Friday, May 24, 2019

its possible there are many reasons for false flag crimes against the general population and here are ten presented for your consideration;

One of the more fuzzy-logic arguments being applied against the reality of stage deceptions and hoaxes states that gun control hasn’t really happened to any significant extent; therefore, the idea that hoaxes are in play is invalid. This overlooks that there are at least 10 obvious reasons for staged deceptions other than gun control.
These are multi-level frauds and agendas, with gun control being but one element. Here are 10 other reasons these frauds are committed on the public:
1There is the victimization stance which allows the “aggrieved” to proceed with their agendas (such as gender fluidity in the case of Orlando) without criticism. Censorship, news black outs and star chamber justice are then imposed.  The subset of this is gaslighting, or calling truthers or “conspiracy theorists” crazy.
2There is a mental health and pharma agenda, and that extends to “pre-crime” detection, or get ’em before they “act out.”

Read “Crime Syndicate Scheming for Implementation of Pre-Crime Powers”

3There is a Muslim demonization boogeyman agenda, such as in the case of Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris and others. There is a “right-wing nut” demonization agit-prop being promoted as well.
4There is large-scale charity fraud and looting from government. I believe global crime syndicates and the media are behind this. For example, just one charity in Orlando collected $6 million in only 10 days...........

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