Monday, October 29, 2018

i was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about 'our' situations, and it got down to the three times 'the united states' declared bankruptcy. 1791, 1861 and 1931. i asked him via email as our conversation had been stopped by others coming on the scene, about what the next seventy year situation was and this is his response;

9/11/2001. A new episode of violence against the American people, this time to install the horrific Patriot Act which was created long before 9/11 but needed some catastrophic event to be able to pawn it off on the shocked public.
The Patriot Act was only the outward sign of a gigantic change in the status quo. If you recall, I said that government corporations [Govco] went into bankruptcy for 70 years and is limited under international law to 3 such events. The 1931 BR was the 3rd event, so just what transpired on 9/11? Since the U.S. federal corp could not go into BR again they just canceled its authority and instituted a new government. The new government [still owned entirely by the Bankster/Vatican cabal] is commonly referred to as "Homeland Security". Of course they could never announce that to the public because there would, no doubt, be open rebellion instantly. Well, maybe not. With the general public so dumbed down and entranced with fake news, video games and iphones, they may have just accepted it as 'shit happens' and continue to text their empty lives away. At any rate, the criminals couldn't afford to take a chance on open rebellion yet because they haven't been able to get the sheep to give up their guns yet. Maybe a few more cop and Jew or other church killings would sensitize the dummies enough to listen to reason whereby they would be willing to to cancel any remaining self protection against a tyrannical regime. OK, Folks, grab your bread and jam and climb aboard for your ride to your new home at the Underworld Country Club. 

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