Tuesday, October 23, 2018

every day i see variations of this crap always defended by zionists in the same way like 'it couldn't have been us, must have been them';

Israel has cancelled work permits for the relatives of Aisha Al-Rabi, the Palestinian mother who was stoned to death by illegal Israeli settlers last week.
Yaqoub Al-Rabi, the husband of 47-year-old Aisha Muhammad Talal Al-Rabi, and her brothers were “surprised to find out that they were punished for the settlers’ murder of Aisha by revoking their work permit, even though they were victims of the attack,” Wafa reported.
Aisha was killed last week after illegal Israeli settlers attacked the couple’s car while they were driving near Tapuah Junction (Za’atara), south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank. Their car was hit by stones, leading Yaqoub to lose control of the vehicle. In the midst of the assault, Aisha was struck with a large rock on the right side of her head, causing her to lose consciousness. Though Yaqoub tried to drive Aisha to hospital, she was declared dead on arrival.


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