If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for their wars on everyone. as gore vidal said: i'm not a conspiracy theorist, i'm a conspiracy observer.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

go to this link below and see lots of responses to the question the war department asked and be informed;

On Friday, the United States Army asked Twitter users how the service impacted their lives, likely as part of a Memorial Day campaign.
The sad responses are a poignant and timely reminder of the toll of war. Appropriate for the holiday, but probably not what the Army P.R. team intended..........https://www.theburningplatform.com/2019/05/25/army-tweets-how-has-serving-impacted-you-gets-thousands-of-responses-about-the-horrors-of-war/#more-197254

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