Wednesday, October 24, 2018

 the author, bill bonner always seems to approach our world with his tongue in his cheek, as it were, and this is a good example of how he sees our 'elections' and the accompanying 'meddling';

We join with all Americans today in breathing a sigh of relief; justice is being done.
The bad guys are being hunted down. Our pristine democracy – in its pure white, unblemished, unsullied, and unbelievable gown – is being protected.
Finally, at least one of our foreign enemies has been nabbed by the gendarmes and will soon be railroaded by the courts; others will surely follow.
The perp is Russian national Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova. The feds claim she is responsible for overseeing the funds for a Russian conspiracy to meddle in U.S. elections.
And now, too, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are after the Chinese, who – as we just learned last week – are also trying to subvert the will and wisdom of the American people.
More on both of those stories in a minute…
Chinese Meddling
We’re back in Ireland after a week in Bermuda. It wasn’t a vacation. Instead, we got together with old friends… and the whole team of researchers and analysts who work with our Legacy Research Group.
We also met TV personalities Glenn Beck and John Stossel, and listened to two days of speeches and panel discussions.
We gave you a version of our speech on Friday, as we had prepared it. But as we listened to the other speakers, we revised and rewrote… to address the issues raised by other speakers.
And as we revised, we began to see more clearly how the pieces fit together. More about that tomorrow… along with our takeaways on cryptocurrencies, pot stocks, gold, commodities, and much more…
But today, we begin the week by looking at the latest news. From Reuters:

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