Tuesday, September 18, 2018

 an interesting presentation of what may well be coming our way when you consider all of the crap we've been seeing;

 During martial law, the government can suspend constitutional rights and enforce an authoritarian power by use of the military. Even fundamental rights and democratic processes can be limited or suspended entirely. Any and every democracy has the potential for martial law.
This is a brief description of martial law:
Martial Law- The exercise of government and control by military authorities over the civilian population of a designated territory (Encyclopedia.com).
Basically, the militant authority will be alternating as the police, the court systems, and the legislature. The Chief Executive will be the commander of the military. It has even been disputed that the President can take it upon himself to declare martial law.
Typically martial law happens during something like a large riot or after an extensive natural disaster has taken place. It is amid these sorts of scary, appalling events that many people are just fine with giving up their rights in order to have “peace of mind” offered by the authoritarian government. As long as rioters are rioting, who needs rights, right?
The troublesome thing is, there have been several instances where martial law has overreached its boundaries, and it is easy to get that way…

When May the Government Declare Martial Law?


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