Monday, October 1, 2018

in this article you can discover how reddit has been changed by the advent of a zionist associated with kissenger who now steers that web site into closer 'official' waters. now it warns you should you wish to investigate the 911 fictions and how long can it be till this gets even worse. much to be found in this link if you have the time and inclination;

 The Reddit cesspool in June 2017 brought in neocon spook Jessica Ashooh as its policy director, and the outcomes have been shown in spades. Banning and discourse shutdowns have unfolded on anybody participating in truth, justice and revisionist issues. Reddit over the course of a year went from semi-free to being under total control of the Crime Syndicate’s information ministry.
We discussed our own personal experience of being banned at r/Conspiracy for “spamming” despite accumulating 14,000 karma. We will let the reader decide if this site deserved such censorship. We discussed the true nature of Reddit in “Rancid Reddit is an Orwellian Cesspool of Usual Suspects.”
Mostly, Reddit influenced discourse by allowing a few “mods” to control many huge subreddits. But the latest stark travesty at Reddit was to insert into the primary 9/11 Truth subreddit the latest Orwellian fraud — something called “quarantine.” Here, Ashooh and her ilk meet the inquiring redditor with the following screen (see image below).We have posted at r/911Truth and have been well received. The discourse there is generally thoughtful and relatively tame. It is a quiet little corner of the truth community. The mods did a good job of beating back the organized trolls and bots that Reddit allows to run amok. Obviously, it was a prime target for this.

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