Sunday, October 28, 2018

as you may know i support none of the two 'parties' in this land of obfuscation but this 'bomber' story makes little sense just on the surface and this article will show several reasons you may wish to consider when thinking about what is being served;

Editor's Note: On Friday, I wrote about the things that we were "being told" about alleged bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc. After citing several sources, including his criminal history, I wrote, "Considering how the "bombs" were constructed, the lack of postage on the packaging and some of this overt "Trump support," I am going to remain very cynical here about everything coming out because this looks like an orchestrated false flag incident to me.  I could be wrong, but I don't think I am." Lo and behold, that cynicism was warranted and this guy is a part of the criminal party of the Democrats, despite the fact that he apparently was registered as a Republican.
A large number of Americans are not sold on this fake pipe bomb story and are entertaining the idea that this was a false flag to benefit Democrats AND that Cesar Sayoc is simply a patsy.
If you are still trying to process the information and figure out what you believe, here are 5 things to consider:

1. The timing was suspicious

Could the Democrats have asked for a series of bomb scares at a better time?
I think not.
Mid-term elections are just 9 days away as I write this. If this were a false flag, it was very well timed.
If it was not then you can not argue that the Democrats got lucky. This is a good time for a crazy Republican to be running around.
The GOP has very little time to react and play damage control.

2. Look hard at this envelope…

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