Wednesday, May 29, 2019

the thin blue line continues to show you who they are in this exposure of more foolishness;

Miami, FL — Oscar Julien-Riou, 63, honorably served his country for 20 years and retired from the Army, he then became a nurse and continued to serve his country by treating fellow veterans at the VA Clinic. However, that country he dedicated his life to fighting for betrayed him last December when a Miami police officer attacked and falsely arrested him for doing nothing other than sitting on a park bench. Now, after the department refused to discipline the officer who attacked him, Mr. Riou is fighting back in the form of a lawsuit.
“Mr. Riou is a retired Vietnam veteran who had recently retired from his job as a registered nurse after 20 years, subsequent to retiring from the Army after 20 years of service,” the suit states. “He volunteers at the V.A. playing the piano for Veterans in palliative care. He’d never been arrested in his 63 years of life.”
The incident unfolded when Riou was sitting on a bench in Liberty City’s Alonzo Kelly Park, which happens to be across the street from the retired Army veteran’s home. As Riou is also a minister, he was making a video likely designed to give to his followers.
As the video shows, Riou sees the officer sitting in his car and says, “there’s the Miami PD, doing what they are supposed to be doing.” He then continues recording his video.........

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