile.

Ironically, just last week in President Joe Biden's address to the UNGA, he declared "you cannot seize another country’s territory by force. The only country doing that is Russia.".......more......

 smoking guns proliferate;

An expeditionary detachment of US Navy ships led by the universal amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge days ago was in the Baltic Sea It was 30 km from the site of the alleged sabotage on the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline and 50 km from the threads of Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline




 trudeau in europe meets some resistance from european politicians and at the same time you get to see the approved response;


 free speech as long as its approved speech, will continue to come our way as 'disinformation' is removed, we're told. what a wonderful world in which we won't have to make any pesky decisions;

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the latest liberal leader to call for an international alliance to censor speech. Unsatisfied with the unprecedented corporate censorship of social media companies, leaders like Hillary Clinton have turned from private censorship to good old-fashioned state censorship. Speech regulation has become an article of faith on the left. Ardern used her speech this week to the United Nations General Assembly to call for censorship on a global scale.

Ardern lashed out at “disinformation” and called for a global coalition to control speech. After nodding toward free speech, she proceeded to lay out a plan for its demise through government regulation:

But what if that lie, told repeatedly, and across many platforms, prompts, inspires, or motivates others to take up arms. To threaten the security of others. To turn a blind eye to atrocities, or worse, to become complicit in them. What then?

This is no longer a hypothetical. The weapons of war have changed, they are upon us and require the same level of action and activity that we put into the weapons of old.

We recognized the threats that the old weapons created. We came together as communities to minimize these threats. We created international rules, norms and expectations. We never saw that as a threat to our individual liberties – rather, it was a preservation of them. The same must apply now as we take on these new challenges.........more......

 in the hitch hikers guide to the universe there was a notable business: the restaurant at the end of the universe where you could dine as you watched the destruction of the universe. we're in a similar place now in which we can watch 'joe biden' and his operatives gradually destroy the world in their pursuit of 'full spectrum dominance';

On February 16th the comedian running Ukraine began a massive shelling attack on the Donbas after murdering over 14,000 innocent civilians since 2014 in the region because they did not support the illegal coup d’état sponsored by the US. 

In a speech given at the Munich Security Conference on February 19th the clown made it clear Ukraine wanted to regain its nuclear arsenal. Also on February 19th Brandon announced he knew Putin was about to attack Ukraine. That may have had something to do with  Ukraine’s planned invasion of the Donbas scheduled for early March.

Russia responded with a preemptive attack on Ukraine on February 24th. Brandon called for more sanctions on Russia in response in addition to those imposed before Russia had done anything.

The European allies and US seized billions of dollars of Russian reserves in the west and other assets without even a shred of legal justification. The Ruble went into free fall going from 85 to the dollar on February 15th to a high of 147 on March 7th. Clearly the sanctions had an effect and cut the value of the Ruble almost in half.

Russia was prepared for yet another round of sanctions. They raised internal interest rates and demanded payment for their gas and oil in Rubles. Since then the Ruble has been the strongest currency in the world currently trading at 55 to the dollar. The Euro has fallen to below par with the Dollar, the British Pound is down over 20% and almost at par with the dollar. The sanctions hurt.

But they hurt Europe, they didn’t hurt Russia......more.......

 legal games and a government that has shown absolutely no respect for the law bring you more monsanto;

US regulators on Friday said they would withdraw all remaining portions of the interim registration review decision for the weed killer glyphosate.

The move comes after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion saying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had violated the law in its assessment of glyphosate, which is the world’s most widely used weed killer and the active ingredient in Roundup and numerous other herbicide products.

The court found that EPA had ignored important studies in its human health safety assessment of the chemical and had also violated the Endangered Species Act. The EPA’s withdrawal comes before an October 1 deadline under which the agency was supposed to have completed its assessment. EPA had asked the court to extend its deadline but the court denied the request.

In its June 17 opinion, the 9th circuit said the agency’s 2020 assessment of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, was flawed in many ways. The federal appeals court ruled that EPA failed to follow established guidelines for determining cancer risk, ignored important studies, and discounted expert advice from a scientific advisory panel. The EPA applied “inconsistent reasoning” in finding that the chemical does not pose “any reasonable risk to man or the environment,” the panel determined.

The court vacated the human health portion of the EPA’s glyphosate assessment and said the agency needed to apply “further consideration” to evidence. The 9th Circuit also said the agency violated the Endangered Species Act in its assessment.

“EPA’s underlying scientific findings regarding glyphosate, including its finding that glyphosate is not likely to be carcinogenic to humans, remain the same,” the EPA said in a statement announcing its withdrawal of the glyphosate decision. “In accordance with the court’s decision, the Agency intends to revisit and better explain its evaluation of the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate and to consider whether to do so for other aspects of its human health analysis.”

For the ecological portion of its review, EPA said it intends to consider what risk mitigation measures may be necessary based on the Endangered Species Act consultation for glyphosate and will prepare an analysis of how the weed killer affects monarch butterfly habitat.

EPA said that pesticide products containing glyphosate will not be affected by the withdrawal decision.

Monsanto owner Bayer AG has been seeking to put an end to thousands of lawsuits filed by U.S. Roundup users who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma and allege their exposure to the weed killer is to blame for their cancers. Monsanto introduced glyphosate weed killers in 1974 and pushed the chemical to such widespread use that it is considered the world’s most widely used herbicide.......more.........

 no one but the empire had the tools, motivation, and history to blow up nordstream;

Polish MEP Radoslaw Sikorski, who attended the Bilderberg meeting in DC earlier this year together with his arch-neocon wife Anne Applebaum, openly "thanked" the US for the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines in a post Tuesday on Twitter.

"Thank you, USA," Sikorski said on Twitter, sharing a photograph of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline leaking massive amounts of gas into the ocean off the coast of Denmark's Bornholm island.

Right before making the comment, Sikorski retweeted Biden's "promise" from back in February where he said there "will be no longer a Nord Stream 2" if Russia invades Ukraine........more..........

 pcr has a very likely take on current events;

A Fateful Moment of History Is Upon Us

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers, I have explained to you that there has been no Russian defeat in Ukraine and will not be a Russian defeat.  I informed you that Putin and the Kremlin are committed to  one important thing that differentiates Russia from the US and that is that Russia follows international law and the US does not.  This is why there has been no “Russian invasion of Ukraine” as proclaimed by Western propagandists.  Kiev, the functioning of the Ukraine government, and the cities and infrastructure of western Ukraine have not been attacked.  The Kremlin has limited its military operations to the areas in Ukraine where the majority Russian population was being shelled, occupied, and murdered by Ukrainian forces and which faced last February an invasion of a large Western-trained Ukrainian army and neo-Nazi militias intended to overthrow the two independent Donbass republics recognized  by the Russian government.  The republics requested Russia’s intervention, which made the “limited military operation” legal under international law.

As my readers know, I regard the limited operation a mistake as it has drawn out the conflict and allowed the West to get deeply involved, thus promising a wider war that would likely turn nuclear.  I thought and still do that Russia was emphasizing legality at the risk of nuclear war.

The Kremlin has now acted to remove the constraint of international law with the referendums in the four areas whether the inhabitants wish reunification with Russia.  It is clear that the vote will be yes, and that the Duma and the Kremlin will proceed rapidly to reincorporate the former Russian territory back into Russia........more........

 ships in territorial waters are a curious thing in terms of purpose and motivation, like chinese ones in alaskan waters;


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 never saw this guy before but he presents reality, here, and on the way though it ain't pretty. he also has some recommendations for ways to see and be in the coming days;


 jordan peterson makes sense every time i hear him and here he's telling you what's coming, who is making it happen and that you won't like it. i think you better start getting in a combative mood as its gonna be difficult in the near future at least and perhaps longer.


 greg mannarino has his hands on the pulse of the markets and here presents information you'll need to know but won't like hearing;


 speak in opposition and you'll be shouted down which will and is leading to, conflict;


 gonzalo lira presents an argument that the empire has just declared war on russia;


 if you haven't seen mark twain's war prayer, i highly recommend your reading it in full;

It was a time of great and exalting excitement. The country was up in arms, the war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of patriotism; the drums were beating, the bands playing, the toy pistols popping, the bunched firecrackers hissing and spluttering; on every hand and far down the receding and fading spread of roofs and balconies a fluttering wilderness of flags flashed in the sun; daily the young volunteers marched down the wide avenue gay and fine in their new uniforms, the proud fathers and mothers and sisters and sweethearts cheering them with voices choked with happy emotion as they swung by; nightly the packed mass meetings listened, panting, to patriot oratory which stirred the deepest deeps of their hearts, and which they interrupted at briefest intervals with cyclones of applause, the tears running down their cheeks the while; in the churches the pastors preached devotion to flag and country, and invoked the God of Battles beseeching His aid in our good cause in outpourings of fervid eloquence which moved every listener. It was indeed a glad and gracious time, and the half dozen rash spirits that ventured to disapprove of the war and cast a doubt upon its righteousness straightway got such a stern and angry warning that for their personal safety's sake they quickly shrank out of sight and offended no more in that way........more........

 law and order? whose, how and when;

 italy is making progress;



 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so its disinformation is it. i wonder who said so;


caitlin speaks to the insanity we call 'accepted truth' here in the empire, how it gets to be and what happens when you think differently; 

The best western journalists are overwhelmingly despised while the worst are acclaimed millionaires. Western civilization is built on lies, dependent on lies, powered by lies. Don’t seek widespread approval. It’s worthless.

Live long enough and you’ll learn that the people who’ll really hurt you and screw you over aren’t the obvious, overt monsters but the sly manipulators who smile to your face. The US empire is a sly manipulator smiling and posturing as the good guy by contrasting itself with overt monsters.

As our consciousness has expanded it’s become unacceptable to be seen as an overt tyrant by the public, but that just meant the emergence of a sneakier form of tyranny. The age of the brute gave way to the age of the manipulative bitch. This manipulative bitch of an empire has been instigating and orchestrating violence at mass scale and then using its unrivaled narrative control machine to blame the violence on other powers. And its provocations are only getting more and more aggressive and more and more dangerous.

If humanity meets its end, it will come not at the hands of the overt monsters but the sly manipulators. The trajectory toward the horrifying global conflict we appear to be fast approaching was set by the manipulative bitch of the US-centralized empire........more.........

 victor davis hanson reminds you what 'hate speech' is with a guide to help you find it when necessary;

It has been a canard of the Left that “words matter.” We are lectured that “hate speech” leads inevitably to street violence.

So how ironic that the Left defames nearly half of America as dangerous “semi-fascist” extremists, white-raged and privileged, ultra MAGA, and guilty of all sorts of thought crimes from secession to civil insurrection? And what is the result?

Does this constant demonization matter? And what are the bitter fruits of such labors? After all, what did Barack Obama long ago mean by “clingers” or once Hillary Clinton by “deplorables”  and “irredeemables”?

What did Joe Biden imply by “dregs” and “chumps” and “semi-fascists”? Or what did the FBI lovebirds really mean by smelly Walmart goers and “hillbillies”? After a point, did not America get this monotonous message?

And what does Joe Biden really mean when he recycles his academic advisors’ tired tropes of right-wing insurrectionists threatening the republic?

MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people. . . . MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards—backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love . . . They promote authoritarian leaders, and they fan the flames of political violence that are a threat to our personal rights, to the pursuit of justice, to the rule of law, to the very soul of this country . . . MAGA Republicans have made their choice. They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.

When the president fuels the now familiar old narrative by claiming that 75 million who voted for Donald Trump do not live in the “light of truth” but in the “shadow of lies,” and they do not follow “the rule of law,” some questions naturally arise.........more..........

 mr peters has always made sense for my way of 'seeing' and thinking and here is one of his best i'd say;

We all know it can’t go on. Like a bad marriage, the “union” is a barren, emotionally alienated thing held together by nothing more than the inertia of tradition and the threat of force directed at the side that suggests the best thing to do would be for each side to go its separate way.

Peacefully, ideally.

Our side would certainly consider that ideal, for we want nothing more from the other side than to be let alone. We are not interested in the other side’s money. We merely wish to hold onto our own. To raise our families and live as we see fit – respecting everyone’s equal right to do the same. We like our history – but do not begrudge anyone else’s theirs. Only requesting that they do not attempt to replace ours with theirs.

We want to decide for ourselves with whom we do business; whether to open our doors – and for anyone who wishes to walk through them to be free to do so.

There are so many things but it really comes down to just one thing. We want to live – and are willing to let live. The other side regards that as a “threat to our democracy.” It means a threat to its hegemony. It must be one-size-fits-all, the size determined by the other side.

Irreconcilable differences. No common ground – for a wolf and his supper cannot have common ground. There are two alternatives for the “supper,” if he doesn’t wish to become that. The first is to get away from the wolf....more.......

 logic applied produces much more intelligence of all varieties especially in contrast to the crap coming from your tv in the time slot called: 'news';

War is a constant feature among the fictional superstates of Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia in George Orwell’s 1984. The government in the dystopian novel uses its near-perfect control of the media to rewrite history whenever an old ally becomes the new enemy, making it seem like "Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

Something similar is happening in Ukraine, where it has become impossible to know who is advancing and who is retreating. The American media has become so entangled with the doublespeak of war that readers get the impression that Ukraine has defeated Russia several times over.

Start with that nuclear plant at Zaporizhzhya. We were told the Russians hold the plant. We were also warned by the Ukrainians of a mass nuclear incident if the shelling of the plant did not cease. U.N. inspectors are on the ground tsk-tsking over the consequences should more bombs hit the plant and the cooling systems fail.......more....

 the empire's hypocrisy is on display daily and here's a reminder;

At UN General Assembly, Syria Calls for US to End Its Military Occupation

The US occupies about one-third of eastern Syria and maintains sanctions on the country to prevent its reconstruction

On Monday, Syria’s foreign minister addressed the UN General Assembly in New York and called on the US to end its military occupation of eastern Syria.

The US currently has about 900 troops stationed in eastern Syria and backs Kurdish forces in the region. This presence allows the US to control about one-third of Syria’s territory, an area where most of the country’s oil and wheat resources are located.

Officially, the US maintains that its presence in the country is about fighting ISIS, but the Syrian government rejects that notion. “Fighting terrorism does not happen through an illegitimate international coalition that violates Syria’s sovereignty and destroys towns and villages,” Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said at UN headquarters.

On top of the occupation, the US also maintains crippling economic sanctions on Syria. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has previously said that these sanctions are meant to prevent Syria’s reconstruction until there is a political settlement in Syria, meaning regime change in Damascus.

Mekdad discussed the sanctions on Syria, saying the country has been “economically besieged” by Western powers. “The war against Syria, ultimately, was an attempt by the West to maintain control over the world,” he said.

The situation in eastern Syria highlights the hypocrisy of the US, as President Biden’s address to the General Assembly focused on accusing Russia of violating the UN Charter by taking Ukraine’s territory.

“Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenets of the United Nations Charter — no more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by force,” Biden said in his speech last week.....

 woke crap is beginning to hit the fan. when free speech no longer exists because some corporate monkey doesn't like what is being said so makes it unavailable, you know the fascists' are running rampant. when it extends to politicians/representatives, the 'joe biden' gang is beyond control and obviously working full time for the klaus schwab gang. the empire is collapsing and we're gonna be facing hard times as a result of being 'remade' in the wef's image;

In a letter to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Senator Ron Johnson demanded answers on the platform’s COVID-19 moderation policies because of repeated censorship of a sitting senator.

“YouTube has displayed a troubling track record of censoring a sitting United States Senator, the proceedings of the United States Senate, journalists that interview me, and the display of data that is entirely generated from U.S. government health agencies,” Johnson wrote.

The Wisconsin Republican and ranking member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee asked YouTube to provide the committee with documents “concerning the development and implementation” of its COVID-19 content moderation policies. ….more.......

 call it fascism because that's what it is;

From branding parents speaking out against critical race theory and sexual ideology in schools as terrorists to the Mar-a-Lago raid, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s radicalized Justice Department transforms pre-election political opposition into national security threats.

The infamous DOJ letter on schools was sent out a month before the gubernatorial election in Virginia, where the National School Board Association, not to mention much of the D.C. establishment, is based. Much as Garland’s DOJ operatives feared, the school protests helped elect Gov. Glenn Younkin and  nearly toppled New Jersey’s Democrat governor in the bargain.

The Mar-a-Lago raid was carefully timed around the DOJ’s day policy of avoiding politically sensitive moves 90 days before an election. The real election it has its eye on is in 2024.

And, if it has its way, 2024 will be the new 1984.

The Steele dossier, the Mueller investigation, the Mar-a-Lago raid, and everything before and after are part of the larger Spygate continuum which is marked by the use of national security tools to suppress the political opposition especially before and during elections. The claims of national security, whether they involve the Russians or classified documents, are just a tactic that allow Democrat officials to wield virtually unlimited investigative powers cloaked in secrecy.

Beyond the details of these investigations, which turn as hollow as Steele or Mueller on closer examination, is the larger construct of a crisis that is described as a “threat to democracy”.

The “threat to democracy” is shorthand for a threat to Democrats. The source of that threat are conservatives and Republicans. The vectors of that threat can be described as coming from Russia, school board parents, electoral activism or “disinformation” on the internet. The common denominator is that political activities which are inherently “democratic”, speech, protest and electioneering, are defined as a national security “threat to democracy”....more.........

black pastor goes off on 'joe biden' and i think you'll want to see it;


 i'm willing to bet that more than half of america's citizens have no idea or concern about the state of the first amendment here in the empire, but this writer in a short bit shows you things that aught to concern you;

The attacks on free and open discussion are becoming more and more widespread. Now, as Toby Young explains in an article this morning, the payment service PayPal has closed the accounts of the Daily Sceptic, which often publishes criticism of the government policy in various matters. 

PayPal has also closed the account of the Free Speech Union, which provides support to people whose freedom of opinion is under attack, for example those fired from their jobs because of their opinions. PayPal has even gone as far as to close the rarely used personal account of Toby Young, who is in charge of both the Daily Sceptic and the Free Speech Union, and is also associate editor of The Spectator, one of the world’s most respected newspapers.

As Toby reports in his article, the company has offered no explanation for this move.

When payment services or banks begin to act in this way, it should dawn upon us what a serious threat to free and open exchange of opinions we are facing. Not only can you be fired from your job, your very possibility to make a living will be taken away also.

Now, there is little doubt that many people think that as long as their own opinions are allowed, everything is fine, even if other opinions are forbidden. But that position, apart from being morally wrong, is based on an utter lack of understanding of the threat we face; the question is not if, but when it will be your own opinions that are censored, your own livelihood taken away.

“Okay to ban right-wing bullshit” a thoughtless leftist might think. “Okay to ban communist propaganda” the thoughtless right-winger might think. But as Toby points out in his article, it is in fact also left-wing media outlets that PayPal is now attacking, not just right-leaning ones like the Daily Sceptic.

PayPal’s actions are based on blatant opposition to the freedom of expression, opposition that until recently one thought belonged to the scrap-heaps of history. But we are now seeing more and more examples of this. The other day, people were arrested and taken to prison in Britain for protesting against the monarchy in the vicinity of funeral parades for the late Queen. And most people thought nothing of it, although attempts to silence the opinions of opponents of the monarchy had not been seen since the 15th century.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is currently awaiting extradition and life imprisonment in the United States for publishing information inconvenient to the government, but most people take this lightly. Those are just two of countless recent examples, which clearly show what is going on and where we are heading.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental value that concerns us all, no matter where we stand in politics, what our religion is or our preferences in life. We must have the maturity and moral standing to defend it unconditionally, no matter how annoying or inappropriate we might find the views currently being attacked.

If we do not stand up now for the freedom of expression, next time it will be our own views getting censored, our own livelihood taken away........