Monday, October 29, 2018

this politically correct crap has always rubbed me wrong and here bill maher says some things about it i like, and you may as well. the article is all posted here except for any visual stuff you may wish to see;

Comedian Bill Maher ribbed “woke” people for taking offense to Halloween costumes in Friday night’s “New Rule” segment of “Real Time.”

What did he say?

Maher kicked off the segment pointing to what he calls a liberal “trap” when it comes to Halloween.
“Now, I personally don’t care if you go trick or treating dressed as .01 percent of Elizabeth Warren,” Maher joked, pointing to Warren’s recent DNA test. “But the office of Scolding Social Justice Warriors has decreed no hula girls, no Indian chiefs, no southern belles, no Daniel Boone, no geishas, ninjas, gypsies, mobsters, terrorists.”
He continued, “No Cleopatra. Pirates offend one-eyed people. You can’t dress as a hobo because it makes light of the homeless, [and] you can’t dress as Quasimodo because it offends hunchbacks. You can’t dress as an escaped mental patient, because it offends Kanye [West].”
The comedian and late-night show host pointed to outrage over the recent “sexy ‘Handmaid’s Tale’” costume that costume vendors and retailers yankedfrom shelves because people were outraged by “the ironic take of a character that doesn’t exist, from a fictional world that never happened.”
“Not everything that merely alludes to another culture is racist or cultural appropriation,” Maher insisted. “Halloween was always fun because it wasn’t [politically correct]. Not being PC was almost the whole point of the holiday, but now everything has to be turned into a federal case of snowflakes versus humor.”
Maher went on to point to a recent study that revealed 80 percent of Americans were completely turned off by PC culture.
“The majority of America is with the Democrats on the issues, they just find the woke people irritating as hell,” Maher said. “Nobody likes you, including the so-called ‘marginalized groups’ whose feelings you decide need protecting … When did liberals become the fun police? Does anybody remember when conservatives were the ones with sticks up their a****? We went from ‘Yes We Can!’ to ‘Oh, No You Didn’t!’”

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