Wednesday, May 22, 2019

its the well known quote in action: to discover who owns you find out who you aren't allowed to criticize;

We begin this week’s edition of ‘Jewish War on Free Speech’ with the renewed attack on free speech on the internet with Canada pushing Orwellian ‘hate speech’ laws in an effort to curb the Socratic dialogue on the jewish question that the internet encourages by its distributed social and collaborative nature. (1)

Supporting this jewish organizations – particularly of the Israel First variety such as the ‘Times of Israel’ – have been screeching loudly about the need to make ‘anti-Semitism’ a criminal offence globally. (2)

This has been twinned with a broader assault on free speech with demands made on both American (3) and British universities (4) to criminalize criticise of Israel using the IHRA ‘definition’ of ‘anti-Semitism’ which basically makes anything remotely critical of jews, Judaism and/or Israel ‘anti-Semitic’.

All while attempting to criminalize said criticism at a state and federal level in the United States, (5) the United Kingdom (6) and Germany among other countries. (7) In addition to creating target lists of opponents to be de-platformed and if possible prosecuted for opposing the jews. (8)

The sheer mendacity and dangerous nature of these increasing attempts to impose a literal jewish dictatorship on the world is evident in the fact that everything from putting a kippah on a non-jew’s head as a political stunt, (9) asserting (correctly in my view) that jews exploit the so-called ‘Holocaust’ for political and personal gain, (10) telling a joke that jews don’t like, (11) calling a jew ‘dirty’ (12) or even translating a word ‘wrongly’ (according to jews anyway) is ‘anti-Semitism’. (13)

Hold on to your horses folks because the semitic police state is coming...........

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