Tuesday, October 30, 2018

anyone who suggests things aren't necessarily as 'our free press' present, is accused of being a 'conspiracy theorist', as if conspiracies don't exist. machiavelli spoke of how to do such things that don't exist and history is full of conspiracies but the prejudicial term, conspiracy theory, only materialized in this country in full form shortly after the public began to question the jfk murder coverup. i could go on and on presenting occurrences that don't add up and certainly must be other than presented by 'our free press', and do so sporadically on this blog with links leading you to the chance for questioning but only present this here, and now. more at the link as usual;

Look, there is no doubt that Cesar Alteiri Sayoc and his fake bomb plot were nothing more than a false flag operation.  In fact, there is some evidence that may point to the fact that he might just be involved not only with the Democrats, but with the Central Intelligence Agency, as well.  However, as we reported earlier, the most notable feature of the entire scene of this false flag was the allegations that Sayoc had been a Trump supporter for nearly two years and yet, the stickers all over his van not only violated the law in the state of Florida, but also were pristine in a climate filled with hot sun and lots of rain.  So, if you questioned that, here's why that was the case.
After Sayoc's Facebook pages froze investigative journalist Shad Olson was able to capture a screenshot of Sayoc's Facebook post, which was dated August 28, 2016, in which you can clearly see that his van did not have the stickers on it.
Here's shots of the van with the stickers.


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