Saturday, May 25, 2019

here be some information about the holohoax;

We post the following not because we don’t believe that the Nazis planned to decimate European Jews. They did, as witness the Einsatzgruppen, the SS death squads who followed in the wake Hitler’s armies eliminating Jews, communists, resistance fighters and anyone else who didn’t fit into the Nazi’s vision of things.
They may have killed as many as two to three million, including many Jews. Nobody disputes this, it is a recognised historical fact.
No, what’s at issue here is Hollywood’s version of the Holocaust, which has been cynically exploited by Zionists to promote the primacy of Jewish suffering for political and financial gain. So we should question not only the historical accuracy accuracy of what we are told about the Holocaust but the extent to which it is being used to further the Zionist agenda. Ed.

Mike Walsh – via Russia Insider May 24, 2019

Sit the students down and explain slowly: “According to the World Jewish Encyclopaedia there resided 2.4 million Jews in German-Occupied Europe. After the war, 3.8 million Jewish ‘holocaust survivors’ were receiving pensions from the German government. Tragically, the remaining six million were lost.”
Let us see if the students have been paying attention and now ask the class how many Jews died during World War Two.
Six million, sir!”............

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