Friday, June 30, 2023

 martin armstrong has a better than average record of anticipating coming events, and here greg hunter interviews him in the video further down the link;

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong was forecasting “chaos” in 2023, and that’s exactly what we got.  His cycle work says don’t look for it to get better anytime soon.  Armstrong explains, “We are in the midst of a coup.  We have all these people who have been neocons for 30 years.  Even Ron Paul said recently that the neocons have been waging war for 30 years and have not won a one single one.  This is what they live for.  Look at the clip of Lindsey Graham saying this is the best money we ever spent killing Russians.  How can you take pleasure in that statement that this is the best money we ever spent killing Russians.  This is not defense.  These are the words of a psychopath in my mind. . . . They are not about to accept anybody who is going to be against war.  The neocons are in full control of the government—period.  We are living in the time of a coup.  The United States is not the free country you thought it was. . . more.......

 kunstler gives us 'that was the week that was' as only he can do;

“Vladimir Putin is clearly losing the War in Iraq.” — “Joe Biden,” US President

Russian Revolution Two kicked off the long, hot summer freak show of 2023. Unlike Russian Revolution One (1917), which lasted over seventy years, RR2 clocked out in under twenty-four hours. It didn’t propel Russia into a political paroxysm as perhaps expected by crisis engineers in Langley, VA., and Washington’s Foggy Bottom. Rather, it energized the resolve of arch-nemesis Vlad Putin, solidified his support among the Russian populace (who turned out singing patriotic hymns along the Neva River when the revolt was quashed), and sunsetted the increasingly rogue Wagner private paramilitary company in its Ukraine duties, now to be taken over by regular Russian Federation army units.

     According to commentator Andrei Martyanov — see yesterday’s colloquy on Tommy Carrigan’s Podcast — Wagner had already gone off the rails in Ukraine, inciting the costly Bakhmut operation on its own to fluff its reputation while preparing for the mutiny executed and aborted on July 24. The fate of Wagner’s business manager, Evgeny Prigozhin, remains murky now while he cools his heels in Belarus — a trial, perhaps, at some later date when Ukraine itself stops being a geopolitical psychodrama. He has been publicly branded a “traitor.”

     It was perhaps the hope of America’s feckless Neocon war-dogs that Russia would fall into chaos. This has all along been the hope and expectation of our country’s official stated policy. And it turns out to be ever more at odds with the reality of the situation. Mr. Putin aims to conclude this tragic US-provoked misadventure as swiftly as possible now. This ain’t no Mud Club; this ain’t no foolin’ around. It looks more like the last days of disco in Kiev. The question for the people there is: just how much of Ukraine do you want to be left with intact when this thing is over? Go ahead… choose.

       Despite its master-slave relationship with America, Euroland may not be so avid for World War Three as the “Joe Biden” regime seems to be. The Wagner coup fiasco marks the true crackup of NATO as the Ukraine project fizzles. Surely Europeans with some functioning brain cells must be asking: “what was the point of all this killing and waste?” The clear-eyed may suspect that the point was to get Europe to commit suicide, because that is the obvious result. No more natgas for you, Europe, meaning farewell to major industry and a comfortable standard of living. A lot less wheat and corn coming out of Ukraine to Euroland nations, too. When food costs too much, or is just plain scarce, governments fall. Wait for it......more..........

 neil mcoy ward speaks and presents video on the coming 'new world order' that i've watched all way thru, which i don't usually with this individual. he shows video of motherwefers speaking about their plans and accomplishments that are/is quite revealing. starvation. the deagle report manifest?;


 fourteen minutes in which the main man at the greyzone addresses the un security council on the ukraine game;


lets go brandon, as he goes, for about a minute;


 about one and a half minutes showing how the japs deal with 'asylum seekers';


 i got this far in the latest caitlin essay and it seemed that it had to be posted here;

Foreign conflicts in the 2020s are always like,

USA: Let’s militarily encircle this large nation

Large Nation: Hey stop

USA: Let’s heavily arm proxy forces right on their border

Large Nation: We’re drawing a red line

USA: Let’s cross the red line immediately

Large Nation: *acts*


Of course Greta Thunberg met with Zelensky. Of course she did. That was the only box left to check off in the most PR-intensive proxy war of all time. They got Bono. They got Mark Hamill and Sean Penn. They got appearances at the WEF, the New York Stock Exchange and the Grammys. They just needed Greta..........more.......


Lukashenko speaks for about six minutes on the covid hoax;


 i've been watching this prediction since i first saw it several years ago and as confirmed in this post, its in process;

A controversial forecast by Deagel, a global intelligence and consulting firm, gained attention in 2020 for its startling prediction of a significant depopulation event across the Western World by 2025.

This was a very bold claim to make.

‘Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder.

But unfortunately, these bold claims are now backed up with a mountain of evidence, and most of that evidence can be found in the confidential Pfizer documents that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has been forced to publish by court order.

And sadly, the evidence strongly suggests that Covid-19 vaccination is causing mass depopulation......more......

 brother nathanael, a converted former joo, tells you why you can't trust joos, in less than five minutes;



 pcr has  titled this essay as shown below and in this he explores the subject as we experience it;

Thoughts on the Digital Revolution, Corporate Medicine, and Infinitely Expanding Racism

Paul Craig Roberts

The digital revolution is inconsistent with human freedom. The digital revolution gives governments powers to spy and to control that are complete. There is no privacy, and no independence once digital money is the only means of transactions.

In George Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother spied on people via the TV set and publicly placed microphones. We are already far beyond that with publicly placed cameras and face and voice recognition. Even the means of communication such as cell phones spy for the government, as do household appliances for those who fall for “smart appliances.”

Moreover, unapproved words and statements are gradually being criminalized as are statements of truth. The US Constitution is being erased. And nothing is being done about it.

These major matters aside, ordinary people are being oppressed by the demands of the digital revolution and being forced to pay costs of businesses such as customer relations and consumer support.

It used to be that you dialed a phone number and at 3 rings got a real live person capable of handling whatever issue you called about. Now you get eventually a robot that gives you numerous irrelevant options, none of which address the reason for your call. If you have the patience and don’t hang up in frustration, the robot will eventually connect you with a real live customer representative. Allegedly. But what you get is a recording that we are experiencing an unusual number of inquiries at this time. Leave your name and number and we will call you during the next 24 hours........more.........

Thursday, June 29, 2023


"History has shown that the honest man loses to the teller of white lies, who loses to the teller of black lies, who loses to the cheat, who loses to the thief, who loses to the extortionist, who loses to the murderer, who loses to the drug lord, who loses to the genocidal tyrant. The question in these dark times is not what is the government capable of, but what is it NOT capable of!" -- Michael Rivero

 ain't she sweet is the title and its accurate i'd say;


 the video of the biden thing and the decider making some wacked comments about ukraine and iraq is further explored by caitlin in this essay; 

President Biden accidentally referred to Putin’s war in “Iraq” when answering questions from the press, a year after former president George W Bush made the same gaffe. Both men played crucial roles in the push to invade Iraq.

Asked on Wednesday whether the short-lived Prigozhin rebellion was a sign that Putin was weakening, Biden replied, “It’s hard to tell really. But he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq.”

During the 2020 presidential race, Current Affairs’ Nathan J Robinson wrote the following about Biden’s pivotal role in manufacturing support for the Iraq invasion:

In 2003, Biden was “a senator bullish about the push to war [in Iraq] who helped sell the Bush administration’s pitch to the American public,” who “voted for — and helped advance — the Bush agenda.” He was the war’s “most crucial” senate supporter. Biden repeated the myth that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, saying that “these weapons must be dislodged from Saddam Hussein, or Saddam Hussein must be dislodged from power.” The resulting war was one of the most deadly catastrophes in the history of U.S. foreign policy — the Iraqi death toll was in the hundreds of thousands or possibly even the millions, and 4,500 American troops died.

That Biden’s decomposing brain would find the word “Iraq” when reaching for the word which means “nation that has been illegally invaded by an evil government” is positively Freudian.

In May of last year during a speech in Dallas, George W Bush made a similar Freudian confession, saying, “The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean, of Ukraine.”

After correcting himself with a nervous chuckle, Bush broke the tension with the words, “Iraq too. Anyway.” He then quipped that he is 75 years old, leaning harder on his “Aw shucks gee willikers I’m such a goofball” persona than he ever has in his entire life...........more.....

 all indications are that diana was correct and this was part of the method. also epstein didn't kill himself and oswald wasn't anything more than a patsy. there are no coincidences. especially the many the imperial media, mouthpiece for those in charge, expect you to swallow;

Princess Diana allegedly claimed that she believed Prince Charles was planning “an accident in my car” that would leave her with a serious head injury.

This would allow him “to marry”, she reportedly wrote in a note to her former butler Paul Burrell, just 10-months before she died in a fatal Paris car crash.

Mr Burrell kept the note secret until 2003, when he revealed its existence of the note in his book, A Royal Duty, in which he claimed the princess had handed it to him as an insurance policy.

He wrote that she told him she was going to date it and he should keep it, "just in case"........more.......

 epstein didn't kill himself and probably is still alive, somewhere;

 if you believe what the tv tells you, i suspect you won't be interested in this post in which we discover that rfk jr has dangerous views, and he questions those in charge. we certainly couldn't have that here in the empire as it would tend to disrupt but who cares? few do as they buy the tv charade even though they tell pollsters that they have no trust in government or the imperial media;

He will take questions in front of a live audience comprised of voters in partnership with the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. Voters in the key states of South Carolina and New Hampshire can also question the candidate.

Kennedy’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination has garnered support from as many as 20% of Democrats, but Republicans viewed him more favorably at 40%, according to recent reports.

Polling this month from Quinnipiac University found that among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters, 70% support Biden, 17% support Kennedy, and 8% support Marianne Williamson.

“This is a moment where RFK Jr., who first got a lot of attention for having a famous name, and then got a lot of attention for some pretty wild positions that he has taken on a number of issues – including vaccines, including the war in Ukraine, including the CIA – and he’s generated a lot of buzz. This is the moment where he is going to face, what I would submit, is probably the toughest test of his candidacy so far, which is answering real voter’s real, practical questions about his candidacy and doing it in front of a national television audience,” NewsNation Political Editor Chris Stirewalt told KOIN 6 News.

As Peter Barry Chowka notesKennedy has been attacked and largely shunned by the mainstream media but in at least a half dozen live interviews on FOX News, including the one with Tucker Carlson, he has expressed a message that suggests he could potentially draw support from across the political spectrum.

Kennedy, who declared his candidacy in April, is one of two Democrats (the other is self-help author Marianne Williamson) to challenge President Joe Biden for their party’s 2024 presidential nomination.

His comments, including describing the aim of his campaign as “end[ing] the corrupt merger of state and corporate power,” might resonate with a variety of constituencies.

Why is RFK Jr on NewsNation and not on a left-leaning mainstream media outlet?

Simple - here's 'fake-dossier-peddling' Jake Tapper explaining that Kennedy should not have a platform its because of his “dangerous ideas”...........more.........

 i posted the tucker number seven the day i saw it but this part of it could do with lots of attention so here you are;

Then Tucker spoke about why Joe Biden is running for reelection. From what we now know, Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians in US history. His policies suck, the economy sucks, his foreign policy is embarrassing, his energy policy and is based on fantasy. Joe Biden can barely walk and cannot think clearly. So why are Democrats running this obvious loser? Because they can.

Tucker Carlson: Last week, a whistleblower produced WhatsApp? Messages from Hunter Biden proving that at the very least, his father knew about his influence pedaling businesses abroad and probably participated in them…

…So a whistleblower produces a text message showing that Joe Biden was in the room with his son when his son was selling influence to an enemy power. The Chinese government and ABC’s take on it. Joe Biden is a father first, take it or leave it. What accounts for a response like that? Well, that’s the way you talk when you’ve got nothing to fear from an upcoming presidential election. You don’t even bother to think of an excuse for your candidate because you don’t need to. Your country has electronic voting machines. Joe Biden got 81,282,916 votes in 2020, and you’re pretty sure he can do it again. In fact, you know he can’t. You’re not worried,

The RINO Republicans and FOX News pundits are still pretending that we have free and fair elections. Any child could out debate Joe Biden. But if you’re stealing elections it doesn’t matter......more.........

 in less than a minute the decider reveals the true nature of the empire but places it in russia;


 two in a row covering the apartheid regime controlling palestine and their crimes;

On our last day at Al-Haq’s International Law Programme, my group of human rights lawyers and academics visited the village of Turmus Ayya, attacked by settlers only days before. At Turmus Ayya, the smell of burned earth was still vividly present in the hot June air. Besides the physical damages, the village was mourning the loss of Omar Qattain, a young man of 27 years. He was killed while defending his village northeast of Ramallah. This pogrom is one of a series of attacks since Huwwara in February, in which hundreds of settlers set the Palestinian town on fire. But why pogroms? Why now? And why did top officials in the Israeli army and security apparatus respond by labeling the pogroms unexpectedly as “terrorist attacks,” despite the symbiotic bond of settlements, violence, and the Israeli state and security apparatus? 

The “terrorist” label has a strategic purpose. For one, some events are so gruesome that they attract international media attention and condemnation. Huwwara was one such event. The center of international media attention, Israel is forced to react, through official channels, in one way or the other, while its human rights abuses and the brute violence of its citizens flicker on international iPhone screens and are printed in international newspapers. An attack that is so blatantly violent and conducted against an unarmed civilian population is very difficult to justify, even for the otherwise creative Israeli government, the Israeli military, the judiciary, and the security forces. 

Beyond the international attention, pogroms such as those that took place in Turmus Ayya force Jewish-Israeli society to squarely address an uncomfortable reality that is otherwise hidden from view through Apartheid walls and segregated roads. ..........more..........

 you wouldn't want to be a palestinian in the 'only democracy' in the mid east as it would be quite hazardous to your health, and life;

There aren’t many populations in the world as helpless as the Palestinians who live in their own country. No one protects their lives and property, let alone their dignity, and no one intends to do so. They are totally abandoned to their fates, as is their property. Their houses and cars can be torched, their fields set on fire. It’s all right to shoot them mercilessly, killing old people and babies, with no defense forces at their side. No police, no military: no one.

If some such desperate defense force is organized, it’s immediately criminalized by Israel. Its fighters are labeled “terrorists,” their actions “terror attacks,” and their fates sealed, with death or prison the only options.

Amid the utter chaos created by the occupation, the ban on Palestinians defending themselves is one of the craziest rules; it’s an accepted norm that isn’t even discussed.

Why aren’t the Palestinians allowed to defend themselves? Who exactly is supposed to do it for them? Why, when talking about “security,” it’s only about Israel’s security? Palestinians have more victims of assaults, bloodshed, pogroms, and violence – and no defensive tools at their disposal.

Which group are terrorists?

Over three days last week, 35 pogroms have been carried out by settlers [NOTE: other sources place the number much higher]. Since the beginning of the year, around 160 Palestinians have been killed by soldiers, the vast majority of them unnecessarily and most of them criminally. From baby Mohammed Tamimi to the elderly Omar As’ad, Palestinians have been killed for no reason..........more........

 'our dear leader' tells us in the accompanying video that russia is losing its war in iraq;

What a sad commentary on the fate of the usurped Republic. As we enter the sixth month of the Republican controlled House of Representatives we can only make three assumptions:

  1. There only is one party that is part of a Deep State regime. The “opposition” party is just another facade of the Democrat party.
  2. The Republican party has no clue how to govern, restore Liberty, restore the Republic, restore the Constitution, restore the rule of law or save our children.
  3. Both 1 and 2.

I do not know why Biden has not been impeached. Lindsey Graham says that the Senate will not hold an impeachment trial if he is impeached by the House. I do know that this nation’s “government” is at war with its own people. Do not expect politicians, military or law enforcement to come to the aid of the good people: they want to see this country destroyed. It is easy to recognize evil; it is hard to stand up when you fear the government more than you fear

 in case you haven't noticed the empire does the same things it accuses other nations of doing. in this 'election' upcoming the dumocorps have indicted one of their opponents and in this case presented here, rfk jr is being kept from speaking in the currently accepted venues. this in part because the dumocorps prevent opinions that disagree with theirs, thereby preventing a national dialogue;

YouTube has taken down another interview featuring Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr., raising eyebrows and fueling debate over the role of tech giants in controlling information. The interview, a spirited chat with Al Guart, a former New York Post reporter, was removed for allegedly breaching the platform’s “community standards.”

This has further ignited concerns over censorship and its potential ramifications on democratic dialogue.

The episode marked the launch of a podcast in which Kennedy, an environmental attorney and presidential aspirant for the 2024 election, discusses an array of subjects. From his meditation routine to his ambition of overhauling federal health agencies and the Democratic Party, the conversation traversed numerous topics. Other issues covered included handling environmental concerns and the middle class.

Al Guart expressed dismay over the removal in a statement, remarking, “YouTube just banned my interview with RFK Jr. for allegedly violating ‘community standards.’ RFK Jr. and I covered many topics of public interest and there was no threat or harm contained in the hour-long discussion.” Guart also highlighted that the podcast was gaining traction and popularity on other platforms.....more..........

Wednesday, June 28, 2023


 max igan is back after two weeks away with 96 minutes of commentary and video. at about fifteen minutes in, which is where i decided to post this, was an individual telling you what not to do, with details, in case you choose to know what to look for;


 fourteen minutes with clayton morris/redacted on the newest foolishness in canada created by trudeau. what happens there, like this and his gun 'control' will be coming here as soon as they believe they can get by with it;


 one minute of sain't obama humor centered on 911;


 in case you require a reminder about how stupid she is;

Vice President Kamala Harris said Monday that so-called “book bans” make LGBT people fear for their lives.

Allegations of book banning started after Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation protecting parental rights in Florida in March 2022, which led to schools pulling multiple books on the grounds of having explicit content, including “Gender Queer,” “Let’s Talk About It” and “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Parents across the country have raised objections to books with sexually explicit content in recent years. 

“This fight is not over, when I look at the fact that in our country, we’re looking at somewhere around 600 bills being proposed or passed, anti-LGBTQ, book bans, a policy approach that is ‘don’t say gay,’ people in fear for their life, people afraid to be, to be!,” Harris said in front of the Stonewall Inn in New York City, the location of a violent protest that launched the modern gay rights movement. .......more.........


 situational awareness and opinion it appears;

I guess when my wife was one day from being fired from her job for not getting vaccinated, she wasn't being forced. She had a "choice" of unemployment as the alternative. Got it.

 tucker, episode seven;


 this carbon thing is going to lengths i could never have imagined;

South Dakota landowners battling eminent-domain lawsuits are asking their governor, “Where are you?”

Summit Carbon Solutions is proposing a 2,100-mile carbon-capture pipeline through the Great Plains, affecting hundreds of landowners in the Mount Rushmore State, among others. Capturing this carbon from ethanol plants in the Corn Belt is supposedly going to save Mother Earth from catastrophic climate change.

Though its proposal is still under review by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, Summit has already filed dozens of eminent-domain lawsuits against farmers who refuse to sign voluntary easements. That means handing over control of their property to Summit, which is backed by foreign investors including China’s central bank.

Summit is also backed by pipeline dreams of the Biden administration, which is funneling billions of taxpayer dollars into carbon capture and sequestration technology to solve a climate crisis that does not exist.

Landowners are furious that, though Governor Kristi Noem campaigned on a platform in defense of private property rights, on the issue of carbon capture, she has remained aloof.

They believe her silence could have something to do with the fact that Summit was a platinum sponsor of Noem’s inaugural ball this past January, as was a large ethanol plant (where some of the carbon is captured). Several other renewable companies sponsored the event as well.

State Freedom Caucus communications director Greg Price, who has been covering the plight of the South Dakota farmers extensively, tweeted:.......more.......

 here is a white fool in action;

Resurfaced body camera footage shows a white victim sobbing as police arrest a black man who had allegedly brandished a knife and threatened to stab his family.

The incident took place in Georgia on May 18, 2022, with the unidentified black suspect being escorted by police {snip} The video then shows the white man approaching the police {snip}......more........

Tuesday, June 27, 2023



 mr peters speaks herein on the subject of the 'mask' that some fools still feature;

Before Hitler became Reich Chancellor (he was already the Fuhrer of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, the italics to clarify what “Nazi” actually stands for) the German government he was seeking to overthrow banned the wearing of political uniforms in public.

So the National Socialists goose-stepped without shirts for a time.

In our time, the uniform of socialists is worn on the face. It is their armband – and it serves essentially the same purpose, that being to convey an ideology and also as a symbol of solidarity with others who share that same ideology.

I saw two such the other day while shopping at my local Kroger supermarket. A pair of them. Two women who appeared to be . . . together. They were certainly together in terms of their uniforms. They had them affixed tightly to their faces, rendering each the same as the other.Not just in terms of how they looked but also in terms of what they believe. This is the true purpose of uniforms. You put one on and you take off who you are. You are no longer a free-ranging individual but part of a collective. Physically and psychologically in that your point-of-view is the same point-of-view as everyone else who looks like you do.

Socialism is this distilled........more......

'our free press' hasn't been for a very long time and here bill maher speaks about it in relation to their freezing rfk jr  from as much press coverage as they're able; 

I want to take issue with the media because it incenses me how they write about you,” Maher told Kennedy on an episode of Maher’s podcast, “Club Random,” released Sunday.

“In Chat With Musk, Kennedy Pushes Right-Wing Ideas and Misinformation,” Maher said, citing a NY Times headline from June 5.

“Right away I’m pissed off,” Maher said in reaction. “Because, misinformation? How about you’re the newspaper. Just tell me what was said and I’ll decide what’s misinformation. This arrogance of ‘we know what the misinformation is about science.'”

Maher then read from the Times piece; “‘Mr. Kennedy is a long time amplifier and propagator of baseless theories.’ Again,” he stopped to qualify, “not the editorial page, this is like the regular newspaper.”

The HBO host then cited a fact check within the Times piece claiming Kennedy was wrong when he said that Democrats earned more money from the pharmaceutical industry than Republicans.

“Because the Obama administration made a deal with the pharmaceutical industry to support the bill … today I believe the Democrats are getting more money from pharma than Republicans,” argued Kennedy........more.........

 the feds get unmasked in this twitter;


 i suspect this is all as it is but if even half of this is reality we're in for a hard ride;

Over the last several weeks and months, a deluge of damning breadcrumbs have been revealed by various whistleblowers, congressional investigators, and investigative reporters- the entirety of which has been a shotgun blast of information overload.

When put together, they paint a picture of such shocking corruption, that one can only conclude that the period we've lived through, between the 2020 US election, the funding, origins, and coverup of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the overt corruption of the Biden family,one can only conclude that we're living through one of the worst, if not the worst, periods of political scandals and institutional rot in American history. 

Making sense the current state of affairs is journalist Tom Elliott, founder of Grabien, who has assembled what may be the world's most perfect tweet on how Joe Biden owes his 2020 election victory to "blatant political corruption."

The more we learn about the 2020 election, the more undeniable it becomes that Biden owes his “victory” to blatant political corruption. To wit:

1) An IRS probe into the Bidens money laundering payments from hostile nations — the normal outcome of which would have ended his candidacy — was instead given a stand-down order

2) The FBI & IRS wanted to search Biden’s house in September 2020 but were given a stand down order.

3) The @FBI authenticated Hunter’s laptop a year before the NYPost first reported on its contents

4) Rather than use the laptop’s voluminous documentation of myriad felonies to initiate criminal investigations, the FBI hatched a plot to warn social media companies of an imminent “hack & leak” operation of what they heavily suggested was Russian disinformation........more........


here is a klaus schwab quote for your consideration;


 a longer than usual video in which you are given lots of info on current realities and potential future ones though you have to deal with alex jones interrupting;


Monday, June 26, 2023

 i'd call this one of those 'you decide' items but its been speculated that the 'coup' was a false flag;

'No, this is all staged': Ex-CIA analyst claims Putin 'orchestrated' the Wagner coup with Prigozhin as a 'classic false flag' to boost recruitment for the army and make West think he is weakened

  • Ex-CIA analyst Rebekah Koffler claimed Vladimir Putin 'orchestrated' the coup
  • She suggested Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhi worked together to stage the uprising
  • Kremlin faces a 'deeply unstable' situation after the Wagner truce, experts warn

An ex-CIA analyst has claimed Vladimir Putin 'orchestrated' the coup with Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhi in a 'classic false flag' to try to make the West believe his army had weakened.

Rebekah Koffler told Fox News' Eric Shawn on Saturday the coup was staged as a way for the Russian leader to boost his political power and he will eventually 'gain momentum, mobilize additional personnel, and re-energize his offensive on Ukraine.'

Prigozhin's forces moved from their camps in Ukraine into Russia on Friday and took over a regional military command in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don, before advancing toward Moscow..........more.......


"If the government has to order you to buy a product, you know the product is costly, useless, and probably dangerous as well!" -- Michael Rivero

 caitlin shows some of what's happening to the aussies, and you can be sure its a template for what will be done here;

There’s a frenzied rush by the Australian political/media class to both propagandise Australians as quickly as possible into supporting preparations for war with China, and to ram through legislation that facilitates the censorship of online speech.

Australia’s Communications Minister Michelle Rowland is set to release draft legislation imposing hefty fines on social media companies who fail to adequately block “misinformation” and “disinformation” from circulation in Australia, a frightening prospect which will likely have far-reaching consequences for political speech in the nation........more.........

 japanese band performing sing, sing, sing;


Sunday, June 25, 2023

 sent by a recently acquired friend i post this essay titled: the moment of truth;

Election rigging. Covid hoax. Genocide. Blackmail. Bribery. Trafficking. Treason.

It is all going to come out into the light, and the world is going to be shocked, even those who are aware of what has been going on. Today is the anniversary of the establishment of the Freemasons in London in 1717. It is also St John’s Day. Plus it is June 11th in the Julian calendar, which is an 11/6 (European style) or 9/11 (US style) reversed. Let’s see what happens over the next few days and weeks. The Russians seem to know something big is coming, and troops are in place across America. This promises to be a summer like no other in our lives.

Everything is connected, and citizen sleuths have been uncovering crimes and joining the dots between them for years. This only tells us what those in military intelligence have known for decades. We have been under the thumb of a transnational mafia, with communist and post-humanist goals. It is exactly as JFK described: “…a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.”

That these things are connected does matter. You cannot expose all the 2020 election fraud (and all the other elections) without also revealing how the Covid hoax was used to manipulate mail-in balloting. You cannot expose the ballot fraud without also unmasking the genocidal jabs (and test swabs, and everything else used to poison us). You cannot expose Big Pharma without also exposing Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Everything. The whole military, industrial, entertainment, academia, finance complex then has to unravel. The world that emerges from the rubble looks nothing like the one that stands this morning.......more........

 six minutes with brother nathanael, a converted former joo, speaks of the true nature of joos;



"Dismissing criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic is like dismissing criticism of the Nazis as anti-Germanic." --
Michael Rivero



 it looks like the biden crime family is finally being exposed on a level that the imperial media, 'our free press' can't ignore it anymore;

With revelations that Joe Biden's DOJ buried evidence of son Hunter tax crimes, and that Hunter demanded a CCP-linked associate wire funds while he was "sitting here with my father," things have started looking very bad for the Bidens, very quickly.

With the exception of the NY Times' Nicholas Kristof, who unhinged his jaw to pen a full-throated defense of 'poor drug-addict Hunter' (who's totally not an international FARA-violating bag-man for his family's influence-peddling operation, allegedly), mainstream journalists went to town on both White House spox Karine Jean-Pierre and Pentagon spox John Kirby during Friday's press briefing.

FirstKirby refused to answer questions before storming away from the podium.

"I'm not going to comment further on this," said Kirby, after he was asked if a WhatsApp message from Hunter which appears to demand payment from a Chinese businessman contradicted Joe Biden's earlier claims that he and Hunter never discussed Hunter's business dealings........more..........

 the title of this essay/article is that they've described the blatant rot here in the empire in fewer than a thousand words, which assumes we ain't as corrupt as the ottomans were;

When put together, they paint a picture of such shocking corruption, that one can only conclude that the period we've lived through, between the 2020 US election, the funding, origins, and coverup of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the overt corruption of the Biden family, one can only conclude that we're living through one of the worst, if not the worst, periods of political scandals and institutional rot in American history.

Making sense the current state of affairs is journalist Tom Elliott, founder of Grabien, who has assembled what may be the world's most perfect tweet on how Joe Biden owes his 2020 election victory to "blatant political corruption.".......more.........