Sunday, October 28, 2018

this picture will show you some evidence of why i've become fully anti-israel. that of course would bring accusations of anti-semitism because its not acceptable to oppose israels actions here in the empire but read on and form your own conclusions;

The Press and Today’s “Killing of the Jews”

Where did it begin and how can we stop it?
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Spinning disasters for audience and personal gain is the meat and potatoes of the media and politicians like Trump and Netanyahu.
First of all, the victims aren’t “Jews.”  Americans were killed.   What their race or religion is or was should have no impact on how we view what happened.  A person, buzzed up by rhetoric and emboldened by poorly advised excessive gun ownership went on a killing spree.
He didn’t know the people he killed, knew nothing about them.  He assumed much, all of it wrong.
He is a social disease as are those like him.
Beyond this, those of us who wait for evidence now invariably suspect that events such as they might well be staged by patsy’s controlled by criminal organizations operating under the authority of fake democracies.
There is a history of “Zionists” killing Jews to scare them into hypervigilence.  This history is well established and may or may not apply here.  There is some evidence that the Paris attacks were this kind of event.
No such evidence, without conjecture, is applicable here unless we learn something we currently don’t know.  We will watch and try to be fair.  That isn’t easy.
If things are as they seem, the guilty here are the hate mongers, Google, Facebook, the ADL, Fox News and the GOP.
There is a clear issue here that so many have forgotten.  You are either a person who favors war and violence for gain or someone who values culture, humanity and human rights.
It is that simple.
For those of you alive in 1968, you chose.  If you chose Nixon, you were a killer.
If you chose Regan in 1980 and/or 1984 you were a killer.

If you ever voted for a “Bush,” you were a killer.
America has become  land of concentration camps, millions in prison, most for next to no reason at all, FEMA camps filled with immigrant children stolen from their parents while “average Americans” live in debt slavery waiting to be tossed into the street by Trump’s wildly insane economic gambling.
I remember when combat vets marched to end the war in Vietnam.
What do we do today?
As for the shooting, do remember that the victims were human beings, American citizens, real people with families who happened to be at religious worship.  I am sure no banking conspirator or Mossad “hit man” was killed today.
Time to end the hate and rhetoric, mostly from the mouth of the criminal fool in the White House, and to restore human rights.
It is also time to carefully investigate each of these endless tragedies and, just in case we find something suspicious, try not to cover it up.  Is today a “false flag?”  Trump says so, I’m not so sure.

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