Thursday, September 27, 2018

pcr herein writes about the crimes of the empire and hurricane trump's part in this game, and then he adds an article by chuck baldwin who among other items speaks of chris bollyn's efforts to get the truth out about 911;

Chuck Baldwin Sums It Up: Trump Blew It
Paul Craig Roberts
As further evidence for Chuck Baldwin’s view, I add Trump’s UN speech yesterday.
There was Trump patting Washington on the back for its good deeds and humanitarian and democratic concerns for other countries, which apparently includes Washington’s destruction in whole or part of eight countries in the last 20 years, leaving ruin in place of once well organized and well functioning countries. What really stood out was Trump’s commiseration with the Iranian and Venezuelan peoples as he piled on more sanctions. Washington’s arrogance is astounding. Here was Trump telling the world that Washington has decided the best governments for Iran and Venezuela and intends to use force to put Washington’s choice of government in office.
Washington has been trying to overthrow Iran ever since the Iranian Revolution in 1978-79 when the Iranian people overthrew the ruling American vassal and established a government responsible to them instead of to Washington.
Washington has been trying to overthrow Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution since 1999 when Chavez took control of Venezuela’s economy away from the foreign interests that had dominated the country. Washington’s response to democracy has been to do everything in its power to wreck the Venezuelan economy and to threaten military invasion in order to recover control over Venezuelan assets.
The lies that Trump told yesterday about Iran and Venezuela are like the lies that Washington told about Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Syria, lies that were used to justify military actions that have destroyed the lives and prospects of millions of peoples. Trump, like his predecessors, sees these crimes against humanity as good deeds because they advance Washington and Israeli interests.

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