Friday, May 31, 2019

the local electronic fishwrap allows me an exercise like the following every two months, and now that cycle has arrived. the following is from a local 'newspaper' that once was actually in paper. more at the link;

Dear Editor,
Fifty years ago there was a TV episode on ‘outer limits’ called “to serve man”. In it aliens, other planet types, landed and one of the first things they did was present world leaders a book, in their language. They provided earthlings free travel to their planet with extensive marketing about wonders to be found there. Earthlings lined up at the space ships to go. One radical, early on, decided to translate the book presented at the first landing. When most of the earthlings had already departed he discovered that “to serve man” was a cookbook.
“Consumers” say “out of the box” for being out of the mainstream, an unapproved place to be, so it’s hidden with slang. Eighty percent of the people will follow and/or do anything. You see them everywhere. They eat corporate plastic food. They have no minds. They follow whoever has the loudest voice. Propaganda campaigns from corporate media, even though fewer people trust them, still have great influence. The mainstream media repeat, as though real, what government tells them.
Despite all the moralizing propaganda “our government” isn’t much different than the feudal lords of the Middle Ages acting as though they rule thru divine right. It’s difficult to say that you think “our government” stinks and that you’ve had enough. The wealthy have the power, buy “our government”, and own American policy.
The quality of America’s education is considerably reduced in recent years. With such a handicap, even brilliant working class individuals have little hope of escaping their lot in life; a form of slavery essential to maintaining some measure of social order for the ruling class.
When the doctrine of “divine right” wore thin, a replacement was created so “consumers” didn’t view political authority as only naked power. That replacement is the theory of the rule of law. As long as the public identifies order with law, it will believe that an orderly society is impossible without the state provided law, and will support the state without considering how oppressive it may be.........

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