Tuesday, October 30, 2018

here's the beginning of my latest letter to my local electronic fishwrap. the rest is at the link below;

We’re told we have a system where we can elect politicians to represent us and prevent corporate abuse but government obviously serves its corporate masters and not citizens. Our legal system is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state, the freedom to dissent without government supervision is mostly gone and our basic civil liberties aren’t protected. What we ‘vote’ for and what we get are almost always two different things, locally and nationally, yet about half of Americans still participate in the ‘voting’ game.
The corporate state has passed a series of oppressive laws and set up a vast security and surveillance machinery that obliterates our privacy, allows you to be snatched off the streets by the ‘authorities’ and held without due process in indefinite detention, criminalizing dissent. The corporate state holds in its hands the legal and physical tools to shut us down and has gradually been doing so.
Corporate capitalism holds total, unchallenged power. The politicians, judges, press, and boards of education operate within the decrees of corporate power. Activists have learned things ‘consumers’ have yet to understand: corporations will poison Earth and all of its inhabitants for profit. There are no limits. Resistance will be effective only when we refuse to do what we’re told.
American exceptionalism operates on the belief that the Empire is a uniquely virtuous nation that loves peace, encourages liberty, respects human rights, and embraces the rule of law. Americans like to think their country behaves much better than other states. The Empire isn’t as brutal as history’s worst, but honest historical investigation shows large lies about American moral superiority.


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