Saturday, January 30, 2021

 our local electronic fishwrap sporadically publishes letter i send there, and this was published yesterday, in case you'd like to know how i see things;

Dear Editor

To reduce potential confusion I begin this essay with the admonition that no president has represented my interests since JFK. We haven’t had a free press since at least acting President Reagan and slick Willie. What we have are Propaganda Outlets. Political correctness increases: ‘our free press’ establishes ‘official truth’. You’re free as long as you stand where you’re told and say what’s expected.

On 1/6 the Dems found a political godsend enabling them to frame their ‘opposition’ as enemies of the state, damned to ideological purgatory. The Dems now conduct a war of annihilation. The hildabeest said, during an interview, Trump and his deplorables took their orders from Putin. Divide and conquer is the tactic of the rulers and successful as ever.

Consensus is the only way to solve conflict.

If you think the game ain’t rigged, you ain’t been paying attention. It follows the same pattern as every other convenient “crisis” used by government as an excuse to expand its powers, and remove freedoms, at your expense. If you dare to subscribe to any views contrary to the government’s you may be suspected of being a domestic terrorist and treated accordingly.

Biden signaled its “open season” on any opposition: The ‘opposition’ won’t sit still and be abused. They’ll respond so, anticipate consequences. Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party, was the question in 1950, but now it’s centered on the orange man.

Biden said “On this January day my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together, uniting our people, and uniting our nation. I ask every American to join me in this cause.” He itemized the target: Anger, resentment, hatred, extremism, violence and lawlessness.

The Biden gang speaks to the Not-Biden Rabble with a sense of conviction that they’re better people and more competent; the rabble are deluded simpletons, who need guidance from their intellectual, moral, and cultural superiors to re-direct their peasant yearnings for a better life into the approved more.........

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