Wednesday, May 29, 2019

even watching thru the murder and mayhem created by the empire, its fun to see them struggle and aim for the failure they so richly deserve, created by them in afghanistan;

The latest round of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban reached their inglorious conclusion in the capital of Qatar (the city of Doha).
Nonetheless, Suhail Shaheen, the political spokesman for the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia), tweeted, somewhat tersely, that during the sixth round of peace negotiations “some progress” had been made, and that the sides (Note!) would meet again for the next set of talks.
This time around, the peace discussions encountered an obstacle in the form of a fundamental issue as to when foreign forces would leave Afghanistan. Before the United State can agree to withdraw its military, as part of a possible peace deal, they, as always, demand that the Taliban cease armed conflict, provide security guarantees and fulfill other obligations, including starting an internal Afghan dialogue with the government in Kabul and other parties in Afghanistan. But the leaders of the Taliban, who have grown wiser owing to their experience with prior refusals by Americans to take on any obligations or sign any international agreements (as was the case with Iran), firmly and rigidly insist that they are not prepared to do any of the above until the United States provides a schedule for withdrawing its forces.
There is a simple explanation for what, at first glance, appear to be Taliban’s suspicions, which are more likely an unyielding defense of their positions. It was the leaders from Washington, enraged by the tragic events of September 2001, who began to “club” everyone in sight in their quest to find simpletons that they could blame for 9\11. To date, officials from the United States have failed to show the world any substantive evidence that proves their former elite agent, Osama bin Laden, had organized and orchestrated the attack on the World Trade Center in New York.
Instead, U.S. politicians have presented unsubstantiated declarations, which had little to do with the situation at hand, to the global community. Despite this, the CIA and the Pentagon made haste and, on securing funding (which they would have been unable to receive at earlier times), they rushed to occupy Afghanistan, thereby condemning its people to 18 long years of poverty and hunger. Incidentally, it was then that the CIA advised Osama bin Laden to move to Pakistan, a more secure location, where he lived comfortably for a number of years, on funds received from Americans......

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