Tuesday, May 28, 2019

this is big but you won't hear much about it from 'our free press' as it runs counter to what those who own us are working to make happen. europe is discovering how to free themselves from the empire and might be able to do so, if no false flags are found to be waving;

This month’s EU parliamentary elections were characterised by significant gains for Europe’s right-wing parties, as the two centrist parties that had dominated the EU for decades ceded their overwhelming majority in the legislature.
The resounding success claimed by the League party in Italy, the National Rally party in France and the Brexit Party in the UK in the just-held elections to the European Parliament are a sign of changes in Europe and mark the beginning of a “new European Renaissance”, said Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister, interior minister and leader of the League Party at Lega’s headquarters in Milan.
“A new Europe is born. I am proud that the League is participating in this new European renaissance,” Salvini said after exit polls predicted his party had won 27-31 percent of votes.

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