Monday, October 1, 2018

pcr in this article lists some of the reasons i'll have to consider myself an anti-semite. as a birth right quaker i was automatically a supporter of israel but that began to change when the oslo accords were not dealt with as israel promised and i began to see more of the real history and practices of that criminal gang, so go see all of what pcr has to say about it at the link below;

Paul Craig Roberts
This is from Ron Unz, a fearless commentator:
It shows the extraordinary salary—a paycheck in the 1% range—of the head of the Zionist Anti-defamattion League (ADL), an organization that despite its title defames everyone who makes the slightest criticism of Israel. For example, when the Israeli Army machine-guns 89 unarmed prostesting Palestinians, including medics treating machine-guned 3-year olds, as Israel did today, or was it yesterday, or every day, and some person with a moral conscience says Israel should not have done that, the ADL brands that person “an anti-semite who wants another holocaust for the Jews.”
In other words, Israeli foreign policy and every other Israeli policy can only be praised, never criticized. In Europe Israel is more powerful than the country governments. If you question the holocaust Israel can have your country imprison you for Israel. Israel can even have EU countries imprison other countries’ citizens.
The ADL in its unbridled arrogance has declared moral objections to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to be “anti-semitism.” Even President Jimmy Carter has been labeled an anti-semite.
Israel even has the American neoconservatives, who control US foreign policy, acting as Israel’s agent in foreign affairs.

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