Sunday, May 26, 2019

two in a row providing lots of tweets in response to the army asking how 'serving' impacted them, and there are even more different ones herein;

The U.S. Army tweeted a harmless rah-rah tweet and got hit with a burst of reality never encountered on corporate-controlled media. Score one for the internet.
The Army asked: “How has serving impacted you?”
Here’s a tiny sample of the responses:
5h5 hours ago
Replying to
I lost my virginity by being raped in front of my peers at 19. Got married to a nice guy who was part of my unit. He was in the invasion of Iraq. Came home a changed man who beat the shit out of me. He’s convinced y’all are stalking him and he’s homeless so great job there!
58m58 minutes ago
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My sweet friend David can’t answer you. He committed suicide a few years ago after a couple tours of Afghanistan.

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