Wednesday, October 17, 2018

the author of this article has always delivered as my thinking goes, and in this he does somewhat. the snip below comes from midway thru his 'discussion' with elizabeth warren about her running for prez. its a longer than usual piece with some bits i thought good and others, not as fully so. your call;

we Americans believe that we are a peaceful people. Our elected and appointed leaders routinely affirm this as true. Yet our nation is permanently at war. We Americans also believe that we have a pronounced aversion to empire. Indeed, our very founding as a republic testifies to our anti-imperial credentials. Yet in Washington, D.C. — an imperial city if there ever was one — references to the United States of America as the rightful successor to Rome in the era of the Caesars and the British Empire in its heyday abound. And there is more here than mere rhetoric: The military presence of U.S. forces around the planet testifies in concrete terms to our imperial ambitions. We may be an “empire in denial,” but we are an empire.

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