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 max igan presents more as is his practice and lots you will want to know which he calls a new level of control. i suspect that in your thinking about what i present here with australia, new zealand, canada and holland you rationalize is as being there and not here, but now its becoming obvious that its here as well;


 geo engineering is ongoing and the climate extremes we're seeing are one result. the link below explores a lot of this and chem trails are just the smallest public evidence;

watch. ..........

 bill gates and the 'who' as well as many more 'officials' threaten the world with many more pandemics over the next ten years, but the thing is they seem to have advance notice on this sort of stuff that aught to leave you quite suspicious of the 'who'/schwab gang;


 an australian senator speaks truth to the chamber which is mostly empty and still gets attacked for opposing the mandatory 'jab' with lots of evidence at his hand;






 i have to remind all that i haven't had a president since the cia killed jfk but i also recognize what the dumocorps are doing with the orange man and this image sums it up in many ways;

 i remember the days when anti-trust options were taken by government and there were consequences but not days its celebrated by 'our free press';


 ain't this a curious thing with some hundreds of those who visited dc on 1/6 in jail without bail for a very long time we continually see this epps boy doing more than many of them and here he's still running free. what do you think could be the reason;

Ray Epps confirms text under oath "I orchestrated it." So we got Ray Epps who was screaming "we need to go INTO the Capitol" and rounding up a bunch of people and telling them to smash signs into Capitol Police. And he's a free man. January 6 is a big giant crock of steaming shit orchestrated by CIA

r/conspiracy - Ray Epps confirms text under oath "I orchestrated it." So we got Ray Epps who was screaming "we need to go INTO the Capitol" and rounding up a bunch of people and telling them to smash signs into Capitol Police. And he's a free man. January 6 is a big giant crock of steaming shit …

 how's that most moral democracy working for you in the criminal state of israel;

Israeli occupation forces demolished 950 Palestinian homes and confiscated more than 113,000 dunams (113 square kilometres) of land in 2022 in an effort to expand illegal Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, a Palestinian research centre said.

The Land Research Centre, operating in Palestine, said in its annual report on “Israeli Violations Against Palestinian Land and Housing Rights for 2022” that the Israeli forces have also torched, ravaged, or attacked 18,900 trees, most of them olive trees.

The report noted that 65 of the homes were demolished by their owners under the orders of Israeli occupation forces.

Some 66 wells were also razed in addition to 3,707 dunums (3.7 square kilometres) of land and pastures.

“The Israeli occupation issued 114 new settlement plans on Palestinian lands, and began construction on more than half of them and built about 2,220 new housing units for the settlers,” it added.

The Palestinian centre warned that all these measures confirm that the Israeli government has decided to destroy all agreements and impose new realities on the ground, making the two-state solution impossible to achieve.......

 is this the sort of place you want to support in any way;

Israeli police burst into his home, broke his nose and a tooth after he refused to undress in their presence, then they dragged him by force, bound and blindfolded, to their van…

After 41 days of beatings in an Israeli prison about his alleged role in a stone-throwing incident, 16-year-old Shadi Khoury is finally released to house arrest 

His mother is concerned that his adolescence has been lost forever

His family had to break their usual tradition of visiting his grandmother on Christmas in Bethlehem and attending Christmas mass – because Shadi is under house arrest

By Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, reposted from the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Dec. 24, 2022

They would call him “the Christian” to insult him. They would repeatedly beat and humiliate him in jail. In the course of his abduction at the break of dawn from his East Jerusalem home, the black-clad police officers beat him until he bled. They broke his nose and a tooth, after he refused to undress in their presence. Then they dragged him by force, bound and blindfolded, to their van.

When we first arrived at his home, the day after his arrest, the floor of the attractively appointed house was still bloodstained, and his mother, who had seen her son pummeled in front of her eyes, was sobbing and broken.Two months have elapsed since then and Shadi Khoury, an 11th grader at the Quaker Friends School in Ramallah and a resident of the neighborhood of Beit Hanina, was home again, helping his parents decorate their house for Christmas. Everything looked even more beautiful than during our prior visit. Europe on the outskirts of Ramallah.

The Christmas tree was glittering with a panoply of color, along with the other sparkling decorations in every corner of the spacious living room, reflecting the glow and warmth of the holiday. There were decorated ginger cookies and a marzipan Christmas cake on hand, along with fine French wine. All that was missing was snow on the windows. Shadi had returned home.........more.......

 a bit more than a minute with klaus schwab speaking about how they are working to indoctrinate the children;


 pcr makes several points about 'education' on the university/college level that from all i see appear to be very correct;

Insouciant Americans Didn’t Notice the Revolution that Stole their Country

Paul Craig Roberts

Florida Governor DeSantis, seeing that Florida’s universities are suppressing free expression with speech control and normalizing sexual perversity while demonizing normality succeeded in having laws passed against the substitution of indoctrination for education.  But the Woke left rule Florida’s Universities, Not Florida Law.

Florida Universities Ignore State Law Against Indoctrinating White Students with the Beliefs they Are Racists and the Constitution Is a Tool of White Oppression of Blacks.

Universities have developed what Cornell Law School Professor William Jacobson calls “systemic repression.”  By hiring Woke activists as professors and mandating Woke policies, administrators  have created a culture that allows no room for dissent against the demonization of white ethnicities as racists and the denunciation of Western civilization as a monument to white supremacy.  In most American universities it is no longer possible for students to be enculturated into the Western tradition.  A history major learns that history consists of a series of crimes by white people against people of color.  An English major learns African and South American novelists.  The voices that connect Americans to their tradition are not heard.

It is the same everywhere. America’s universities are now knives at America’s throat.  They are centers of anti-American revolution, not centers of learning. Two generations of young have been deracinated.  The break in the transmission of the culture is likely fatal to the continued existence of Western civilization.........more.....

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 kunstler never fails and his year end thoughts can be even better;

“The powerful are panicking, and so they should. Their secrets are leaking.” —Miranda Devine

“It’s all just snake oil. We want to save the planet, and the life upon it, but we’re not willing to pay the price and bear the consequences. So we make up a narrative that feels good and run with it.” — Raul Ilargi Meier

“2023 could be a pivotal year for USA if the pervasive lies can be exposed, digested, and believed. All that exposure has to happen amidst continuing boondoggles toward the Great Reset agenda.” – Truman Verdun

“More borrowing only ever makes sense if you are expecting a larger economy in the future.  All economic expansion is based on energy.  Countries with energy can expand, those without cannot.” —  Chris Martenson

“To be an enemy to America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” — Henry Kissinger

“The incorrect narrative provided by mainstream media (MSM) is that climate change is our worst problem. To lessen this problem, citizens need to move quickly away from fossil fuels and transition to renewables. The real narrative is that we are running short of fossil fuels that can be profitably extracted, and renewables are not adequate substitutes. However, this narrative is too worrisome for most people to handle.” — Ugh Bardi

It’s hard to contemplate 2023 without spiraling into nausea, tachycardia, and cold sweat. But it is an inescapable duty here to lay out the probabilities ahead. I’ve been doing this forecast thing for some years now, and, of course, I am often wrong, so take some solace in that and relax. Maybe the new year will be all unicorns, rainbows, talking gerbils, and candied violets.

   2022 sure was a cold shower. The long emergency I talk so much about finally got up to cruising speed, with the ectoplasmic “Joe Biden” revving our country into economic, political, and cultural collapse — a hat-trick of calamity — and he did it more swiftly and directly than any emperor managed in late-day Rome, with policies and actions 180-degrees contra to America’s public interest — cheered on by a thinking class that had obviously lost it consensual mind.

     Was it simply to do the opposite of what the loathed and detested Mr. Trump would do? Could it be that simple or that automatic? The thinking class’s eyes have a zombified glaze these days. It’s obvious, you might agree, that “Joe Biden” is not in charge of anything, really. He’s an animatronic figure programmed to read a teleprompter and not much else. Half the time, he can’t even find his way off-stage after doing that one trick. The claque pulling his strings just may be the crew you see around him (you know, WYSIWYG): Susan Rice, Ron Klain, Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, and company. Ms. Rice has kept herself completely hidden backstage at the White House for two years. Nobody ever hears about her or sees her. Weird, a little bit, for the Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

      Or else, are there puppeteers deeper in the shadows, say, “JB’s” former boss Barack Obama, Der Schwabenklaus and his WEF retinue, Bill Gates and other tech billionaires, the “systemically important” bankers, George Soros…? Or some coven of super-elite warlocks we’d never heard of? The US leadership dynamic is truly mystifying and has been for two whole years. Will mysteries be revealed in 2023? Personally, I think so. Things are lining up in that direction, though who knows whether the damage can even be reversed at this point. And now onto the shape of things to come…........more........

short of a minute a woman speaks about feminism;




 a probable view of our coming political realities;


 caitlin presents a clear case for the education of those who don't already know that we're ruled by lies and for some reason we choose to accept them;

Western analysts spent years warning that western actions would provoke a war in Ukraine, westerners spent four years being propagandized into hating Russia, then Russia invades and now western imperialists say the war is advancing US interests. But remember: it was an “unprovoked invasion”.

The official narrative is that western aggressions played no role in provoking the invasion of Ukraine, but if that’s true then how come so many western experts spent years warning that western aggressions would provoke an invasion of Ukraine?

Then in the years leading up to the invasion, westerners were hammered with media-induced panic about Russia, a nation they hadn’t thought much about since the early nineties. These mass media narratives all had their origins in the US intelligence cartel, which happens to have sought the destruction of the Russian Federation since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Oh, and don’t forget the 2019 Pentagon-funded RAND paper which found that US geostrategic interests could be advanced by provoking Russia into overextending itself in areas like Ukraine. And now western imperialists are merrily boasting that this war is being used to advance longstanding US strategic interests...........more........

 mr peters makes an excellent case for something i've been thinking for a very long time;

After the defeat of National Socialist Germany – “Nazi” is a pejorative acronym coined by the Left;  that is to say, by socialists and communists (the latter being the higher-proof version of the same thing) to mask the fact that the “Nazis” and they had much in common – trials were held in Nuremberg, where many “Nazis” were found guilty of moral crimes, having “followed orders.”

That is to say, for following – and enforcing – the law, as it was in “Nazi” Germany. This was not considered exculpatory, then.

Why then is it, now?

Hundreds of millions of Americans were simply ordered to close the doors to their businesses – without any due process of law and no compensation for their losses. Many owners of these businesses ended up having to close the doors to their businesses permanently. Those who attempted to keep them open – so as to avoid being forced out of business – were forced to close them, by enforcers who were just following orders.

Such enforcement continues, too – as in the case of Gourmeltz, the Virginia restaurant that recently received a visit from a half-dozen law-enforcing order-followers as retribution for ignoring prior orders to “mask” employees and customers. And for keeping its doors open in defiance of orders to keep them shut..........more.......

 jp presents a boy who says he's a girl, having his first period, with accompanying commentary;


 probably true and with non existent borders easily repeated here in the empire so one might reap what they sow, as it were;

A startling new report makes the astonishing claim that the CIA, known for fomenting revolution and wars around the globe, is helping to direct sabotage attacks inside Russia, risking all-out war with a major nuclear power.

Even as Russia’s forces struggle to pacify Ukraine, having had to retreat in recent weeks after taking ground in the country’s eastern reaches early in the February invasion, Moscow still maintains a substantial nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver warheads in ways even the U.S. could not stop, via Mach 5 Zircon hypersonic missiles.

According to investigative journalist Jack Murphy, the CIA is supposedly using long-dormant sleeper cells that have been activated by an unnamed NATO ally’s spy service, which are working to hinder Russia’s war effort from behind the lines.

“Years in the planning, the campaign is responsible for many of the unexplained explosions and other mishaps that have befallen the Russian military industrial complex since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, according to three former U.S. intelligence officials, two former U.S. military officials and a U.S. person who has been briefed on the campaign,” he reported on his website. “The former officials declined to identify specific targets for the CIA-directed campaign, but railway bridges, fuel depots and power plants in Russia have all been damaged in unexplained incidents since the Kremlin launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February.”

He went on to report:.........more.........

 brother nathanael speaks about joos and ukraine and 'our' government;


 pcr presents the case that the fbi is the dumocorps gestapo and its obvious;

The FBI Is the Democrats’ Gestapo

Paul Craig Roberts

It is now an established fact, thanks to Elon Musk who released the secret Twitter files, that the FBI is a criminal Gestapo gang whose only function is frame up patriotic Trump Americans while covering up for the Democrats and the family crime syndicate of Joe and Hunter Biden.

The Twitter files released by new owner Elon Musk show that the FBI worked hand in glove with Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia to suppress all information about the sordid crimes documented on Hunter Biden’s laptop, the one he forgot about and left at the repair shop, and the peddling of presidential influence that the Biden duo parlayed into big bucks.

While the presstitutes lied that Russia via Trump was influencing the US election, the FBI was influencing it by suppressing information and controlling the narrative.

This is a serious situation for Americans.  The Democrats now have a Gestapo police and a Woke military to do their bidding, and the rest of us have nothing.  If we even say a word about it we are labeled domestic terrorists threatening democracy with misinformation.

Americans, including the proud and insouciant parents whose sons and daughters are serving in the military, need to know a lot more about what is going on in the military.  Former left-winger David Horowitz has pointed out that America’s armed forces have been subverted by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s restructuring of military training around the anti-white Critical Race Theory and the anti-American 1619 Project, by Austin’s appointment of Bishop Garrison to purge the US military of conservatives and Trump supporters, by Admiral Michael Gilday setting nonwhite against white sailors, and by General Mark Miley who sided with Antifa and the Black Lives Matter gangs who burned the business districts of numerous American cities to the ground.  Either these high ranking officers are products of university indoctrination or they sold out America for the sake of their careers..........more.......

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 matt bracken might have some good info here;

 caitlin has some thoughts on propaganda and its results;

One of the empire’s strongest assets is the widespread assumption that propaganda is something that only happens to other people. Another is the widespread assumption that propaganda only comes from other countries and other political ideologies.

The status quo remains the status quo because those who benefit from the status quo are able to use the wealth and power given to them by the status quo to dissuade the public from overthrowing the status quo using status quo media to manufacture their consent for the status quo.

The empire will use any ideology to advance its agendas. “Wokeism”, white supremacism, Zionism, Christian fundamentalism, liberalism, conservatism, progressivism — whatever ideological sympathies can be leveraged, will be leveraged.

The empire will use Nazism and wokeness, at the same time, on the same agenda. Look at the way the empire is using neo-Nazism to advance one part of its Ukraine agenda and using woke-sounding jargon to advance another part. They’re two diametrically opposed values, but it doesn’t matter because the empire has no values besides the pursuit of power........more.........

 almost four minutes on what the various cell phone and associated devices do to you;


 spend a minute and learn what nancy pelosi is investing in;



 a bit more than one minute on the woman in britain arrested for thought crime;



 i've yet to see the video rebel be wrong so consider what is in the newest post;

I am absolutely certain the US dollar will die before the November 2024 elections. I am also certain that we will have Nationwide Food Riots before the end of summer 2024. I have also said before that America might not be able to have presidential elections in 2024.

Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President, predicted a civil war in the US as well as the collapse of the US dollar. He sees the Civil War as between the GOP and liberals. I see it more as a reaction to deadly fights over unaffordable food in the stores. Those Nationwide Food Riots could easily become race based in major American cities.

Dmitry Medvedev also predicted the collapse of the euro, the pound and the European Union. I agree. As I said before, Sergey Glazyev, the Minister for Macroeconomics and Integration for the Eurasian Union, wants to invite the Global South to join BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). He wants to offer them a form of worldwide Debt Cancellation. Anyone joining BRICS can refuse to repay any loans denominated in dollars, pounds, euros and yen. That will trigger 2 quadrillion dollars in derivatives and destroy the finances of all non-BRICS nations.

Medvedev is currently Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council so he does know how Russia and China plan to take down the dollar. The US dollar is currently accepted to settle international payments. The US prints I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes by the trillions and gets people overseas to accept them. That is how the US can afford to pay for 857 overseas military bases. Foreigners live in homelands occupied by American soldiers because they are willing to accept worthless American paper as gold. That will come to an end not long after the US loses badly in the Ukraine........more........

 pcr has some ideas about the 'jab' and presents them here;

The Evidence Is Conclusive:  Covid Vaccination Was Mass Murder

Paul Craig Roberts

As readers know, I am concerned that the neoconservatives’ drive for US hegemony is the road to nuclear war.  But we also face demise from other directions.  In this column I share thoughts on the use of orchestrated pandemics to destroy economic independence and civil liberty and to reduce the world population, a declared goal of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.  In subsequent columns I will address other threats that go unattended.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, emeritus professor at the University of Ottawa and Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, has made an important point.  The injection of a dangerous substance into a large percentage of the world population was not a mistake, but an intentional act of murder. 

Pfizer and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), charged with protecting public health, knew in February 2021 that the Covid “vaccine” that went into use in mid-December 2020 was deadly and under law should have been recalled.  Pfizer’s own internal documents recorded 1,200 deaths from the vaccine and tens of thousands of adverse health effects including cardiac disorders and spontaneous abortions over a two month period.  Understand, the report, which was to be locked up for 75 years, was a forced release resulting from a federal court order to the FDA. It is Pfizer’s own internal report.  It is not a report by independent medical scientists that some pretend “fact checker” can label as “misinformation.”........more......

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 twelve minutes on why your food supply is getting smaller every day;


mr peters speaks about electric vehicles in this post and doesn't get as far as cost involved but focuses on the user experience;

 Have you ever wondered why soldiers and cops don’t carry revolvers anymore? It’s because semi-auto pistols work better. Both shoot bullets, but a revolver generally holds only 5-6 of them and reloading it when you’re in a hurry takes precious time you may not have. A semi-auto pistol can hold twice as many bullets and reloading it is as easy – and as fast – as dropping the empty magazine and shoving a new one, loaded with bullets, into the gun.

Electric cars are like revolvers.

They only hold so much – and it takes a long time to reload them.

Which would be ok – in revolver terms – if semi-auto pistols hadn’t been invented yet or we weren’t being pressured to give up our semi-auto pistols (our non-electric cars) for revolvers.

And yet, we are being pressured to give them up..........more.........

 max igan has spoken about this new zealand version of  sandy hook with some evidence making clear its a false flag as are many of the 'shootings' around the world which are being done in order to remove guns and thereby tools that could be used to oppose them. its part of the stated goals of the new world order/schwabbies so they can continue their ongoing quest to own us all;

We need to talk about the Port Arthur Massacre, which led to gun control in Australia after the National Firearms Program of 1996 passed. Revisited.

  • A 66 IQ man (originally tested at 40 IQ) deemed mentally retarded by the name of Martin Bryant was able to shoot up a dozen people in the span of 15 seconds, with remarkable precision and efficiency akin to trained special forces despite no firearm training. All were headshots fired from the hip; few gunslingers in the world possessed those sort of talents. Apparently, Bryant was one of them. 35 people were killed and 23 wounded in total.

  • Tavistock (a massive rabbit hole in itself; further reading here) was accused by a citizens government coalition in Australia of using Martin Bryant to execute the Port Arthur Massacre. Martin Bryant had seen Tavistock psychiatrists in his formidable years, although this curious detail is hardly more than a footnote in all official documents released.

  • In a 2011 interview, Martin's mother appeared to cast doubt on her son's guilt, saying there was "no evidence" he was at Port Arthur and some witnesses "didn't recognise the gunman as being Martin Bryant" (notably the shooter had acne, Martin did not). Other accounts of the shooter from witnesses at the scene claim that Martin was not there as well. Martin's mother later retracted her statements (at the behest of the Australian government? Did she form this conclusion on her own? We'll never know).

  • Several hospitals in Tasmania had put emergency plans into place days before the massacre; helicopter pilots were readily available on the day of the massacre; a 22-body morgue truck had been recently made available in Port Arthur after being constructed immediately before the shooting and subsequently decommissioned; and that a number of news reporters were already present for a World Press Convention. Indeed, the truck was only 15 minutes away from the scene of the shooting.

  • Multiple shooting locations initially heard around the Arrowhead Cafe (this is frequently reported in many mass shootings; Las Vegas, anyone?).

  • Evidence that didn't corroborate the details of the massacre, especially concerning the standoff at Seascape Cottage.

  • 2 Blackhawks crashed into each other the same year (only months late in June), carrying a number of SAS specialists.

  • John Howard, then prime Minister of Australia, was purportedly given the title of 33rd degree Mason after all of this occurred (would love additional sources for this).

  • The premier of NSW Barry Unsworth in 1988 stated "It will take a massacre in Tasmania before we get gun law reform in Australia" (neat coincidence).

  • No coronial inquiry or inquest.

  • All info pertaining to anything to do with the case was sealed for decades, FOIA requests yield nothing.

Further reading:

PDF, What's Going On?: A Critical Study of the Port Arthur Massacre

Morgue truck archives

Relevant Wikispooks article

 protect and serve;

Cops raid hospital room of terminally-ill Kansas man, 69, with just weeks left to live to seize THC paste and weed vape he uses to ease cancer pain


 the empire's propaganda machine: 'our free press', owned and operated by zionists, has a dog in the fight and so you only hear what they intend for you to hear, and virtually none of it is real or true but here is another perspective;

Looks like we will make it to Dec 31, 2022. Will we make it to December 31, 2023?

This question is not hyperbole.  I would even argue that this is the single most important question for at least the entire northern hemisphere.

I have been warning that Russia is preparing for a fullscale war since at least 2014.  Putin basically said just that in his recent speech before the Russian Defense Ministry Board.  If you have not seen this video, you really should watch it, it it will give you a direct insight into how the Kremlin thinks and what it is preparing for.  Here is that video again:.........more.........

 the official russian view on current events which i fully understand as well as knowing why the empire is creating problems: so it can own the world. there is an edgar cayce prophesy from the thirties as i remember in which he said that russia would save the world, and now here we are in what might be what he was speaking about;

Russia’s former president and current deputy chair of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev wrote a lengthy article for Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, in which he summarized his thoughts on how the year 2022 has changed the world order forever.

“The only thing that stops our enemies today is the understanding that Russia will be guided by [the doctrine] on nuclear deterrence. And if there is a real threat, we will act,” Medvedev wrote in his article published on Sunday night – noting that in such a grim scenario there will be nobody left to argue about whether that was “a retaliatory strike or a preventive one.”

“Therefore, the Western world is balancing between a burning desire to maximally humiliate, dismember and destroy Russia, on the one hand, and the desire to avoid a nuclear apocalypse, on the other,” he explained.

Until Russia receives the security guarantees it has demanded, the world “will continue to teeter on the brink of World War III and nuclear catastrophe,” Medvedev wrote, noting that Moscow is doing and will continue to do “everything we can to prevent it.”

Last December, Russia presented a list of security proposals to the US and NATO, among other things urging the West to impose a ban on Ukraine entering the military bloc, while insisting that NATO should retreat to its borders of 1997, before it began to expand.

After the US and NATO flatly refused, saying they would only be interested in limited strategic arms control talks, it became obvious that Moscow has “no one to talk to and nothing to negotiate about” with the West, Medvedev argued. And when in February “Ukrainian junkies announced their desire to revive their nuclear arsenal,” Moscow had no other choice but to act, he added.

“Our world has changed, forever. And the main question remains… what kind of future begins today?” Medvedev wrote.

“New disarmament agreements are currently unrealistic and unnecessary,” the Russian official reiterated. “The sooner the guarantees of maximum security that suit our country are received, the sooner the situation will normalize.”

Earlier this month, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that Moscow is willing to discuss the subject of security guarantees again, if the West is serious about it, but until then, Russia will continue to respond appropriately to any further NATO expansion. Since the conflict in Ukraine escalated in February, the bloc has moved to welcome Sweden and Finland into its ranks, though the expansion has yet to be finalized........

 i haven't yet watched the video but the intro, below, provides a direction in which it goes;

The Deep State is engineering a major energy crisis that may make life very difficult this winter across large parts of the Northern hemisphere, even in the United States, warns The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State.

The emerging crisis was brought about through relentless Deep State sabotage of Western energy systems, including energy exploration and power plants, under the guise of “fighting climate change,” though even nuclear and hydropower are under attack by Deep State forces and their useful idiots.

All over Europe, in large parts of America, and even in Japan, establishment media organs are warning that blackouts, brownouts and other problems are coming soon. The European Union is already working toward continent-wide, Soviet-style energy rationing. But the ultimate goal, as the Council on Foreign Relations put it in Foreign Affairs, is a new energy order in which governments will take total control of energy, thereby placing populations at the mercy of technocratic government while enforcing scarcity and outsourcing Western industry and manufacturing to Communist

 here is a bit of evidence showing why americans have no trust in elections or in the legal system;

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a verdict Saturday ruling against the claims of GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s lawsuit challenging the election results of the Arizona governor’s race and accusing her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors of election misconduct.

In his ruling, Judge Thompson did not find any “clear and convincing” evidence of the two counts he was willing to consider in Lake’s ten-count filing: 1) that printer and tabulator malfunctions contributed to misconduct impacting the result of the election; and 2) ballot chain of custody violations were in violation of state law and that such misconduct impacted the results of the election.

The court’s ruling further ordered the “timely” confirmation of Hobbs as Arizona governor-elect on January 2.

The verdict comes on the heels of a fast-paced, two-day evidentiary trial held in Maricopa Superior Court to determine if the changes in printer settings and tabulator errors that occurred in roughly 59 percent of polling centers throughout Maricopa County — home to 60 percent of the state’s voters — on Election Day made it impossible for some voters to cast their ballots. The county says the “root cause” of the printer malfunctions is being investigated.

But as Lake’s attorney Kurt Olsen, pointed out: “Why are we doing a root cause analysis now if the modification had arisen in three prior elections? It doesn’t make sense.”

Judge Thompson’s ruling acknowledged the “anger and frustration” of voters who were “inconvenienced” in the election. He noted that setting aside the results “has never been done in the history of the United States,” according to the Los Angeles Times........more........

 the name of this post provided by its source, is why you need to start paying attention to the twitter files, and while i agree its also obvious that most americans care nothing about the corrupt government they do their best to ignore in favor of chasing their various 'diversions'. it fiddling while rome burns;

The “Twitter Files” have now officially had more sequels than Planet of the Apes and can be difficult to absorb. Thus, I don’t think they’re getting the attention they deserve.

For those of you not following the “Twitter Files” drops, let me catch you up on what I believe are some of the most important parts:

  • The FBI paid Twitter $3.5 million to censor conservatives.
  • The FBI pressured Twitter to give them information that would legally require warrants, though they did not have warrants.
  • Leading up to the 2020 election, the FBI would eventually hold weekly meetings with Twitter and tell them whose tweets to squelch and which accounts they wanted to be suspended. Almost all were those of conservatives.
  • The FBI knew the Hunter Biden laptop story was real, they knew it was coming out — weeks before the 2020 election — and they told Big Tech to expect a “Russian disinformation” drop and squelch the story. That means the FBI corrupted the election to help Joe “totally showered with his daughter, Ashley” Biden.
  • There are so many former FBI employees at Twitter that they have their own Slack channel.

FACT-O-RAMA! Hunter’s laptop proves beyond a doubt that the Biden family took in tens of millions of dollars from Chinese companies linked to the commies for no discernible work. The FBI pressured Big Tech firms to downplay the story, even making it unsharable, even thought the FBI knew the laptop was real. The commie bum-lickees at Twitter were happy to play along, even going so far as to suspend the account of the the NY Post for releasing the Hunter laptop story.......more.........

 pcr presents some items for your consideration and accompanied by some supporting evidence;

Questions for the Year Ahead

Paul Craig Roberts

On Christmas eve in Paris the police were battling violent protesters from the Paris Kurdish community. Clashes of this sort have become common all over Europe. They are the product of “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

Countries that constitute the West are no longer nations. They are conglomerates of populations that have nothing in common. There are no common mores, no common values, no common religion. There are no unifying forces.

It is the same in the United States. Black Americans have been taught to see themselves as a separate, victimized people. The federal government leaves the borders undefended, across which millions of immigrant-invaders pour every year. Washington adds to this inflow large numbers of refugees from its wars in the Middle East, North Africa, and now Ukraine.

The Western governments are committed to continue watering down the ethnic nationality of the white countries despite the fact that the cultural, social, and political structure of countries of European ancestry are being radically altered. Democracy, free speech, and accountable government are being replaced by tyranny.

Tyranny is the only possible outcome. A divided people–a Tower of Babel– cannot hold government accountable.........more......

 what follows the link are several looting videos from buffalo;


 the empire has been wanting to destroy russia and break it into many pieces that can be more easily digested by a growing demand for resources which the empire lusts after. this has been going on in various ways since the end of the first world war. its been ramped up since the break up of the soviet union was was clear from what the media was presenting in the clinton years. now its increasing in response to the ukraine game as you can discover more about in this article;

On Monday, the Russian Federation Engels airbase in the Saratov region, nearly 400 miles from Ukraine, was attacked for a second time since the beginning of Russia’s SMO.

“Russia’s Defense Ministry said the incident took place in the early hours of Monday, and three servicemen were killed by debris at the Engels airbase, which houses Tu-95 and Tu-160 nuclear-capable strategic bombers that have been involved in launching strikes on Ukraine in the 10-month-old war,” reports the Associated Press.

There have been a number of attacks inside Russia—in Kursk, the city of Bryansk, the village of Staraya Nelidovka in the Belgorod region, and the military airfields at Dyagilevo in the Ryazan region, in addition to Engels.........more......

 there's much to the ukraine game that your tv will never tell you and here is an agricultural aspect i'm betting you never knew. the gmo project by the new world order gang is a prominent feature of why ukraine was taken by victoria nuland and her criminal organization;

A great humanitarian uproar in recent weeks demanding the safe shipping of Ukrainian grain to ease a hunger crisis in Africa and elsewhere is deceptive on many levels.

Not the least is who owns the land on which the grain is grown and whether that grain is actually illegal GMO patented corn and other grains. A corrupt Zelenskyy regime has quietly made deals with the major GMO agribusiness companies in the West who have been stealthily taking control of some of the world’s most productive “black earth” farmland.

The 2014 CIA Coup

In February 2014 a US Government-backed coup d’etat forced the elected president of Ukraine to flee for his life to Russia. In December 2013 President Viktor Yanukovych had announced following months of debate that Ukraine would join the Russian Eurasian Economic Union on promise of a $15 billion Russian purchase of Ukraine state debt and 33% reduction in cost of imported Russian gas.

The competing offer had been a paltry “associate membership” in the EU tied to Ukraine acceptance of a draconian IMF and World Bank loan package that would force the privatization of Ukraine’s invaluable agriculture land, allow planting GMO crops, as well as imposing severe pension cuts and social austerity. In return for a $17 billion IMF loan, Ukraine would also have to raise personal income taxes by as much as 66% and to pay 50% more for natural gas. Workers would have to work ten years longer to get pensions. The aim was to open Ukraine to “foreign investment.” The usual IMF rape of the economy on behalf of globalist corporate interests.

A key provision of the US and IMF demands on the post-coup government of US-picked Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk , a leader of the CIA-backed Maiden protests against Yanukovych, was to finally open Ukraine’s rich agriculture land to foreign Agribusiness giants, above all GMO giants including Monsanto and DuPont. Three of the Yatsenyuk cabinet , including the key Finance and Economy ministers, were foreign nationals, dictated to Kiev by the US State Department’s Victoria Nuland and then-Vice President Joe Biden. The Washington-imposed IMF loan conditions required that Ukraine also reverse its ban on genetically engineered crops, and enable private corporations like Monsanto to plant its GMO seeds and spray the fields with Monsanto’s Roundup.

Since Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, keeping control of Ukraine’s precious “black earth” land has been one of the most heated issues in national politics. Recent polls show 79% of Ukrainians want to retin control of their land from foreign takeover. Ukraine, as southern Russia, is home to valuable black earth or chernozems, a dark, humus-rich soil that is very productive and needs little artificial fertilizer.

2001 Moratorium

A 2001 Ukraine law imposed a moratorium on private sale of farmland to larger companies or foreign investors. The moratorium was to halt buy up by corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs and their leasing to foreign agribusiness of the rich farmlands. By then Monsanto and other Western agribusiness had made significant inroads into Ukraine.........more.......